(2018-11-13) Rumps and Grumps
It's like an episode of Cheers.. but with strippers!

Eternity, Calaveras
Tue Nov 13, 2018

The entry way is all black, including the black light. A scantily clad woman behind a window takes a cover charge from all who enter after she checks their ID then buzzes them through.

Once through the doors it's a display of different neon lights as well as other signs. A bar faces the dance floor where three poles are placed in a triangle for the dancers. Around the edges of the stage are lights to add to the 'super star' effect and they sometimes blink along with the thump of the music. A live DJ runs the music from a booth and he controls the lights also, as well as smoke and sometimes bubbles, just to add to the effects.

There are chairs surrounding the stage but they are much lower as not to interrupt the view. In the darker corners of the room are the places for lap dances, should one wish to pay for such things.


Welp, here she is. Buoyed by having actually interacted with a stripper last week and even taking a lesson, Genevieve finally feels ready to poke her head into the infamous Eternity. She told her new friend that she would someday and rather than let that opportunity slide… time to get 'er done. So it's roundabouts early evening; just late enough for the sun to be waning, casting a feeble golden ochre line across the horizon but not so late as to be problematic. Ginny worked day shift earlier and on a whim, she dolled herself up and set out by her lonesome.

First awkward point awarded.

The way she's dressed, with the blonde hair coiled into a soft braid, one would think she parked her cloud 'round back and just nipped in to ask for directions. Some might even think she's a 'new girl' who is using 'innocence' as her gig. But holy crap Ginny is in the bar and as she slides her ID back into her wallet, her eyes are huge as she cases the room out. The 'regular's are perhaps here; she can feel the music pulsing in her throat. One small hand lifts so that she may gnaw at the corner of a thumbnail, gaze roving, searching for familiarity. It's a Tuesday evening so perhaps it's steady (Gin-player assumes anyway); the nurse finds herself glancing toward the stage where, most likely, someone is performing. She can already feel her cold feet setting in.

After a moment of searching, and perhaps just relaxing her nerves, she can spot a familiar face. As Rory stands behind the bar serving some patrons. It isn't slow, but it isn't as hectic as it can sometimes get. Making sure to get everyone their orders before the girls start up again. Some waiters perhaps coming to take drinks to hand them to different tables as well. Spotting Ginny has Rory offering a smile and a nod in her direction, with his hands busy at the moment. Continuing with his work and letting her come over when she can, if she feel up for it.

A drink. Ginny could use one. So durr, Ginny; Rory is a bartender so wouldn't you look over THAT way? First she acclimates herself to where the bar is and 'lo and behold, there he is! Ginny lifts her hand quickly in greeting, sways to avoid bumping into some of the clients and staff alike, and makes her way toward said bar. She's not very tall, she's rather slight; it's easy to lose her in the crowd. There's a lull in the activity as the 'act' is perhaps being changed out and Genevieve MacKail makes a marked effort to not make a fool of herself. She's used to her workplace, her little haven of her home, the simple haunts in town that she frequents. This is new.

So there she is now, at the bar, waiting her turn to slip in and find a spot (not in the lap dance area.. though don't put it past her to accidentally meander over there) .. hazel eyes find Rory and she waves again to him, quickly. She wears the look of one who needs a drink. Fast. She looks nervous. "Good evening t'you!" Called out.

<FS3> Rory rolls Mixology+mind: Good Success. (7 7 1 6)

Rory does keep an eye on her, while working. Not seeming to have problem doing both. As it is slowing down a bit he works on a drink so when Ginny is at the bar he serves up a drink. Fruity with some sweetness and just a touch of sour. "Hi, you made it." He offers with a warm smile. "Going up on stage?" He teases. Offering the drink over to her. He does seem surprised, but glad to see her. "Glad that you came."

The two of them off at the bar, with Rory behind it. The place is crowded but not overpacked. A new show just starting up with the announcement of which dancer is coming on stage. Early evening on a Tuesday, so compared to the weekend it might not be too many people.

At the bar is recent-ish transplant to Calaveras, Genevieve MacKail: she is a slight woman with pale blonde hair and she appears to be forgetting herself as she chews on her thumbnail on occasions, catches herself, stops. Repeat. She's dressed prettily and perhaps a bit too demure for such a place, but when she is passed the drink and engaged by Rory she seems to relax some. She found her spot and she will likely remain there, seated if there are stools, until she deigns to leave. People mill around here-and-there, vying for the bartender's attention. Ginny always loves watching people work, especially when they are good at it, so Rory maintaining a bit of chatter with her while keeping people happy with their drinks? Pretty cool.

Ginny turns to look over a shoulder, braid swaying along her back, before she looks back to Rory again. She flushes a bit at the stage remark, "God above, nossir. Moment I set m'foot down on that stage Ma's spidey senses will be tinglin' and she'll be out on a plane, ready to scalp me. I'll just stay here and pester you for a bit instead. How are y'keeping, Rory?" Asked then in her accented way (sounds Irish… ish); she looks pleased to see him as she sips the drink. Her look of enjoyment increased.. that tastes good!

The front door opens grumpily.

Entrances don't have much in the way of attitude; people do. And the way they do things leaves an impression — an imprint — on whatever they happen to touch. So it is that the door opens grumpily, letting in another person from the cold. Some old duff, it looks like, with the sort of face that would fit in this den of villainy and inequity. You know the kind: furrowed brow, bushy beard, and dead eyes.

That would be Pate.

Without a smile, he scans the room. Surely, the sight of scantily-clad, nubile young women would tickle him nicely? No. No, apparently not. For he makes his way to the bar, sits down heavily on a stool as if to punish it, and pats his hand on the counter to get attention. Because this man clearly needs a drink, lest his grimace threaten to call a thunderstorm.

The stool creaks in protest.

Rory chuckles and nods, "Fair." He replies to her with amusement, continue to serve the other customers as well and whenever he get a moment he will talk to her. "Yeah, it's been good." Is offered before his attention is grabbed by Pate. Moving to be ready with something to drink. Trying to read what the man might want. Having it ready under the bar counter, and out of sight, but not pouring it right away. "Hi, what would you want?" Sounding neutral as he takes in the man, making sure he doesn't mean trouble.

Now here's where Ginny's career helps her: not only is she good at reading people (or so she thinks), but she is used to being around all manner of different personalities. It's not all sweet, heartfelt Driving Miss Daisy moments with her elderly charges; some of them are grumpy as fuck on certain days and Ginny has bore her share of angry and/or upset and/or petulant glares. But the man who stalks into Eternity cannot be likened to a 70 or 80-something having a crappy day. Ginny looks up from her drink and, sensing the approach of another, turns to subtly observe Pate's landing upon the unhappy stool. She studies his profile as he pats the counter, and Ginny nods as Rory goes to see to him.

The blonde is perhaps a couple of stools down from the thunderous Pate, and there's something in that brooding demeanor that strums Ginny's curiosity. He looks like he could knock something back something hard. Rounded hazel eyes flit between Pate and Rory, though Ginny's observing of the older man is obscured by the press of a body intruding upon her personal space. Looks like another patron may have had Too Much!

"A bloody bevvy."

Pate is just that humorous and bombastic. Scottish, too. Not a good combination. "Scotch, if you have it. Single malt, better." The Scot squints one eye at Rory. "I was expecting Belle," he remarks sourly. Must be another bartender here. "Ah, she's a — " And then he spies Ginny, and gives her a look-ovwe briefly. " — I don't know, a friend of mine, I guess. A braw mate." He chin-bobs at Rory.

"Don't suppose you know whether she'll be on later?"

Pate's eyes then go to the dancer on the pole right now. He half-grimaces, and makes an indelicate sound in his throat before mumbling something in his nigh-indecipherable brogue under his breath. " … whatchagonnado, I tell ya." Snort. "You'd think I'd … " More mumbling. " … and then this, ya, get outta here."

It's going to be a long night.

Rory grins as he guessed right, pulling up to pour from the bottle he already had his hand on, "On the rocks or straight?" He asks, having the glass on the ready and as soon he get a comment he will fix it up and slide the glass to Pate, "She should be in later, yeah." He assures him before glancing to the one moving up over near Ginny. Moving to try and get his order, unless he is on purpose being handsy with Ginny. Either way trying to draw his attention and getting him to shift his attention. Sliding over a water. "Anything else?" He asks, not that the other ordered water but he offers it to offer a statement. Pate on the other hand seems quite fine for Rory, he's met a lot of shady people so some old dude mumbling to himself is almost a pleasant thing.

The fellow that lurched in close to Ginny eventually stumbles off. Give it time; he will likely have to be shown out. No harm done~

Here's where it's hitting home.. Pate reminds Ginny of someone. Ssnarling out his order, looking for someone named Belle, and indeed ordering his drink in an accented voice. Oh dear God; his mannerisms remind Ginny of cranky old Garland back in her hometown, forever bawling at asshole kids to stop egging his dory. Sometimes, as rumoured, he would even catch one and throw 'em into the harbour.

… Ginny wasn't one of those kids, but she remembers him all too well. Therefore the nurse is not at all put off by this individual, mumbling here at the bar. Her greenish-gold eyes follow Pate's to observe the dancer on the pole before she hastily looks back to her drink again.

"Can't go wrong with a good tossback of Scotch." Said in earnest to Pate as she moves glittering eyes to Rory, and back to Pate. Ginny smiles kindly, though there's still the tiniest crimping of nervousness in her smile.

There's more to Pate than the mumbling and the drinking, of course.

His hands. Them hands look like they have seen some hard use. He's a man who uses them often, no doubt, but anyone who regularly runs into fighters — boxers, wrestlers, and so on — would note that Pate's hands are very similar. The skin on the knuckles are scarred heavily, and some of the veins look broken and busted. The way the fingers are held slightly-hooked. And his wrists: strong, muscled, tight.

The old man's seen his share of scraps, that's for sure.

"Thanks, mate. Rocks." Because scotch should always have a touch of water in it. "I appreciate." The grizzled veteran then looks back to Ginny, his expression darkening for a moment. An accent? Not his, so it must be a bad person. That's just how it goes on the islands for old people. "And, aye. Can't go wrong with that, lass." Snort. "My throat feels manky, yeah? Got to clean it before I try to be charming in this midden." Another snort, one that is rather like a bull's chuff.

He takes a generous sip from his glass, sighing after.

Rory does keep an eye on the drunk guy, making sure it's ok. "You all right?" Is asked of Ginny, a bit of worry apparent on his face. A warm smile at her words. Letting his gaze shift to Pate. His own hands are quite worn despite his age. A small grin as he look between them both. He wouldn't know much about drinking, but for now enjoying his own water.

Meanwhile, Ginny has been enjoying her drink slowly.. how is it that Rory was able to peg what she like with one drink?! That's just what a good bartender does. Sweet but indeed with the hint of sour to make it interesting. But then Ginny, as she observed, was sipping steadily and now she's looking into an empty glass! Rory asks of her a question and she looks at him once more — so much looking, so much pivoting of the neck! — and offers a smile in return, "I'm just fine.. y'don't worry about me. Buddy over there lost his footing.. don't be givin' him much more." She gestures to the man who has indeed ambles off, running on his sixth booze-fortified wind and ready to hoot at the girls. Ginny looks rather amused at it all. She slides her glass forward. "Can y'give me another one of what you made for me? It was really good."

Pate's latter comment finally earns a dash of outright laughter from Ginny, and she turns to look at him again just as he's sighing away that latest mouthful of his drink. "Well of course. But y'must certainly know that some like that gruff sound in th' gullet." She offers, trying to show whom she has coined (in her mind) as a fighter-sort even just a moment of kindness.

"Ain't no place for fellows like me."

Pate looks down into his scotch for a moment. When he looks up, he gives Ginny a stare with a cocked eyebrow. "The world goes around by other measures than sweat and blood, lass, and a munter like me's got no leverage." Grunt. "Ah, sure, lasses and lads say what they will about a man with hands, but, in the end — " He clicks his tongue in his mouth. " — no matter how knackered you get, there's no good cause left to die for, yeah? Nothing left but to be killed." He holds up his glass. "So, might as well enjoy it."

Pate turns his attention back to the dance floor, as the dancers switch.

"So, what brings you out, lass? Scunnered with a man, and looking to get tanned?" The Scotsman looks into his glass of scotch, before looking to Rory. "And you, laddie, you figured this is how you'd spend a Tuesday night, mm?" He grins viciously for a second. "Old man like me's got nothing left, yeah, but you two — " Pfft. " — I gotta wonder, I do."

He turns his body a little, that he can lean back against the bar itself.

Rory nods as he does start mixing the same for Ginny again. Shaking and being ready to fill some beers as well. So after he serves the drink to Ginny he smiles, "Here you go." Offering a wink before he will look back and forth between the two of them. Raising a brow at Pate's words though. "Oh? There is a place for anyone, isn't there?" Seeming like a genuine question though. Rather than being optimistic. Shrugging about himself. "Well, new to town and need something to do." He says seeming neutral about it. "Mixing drinks is fun, not sure if I'll stay here or not, but for now it is fine." He admits and seems fine with his situation.

And Ginny, bless her, doesn't even get flustered at Pate's talk. Funny how she's shy being in a peeler bar for the first time, even if to sample a drink or two at the bar.. but when spoken to and asked such questions, she hardly flinches. She pays no mind to the dancers as they swap out, instead setting her eyes upon Pate and considering his question. Though she can't help it, the terminology catches her and she laughs with amusement. "Nossir.. I'm used to order and quiet. I still prefer the menfolk just fine, just here to visit my friend, in fact; see how he's keeping. Making sure the girls don't carry him off." A gesture to Rory with a playful smirk.. wait, she even picked up on those words? Ginny carries on without fuss.

"If there's anything I can learn in being here, it's.." Pause, blink. The dancer on tap down there is upside down. "… uh.. yoga moves." She tilts her head in question as the dancer pulls off something.. well, elaborate. Ginny turns back to both men. "Just a change of scenery." A beat, she accepts the refilled drink graciously and watches Pate. "What's your name, anyway?" Asked with genuine curiosity.


No, not 'pate'. He's not French. It's a nickname, of course; a lot of Scots named 'Padraig' or 'Patrick' end up as 'Pate', even if it sounds more like 'Pete' with the brogue. "Wasn't meaning to suggest that you've taken a fancy to fanny." Shrug. "Just that I don't meet many lasses in places like these unless they want to get away from the ol' bawsack and chain, yeah?" That makes him chuckle a little. "Can't blame no one for that. Surprisingly safe place. At least here, you know what the men're thinking, and none of the characters in this play are gonna be folks you want to trust."

"A shan you don't so fancy, though, I guess."

With a snort, and another long sip, Pate finishes off his drink. The way he sets his glass on the bartop suggests he wants another. "With all due respects to the quinies here, to be frank, I think they mostly just want to leave after their done. At least, as much as I can tell from experience." Beat. "Never a good thing to get pished at work, unless you want the polis tossing you when you're out your nut." Headshake. "Then, whatcha do? Nothing, can't — " He burps. " — can't do nothing, what, except what you do."

And then he mumbles something to himself under his breath.

Rory chuckles. "No one carrying me away yet at least." He replies to Ginny, "Thanks for your concern though." Raising a brow about her learning yoga moves. "Interesting." He replies with a small grin. Gaze going back to Pate at the question of his name. Serving some drinks and such to others as they come over but main focus on the two that are stationed on stools at the bar. Quick to refill Pate's glass one it is set down. Pondering the words, "Perhaps, though there are worse places to be."

"You're Scottish," Ginny says outright.. she's reading between the lines when she hears 'Pate'. She may have grown up with a lot of Irish but in her neck of the woods, there's heaps of Scots too. A real pea soup of Celtic. "So Pate… that short for Patrick? I've heard 'Paddy' too but y'do not strike me as a Paddy." She goes on in her earnest, lyrical way. She's about to explain more of her motive to being here but the hint of the booze relaxing her plus her sense of humor … the 'fanny' bit just does it. Ginny eases back, balancing on her stool, and belts out a belly laugh. Such a big laugh for such a small woman. "No no.. no lady fanny for me." A sigh as she sips, and goes on with listening. Hazel eyes glance off-and-on to Rory, curious of how he's handling the discussion. He must see, and hear, it all.

"It's nice to meet you, Pate.. m'name is Ginny." She thinks to offer next.


Pate approves of the name, as only an old Scottish lug could. That doesn't mean he looks at her softly or gently; no, he still looks like he wants to pull someone's head off or something. His words are kind enough, but there's just something about him: something rough, mean-spirited, and irascible. A true intimidator. "Now, I suppose that might be Virginia, yeah? Although — " His mouth creases into a sly smirk. " — I'm guessing 'no'." There's a double meaning in that.

Something then strikes him.

"Aye, would you two birds hold my drink a moment? I'll be right back." The bearded fellow hops up and mosies on over to where the restrooms are. Just like that: no clever segue, no polite withdrawal.

When you gotta go, hey, you gotta go.

Rory adds, "Also, nice to meet you Pate." Before being more quite, listening to the two of them while serving drinks. He doesn't seem to mind the conversation too much, when he's not addressed. "I'm Rory." Is offered once he get the opportunity. Nodding as he heads off, letting Ginny take care of the drink. His own eyes on it as well, but he also need to serve customers at the same time.

As Pate excuses himself, the nurse's bright gaze flits over to observe Rory. "Interesting chap, him." She admits, giving the Scot's unattended drink a look before sliding her eyes back to the young bartender. She's still giggling softly to herself, "Virginia… do I look like a Virginia?" She asks, then pauses again.. flushes. She may have finally caught Pate's meaning and she huffs gently into her glass of booze, shaking her head. "Character, him; a right character."

She silences to allow Rory to work, watching as more and more patrons seek drinks. In a moment to breathe she seeks to catch Rory's gaze and offer a question to him; "How's the night going? Was the gift.. for your friend.. did she like it?" Asked kindly.

Rory chuckles and nods. "He is." He agrees while serving the last people at the counter then getting a moment to relax, resting his arms against the counter. Raising a brow at her question. "Erhm." Though before he can answer she huffs and speaks again, nodding but not saying anything yet. Meeting her gaze. "Going okay so far. I haven't gotten to give it to her yet." He admits. "She has yet to leave so. Been meaning to find a good moment. Thanks for the help with that. And thanks for dropping by, it's nice to see you again."

<FS3> Genevieve rolls Booze Tolerance: Good Success. (4 7 4 8 5 1 3)

"Moment's the half of it. Almost as important as the gifting." Ginny smiles then, getting to the halfway mark on her drink. Interestingly enough other than her seeming to relax more, the slight woman doesn't appear to be showing much reaction to having put down two mixed drinks in succession. Maybe Rory took care with the booze content! Maybe it's just the Newfie blood. The blonde swirls the drink around in her glass — what remains of it — before looking up again at Rory. He appears to be taking a small break in between rushes so Ginny may as well make her words count before he's rushed off again.

"Oh! Ah, of course. Said I was going to, right? It's.. nice to see you too." Said in an absolutely earnest way. Ginny then adds with a look of amusement, "The signs all pointed t'ward me making the trek out here. Wouldn't you know I got roped into a friggin' pole dancing lesson?" Asked then, eyes filling her face with the shock of it.

Rory nods agreeingly to her words, drinking some of his water. He most likely made sure that the drinks were tolerable, and taste good. However it's hard to say if it's his mixing or her tolerance. Either way he isn't really thinking much on that. Chuckling as she goes on, with a look of surprise. "Oh? Sounds like it would had been fun to see." He offers with some innocence before blushing a bit. "I mean, just you trying to learn, not meaning that you should go up and do that now." He says as he tries to clear it up, but not really doing it well. "Hope you learned a lot, and glad it made you drop by." He adds instead.

Pate is currently off to the bathroom with Rory and Ginny over at the bar talking. Most people there seem to be preoccupied with the show and not paying attention to the bar for the time being.

Currently, the show is a long legged redhead. No fake tan or other fake bits, and she does more than just pop her hips to the beat. Years of dance training show, even as she uses her leg muscles to dangle in a slowly lowering spin, upside down.

"It was fun to see… just a bit of a happenstance thing I was invited to. I think the one who mixed 'er up the best was this older lady. It was fun but m'not quitting my day job." Ginny giggles, about to carry on when Rory gets a bit flustered. Ginny reaches out with a small hand to gently pat his elbow, if he is within proximity. "Hey, it's alright.. I got ya." She offers, his flush catching and reaching her own cheekbones briefly. "But hey, maybe if my current job folds it'll be my plan B. My stage name can be The Newb Boob." Said as her nose wrinkles with mirth, eyes alight as a flash of color in her peripherals causes her to turn back to the stage briefly. She spies the dancing redhead, but does not recognize her at all as the one who ran the brief lesson.

"See right there? That girl can dance. Not just th' liberty bell.. ding ding sway." Ginny muses, turning back to Rory with a blush. A squint to make sure nobody has taken Pate's drink.

Ah, that's better.

Pate meanders on over to where he was at the bar, nimbly dodging an unsteady-on-her-heels newbie at the dance game. After climbing aboard his stool again, he pokes his head and mouth into the fray again. "Did I miss anything?" He makes a grumbly noise in his throat, as he reaches for his scotch. Scotch? Hopefully, yes. After a sip, he looks towards the stage.

His eyes widen.

Yes, the sight of a long-legged, red-headed, mostly-naked lass is enough to make a nice man out of the meanest. It's not that Pate gapes at the sight, but he seems a bit struck by — what is she doing? — like, holy fuck, that's — wow, she's limber that one, yowsa. Spellbound? For the moment. And then the grump sets back in, like a fog over a moor, and the old Scotsman's brows fall back down to a dismal, Eeyore-like furrow.

"Eh, not worth my time, what with a — " Mumble, mumble, mumble, Scottish brogue, mumble.

Rory does nod and let her reassure him with that hand on his elbow. "Thanks." He says before following her gaze to the stage. Still not looking that way a lot, but at least he doesn't seem to have much trouble looking as Rissa dances, "Yeah, she's good." He agrees. Most likely Rissa helped him get over that part of his awkwardness. Then Pate is returning. Sliding the whiskey glass back to the man. Raising a brow as Pate starts to mumble again.

Rissa would agree with both Ginny and Pate. She can dance, and she is not worth the time, what with a bruises heart and trust issues. She will show off moves and flexibility until her set ends. Then there is a very brief dress tosses on, a hand through her hair, and she is strutting towards the bar for her usual post set water. "Hey, Rory. Water?"

The young nurse observes Pate's return and subsequent words. She turns green-gold eyes upon the older Scot as he sits spellbound by the girl's set. Her lips curl at their corners and she is quick to supply, "Looks like y'arrived just in time, if that look is anything to go by." Said with good-natured humor as she lets Pate process what he's seeing. There is actually a touch of sadness in Ginny's belly as the man drops back into mumbles that she cannot quite make sense of. What is his story, anyway? She drains her drink and does not motion for anything else just yet, simply enjoying the touch of warmth in her body.

Rissa comes down off stage, covers up and makes her way over to grab some water. Ginny offers a kind smile of greeting as the taller girl speaks to Rory. "Y'dance beautifully." Said in earnest, appreciating the art and not necessarily the, uh… strip bar side of it all. Oh Ginny.

For the moment, Pate doesn't know what to say or do.

He's silent. Sure, his eyes go to Rissa, but then move away quickly. To Ginny. To her, he gives a rueful sort of glance, followed by a perk-up of one side of his mouth. A roguish smirk, as befits all scoundrels. "Aye." Beat. "Always on time. That's my motto." Whatever that means. He scratches the side of his face gently with rough-hewn nails, gently. His eyes go to his scotch, just before he takes yet another sip of it.

There's another pause.

"So, what is it you do, Ginny?" The Scotsman takes in a deep breath, and puts the full brunt of his attention on the young … Newf? Irish? Whatever. He seems like the sort of fellow that would hit on anything that moves, really. Probably doesn't get much action with his brusque demeanor, menacing voice, or bushy face.

And his sounds like a genuine question.

As the set ends a bottle of water will already be on the ready, so Rory slides it over when she reaches the bar. "You did well up there." He offers to Rissa. Glancing to Ginny's drink as well, in case she need a refill. Eyes instead turning to Pate. "If you want a listening ear then you got it." He assures the older man. He's a bartender after all. A raised brow as he listens about what Ginny do. He's heard it but perhaps curious where the conversation goes.

Rissa will beam brightly at Ginny, bringing out a dimple. ?thank you. I appreciate when people notice the dancing part. ? The tone is sincere, the smile on the sweet side. Blue-green eyes will land on Pate with a nod, before there is a slightly different smile for Rory. ? You are the best. ? She will crack open her water for a couple deep swallows.

"I work at a local rest home… a smaller one," Ginny replies to Pate, not seeming bothered to be holding conversation with the rough man. Again, could it be due to her vocation? Where she grew up, with it's plethora of characters? Her lips curl at their corners as she yet remains perched on her stool, clad in her tapered fitted black denims paired with a peasantry blouse, all wrapped up in black woolen pea coat. She looks as if she should be going out to a dinner, not seated at Eternity!

A smile back to Rory as she slides her glass over, "One more Rory, please.. when y'get a moment." Requested sweetly, before she follows up her answer with one more tidbit. "I do love it.. though I bet all of m'dears would be spinning to know I'm here. Some of them are, bless 'em… of a dated mindset. Others would want me to smuggle them in here." A melodic giggle then. "What about you, Pate? Y'local to Calaveras?"

Hazel eyes flit to observe Rissa for a moment as she drinks.. Ginny wonders: could this be the friend of Rory's, for whom the gift was chosen?


Pate's eyes also flit to Rissa for a moment. "Aye, that — " He clears his throat. " — gah, that sounds heavy." And he clears his throat again. "About me, nah, I'm not from around here. What, do I sound like I'm from around here?" No, no he does not. "Nah. Not from here, originally. Sort of ended up here, yeah? My line of work — " Beat. " — my line of work's the sort that let's you stay wherever you want, I guess." Shrug.

He looks into his scotch for a moment, eyes moving again to Rissa for a second.

"I, ah — " He draws in a breath through his nose. " — well, I guess — I guess you have to do what you enjoy, yeah? Or you're blessed to do that, if you ken the chance." Beat. "You know, I wanted to be an actor when I was a lad? True, and hold your wheesht if you — if you think that's a joke, yeah?" Chortle. "I was terrible at it."

He finishes off his scotch with a final sip.

Rory nods and does soon enough start mixing another for Ginny, "One sec." He assures her, eyes going between the trio as he listens. As soon as he serves Ginny her drink he is on refilling Pate's, unless he is stopped. "I am sure that you could still give it another shot, I saw a bunch of bad actors and they are still on tv." He offers with a shrug. Then back to Ginny, "And go ahead and enjoy, I'll help you home if you get too drunk." He assures her, along with teasing her some. Glancing to Rissa finally, "Want anything else." Is asked with another smile. Filling up some beers and other things, now that people are coming to the counter after Rissa's set and waiting for the next.

Rissa looks back to Ginny, "What sort of schooling do you have to have for that?" It sure sounds like an honest, earnest question. Perhaps the dancer is looking for another line of work.

That second glance from Pate is met with a quiet smile, almost as if anticipated. "That kind of freedom to be roaming must be nice, sometimes." Her eyes will shift to Rory, before she is looking towards the door nervously.

Oh Ginny.. yes, ask the Scottish man if he's born and raised in Colorado. Here comes her first full-on blush of the night and it rises right to the roots of her hair. Ginny has the grace to find humor in it. "I swear to sweet J'sus that I look after folks better than I jam my foot into my mouth." She laughs, "Of course, yeah.. let me try again. How long y'been here? What is it that y'do, Pate?" Asked kindly as she gives Rory another grateful smile, accepting what will be her final drink.

Pate's admittance results only in a look of solemn understanding from the nurse, "Well, Ma always said.. aside from being little rabblerousers sometimes, we're all at our most earnest when we're kids. I'm not judgin'.. I thought I'd be a great news anchor but would shit the bed on-camera." Is she joking? Her gaze is too soft to be sharp with humor.. Ginny adds, "I love my work though. I just never thought I'd be doing it here.."

This segues into her response to Rissa and she smiles at the fiery-haired girl, "I took my studies back home, in the Maritimes. M'sure it translates to a similar system down here. I'm Canadian, y'see." Blush, "Roundabouts 16 months of work and studies, finishing off with a right bastard of an exam. I was thinkin' of upgrading to RN til' things kinda went on their ear." If astute enough, Rissa may recognize in Ginny a second's worth of a brokenhearted look. It's fleeting.

Pate cuts himself off, giving Rory a gesture to signal so.

"Not gonna lie, lass; that freedom comes with a price." The Scotsman doesn't look to Rissa when responding to her. "Nice, yeah, but it's got its downside, trust me." He doesn't elaborate on that purposefully. His tone suggests that he isn't going to go any further into what it is that he does, that can afford him whatever freedom he truly has.

But there's Ginny's question, and a sense of pride.

"I drive trucks." Pate isn't a good liar, but that part of his story's true. "And, when I'm in town, I help my mates building and fixing houses." Also true, it sounds like. "On that? Yeah, I live fine." Nope, that would be the lie. There's something more to what he does, but he doesn't say what. True, he has heavy hands like a contractor, but that doesn't explain why his knuckles are so battered, unless his job is to batter buildings into dust, like Wreck-It Ralph.

"Been 'round these parts a few years."

The Scotsman gently rubs his nose, and then rises. "I, ah — I need to check on something outside, yeah?" He pinches his mouth tightly together, and then fumbles in his pocket for a card, which he gives to Ginny curtly. "In case you need something fixed, lass. I work with wood and pipe." His expression becomes abashedly pained for a moment. "And I realize that sounds like I'm trying to gear for a quick bang of ya, but, no, I'm a carpenter and plumber, not a porn star, a'ight?" Furtively, he places $25 on the bar, which should cover his pair-of-scotches.

And then, he sort of wanders off.

Rory nods at Pate's signal and puts the whiskey away. Raising a brow curiously as he studies Pate though, perhaps going to find him later to learn more. Freedom and so on, that is. But then the guy is about to head out. Gaze going to Ginny, "Anchor? Interesting." He says and smiles, not seeming to judge. Though he does catch Rissa's gaze as it flits between him and the door. "Need help?" He asks her. Then his gaze goes back to Ginny when he hear her words and notice the heartbroken look. "New town, new start." He tries to reassure her.

Rissa will recognize like, a hint of sympathy in her smile. "I want to go back to school, I even took the entrance exams for here but.. how did you put it? It went on its ear." She will look at Rory, shaking her head. She is just avoiding the humiliation squad.

Pate's card is accepted and Ginny slides it into her purse, "I appreciate that. I'm keeping a ship afloat now on my own and can't be trusted t'make sure things that break are to be put together the way they were. M'not handy." A rueful smile. "Fare well, Pate." Said finally as she watches the man depart, her smooth brow knit in concern for a moment.

Those hands may have resembled a contractor's hands but there sure were quite a few signs of blunt force. Does he have issues with hammers, maybe..?

Rory's voice brings her back and she looks back to him appreciatively, "Anchor.. t'was a pipe dream when I was like, sixteen." Her smile is back, "Y'cannot even hope to drag me onto a screen nowadays but I carried that torch for a few years. Saw all those ladies on newscasts all turned out pretty and wanted th'same. Now I would choose scrubs over any of that. Thank you.. for that." Re: the new start. Ginny needs those reminders. She looks ro Rissa next, having not noticed the girl glancing toward the door.

"Do you? Well that's brilliant. I cannot say enough.. do it." A kind smile to go with that lyrical timbre.

Rory nods to Rissa as she shakes her head. Smiling and nodding to Ginny, "Any time." He assures her. A few more patrons are served. "Glad that you found something that you like." He says with another smile. "Any time." He says when she thanks him. "So, you two know one another already?"

Rissa gives Ginny a faint smile. "Maybe someday. Right now I am trying to figure out where I am going to go next. Figure out what to do about my lease. That sort of thing." She drinks more water, before she is shaking her head. "Perhaps next time. Gotta go before one of them gets here." Rory will get a one armed hug before she is heading out.

The slight blonde pulls her legs up slightly as she remains seated upon the stool, watching Rissa go.. this is the second time she's watching somebody leave with a concerned look upon her face. She turns her head back to Rory, her pale hair catching the erratically colored lights in the place. "Do I know her already? Can't say I do.. but she seems nice." A little smile as she looks down into her drink, back up to Rory. "I'm connecting th'dots.. she's the one who is moving, yes?" Asked of Rory as she tilts her head inquisitively, studying him.

Rory does offer a hug to Rissa in return. "Take care. I'll see you later." Studying her for a moment before sighing. His gaze go to Ginny. Nodding to her answer. "Yeah." He says and smiles. "I think she'll bounce back on her feet and do quite well, wherever she lands." He says and smiles, tilting his head as he studies Ginny. "So, what else fun is there about you?" He asks curiously, perhaps trying to lift the mood. Wiping off the counter after someone spills over it. Sighing some, but at least people aren't fighting today.

"I bet she will. She seems graceful enough on 'em," A little smile. Ginny finds herself harbouring, not pity.. but a sort of.. understanding. Is the other woman leaving on account of heartbreak..? Intuition thrums but Ginny isn't about to pry. "I pray she considers school.. not to say it's the be all end all but it's a fine step t'take to start over." The nurse admits, moving to dip her hands into her purse to seek her wallet but pauses. It appears Rory's latter question sets into a motion a thought in her head that was lingering there already and she was too much of a chickenshit to poke at! Ginny considers, thinks 'what the hell' and continues.

"Fun? Oh.. lots.. I'm a bit spontaneous, y'see. Whether it's pole dancing, popping into a strip club for a drink and not to look at th' performances… I'm slated for a flight lesson at some point, too. Things like that. But what I really like is a good hike. M'not too acquainted with the trails around here, so.. uhm…"

Her foot jigs a bit against the leg of the stool. "Wonderin' if you'd like to come out on a hike with me sometime. Just for the fun of it." Her palms lift. "I mean, just to get out and look around! Y'see.." She trails off. Guh.. she's a dork.

Rory nods, "Hopefully. It will always help her find something that she likes to put her focus on." He agrees and smiles. As for what she does for fun, he smiles and listens. "Well, I'm glad that you came." His smile seems to grow a bit, even if she didn't say that she came to see him in those words, it seems much like it. So he is happy about it. "Ah, flight. Who is teaching you, maybe I know them?" He asks, but her question throws him off-guard. "Oh." He says, more surprised than anything. "I'd love to. I've not been around long but I have wandered most of the city. Only makes sense to see the rest." Which he might have already explored and planned out how it looks due to his reason for being here in the first place. "And, yeah, of course. Only to look around." His appearance chances just a tiny bit at that clarification. Disappointment? Hard to say. "You have my number, right?" He adds and studies her for a moment. Worrying at his lip for a moment before adding. "And you do look good today. I mean, you look different than last time. I've not seen you, like this." Perhaps talking about the braid?

The nurse watches Rory for longer than she should, and hopefully her response to him electing to join her will ease his worry some. She looks delighted. "Oh, good! I just didn't want to give off some kind of… creepy vibe. Being all.." She lowers her voice, mimicking a woman who is much gruffer than she happens to be. ".. 'oi, y'wanna go fer a walk in th' woods?' …" A shy laugh, her eyes are still bright with mirth. "I just didn't wanna seem too forward because I'd really, really like for you to join." She scrambles for her purse again and pulls out her cellphone.. it appears she's an Android user. Her eyes flit up to look upon the bartender; there's no hiding her relief at him having agreed. "I don't have your number.. so fire away and I'll put you in here—"

The compliment throws her for a nice loop, and her lips stretch further into a silly smile. "A-aw.. jeez, thanks. I'm just rested, is all.. I think I could've let things relax a bit more, though.. I look a bit dressed up." A wink. "You're looking fine, too… it's really cool seeing someone being so good at their job." Said in earnest. Ginny, despite herself, is almost giddy.

Rory does smile, chuckling at her words as she says them with a lower voice. "Understandable." He says and smiles. "I'm happy to join you." He assures her. Moving to offer his number and seems quite glad about it. "Yeah, just give me a call and I can save yours as well." He suggests.

As for her reaction and her own compliment has him raising his arm to scratch at the back of his head. Revealing a few scars and old bruises along his arm. "T-Thanks. I'm just doing my job. Literally." He says and grins. "And I don't mind that you are a bit dressed up." He says with a wink in return. Trying it out, since she offered a wink.

Her eyes don't miss the young man's arm, lifted up so that he may scritch his head in puzzlement. From previous bar tussles? A life prior to Calaveras? Isn't that what taking a hike is mean for, or at least doing something along those lines.. to learn about someone? Ginny plunks Rory's digits into her phone and in-turn supplies her own on a piece of paper, in case he is taken busy with serving drinks and cannot get to said phone as easily. "Here you are.. or, yeah, I can call too." Said sheepishly. "Sorry, it's all new t'me again, this exchanging numbers bit." But she yet looks content in the matter… though her arse feels significantly, well, pins and needle'y from sitting for so long! A little sigh then, "I'd better go.. s—" The wink bowled her over. Ginny glows with amusement as she pulls out payment for her drinks and a more-than-generous tip.

"It was really nice seeing you, Rory. And meeting your friend. I hope everything is alright." Said kindly as she gives him one more smile, and makes to depart before the rush resumes. A little wave — still a bit giddily — before Ginny melts into the crowd. Though a catcall can be heard briefly, followed by Ginny calling out in response: "Stage is over there, buddy! Sheesh!"

And she's off.

Rory chuckles as he listens, "No worries." He says and smiles. Taking up his own phone. An old flip phone, but at least it works. "Are you sure that you can make it? I can see about someone helping you?" He asks, he still need to work after all, but she might be a little tipsy. "Yeah, I hope so to." Is offered about things going alright. Offering a wave, which is salute-ish, in return. Seeing as she disappears into the crowd. Chuckling as he hear her through the mass of people. Starting to serve everyone around.

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