(2018-11-11) Carmesi
Country roads ain't safe anymore.

Belle is seated at the side of a jeep, a hole blown into the side of the vehicle near her head. Two tires are flat and she's pushing a clip into her pistol, muttering softly to herself. One of the two cartels in the city has discovered that she's acting as a courier, and wants her package. They set up an ambush out on the country road, knowing that not many vehicles pass this way so any shenanigans would largely go unnoticed. So far, everything has gone swimmingly for the cartel, the jeep was disabled, the tires aren't any good. They don't realize that Belle was armed, and she hears the crunch of gravel as they approach her position. Time to enlighten them.

Randi is currently cursing how she got into this whole mess. Being more of a thief than any kind of enforcer she's currently trying to keep her head down and not filled with bullets when they inevitably start flying. The pale skinned black haired young woman working for the Mendoza syndicate. More accurately for Natalya herself sending Randi out, in red leather catsuit and mask, Carmesi she's codenamed.

Spotting goons from some of the competition, she parks her own ride well away from where they move in on Belle and her package. Randi makes sure her mask is secure and with standard catholic crossing her chest for luck she hunkers down and waits for shooting to start before she sneaks in to try and get her hands on Belle's package for herself.

One of the goons, thinking that they aced the woman behind the jeep, peeks around the side with his gun pointed to the sky. Belle's fist shoots out, popping him near the temple which makes him fall backwards, her second swing narrowly missing him. The report of a semi-automatic can be heard as his finger presses the trigger. Obviously his trigger discipline is shit. Belle started to scramble before he hit the ground, opening the back door and pulling the duffle bag down on the ground. She aims her pistol below the door, shooting toward a goon's leg when he shows himself. Now they know she's armed, and they scoot back behind a boulder, discussing loudly on how they're going to deal with her now. One of the men teases loudly in Spanish, "We're gonna drag your body out from behind there puta, and we're going to cut you up and take you home with us."

At least there's plenty of rocks and other cover 'Carmesi' can hide behind. The other parties being distracted easily helps as well to keep being aimed at. The shouting and taunting good as well since it means hopefully the built chick the goons are shooting at is hopefully just as misdirected as well.

Taking a wider route to get behind the whole damn mess the red clad thief keeps herself low, eyeing that large package of Belle's. Hopefully it's not heavy when Randi hefts that bag. Still as long as she can stay stealthy she can hopefully pull this off, wincing as loud gunshots crack and the sound hits ears not all that used to that kind of loud noise.

Sneaking around in red isn't going to hide you, and Belle's head turns as she catches something in her periphery. "Who the fuck is there?" Belle growls, loud enough that Carmesi might hear her, even if the goons don't. They wing a shot at Belle and it catches her left arm, making her swear. "Great. Fucking Great." She leans out, popping off four shots toward the goons, even as she's looking for the red blur she saw behind her. "How many fucking people does your boss need?!" She calls out, more frustrated than anything else at this point.

It's hard to hear it over the sound of gunfire. But there's some breathy groaning and swearing coming from the red blur. Still, Randi is as far as she knows, not working with the folks shooting at Belle. Maybe it'll confuse them as well so the woman in red doesn't get any extra bullets shot her way. Still she does get closer and closer to her target which increases her chances of being seen by both other parties. Even then if she gets her hands on the package it's going to be a hell of a run back to her ride. Not like she can steel a jeep when it has two tyres shot out after all.

Belle is bleeding now and she's feeling desperate. The next gunshots winged her way miss her completely, but she screams as if she were hit somewhere vital, slumping down against the jeep. Her dark eyes peek before they close, waiting to see if one or both of the men will come over to check on her well being. As she slumps against the dufflebag she catches another sight of red, but she can't figure out what it is. Even if she's being flanked on both side, she'd rather they come in closer where she can hopefully surprise someone.

At least the red wearing person isn't shooting. That would really suck for Belle. It might bight her in the ass but if bullets are getting through the cover of that jeep it might be an idea to wait and see if the other men close in. That might just be a good chance to dash in herself and make the snatch. That package is as good as Randi's if that is the case. Whatever might actually be inside it. Pertinent information wasn't exactly forthcoming before Randi set off.

Both men walk in, no, they swagger in toward Belle. They're both high fiving each other despite not knowing if she's dead or alive. One of the men puts his semi-automatic weapon atop the vehicle and leans down, hands clutching the lapel of her jacket as he pulls her up to gaze at her. Her eyes open, and they have a fierce look in them as she swings her head forward to headbutt him hard on the middle of his face. His nose crunches and blood starts to pour freely as she scrambles over the first goon to tackle the second, knocking his shotgun from his hands. Her thighs are on either side of his neck as she swing her fists, punching him with both fists. The first goon gets himself together, and even as blood pours from his nose he tries to pull Belle off his friend. All there of them are squirming, punching and kicking in the dirt at this point.

There they go, it's a melee. There's a soft mutter of 'Dumbasses' from the lady in red and she's running as fast as she can, aiming to scoop up the bag from Belle's possession while she fights off the other attackers and sling it on Randi's shoulder before anyone else has a chance to notice that Randi is doing something really stupid herself by laying hands on Belle's package for herself. Green eyes behind her mask wide while she wears a very awkward looking expression as she moves as quick as she can, trying to get away and hopefully not get shot. That's not even taking the actual getaway by car in question.

One of the goons spots the woman in red and he slams his fist into Belle's face, moving to give chase. Luckily for Carmesi, he doesn't grab his gun as he moves in her direction, blood gushing from his nose still. Belle takes another shot to the jaw, and her eyes move to the woman who's taken the package. She bucks the goon off of her and starts to crawl towards the goon's vehicle. If Carmesi gets away, it's her only chance in catching her.

If one listens carefully you can here the word "Fuck." repeated over and over again as Carmesi tries to hightail it towards her car, and away from the whole mess. Leather clad legs long and lean run as fast as they can, she might not look all that strong and the package is hefty as Randi, codes named Carmesi lugs it around. Luckily she has goons fighting a buff brunette already hurt and slowing each other down so she's got that going for her at any rate. At least the car she runs to is a loaner. Hopefully if it gets shot up Randi won't get in too much trouble.

Belle gets to the goon's car, and score there are keys in it. She jumps in, revs the engine and she turns to try to follow the woman in the catsuit. It's dark and this is a country road so it's not going to be easy to keep up with her. One of the goons jumps out when Belle is backing up the vehicle, and she aims a smirking grin at him before she pushes on the gas, bumping the goon out of the way and almost running over an arm. He goes for his shotgun, intent on shooting her in the car, but both cars are moving along the road before he can even get a shot off.

The red clad thief manages to make it to the car, dumping the bag in the passenger seat first before diving in and getting the ride moving. When she sees the goon's vehicle behind her, Randi is swearing again. She's not out of the woods yet. Literally. This is why she should stick to breaking into shit. she is not a one woman crew after all. Probably a good thing no one is in the car with her. Christ the things coming out of her mouth would make even Bob Saget blush.

Belle gets the car moving, and she's even catching up with the thief. They hit the first turn and Belle overcompensates, sending the car skidding off of the road. She hits a tree and it launches her into the steering wheel, hitting the arm that was shot. She yells, screams, curses and then gets out of the car, slamming the door shut. The thief gets away, with quite a bit of money and a new experimental drug. The details aren't plentiful, but anyone who is familiar with medical shit will know it's a powerful new painkiller.

Getaway driving isn't exactly Randi's forte either and she's all over the road herself, skidding and fishtailing to avoid hitting stuff. At least until the woman in pursuit runs herself off the road. Once it seems like she's free and clear the red clad brunette is able to start driving much more safely and try and get somewhere safe. Then she can dump off the money and drugs. As much as she'd love to try the drugs, now way in hell she's gonna be testing that herself. At least she'll have earned the cocaine. God knows the woman needs it after that. It's terrifying being Carmesi.

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