(2018-11-08) Take Your Smuggler to Work Day
Heather shows Solo the station. They talk. Also kiss. Excitement!


Production Office - KCC1-TV

These rooms on the second floor are accessed via a pass key required door at the end of the entryway stair case. They were created by a 1996 extension, so the d?cor is more 1990s. Modern equipment is present in the meeting rooms, story rooms and executive offices, so a little money has been spent on that at least. Up here is where all the creative and editorial decisions are made, and where the writers (news programs, light entertainment etc) work.


Solo showed Heather her work, only fair that Heather returns the favor. Spoiler alert - hers is nowhere near as much fun as flying. When Solo arrives, Heather is at the end of a conference in the big production office. It is the evening news editorial. Lots of writing. Lots of yelling at employees. Lots of urging for everyone to do their best. Heather looks a bit frazzled when it is over…and then refreshed when she spots Solo waiting. "Hey, come on in. I think we have some donuts left. Welcome to the Nuthouse."

Solo was in Los Angeles. It was warm and dry there, and since she had a long layover, she went shopping at Frys. She knows about Frys. Don't ask how. Anyway, she came back with a GoPro Hero7 4k camera. Now she's back, camera in hand. She clomps upstairs, filming the whole way. "Thanks. You gotta see this."

Heather smiles at the lens…she's done that a lot in life…before getting closer to check it out. "Looks like something I should attach to Bianca's head. If only to keep an eye on her." A kiss to each of Solo's cheek in greeting, still not absolutely sure how they should greet each other. "What brought on the camera? You have a good trip?"

Solo rolls her eyes a little and chuckles. She slips an arm around Heather's back. "Hon, if you're gonna do PDAs, do them." She kisses Heather on the lips lingeringly enough to make it clear they're not 'just friends.' "Pretty good trip, yeah. Got some footage over the panel while my passenger was in the bathroom." She turns the camera off. "Also walking up here and smooching you. I was thinking for the flight training videos." She flips the camera over to let Heather play the footage back.

This is definitely a nicer way of greeting. Heather more than happy to enjoy that kiss and keep it lingering as long as possible; any watching staff are ignored. But it has to break eventually and Heather nods along to Solo's words. "At least you didn't get footage of the passenger in the bathroom" she smirks before taking a look at the footage. "Nice. You think you could mount this to your plane somewhere? I worry when you take your hands off the joystick."

Solo laughs a little. "No, the contortions you have to do to get into that bathroom are strictly private. And yeah, that's the idea. You can get remote control bases for these that let you pan… by cell phone, I think… so you could have a camera person on the ground directing the camera, and we don't even have to think about it.

"Nice. It's a deal. Let me know how much they cost and I'll get some installed. One in, one out. So you're okay with the pilot training show?" Heather likes to confirm things…for legal reasons. "I'll put out some ads for participants. This could be fun. But, please don't crash on me." A wink for Solo before she looks at the camera again. "Maybe another one installed in my bedroom?" she teases.

Solo laughs. "I won't crash on you. If I do, you'll be the first to know, since you're the trainee, right? And yeah, if we can do it on a flexible schedule. I mean with the weather I sometimes don't know day to day whether I can fly or not." She shudders at the last part. "Nooo, no thanks… I've been on youtube and other video sites without my clothes enough for one lifetime.

"Okay…no Candid Camera" Heather grins…maybe a little disappointed. "Oh, that's right, we ended up with the show being just about me learning to fly. Damn, that means I'm going to have to find time to do it or it won't be aired until 2025. If you do think the 'average person on the street gets a chance to fly' idea could work, let me know. I think that would be more popular to be honest. C'mon, let me show you around."

Solo leans close until her nose is an inch from Heather's. Then sticks her thumbs under her own armpits, flaps her elbows like wings, and says "Bgawk bgawk!" She giggles. "Seriously, if you think 'average person' would be better… I might have a potential victim for you, if she likes her familiarization flight." She moves to follow Heather.

Heather stares at the flapping and squawking "Never do that again…unless it's the Birdy Dance at the office Christmas party. A wink as she leads her guest back downstairs. "Oh…who? Will she mind being followed around? I was thinking we'd get a broad sample of people, see what they're lives are like, why they want to fly. Take them through some on ground training - flight sims and all that. Culminating in their first flight. Then how it has affected them. What do you think?"

Solo nods. "I could see that, sure." She follows Heather downstairs. "Ginny? The nurse? Have you met her?"

"Nope. Don't know a Ginny" Heather replies as they walk down a corridor, gesturing to the numerous doors they pass. "Make-up in there. Staff cafe in there. Wardrobe in there. Did she enjoy it? Want to keep flying? Medical room…an awful lot of accidents happen. Bathrooms."

You say, "Haven't gone yet. She didn't have time the day I suggested it. She's a little intimidated, but it seemed like she was in a mood to challenge that. " She looks at Heather, slowly raising an eyebrow. "You um. Have a history of bathroom accidents?"

"Only when high" Heather smirks in reply. "I guess my grammar wasn't the best" she laughs, "Which is pretty bad for a newscaster. The accidents that happen are more general than the bathroom. They used to do a science show here. That caused a few. If Ginny hasn't gone up yet, then she could work perfectly for it. Talk to her about it. Or I can talk to her if you like."

Solo nods. "I can do that, sure.

"Through this door is Studio One, the big one. They're doing a poetry reading in there at the moment, so we won't disturb them" Heather explains before turning to look at Solo, reaching out to take her hands in hers. "Did you decide what you wanted to do about Thanksgiving?"

Solo nods. She reaches down to take Heather's hand. "The idea of your family scares the hell out of me, Heather. Last time I saw mine, they disowned me, basically. But… if you want me there to meet yours… I'll go." She chews on her lip. "Are they particularly Catholic?"

"I don't think they're particularly anything" Heather laughs. "Umm…they did come to my wedding. What I am is not a secret. I think they'll be happy I found someone…but I'll make sure they understnad it is not /that/ serious." She purses her lips in thought a moment before nodding. "Though they're definitely scary. They might carve you up with the turkey. Kidding!"

Solo blinks and stares a moment, before rolling her eyes and nodding. "I dunno. I didn't get disowned for my taste for other women. I got disowned for not getting an honorable discharge. She's quiet a few moments. "Yeah… not that serious."

"Unless you want it to be that serious" Heather adds in a whisper, doing her best to look into Solo's eyes. "I wouldn't mind that at all. We've admitted it's a relationship, up to us what that means." She leans in to kiss Solo gently upon the lips. When she pulls away she laughs softly. "You know, since that first night we met, you've got me paranoid about talking co-habitation. I'd hate to be that cliched lesbian you joked about."

You say, "It's just a joke, hon. I think it would drive Katherine insane if you moved into my room with me, and you'd probably have to live with my cooking if you didn't. Neither one is really a good idea for now." She looks at Heather, kissing back gently. "It's a relationship. And I like how it feels. Mostly. The worrying I could live without, but… life in the fast lane, you know?""

"Maybe this new boss of yours will help you get out of that lane?" Heather shrugs. "And I wouldn't move into the B&B when I have a perfectly good apartment upstairs. It's big enough for two. Certainly bigger than one room in Katherine's house. We'll worry about it when it happens…if it happens. You want to see the excitement of the editing bays?"

Solo nods. "Sure… and my new boss… well like I said, I'm less out in the cold, is all. It's a local company instead of me contracting locally on my own.

"Hey…they take you on trips to ski resorts. Can't be all bad, can it?" Heather laughs, leading Solo to the next stop on the tour. She will also be holding the other woman's hand from now on if allowed. "Was your trip to L.A. for them? Sorry…I said I wasn't going to ask questions about that part of your life."

Solo shakes her head. "Nah. Passenger pickup. No biggie." She flips her little camera over and plays back some video shot through the co-pilot's window. Sky above, scattered fluff of clouds below, and the ground beneath that, all shot through with the bright sun overtop of the smog of the LA basin.

Heather shows off the editing bay where people are hard at work…the second she opens the door. Probably not when she closes it again. A smile at the footage from the plane. "Makes me want to go flying again" she sighs before nodding upwards. "Interested in my attempt at cooking? Or we could just order some pizza." Someone approaches Heather with some trepidation before thrusting a clip board in front of her. She scans over the words and sighs before signing it and handing it back. "Sorry about that" she smiles to Solo, "I have an incredible reporter…who gets into incredible trouble."

Solo cocks her head. "Well… if she needs dustoff, I know a pilot with a fast-ish plane…"

"Beezy? She'll be fine." Beezy being the reporter's nickname - she chose it herself. "It's only a local incident. Though she does have to go up to Denver every now and then. You should see her expenses." Heather leads Solo back up the stairs to the floo of offices…and her apartment. "Stay the night?"

Solo nods. "I can stay for a while, anyway. I need to just leave a change of clothes here, I guess. That's definitely a relationship, right?"

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