(2018-11-10) Wormholes or Teleportation?
Devi and Yazmin discuss the author's new work and the short story adaptation. There is also fancy cooking.

Devi has been busy. She hit a writing burst, and between her shifts that's been pretty much all she's been doing is writing. She's been shut in up in her apartment. She still looks put together and professional when she's manning the counter downstairs, but it's been clear that her focus has been elsewhere. Artists of all types get that way though. Writers, painters, sculptors. They all get lost in a haze. Tonight is no different, after closing up downstairs she came right up. But in her hurry to get back upstairs she forgot to lock the door to the upstairs, so it's been left open, though the front door of the store has since been locked. But all her employees have a key. She really is too trusting. When Yazmin gets upstairs she's not in her room at the desk in there. She's actually at the dining room table. She's got her laptop out and on it and scattered around her are printouts of all sorts of stuff. Information about all sorts of stuff. From space travel to psychic powers to the effects of gravity and speed on time relativity. The printer is on the dining room table as well. And though the stuff may look like a mess it's scattered with purpose if someone takes the time. She's already changed out of her jeans and sweater from downstairs into a pair of dark green yoga pants and a blue t-shirt with a hoodie on over that, and she's typing away and reading a printout, then typing away some more.

Yazmin makes her way up the stairs after letting herself in. She wasn't working tonight…not at the store at least. She was working on her art. Yep, she is quite aware of the 'haze', so when she enters the apartment and finds her boss hard at work with all that information around her, she has an idea of what is going on. "Oh…sorry. Didn't know you were in the zone." She takes out the 'book' she borrowed and places it somewhere free. "Thanks, it was awesome. I hope my drawings do it justice." She pats the pad under her arm. "I'll leave these in the living room. Hey…have you eaten yet?" The younger woman in sneakers, tights, shorts, and sweater; none of them remotely new.

Devi doesn't seem to hear any of it. Yazmin coming up the stairs, walking around, or even the opening words of conversation. She's typing away at the computer. She's got her legs pulled up onto the chair and is sitting cross legged, leaning forwards, peering at what she's typed. Then she hears mention of eating and she pauses, looking up over the top of her laptop. She spots a Yazmin and there's a squeak of surprise and she falls promptly out of her chair, tumbling to the floor with a heavy oof. "Ow." She mumbles from the floor, then just kind of rolls from her side onto her back and flops there, legs lifting and resting on the seat of the chair. "Hi." She comments with a bemused smile from upside down on the floor. "When did you get here? Please tell me I haven't been ignoring you for a little while and it's only been like a couple minutes. And uhhh hi." She grins this time but remains on the floor.

Yazmin looks alarmed for a moment as she freaks out Devi once more. She starts forward, ready to help Devi up off the ground, but then stops as they carry on a conversation instead. Obviously, the blonde is used to talking from the floor. "I only just got here" Yazmin assures…maybe a bit of a lie in there. "That looks comfy" she deadpans before jerking her thumb towards the kitchen. "Want me to make you some food? I do a mean 'baked beans on toast'. As long as you don't mind burnt toast. And don't worry about ignoring me, I'm used to it. How's the book going?"

"The floor is rather comfy. Good firm wood and all that. Kind of cold though despite having the heat on." She wriggles on the floor a little bit, hips and shoulders moving about until she finally sighs and slides her legs off of the chair and turns as she rises into a sitting position, then hands on the table edge she pulls herself up and to her feet. "Bakes beans on toast?" Devi asks sounding confused by that concept. "I don't think I have any beans anywhere though you're welcome to look." She admits after a few moments. There's a confused murmur from her about the beans on toast bit. "I can make something. Are you hungry?" She's hungry if the rather loud growl from her stomach is anything to go by. "I don't ignore people on purpose. I just get like this sometimes when I'm writing. And uhhh oh. It's going. I'm mostly world building right now. Typing up all sorts of stuff on the world. But figuring out some story elements too."

"Please tell me that you didn't just say you like 'good firm wood'" Yazmin sighs, watching Devi rise up gracefully. "Baked beans come in cans. It's an English thing. Yeah, I'm hungry, but you're on a roll. Keep writing and I'll fix something. Somehow." She doesn't seem too convinced, but she will give it a go. "Damn, girl, you got a bear in your stomach?" Yazmin heads off towards the kitchen. "I like world building. It's where all the good stuff is. Do you have this awesome super race led by a Queen Yazmin? No… Empress."

"I know baked beans come in a can. I've just never heard of putting them on toast. An English thing?" Devi asks, blinking slowly a little bit, then giving her head a quick shake. She shrugs her shoulders slowly. "Yes. I have a bear in my stomach. I ate him six days ago and he's just now getting grumpy. I guess. Or something. That sounded weird. And yes, I did say good firm woo oh I get it." She facepalms, lifting a hand to rub it across her features and lets out a sigh. "Leave me alone. I've been cooped up in here the last few days or… five." She wanders over from the table to the kitchen area. She really does have well stocked cabinets and a well-stocked fridge and freezer. Even has a small deep freezer with all sorts of frozen meats and veggies. And no small amount of ice cream. "I haven't decided whether or not to include aliens from the start or introduce them later. So far, it's just humans and their expansion worlds and systems. I know I plan to put aliens in, just not sure when and how."

"So I'll get to be an alien?" Yazmin smirks before nodding. "Makes sense, not many people think I'm human." If Devi wants to take over, who is she to stop her. The dark-skinned woman finds a cupboard to lean against and watch. "What kind of bear was it?" So much food! Yazmin's never seen the like before. "Has that resort guy been back to flirt again? I owe him a naked drawing of myself. Yeah…good luck with that, old guy. Oh…and I met another artist who could probably help with our project, but I haven't mentioned anything yet."

Devi doesn't move to take over the cooking. She's content to let Yazmin do whatever it is that Yazmin is going to do. She finds herself a spot of counter to lean back against, a hand rubbing at her left hip from where she fell over. "That's gonna bruise." She murmurs as she rubs. "Yeah you can be an alien. Not sure when they'll be introduced. But yes, you can be an alien." She remarks with a little smile on her lips. "Uhh no clue? I mean I haven't seen him, so I guess not? Unless he's come in at the wrong time. But you could reach out. He gave me that card I can give it to you." Devi gives the girl a bit of side eye when she mentions bringing another artist into the fold. Clear skepticism on the blonde's features. She wanders back over to the big dining table and starts to straighten some of the papers up. "I started some research into interstellar travel. Well faster than light travel and it got super complicated. Way beyond me. So, working on like some kind of wormhole thing, or teleportation system or something. Would have to be massive though to warp ships from system to system. And ships would have to be sent out ahead to the new system to establish a link there. I did a bunch of research into teleportation theories and technology and what not. It's a lot. Sci-fi fans don't usually care for super bogus science so I at least want something conceivable."

"So, the ship takes years to get somewhere, and then sets up a worm hole for the next ships to get their instantaneously? Sounds like that initial trip could be a story in itself. That could take years" Yazmin muses. "Teleportation could be done via the wormhole thing too. You know, just fling something out there and then pop through and see where you ended up? I dunno, you're the writer." Since she is back on food duty, she starts going through the mountains of available stock. "I could cook a traditional meal of my people if you like. Pizza. Delivered." Yazmin looks over to the hip rubbing. "I'll kiss it better if you want" she smirks. "Yay, I'm gonna be an alien. Hey…maybe you should investigate how the real aliens got here."

"It would take years yeah. Wormhole or teleportation gate. I'm not entirely sure. Still working it out. But some kind of instant transition yeah. The ships sent onwards are automated. They weren't at first. See the whole world setup is predicated on medical science unlocking the secrets of the human body and figuring out immortality. I got the idea when I was reading some articles on research into the subject. They think they're close. Very close to figuring it out. Whether it's through nanites or reactivating the body's production of stem cells, more than likely a combo of both, humans become immortal. And the population suddenly becomes a huge problem. So, the initial ships were manned but later on they're automated with only a small skeletal crew that are there to fix anything that goes wrong that the ship can't fix itself. Then the ship gets to their destination and builds a gate to bring other ships there. It has to stop and build the gate a few times throughout the years to keep the ship supplied, so it's also equipped with mining equipment in case it needs to mine raw materials and process them into gate replacement parts and… sorry. Rabbit hole. Going deeply down it." She flashes a grin at the artist, blushing as she makes a few notes on her notebook she has sitting next to her laptop.

Yazmin picks out her phone and starts dialing for pizza. "The only thing you ever need in a kitchen" she smirks, holding up her phone. "What would you like?" She does listen to the wormhole dilemma though. "If you're immortal, why would you need children? They're something that we have now so that we live on. The species lives on. If that's not an issue, why have them? No overpopulation then." A shrug. "I dunno. Just a thought. Hey, to cure overpopulation, you could have the government send people through the wormhole, but it doesn't go anywhere. Just rips them apart. You can go as deep as you want with me, Boss. I like to see a creative mind at work. Now, what would you like on your pizza?"

"Uhh I think the pizza places are all closed at this time of night> I mean I don't know that for sure but pretty sure they are." Devi comments, chuckling softly as she moves from the table back into the kitchen. "Here. I'll make something." She pats Yazmin on the shoulder lightly as she moves over to the fridge and bends down to look through what's in there. "You got any allergies?" She asks as she pulls out a couple things. "Immortal doesn't mean indestructible though. Yes, with stem cells and nanites they could fix a lot of things. Even recent death if they get to you before your brain starts to go and your neural pathways break down. But there would still be deaths and people would still have children. In the world setup though they tried to institute a low birth band similar to China, but it caused a war and it's a big part of what really sparked the race to interstellar travel. It started with expansion within the system. The moon, mars, some of the moons around other planets and stuff. But that didn't hold for long. Whole new systems were needed. And there were those that refused the medical treatments and genetic therapy on religious grounds. They refused the immortality bit, so it meant having to make special rules for them, then everyone was claiming to be of a religion. It was a mess." She's talking about the events like they really happened. But for her they're a living story building in her head. "I don't know how in to depth I'll need to get in the books on all that, but I have it all written up if I need it." She comes out with some flank steak, some broccoli and cabbage and carrot, some soy sauce and a couple other things. "That cupboard right there, there should be some lomein noodles from the Asian market. Grab a pot and put some water on form me?" She asks as she grabs a cutting board and starts slicing up the flank steak, putting the pieces into a ginger, garlic and soy sauce marinade. "So, what did you think of the story? The short story I mean."

"Pizza places close?" Yazmin shrugs and ends the call before it begins, tucking her phone away as Devi starts explaining her world once more. "No allergies as far as I know. You're supposed to be working on your story" she notes, though if Devi cooks, they'll at least both be alive to see the morning. "I think I can do that" she nods about the filling of a pot with water. "Religions. Man, how much trouble do they cause" she sighs. Yazmin even puts the noodles in the water! Could she get that wrong? Probably. "The short story was awesome" she grins…which is a rarity in itself. "I have a lot of ideas about how to adapt it. The style of the different components. Doesn't mean they're good ones, but there are lots of them. I did some character sketches in my pad. But you shouldn't spend too much time on it. You have new stuff to write."

"Yes, pizza places close." Devi remarks with a soft laugh as she works on the food. "Yes, well good food sounded better than super greasy pizza anyhow." Devi remarks with a little smirk on her lips. "I like good pizza though don't get me wrong. There was this place in Denver that had incredible pizza. Two guys opened it. One from the Chicago area, and one from Philly and they argued constantly about who's pizza was better. But you could get Chicago and New York style pizza in one place. It was heaven." She looks over and passes over a bottle. "Avocado oil. Helps keep the noodles from sticking together. Just pour in a little bit not too much." She shakes her head though. "No. I definitely want to pay attention to it. I don't want to cramp your artistic style either though. And yes, I have new stuff to write but that doesn't mean I'm leaving the old in the dust either. I love that world too."

"Never been outside of Calaveras, unless you count Cooperstown. I might get to Denver one day. Maybe even somewhere bigger, where I can give my sparkling personality free rein" Yazmin replies before taking the bottle. "Maybe someone should invent 'Denver Pizza', then it won't matter which of the others is better." She stirs the oil into the noodles. "I hope you don't love it too much that you hate everything I'm doing to it" she snorts in amusement. "I love it too…but it's gonna get filtered. That's what happens when you adapt. Not an insult, just working into a different medium. I guess we're having Asian food. Does the dish have a name?"

"Denver is pretty damn big. I mean sure New York and LA are bigger places. But Denver is a pretty big city. You could do a lot worse than Denver." Devi comments with a quick grin flashed at the younger woman. "Denver pizza? I have no clue what that would even be. But I can make pizza. I can mix some dough up tomorrow morning and make pizza for lunch if you want to come over for pizza before your shift. I like to give it proper time to rise, even though I'm going to flatten it down, then it's nice and stretchy. Makes for good giant fold it up pizza." She finishes cutting the meat up and cutting up the vegetables and turns the heat up on a pan, pouring some avocado oil into that too. "If I wasn't willing to let someone else have their take and their say in it then I wouldn't have agreed to let you do the graphic novel. And I realize it's going to be interpreted differently by you and what not. And that's fine. You just let me know if you need my help writing dialogue and what not. Did you decide whether you are going to do a graphic novel version of that story? Or if you're going to continue her adventures? I mean no reason you couldn't do both. It's not a story anyone else has seen before."

"You can invent Denver Pizza and make it whatever you want it to be" Yazmin smiles. "Lunch tomorrow as well? You know you're spoiling me, right? Do you do this for all your employees? If so, no wonder you have plenty of staff. They'd pay you to work." She gets out of the way of the chef. "I was just going to use your dialogue but, hmm, the idea of continuing adventures… Or we could go into more detail of the adventures she had when she was coming round to the truth. Do those in more depth. So, like, your short story would be the framework for a whole bunch of stories that you haven't written yet. Don't worry, I haven't said anything to anyone about it. Totally our secret."

"But I don't even know that Denver has any kind of signature food that it can lay claim to put on a pizza or anything to make it a Denver pizza." She huhs softly at that and ponders while she works. With the pan heated up the meat goes into it along with onions and garlic, the pan immediately sizzling. The other veggies are waiting a bit. She gives the noodles a stir, grabbing out a strainer to put them in when they're done cooking. "Uhh I mean I've made food for the other two a few times. Not like this though. And not up here. I'll make it up here and take it down to them. And there's nothing wrong with spoiling people a little bit." She gives the meat a good stir before letting it sit and build up a good sear. "That sounds pretty awesome. Doing a whole bunch of books. And letting people see her change over time. A slow fall and turn to the dark side. She justifies everything, the readers follow along with her and then eventually someone calls her the bad guy. She's the villain now. Would be fun to read."

"I'm glad you like the idea" Yazmin smiles a little; which is joy for most other people. "'Denver Pizza' can be Denver's signature food. One of those timey wimey contortion thingies where the pizza itself is the signature food to put on the pizza." The dish Devi is cooking already smells pretty good as far as Yazmin is concerned. "Do you think we should do a monthly comic or just keep it to special editions once in a while. Doing it monthly will take a lot of my time and quite a bit of yours. Though, you know, they might not even be popular. Because of me, not because of you, just make that clear."

Devi drops the vegetables into the pan with the meat, and the noodles into the strainer in the sink to drain. Then she pulls down a big mixing bowl, and transfers the noodles in there, and once the vegetables have cooked up a bit, she pours the whole mess in and gives it a good mix. Voila. Beef and vegetable lomein. "Take that to the table, will you?" She grabs plates and drinks and silverware and brings it all over to the table as well, then dishes herself out a plate and digs right in. "I think the volumes would be better personally? I know that I don't bother with monthly anymore. I collect volumes. But I can honestly say that I don’t know what most people buy. I carry a pretty limited selection at the store. So, I guess some research would be good. To find out what most people buy. Monthly or volumes. And we can sell comics. Between the series name, and putting my name on there as a writer and you as the artist? We'll sell books. Trust me. Then after you're famous and done with me you can move on to other stories on your own." There's a playful wink from her, before she's stuffing her mouth with food.

Yazmin takes what was requested to the table before getting them both some water as well. "We'll see how long it takes to get the volumes out too. Don't want to have people waiting too long for our awesomeness. And if the story lends itself to monthly or longer term. So many questions we won't know the answers too until we do it." She narrows her eyes at Devi. "Done with you? That sounds brutal. When we come to the end of our agreed partnership, I think is what you mean." She pokes out her tongue in response to the wink before tucking in. "Damn. This is good. You should do a cookbook as well. You know, since you're not really busy at the moment."

"My Dad and I cooked together. I got pretty good. He… never really did. But he tried. By the time I was twelve I was doing the cooking by myself." She shrugs her shoulders a little, but she comes back with orange juice and fresh brewed sweet tea and pours herself a glass of the OJ. "Yes. Done with me. When you get famous in your own right and have people at comic cons clamoring for your attention and you've left little old me in the dust." There's a quick smirk before she's nomming on more food. "When you cast me aside for greener pastures." She puts a hand to her heart dramatically before breaking out in laughter. "And when you do, I'll be happy because it will mean you've made it."

"Seriously, you think I'll ever be as famous as you? People read your books who would never look at a comic book. Okay, maybe at Comic Con I'll be totally more important than you…" Yazmin deadpans as she continues to stuff her mouth with delicious food. A wry smile at Devi's happiness. "Don't push it, Devi. I've already told you that you're awesome this year." Her lower lip thrusts out in thought. "I don't know if I want to be famous. I might have to be nice to people. Not sure if anything is worth that."

"I think you could be sure. Why not? You're a little younger than I was when my first book got published. I mean I was putting my stories on Amazon and what not before that. The short stories. But my first actual publishing wasn't till I was 22. So… yeah. I don't see why you couldn't be as famous or more." Her head shakes. "Nah. You don't have to be nice to people when you're famous. There's plenty of famous people that are rude and they're still famous. They'll just call you eccentric. They call me eccentric with my babbling and clumsiness. They'll just say the same about your grumping at everyone." A big smile from Devi before she ohs softly and leans over to her laptop to type away on it for a few moments, chewing her food slowly, swallowing when she finishes. "Had another idea sorry."

"Did the idea have anything to do with a grumpy artist?" Yazmin pouts playfully. "Cause that would be the best character in a book ever. Just saying. Twenty-two? Damn, better get my act together. We could do them as online comics if all else fails." More food gets shoveled in. That her mouth is full doesn't stop her talking. "Yeah, but you're a cute eccentric. And you can always cook for them if it gets to bad. All I can do is snark more." She considers this. "Which is actually pretty good as far as I'm concerned. We shouldn't jump to conclusions though. We haven't got anything out there yet."

"True. Jumping to conclusions is bad. We should wait and keep our expectations measured. Did you decide on a company you'd want to pitch to first?" Devi asks it as she's eating too. She at least covers her mouth when she's talking with food in it, but she still talks with her mouth full. She is also writing stuff down on the notebook and on the laptop as she goes. "Could you imagine a four-hundred-year-old artist? I wonder if they'd run out of stuff to write or paint or whatever their art form is. Would they run out of things that inspire them? People talk about living forever but I honestly wonder if they realize the full implications."

"The universe is always changing. The world is always changing. Doesn't matter if you think you've seen it all, there is always something new. Something to process. The art might get repetitive, but it would never stop" Yazmin replies before shrugging, "We pitch it to everyone. They come to us with the best deal, not the other way round. We'll send out a package - sketches, sample pages, deal we have in mind - and see who bites."

"Oh. Yeah that works, I guess. Is that how it's done in the graphic novel world? I guess I honestly don't really know how it's done in the novel world either. My publisher came to me. Well several of them did. I've had a few offers since but either the offer wasn't as good, or I don't care for the company as much. Because that's important to me too. Baen books offered me a little more money but I don't like the quality of the books they put out. Their writers are fine, but the actual physical books are crappy. And I think if someone is going to spend eight dollars or more on a book, they deserve something that's not going to fall apart on them."

"I agree. I'm not in it for the money. I've spent my whole life without money. Even without what most people would call a home. I just want my art to matter, you know?" Yazmin replies while chewing away. "I have no idea how it is done in any world. And I don't see any reason to do the same as what everyone else does. If it's good, and it will be, it can survive however we do it. Don't worry, I'll be checking the printing real close. I don't want my art looking like one of those coloring in books after it has been colored in by a baby."

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