(2018-11-11) Why are you wearing puke?
A glimpse into high school days.

Forest Park High School. 2007. Heather and Katherine are at the start of Year 11 and have been feuding for approximately ten years. The origins have been lost in time…unless you ask Heather. Speaking of which, here she comes now, some nameless nobodies walking a step behind her as she strides down the hallway. "Oh. My. God. Did you see who Becky is going to the movies with? Sheesh. How desperate is she? I mean, I don't mind that she's going with a /girl/, it takes all kinds, but come on. Can't she at least go with someone with teeth?" Then she spots Katherine at the lockers, a cruel smile on her face as she changes course. "Katherine, sweetie, Wednesday is Pink Day. You're not wearing pink. You're wearing…is that puce? Oh, sorry, it's pronounced 'puke'. Why are you wearing puke, Katherine?"

Katherine grinds her teeth as soon as she hears that voice, her eyes closing as she hopes she'll get passed by. Of course that isn't the case. "It's called green, Heather. You were in grade school with me, and if you actually paid any attention, you'd be able to tell one color from another." She slams her locker shut and turns to glare at Heather and her groupies. "You don't look good in pink, maybe you ought to think about changing today." She leans down to pick up her backpack, intending on shouldering past the trio. "Excuse me, I have to get to English."

"Yeah, you should probably go to English. That way, when you talk, it's less like grunting." Heather replies with a sweet smile, before repeating, very slowly. "Less. Like. Grunting. Do you understand me?" She sighs to her groupies. "Poor thing, she really has a tough time communicating unless you use animal noises." Getting away? Never. "Green? Oh…so you /are/ dressing like puke. On purpose. Probably have some carrots on your jeans. Sweetie, I look good in everything. Maybe I could offer you some hints? I like to help the underprivileged."

"Sorry, I don't enunciate to people I'd rather not talk to in the first place." Katherine responds, shrugging as she's pushed back by one of the groupies. "Green is a good color on me, don't be jealous Heather, you can't have everything in life." She chuffs out a laugh and glances down at her jeans. "I'm fine Heather, thanks for your backhanded offer and kindly kiss my ass." She moves to walk forward again. "If you don't let me through, I'm going to tell my sister you’re being a pain in my ass again."

"Me? A pain in your ass? Sweetie, I like to let the boys do that for you…though I heard you like it. Well…not heard, read it on the bathroom wall. Co-signed by at least a dozen people" Heather gasps dramatically to her cronies before smirking at Katherine. "Anything I can't have, isn't worth having." Her eyes narrow at the threat from the sister, briefly, before the smile is back and she waves her companions back. "Let the leprechaun go. I would hate to have her go running off to her sister, tears in her eyes." To Katherine she adds, "You're much prettier when you're not crying about your life. I'll see you in Science. Love you."

Katherine keeps her temper, barely and only the twitch of her shoulders might show that she's unhappy at the moment. "Yeah, I don't have groupies who only like me because I'm privileged. I have family." She groans softly and snarls out a reply under her breath as she shoves past Heather. "Go to hell, Heather, and stop writing stuff on the bathroom wall. Be more creative."

Heather looks pleased with herself as Katherine storms off. A finger wave for the green clad Stone before she sighs to her companions. "So sad. They only have a big family because no one likes them. Except me, of course, I try to look after her as best I can, though you can see how difficult it is. If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't even be wearing shoes." A frown as she looks in the direction that Katherine disappeared. "Oh well, I tried. Hey, who wants to skip Math class and make fun of the cheerleaders? I could watch those girls all day."

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