(2018-11-10) Business Proposal
Lunch, Books, Perfume and Business Proposals

Katherine sits at the table, steaming cup at one elbow and a ledger opened before her. Her phone serves as a calculator as she adds up recepits and carefully writes them down with a pencil (the eraser looks like a nub at this point). Her hair is a mess, and even as she writes down another debit, she runs her fingers through her hair, messing it up even more.

"…ten years give or take." Xavier's voice fades into hearing as he opens his door and comes downstairs, a little more carefully than usual. "No, Ma, I'm not being 'smart', just realistic. I'm busy." He emerges into the kitchen, pausing slightly as he sees Katherine there. Then the phone catches his attention, so he gives her a brief nod as he goes hunting for a glass. "Yes, I did, but I told you then it was a temporary arrangement. No. No, Ma." He sounds weary and a touch exasperated at first, but his voice gets colder as the conversation goes on, until he finally says, "Just send the bills to my accountant. You know the address. I'll call you on Thanksgiving." Then he hangs up and shoves the cell into his interior jacket pocket. He pours himself a glass of water, then returns to the table, smiling as he sits down. "Balancing the books?"

Kate quirks a brow up at Xavier, listening in to his conversation as he moves through the kitchen. "My lovely weekly ritual." She responds, giving an upnod toward his pocket. "Family trouble?" She asks, fluttering her eyelashes innocently. She turns the pencil around, scrubs out a number and after a few taps on her cell phone, rewrites a different number down. "I used to do this on my computer, but..the last time it crashed it wiped out a whole bunch of numbers and I realized that I had a pencil and paper. Voila."

Xavier shakes his head. "'Trouble' implies a deviation from the norm," he says, dryly. He takes a swallow of the water, and peers curiously at the books. "It's actually not a bad idea to have paper copies of everything. Electronics aren't necessarily secure from tampering, or espionage." He smiles. "And, as you mention, getting wiped in one bad crash." He leans forward further, shamelessly eavesdropping on her financials. "How are things?"

"Love em while you got em, tomorrow is never guaranteed." Katherine says, gazing at the number as she does more math. "Yeah, I used to really nag at Ethan to do his on quickbooks, but technology seems to completely elude him. I've long since stopped trying." She gazes up at Xavier as he leans over the book. "I'm in the black, have been for the last year. It helps that I trade help with some local businesses so I get discounts. Plus the butcher is sweet on me, so he gives me wonderful prices." She gives him a shameless grin and a wink. "Did you sleep well?"

"From your perspective, I'm certain that's excellent advice," Xavier says, then lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "And I shall take it in the spirit that it's meant." He nods with satisfaction as he settles back. "In the black within a year? For a small business, that's impressive, Katherine. Good job." The praise seems sincere, and his smile is brief, but warm. He settles back into his seat. "Don't tell me that you're vamping the poor man. It will just ruin my impressions of you, thus far," he claims, a touch melodramatically. "And it was fine. It's quiet here." That doesn't entirely sound like a compliment, and he continues, "That took a bit of getting used to, but I'm growing accustomed. What about yourself?"

Katherine blinks at Xavier, laughing softly. "It's a lot of word of mouth, and a lot of…outside help. I can't take credit for this myself." She settles back in her chair, tapping her pencil on her ledger as a grin tilts her lips. "I don't vamp him, in fact I did date him briefly. He was a very nice guy, but his hours were even more impossible than Ethan's. For some reason I find myself dating men who are either up all night and never answer the phone, or men who are in at work at five in the morning and sleep at seven." She shrugs, and leans in again, gazing at the numbers as she props her chin on her hand. "I slept okay last night, for the most part." She blinks and glances toward the fridge. "Are you interested in lunch?"

Xavier is sitting with Katherine at the kitchen table. Katherine seems to be working over a ledger, while Xavier is relaxing in a chair, sipping water and watching her. He grins. "I'm sure a Freudian analyst could offer a variety of entertaining explanations, but I'll just say that anyone who wouldn't make time for a lovely lady on occasion is, indeed, working /too/ much." He follows her look. "You try to feed me every time I come in this room. I think I've gained ten pounds in the last two weeks," he claims, giving his stomach a critical look. When he glances up again, his expression is more serious. "I actually have a proposal for you, at some point, if you're willing to hear it."

"I would actually be terrified to hear those explanations." Katherine remarks, grinning at Xavier as she makes another notation in her ledger. "Well, this is the kitchen. This is where the feeding happens." She gives him a once over and tilts her head, eyes narrowed slightly. "The ten pounds looks good on you, if its any consolation. If not, I have a coupon for Peak Physique to help you get back into shape." She presses her lips together as not to giggle. "What kind of proposal?"

Making his way into the kitchen, Lucky seems to be carrying a few boxes with all the look of someone who's suffering not to drop them. "Hi!" he squeaks out desperately, not getting much of the conversation about, but he's certainly not trying to drop his load. "I'm sorry. I… I wanted to set up for later on today but I needed to bring things over…"

"So much feeding," Xavier echoes, with a laugh. "And actually, if you'd just tell me where that is, it'd be nice to have a place—" and then Lucky enters. Xavier's eyebrows go up, and he sets his drink to one side so that he can rise to his feet and offer to take on a few of the boxes. "Here, allow me."

Katherine gets to her feet as well, smiling at Xavier, before she also moves to assist Lucky. "Are you going to use the garage workshop or the kitchen this evening?" She asks the latter, taking a few boxes and setting them on a side table. She chuckles at Xavier. "I'll tell you where it is, and show you if you've time later on. You can still use the coupon, the lady there likes to keep track of how many people I send into her midst." She dusts off her hands, and moves to the fridge. "Well for lunch today.. I actually made sandwiches ahead of time." She pulls out one, already cut in half. "We have avacado egg salad, ham and cheese, and turky club in here."

Lucky huffs, and pauses, the top box containing a few hot plates, some of them kind of battered and then beneath that are a few vials that are corked tightly, and then beneath that another box of vials and blocks of wax. "Umm.. thank you… thank you so much… There's some expensive oils in there and I'm so glad I didn't bring my Ambergris… it's a fortune and I have so little of it," he admits, clearly speaking of owning one of the most expensive materials in perfumery like it's a tuesday. "Hello, Kate…"Umm the kitchen I think. I think it might be weird to use the garage at least for the first class, you knkow?"

Xavier sets the boxes carefully aside, peering curiously into those it's easy to do so. He looks a bit pained as he straightens up. "You'll be making perfume in the kitchen? With amateurs?" A glance at Katherine. "I'll be eating out this evening, I believe." He does, though, take one of the ham and cheese sandwiches with a murmured thanks, and return to his seat at the table. "And yes, Katherine, I'd appreciate it. I've been running, but it's getting steadily colder and nastier."

Katherine laughs out loud, shooting Xavier a narrowed gaze before she nods. "Pity, I bought a beautiful rack of ribs that I'm slow cooking in the barbeque outside." She retakes her seat, unwrapping her egg salad sandwich. "Though I dunno what the smell is going to do to an appetite. I'm planning on eating in the great room, sauce be damned." She crosses her legs, watching Lucky as he sets boxes down. Her eyes trail back to Xavier, she takes a bite of her sandwich and after politely swallowing she murmur, "Now what is this about a proposal?"

Lucky Huffs. "They'll not be mixing a lot of different notes today, these are just so people can get a smell of them, and so I can explain some things to people that they can take home of them." he starts unpacking a box setting out little circular tins and nodding to himself as he does. "It's just solid perfume today, and a really easy one. I mean you can make all of these at home if you wa—Oh, is that eggsalad? I would love one if you don't mind, Miss Stone."

"Barbecue ribs?" Xavier visibly wavers, clearly thinking over the options as he nurses his water and watches Lucky. "Well. We'll see. I might pop in after the class is done." He unwraps one half of his sandwich, takes a bite. To Katherine's question, though, he shakes his head, briefly. Once he's swallowed, he says, "It's business. It can wait." As Lucky starts unpacking boxes, he says, "How many sign ups do you have for your maiden class?"

Lucky gives a cant of his head, thinking a moment. "I think somewhere around five or so maybe a little more. I may rope the fiance into coming just so he can look all uncomfortable while I teach. But He may just stay home I'm not sure." He finishes setting out the tins and things then finally puts out a small food scale and nods to himself.

Katherine sets down her egg-salad and gets to her feet, fetching another one from the fridge. "Don't mine the green, it's avacado. I'm not a huge fan myself, but mixed right it's pretty tasty." She places it on a plate, unwraps it and sets it in front of Lucky. "After your class tonight, I'll show you the garage, It's pretty cute. Mom had it spruced up so she wouldn't free her butt off when she wanted to do crafts away from her seven tiny terrors." She moves back to the table and sits taking another bite of her sandwich. She squints over at Xavier, and then huffs out a sigh. "Tease." She mutters under her breath.

"That's not bad, for a newcomer with a first class. Good luck with it - how long do you plan for the class to run? Weekly, I assume?" Xavier's expression suggests that he's running numbers in his head, although a smile breaks up the calculation as Katherine explains the garage. "Mm. What sort of crafts did she most enjoy?" he wonders. Then his eyes gleam with humor as he catches that last, but he doesn't reply. Just looks a bit smug.

Katherine swings her foot back and forth as she nibbles on her sandwich. She tilts her head from side to side as she chews, and when she speaks she looks a bit far away for a moment. "She liked macrame, needlepoint, knitting and quilting. She taught me how to do each one when I got old enough to handle the needles and stuff." She points over on the wall where a quaint needlepoint of a house can be seen, underneath in small letters reads : My Fucked Up House. "The place was off limits to us kids unless we had a good reason, she needed some alone time every so often. With seven kids? I'm surprised she didn't need more." She rolls her eyes and takes another bite of her sandwich. She catches sight of the smug look and she snorts out soft laughter as she picks up her pencil again, gazing down at her ledger.

Xavier stands when Katherine points. He munches on his sandwich as he goes to where she points and studies the needlepoint. It's easy to tell when he gets around to reading the words; his deep chuckle carries easily through the room. He returns to his seat. "Charming." It could be mocking, but there seems to be genuine appreciation for the departed woman's sense of humor in it. "Do you continue any of the crafts, or is cooking your art of choice?"

"I cook, knit, crochet… I do needlepoint. I don't quilt as much as she did." Katherine shrugs and she glances out toward the greatroom. "In the winter, I sell a lot of my knit throws, it's an extra source of income for me. People love to take something home with them from the B&B." She brushes her hair behind her ear and grins. "You think my cooking is artwork?" She asks, her cheeks flushing a bit as she glances toward the stove."

"Charming," Xavier says, again, and this time there's a clearly teasing lilt to it. He takes another bite of his sandwich, and starts turning the remains of it over in his hand, inspecting it from every angle with the air of a critic examining a newly offered statue. He even holds it up to the light so he can squint at it - and then flinches when a couple of breadcrumbs fall nearly into his eye. After wiping that away, he says, "Quite. The city's resorts have a number of fine dishes on offer, but most nights I don't find myself desiring to go anywhere else." A waggle of the sandwich remains at her. "Which is why you should charge more."

Katherine gets to her feet, closing her ledger. "Xavier, if you tell me that one more time, I'm going to up your rate." She waggles her pencil at him and grins. "I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready to go clean the garage apartment…suite thing. I'll be around a little later if you want to discuss business. Which…I hope you do because now you've got me curious, and I'm going to go absolutely batty until I find out what your'e up to." She sighs and lets out a soft laugh. "Lucky, let me know if you need anything, I'll be around the house somewhere."

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