(2018-11-13) Wake Up, Calaveras - The King and Queen of Snow
Another episode of Wake Up, Calaveras, featuring the new rules for Ms Snow Bunny and the Calaveras Camel.

The snow didn't fall in town after all…it was just a ridiculously cold night…so 'Wake Up, Calaveras' is at its usual set; the Stone B&B. Heather has her mic in her ear, chatting to someone somewhere. "Tell her she is a weather reporter. All weather. She can just suck it up." A roll of her eyes. "Make her look at it this way. If she doesn't do outside broadcasts in winter, she doesn't do them in summer either…in Bermuda." A nod. "Yeah…I thought she might change her mind." It seems Sunny Day will be doing the weather from somewhere else. A glance to her watch before finding the star of the show. "Good to go, Katherine?"

Katherine nods at Heather, taking a deep breath as she does her 'before air' ritual to calm herself. She shifts through her notes, practicing saying something under her breath. "Mitch, did you have any problems getting up here this morning?" She asks, making conversation just to make conversation. She realizes that they only have two minutes, and she pats at her hair, making sure that it's pinned up the way she wants it. "What did you decide about the Snow competition? King and Queen, or Miss and Mister?"

Mitch is being his usual 'charming' self, chatting up the make-up artist, before shaking his head to Katherine's question. "Nope. When you're a hot as me, no cold can stop you" he grins.

Heather resists the urge to retch. "We'll make it King and Queen. Still interested in judging, Mitch? There'll be guys competing."

Mitch looks a bit disturbed at this new take, but his smile is soon back. "I am a professional. I can handle anything."

Katherine nods, leaning to make a note on a card on her knee. "King and Queen, make a mention of it, just in vague terms since things aren't decided yet?" She crosses her legs at the ankle, tilts her head up as they brush powder on her face to take away the shine. The countdown starts, and she is already putting a professional, polite smile on her face. "Can someone warm up my coffee before we're on?" She asks, still looking at her notes. Charlotte rushes forward, pouring some coffee in the mug before she darts back, glancing around the set.

"Keep it to King and Queen" Heather nods. "Maybe say something about how this traditional event is about to take exciting and inclusive new directions. An event for everyone. Still have to make sure the resort will run it." A mental note to call Victor. "Did that Scottish truck driver stay overnight?" Heather asks, worried she may be leered at by a possible cannibal again.

"No, he's gone." Katherine says, laughing out loud as he aims a look at Heather. "Okay, traditional event, new and inclusive directions. Everyone can be involved!" She raises her chin, taking long and deep breaths. "One minute!" The assistant producer calls out, raising a hand to start a countdown. She is gazing down at her notes, nodding slowly as she continues to breathe, listening to the softly spoken countdown in the background.

"You're both about to do another great show" Heather smiles to the pair. "Be warm. Be kind. Listen. Be yourselves." She glances around at the crew. "Okay, everyone, places! Let's give the stars room to shine." Heather steps back behind the camera, eagle eyes on the hosts. Outside there is a small crowd with signs - even in the cold weather. No sign of 'Biff' Bosworth at least." The countdown begins. "Five-Four-Three…" The remaining countdown done silently and using fingers instead. Finally, a point at Katherine. They're on!!

"Good morning and welcome to Wake Up, Calaveras! Your very own show for all the good gossip, news and weather! I'm Katherine Stone, and here with me today is Mitch Buchanan." Katherine has a bright smile on her face, sitting demurely on the sofa. "Our top story today is the death of an icon, and the many well wishes and kind words that have been said on his behalf. We'll all dearly miss Mister Stan Lee, and our prayers are with his family. Excelsior!" She gazes over at Mitch, a cheeky grin as she leans toward him. "Did you read comic books when you were a kid, Mitch?"

"Of course, Katherine" Mitch smiles in his professionally charming way. "I even have to admit to running around with a towel as a cape when I was very young. No need to say how long ago that was." A laugh from him at that. "Just think, if it hadn't been for Stan Lee, our culture would be so very different. Not to mention what you got to see at the movies. He broke down the barriers between audience and creator. A sad loss for so many, many people. What about you, Katherine, comic book reader? Dress up as Wonder Woman?"

"All of my brothers read comic books, so of course, I did too." Katherine replies, aiming a smile at Mitch before she turns to speak to the camera. "My brothers were all huge fans of X-Men, so I didn't dress up as Wonder Woman, but I made a really awkward Jean Gray and Storm a few years running." Her smile fades for a moment and she lets out a soft sigh. "The world is a diminished place without Stan Lee, and now when I dress up as Marvel Characters, I'll make sure to remember the genius that gave us these characters." She turns to the camera when signaled. "Today, we'll also be discussing the Snow King and Queen competition. We'll be giving you details about the new inclusive direction that it's being taken. Have you ever wanted to wear a crown? Good news, you don't have to be a woman to do it." She sneaks a look at Mitch. "Your time is nigh, Mitch."

Mitch laughs at Katherine's comment about the competition. "I've always looked good in a dress" he smirks, wiggling his bushy mustache. "Now I can finally let the world know." A smile for the camera. "I'm just kidding. I look forward to hearing about it. It's good to be king. Later this morning, we'll also be talking to Abe Markowitz, the owner of 'Calveras Discount Megastore'. Though you probably know him from the ads he does as the 'Calaveras Camel' - because high prices give him the hump. That should be fun. But for now, here is the morning news update with Daphne Derlinger. Daphne?" They are clear for a few moments. Heather giving a thumbs up.

Katherine lets out a laugh, brushing some hair back from her face. "I'm glad we were able to share some words about Stan Lee. He's always been a little bit of a hero of mine." She shuffles her notes, getting ready for the next segment. "We're going to have a writer on for an interview in a few days, Mitch. Have you heard of Knox Stevens?" Her eyes are still on her notes, glancing up at the timer counting down the time until the next segment.

"Can't say I have" Mitch replies, pulling out a comb to apply to his mustache. "What kind of writing does he do? Romance?" If Katherine has heard of him, then it must be romance. That's all women read, right? "Unless it was serialized in Playboy, I probably don't know it" he adds with a cheeky grin.

Heather is watching the countdown as well. "Katherine…is Solo upstairs?" she asks as nonchalantly as she can.

"Science Fiction." Katherine answers, and then she blinks, glancing over at Mitch. She blinks at him a few times and then Heather distracts her with her question. "I uh, I don't know. I didn't hear her come in, I thought she was still out flying or something." She glances back at Mitch, still reeling over the Playboy thing. "I'll send you some information on him, so you can quip off a few words when he visits." She says to Mitch, giggling softly.

Heather nods to the reply about Solo, a smile on her face…though she is obviously disappointed. "Okay, back in five…four…three…"

A silent two count before Mitch takes up the talking. "Thank you, Sunny Day, for the weather. Sure looked cold out there. Let's talk about that for a moment. It's that time of the year, snow season. Sure, we get a lot of tourists who come to ski the slopes, but it's also a time where we have to be careful when we drive, even when we walk. Have you got the chains on your tires yet, Katherine?"

"Of course, snow safety is very important. Pay attention to the road signs, if they call for chains, pull over and put them on. If you need help, call for help. Don't be stuck on the side of the road for hours, just because of one bad decision." Katherine says, her face somber as she speaks. "Also, it's the time of the year to remember about car kits. Heat reflecting blankets, water, and snacks are all great for your emergency box. Flares wouldn’t' hurt either. Be safe out there, don't take chances." She grins at Mitch. "I used to include something along those lines when I'd deliver welcome baskets to tourists who were visiting the city."

"You used to deliver welcome baskets to tourists? No wonder they keep coming back" Mitch smiles before turning to the camera. "We all know how good Katherine's cooking is. There was a lot of good advice there. I always make sure my chauffer has a kit like that. And a nice big jacket for him when he's standing outside waving cars down." So considerate! "Katherine, why don't you tell us about this new pageant - 'King and Queen of the Snow'?"

Katherine tries not to laugh, and it might even show, as Mitch describes his kit and his chauffeur. "This year, we're turning everything on its head. Tradition is all well and good, but it's not very inclusive. In order to spread the holiday cheer to all and sundry, we'll be offering a pageant to men and women. Is there a catch, you ask? No, absolutely not." The smile gets brighter as she continues to speak. "Once you pay the entrant fee, you decide the path your performance will take. All that we ask is that you keep it family friendly, there won't be young children at the pageant, but there will be impressionable minds." She glances at Mitch, a twinkle in her eyes. "I heard you might be judging this year, Mitch. Anything in particular you want to see?"

"Sounds exciting" Mitch nods, doing his best to hide the disappointment at less bikinis. "I've been a judge a few times over the last decade. It's always great to see all the talent that this little town can bring to such a competition. You know what, I wouldn't even call it a competition, because everyone involved is a winner. I look for talent. It's not about looks, it's about what you can bring to the world." He looks to Katherine. "Will you be entering?"

"Oh Mitch, my talent is in helping other people look good. Entering might help with that, but I'll just be working on the sidelines this year." Katherine turns to the camera, amusement lively in her brown eyes. "So if you need a snack, or a warm drink at the pageant, look me up. I'm there for you Calaveras." She sits back on the couch, crossing her legs. "Now we'll take you out again to get a look at the weather for the week. Sunny, take it away!"

"And clear" Heather announces as Sunny deals with the biting cold and tries to make the weather sound good. "Remember to look after yourself too, Katherine" she notes amiably before checking her iPad. "We've got Abe next…" She looks up for the man in question and spots a camel on the way over; a man in a costume camel. "Oh…he's come as Calaveras Camel. Awesome." A look for Katherine that says 'glad you're dealing with this'.

Abe is helped to the couch, still in costume, his face able to be seen in the neck. He offers the pair a smile. "Thanks for having me. Oh…should I wait until I'm being interviewed to say that?"

"You can say it now, we won't tell on you." Katherine says, patting Abe genially on the arm. She raises both eyebrows at him, taking a moment to check her notes. "Do you have any questions for us Abe before you get started?" She asks, crossing her legs again.

Abe shakes his head. "No questions. Which camera do I look at?" There may have been one question after all. He looks more excited than nervous.

"Back in five" Heather calls out, doing the count down once more before they are back. Katherine to lead in this time.

Katherine points at the camera with the red light. "Anytime you see a red light on a camera, that is the one that is broadcasting. Just face it and you'll be fine." She folds her hands in her lap, gazing down at her questions. "Back in five." She confirms.

Abe nods in thanks and understanding to Katherine's answer. "Red light. Got ya. Spot the red light and go there."

That makes Mitch snort with amusement. "Good advice in any town" he smirks. Time for the next segment.

"Good advice in any town?" Katherine looks innocently confused, glancing from Heather to Mitch. "Okay, yes. Red light." She takes a deep breath as they count down, turning her smile on when the silent count goes to one. "Now we're back with Abe! Welcome to the show, Abe. Tell us a bit about yourself, and your interesting outfit, won't you?"

Heather shakes her head at Katherine's look in a 'we'll talk about it later' way. But then they are on! Abe grins broadly at the red light…not the camera…the red light. "I'm Abe Markovitz from Calaveras Discount Megastore, where the prices are so cheap, giving stock away would be more expensive. And this is the Calaveras Camel, I adopted this persona because expensive prices were giving me the hump. Geddit?" Mitch laughs at least. "I wanted to drop by today to remind people that we have a sale coming up soon. You've heard of Black Friday, well, we're doing White Friday…since it is snowing. With prices so low I'll look as pale as a ghost…another white joke there."

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