(2018-11-10) Rooms With a Viewer
Vyv succeeds in finding Katherine, and subsequently a place to stay.

Katherine walks in from an evening out, shedding her coat as she glances around the kitchen. It's clean, and she breathes out a sigh of relief, pushing her hair back with slender fingers. Once her coat is hung up, she leans against the table, unbuckling her heeled sandals with deft fingers. "Coffee." She decides, her eyes going to the coffee maker. "I need a lot of coffee." She hobbles over to the coffee maker, one sandal on and one off and does the complicated scoop and pour, and starts the brew. Shortly after she gets her second sandal off and laughs softly. "No more heels."

A B&B occupies a strange spot between home and hotel, and even if it so far appears to be the case that people can just walk in — and even if he's more or less been advised to look around for the lady of the house — it just feels a bit like snooping around to do a thorough search. So, in the not-too-long since the last of the class disappeared, Vyv's mostly been sitting in the kitchen — the one thing at all out of place is one of the chairs, just far enough back from the table to suggest recently being sat in.
"They do make a sleek line, but they're just hell on the balls of the feet," he agrees, apparently by way of greeting, as he returns from whence he's briefly been, and catches that final remark. "Good evening. Are you Katherine? I was told you'd most likely be in here, making some sort of food or other."

Katherine lets out a startled yelp, Vyv didn't make much noise, and turns to catch a glimpse of him. She holds a hand to her heart, and laughter spills from her in short gasps. "I'm Katherine Stone, and I just got home, but if you're hungry I have what I made for dinner before the class." She upnods toward the table, still chuckling occasionally. "If you like home cooking, I can heat you up some?" She kicks her sandals under the table and exhales slowly. "Sorry about that, I'm used to people coming and going, but you're pretty light on your feet."

If Vyv didn't expect that was a possible reaction, he probably should have; even so, he does look rather startled himself by the yelp, though not quite enough to echo it. Her laughing reaction gets a quick but seemingly genuine flicker of a smile as he relaxes again. "I've been told that once or twice," he says, "And really, I ought to be the one apologising. Even with lodgers, 'sudden complete stranger' might give one pause. Which, by the way, Vyvyan Vydal. Vyv, usually. And I'm pleased to find you. Actually, I'd dropped by to find out whether you have vacancies, and perhaps take a look at the place…? My flat's not livable yet, and the hotel I'm in is…" A slight pause, and a negligent little wave as he settles on, "boring, among other things. I was advised to take a look here."

"Oh, no apologies necessary. I'm usually not so jumpy, but I was out drinking tonight and I'm a lightweight." Katherine lets out soft laughter, watching Vyv for a moment before she pulls out two mugs. "Would you like a cup of coffee to hold while I show you the vacant rooms?" She pours herself some coffee, adds some cream and a dollop of honey. "You won't be bored here, uhm, I should let you know that I film a television show here mornings from seven to nine. It won't disturb your breakfast, you'll have access to the kitchen, and if you'd like to sit and watch…you can." She shifts her gaze toward her guest, a half-smile on her face. "Sound okay so far?"

"Oh, yes, thank you, that would be lovely," Vyv says to the coffee offer, "Black is fine. What sort of television show?" His gaze briefly travels over the kitchen, despite surely having had a perfectly good look at it for most purposes already; this one seems a bit thoughtful. "Yes, it sounds all right so far. Though— when you say access to the kitchen, I'm curious to know, how =much= access are boarders allowed? Rightly or wrongly, I've got the impression you're in here rather a bit." Not that it sounds like a =bad= impression to have gotten. But perhaps one that might reach slightly past pure curiosity.

Katherine pours coffee into the second cup and grins as she turns to gaze at Vyv. "I am one of the hosts of Wake Up, Calaveras." She shrugs, her cheeks getting red as she putters around a bit. "I have a pantry, and a chest freezer, if there is something you want to cook for yourself…you are welcome. I typically cook a breakfast, lunch and dinner, letting you know each day what will be available." She hands the coffee off to Vyv and smiles. "This is one of my two favorite rooms in the house, if you ever need it for something, you've only to ask." She gestures for Vyv to follow her, brushing her hair away from her face.

"I'll have to make a note to see it," Vyv says, and accepts the coffee with a slight inclination of his head and a light, "Ta." A brief silence as he begins to follow her, each bit of the house being taken in as they pass, the more so as they reach portions he hasn't already seen. "I'm a patissier," he says after a moment, which appears to be an explanation of sorts, and turns into a very slightly better one as he adds, "If I go too long without at least a =bit= of kitchen available, I break out in hives. Terrible."

Katherine turns to gaze at Vyv when he reveals his profession, her face lighting up. "I love to bake, but I'm ..not the best at it. If you ever want to bake ..anything, you let me know and I'll happily turn my kitchen over to you, provided I can watch." She giggles and steps into the daisy room, stepping back a bit. "This is one of the larger beds that we have available, and people always seem to love the netting. We have another room almost exactly like this. One with a twin bed, and a whole suite in the garage." She shifts on her bare feet, grinning. "Which would you like to see next?"

Vyv looks faintly pleased at the initial reaction to that fact, and a bit less faintly at the answer, caveat and all. "Culinary voyeurism, best kind. Fair enough, particularly if it goes both ways." He follows her into the room, of course, and gives it a looking over; the netting does clearly catch his interest, and he nearly succeeds in suppressing an amused look at the fuzzy bee lamps. "As long as there isn't an unseasonable raft of mosquitos in here to make the netting functional…" he says, and looks to her again. "I'd probably prefer not-a-twin, given the option. Past that, I'm going to guess the other one like this is closer than the garage is, so let's see that one first."

Katherine walks out of the daisy room and leads Vyv across the hall. "You mean.. you want to watch me cook?" She aims a look at him, the corners of her lips twitching as she tries not to grin. "You're more than welcome to watch, I spend about two hours cooking at least twice a day." She opens the door to the fall room and steps in, letting him look around. "The twin has basically served as.. it's really shitty outside so I don't want to drive home room. It was my youngest brother's room." She clears her throat. "We don't have bugs, of any kind. I contract with an exterminator to keep it that way. Maintenance is important, I'm sure you agree.."

Vyv's brows lift a touch as he looks around the new room, and the amused impression is slightly stronger. "Mm. Matches my sweater," he observes, and drifts in a bit farther this time, fingertips brushing over the edge of the trunk's lifted lid as he passes it. "And yes, to both. Maintenance IS important, and why not? I quite like to cook, but I'm," a just-there pause, with a small head-tilt, "acceptable. And rumour does have it you're quite good." He wanders as far as the window, glancing out of it to the view beyond, before he turns back to her. "This one's winning so far. And don't worry, barring a tub of standing water hidden in the closet, I did think a swarm was unlikely."

Katherine gazes at Vyv's sweater and then nods, reaching out to drag her fingertips along the texture of the wall. "Well I do teach classes, occasionally. I do crockpot classes and ..sometimes when people are gathered while I'm cooking I let them watch." She leans against the doorway, watching him as he walks around the room. "All of these rooms, save for the twin bed room has their own small four piece bathroom." She crooks a finger at Vyv. "I saved the best, in my opinion, until last. This suite that I'm going to show you was just recently completed. The only downside? It's not in the main house."

"Are there classes often, here?" Vyv asks as they walk, "I didn't expect to learn about top, heart, and base notes when I arrived this evening, but it was certainly interesting." He pauses while she puts on her handy rain booties, taking the moment to consider the countertop, and then continues to follow her outside. It's probably not a shock that the kitchenette catches his eye; most things have gotten rather appraising looks, but this even more. He doesn't head that way immediately, however, instead looking around at the rest and then strolling over to peek at the bedroom, and the bathroom as well. "Quite nice," he agrees, considering them both for a good few seconds. "Hmm…" And, inevitably, he does turn toward the kitchenette then. "Did you renovate a lot, recently?"

"Downstairs, in the garage proper." Katherine responds, watching him walk around the space with a smile on her face. She leans again, this time on the arm of the couch. "When I turned this place into a B&B, I gave every room a fresh coat of paint, and its own identity. Numbers are so impersonal, so I used colors and other identifying tidbits. Rose, Chocolate, Daisy…Fall.." She gazes down at her knees. "This suite though, it was mostly storage, and I had a …friend who was having a hard time staying here. He helped me re-frame and paint, and do the tile work in the bathroom and kitchen." She pushes away from the couch. "So now it's ..a nice suite for someone who doesn't want to be bothered by other boarders, pretty much."

Vyv glances over at her, watching for a moment before he returns to poking around at things. "Well, I'd say the pair of you did a good job," he says, "And I see what you mean about the room identities. Giving them personality strikes me as a wise choice. Anyone looking for standardized and formal is going to lean toward a fair-sized hotel in any case." He straightens from looking in a small cupboard, and turns, leaning against the edge of the diminutive counter to look at her again. "And I'm not the hugest fan of being bothered in general, so this might be just the thing. As long as it doesn't mean =I= can't still be bothersome in there." An indication toward the house proper, by means of a tilt of the head. "…is your friend having a better time now?"

"I don't try to compete with the Winchester, I just offer something wholly my own, and hope that the word of mouth serves me well." Katherine flushes at the compliment, folding her hands in her lap. "I'm glad you like it, and yes, you're more than welcome to come into the main house at any time. If you want to cook for yourself here, and need supplies, you just let me know. Most things are included, but if you want something more …high brow, it will cost a little extra." She pushes to her feet, nodding as she brushes a speck of dust away from the coffee table with a slender finger. "Yes, he joined his family down in Nevada, and things are looking up for him." She takes a breath, launching into her spiel. "The suite here is sixty dollars a night, that includes three meals and laundry. You can drop off the latter to me any time and it'll usually get taken care of in a few hours. There is a goat outside, her name is Rainbow and she's a pet. When it gets really cold she'll be in the garage downstairs but she doesn't make a lot of noise. I also have a cat, in case you're allergic. If you ever have any questions, or need something and I'm not home, my phone number is listed in various places in the house. Also up here in the kitchen." She runs a hand up her arm and exhales slowly. "Any other questions I can help you with?"

"I'm not allergic," Vyv assures, and there's a pause, in which the slightly unfocused look slightly to the side and up suggests he might be doing math. It's quite brief, and ends in a small but definite nod. "I'll need to go pick up my things, of course," he says, possibly as much to himself as to her, and more directly, "Thank you. I think that probably covers most of what I'd need to know." One corner of his mouth quirks up. "What's the cat's name?"

"Her name is Blue, and she's very friendly. Almost overly loving at times." Katherine glances around, as if someone else would be here, and grins. "She's a hussy if you feed her, she'll follow you around shamelessly." She pulls out a large keyring and pulls a single key free from it. "The main house is controlled by digital locks, you enter the combination and you get in. This one has a key, because it's not accessible from the front, so.. nobody will likely know that you're back here." Stuffing the keyring back into her purse, she considers for a few moments before she holds out a hand to Vyv. "Welcome to my home, never hesitate to let me know if you need anything."

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