(2018-11-08) Settling In
Natalya visits her tenant in the poolside bungalow.

Natalya has deigned to check on her tenant…because she just remembered he lived on the grounds. One of her goons reminding her when discussing security arrangements. She knocks on the door of the small bungalow near the pool. "Rory?" She wears a dressing gown and slippers…fur-lined because of the cold. "Are you in there? It is cold out here."

Rory does react at the knock. Moving to open the door. Wearing shorts and sliding a shirt on as he opens. Leaving his abs exposed briefly before the shirt falls over. Revealing the muscles but also a lot of scars. "Yeah, sorry. Was just resting some." Since he does work a lot of nights a nap isn't that odd to him. "Ah, right. A bit." He agrees, gesturing for her to step into the small bungalow. "Is there anything I can do for you?" He asks as he offers a small smile.

Natalya was equally interested in the scars as the abs…and she doesn't hide checking out either before stepping inside and looking around. "I just wanted to see how you were settling in. It didn't look like you brought a lot with you." She turns to look at him, smiling warmly. "How are you finding the place? No…visitors…I should avert my eyes from?"

Rory does have a small blush as he notices her staring. He will let it slide though as she steps in. Inside there is indeed not a lot. Some clothes in a bag under the bed. From when he came security might have noticed two bags, but that was more or less it. "Didn't travel with a lot. Wasn't sure I was staying at first." He says with a shrug. "It's been great, thank you." Blinking at her next words before understanding, causing a blush. ""No, not at all." He assures her. Looking up at her, with his head lowered a bit, after the blushing. "I feel like I've been getting too much here though, it's been great. Even a pool." He says and grins. Not that it's in season. "I'm glad to see you." He assures her.

"The pool must be freezing" Natalya pouts. "Try the Jacuzzi." She sits elegantly into one of the chairs. "I will have a vodka. Straight" she informs with a smile, smoothing down her dressing gown. "We should discuss little bits and pieces you could do for me if you have the time. And sorry to hear that you are alone. Would you like me to hire someone?"

Rory does try to find vodka, not sure if there is any in here though. But he does seem to find some, perhaps some he bought for himself, to practice mixing. "Of course." A bit cautious but listening. As for her last part, he clears his throat, "No, I'm fine." He says and then let out a weak chuckle.

Every room in Natalya's mansion seems to have a well-stocked liquor cabinet - how else do you survive living in Calaveras. She takes the glass with a smile of thanks and enjoys a sip. "Nice. Though that was pretty easy for a bartender. How is everyone at the bar?" No need to leap into business…or is this the business?

There is a bit of a shrug at her words, "All well, I think. Some minor issues, but nothing much." He says and shrugs again. As for the it being too easy, he does try to mix something for her. "What other than vodka straight do you like? Flavor wise." He asks trying to find something to make.

"Cranberry. Raspberry. Blackberry." Natalya recites with a little excitement. "Minor issues? Like what? I want to know, Rory. Lewin and Belle are my friends, close personal friends, and I would hate to hear that there is the /slightest/ untoward event. Please, extrapolate."

Rory does manage to create something that will please her. Sliding it to her. "Ah, the regular. It was handled." He assures her and leaves it there. "Don't think you have to worry." He tries to reassure her. Shifting a bit to try and study her some.

"I always worry about people I care about." Natalya enjoys a sip of the drink. "Mmm…nice. You have a career in front of you" she purrs. "I should talk to Lewin again. See if I can help with that racket he is involved in. Did you say you came from New York, Rory? What did you do there?"

Rory nods and bows. "Thank you." Studying her still though, nodding some about her talking with Lewin. As for him, he nods again. "Indeed. A lot of odd jobs. Tending bars and bodyguard among other things." He explains. Shifting again as he crosses his arms. "How about you? Before coming here."

"You were a bodyguard? For whom?" This interests Natalya a great deal…though not enough to stop sipping on her delicious drink. "I did the same things I do now. Nothing. I am a socialite, Rory. A great waste of space on the planet" she smirks, her eyes glittering with mischief. "Though, here, I now try to use my ridiculous wealth to help others. Like your boss. Like Lewin."

Rory shrugs, "Don't remember." He admits, and it seems genuine, probably some random that he didn't put a name to the face. Which might mean that at least it ended successfully with the man alive. Grinning at her words. "Then what do you do now? You can still enjoy yourself." He says and finds a seat with the back of the seat in front of him and resting on it. Nodding to her words. "Good to know." He says as he studies her some more, trying not to stare though. Still working out the whole looking back and forth part.

"You don't remember the name of the person you protected? Hmm…that could be an issue in such a profession." Natalya shrugs it off though, the drink is very nice. "You know how to fight then? Able to protect an individual from assault? Hmmm…would you like to spar?"

Rory shrugs, "Long time ago." He says and chuckles. Raising a brow. Nodding. "I can, not sure how great I am any longer." He says and shrugs. Rising to his feet. "You sure?" He asks. "We can if you want."

"Of course I'm sure" Natalya grins as she excitedly gets to her feet, then places the drink delicately to the side. She kicks off her slippers but keeps the dressing gown on for now, while adopting a fighting stance, bouncing on the feet as she waits for him.

Rory nods as he gets in stance. Shorts make it help out. Moving and almost stalking her. Watching her and waiting. Hard to tell if he is going full on or not. Trying to use her trip her with his own leg.

Looks can be deceiving. A scrawny kid and a vacuous socialite who actually look like they know what they are doing? It's like DJ Qualls and Kim Kardashian reveal themselves to be ninjas. Punches. Blocks. Kicks. Blocks. The kind of fight where every attack is measured and every defense perfect. No one seems to be getting the upper hand…for now. "Good" Natalya grins, eyes alight with enjoyment.

Rory does move with ease as he listens. Seeming relatively focus, but without any real stakes he is able to keep his calm enough not to go into his usual mode. Kicks and punches getting neither anywhere, and with some attempts at throws, they both seem relatively evenly matched. "You seem to be enjoying yourself." He offers with a soft chuckle. Not as much for violence perhaps, but not seeming against it either.

"Why wouldn't I enjoy myself? Don't you think this is fun?" Natalya grins, that look in her eyes becomes a bit more…insane? They continue their sparring, but it seems Natalya's enthusiasm is getting the better of her as she doesn't defend as well. Going more for the big attack than the sensible one.

Rory shrugs, "A bit." He says, "But mainly use it to protect myself." He says as seeing the look in her eyes. Starting to get a few hits in before finally taking advantage of a big attack from her, flipping her over and to the ground before pinning her. "Yield."

Natalya looks up at Rory from her new position on the ground. "I never yield" she whispers, "But we can stop for now. You won this round." She doesn't seem to mind admitting that. The bottom of her dressing gown having risen up enough to suggest that is all she is wearing. "Do you get attacked often, Rory? Who knew that bartending at a strip club was so dangerous."

Rory does stand up, noticing her dress having ridden up, blushing and turning his head away. Offering his hand while looking away. "It happens. And some places don't have a lot of bouncers so have to do it myself." He says and shrugs. "My mom taught me a lot as well."

"Your mom? She must be a heck of a woman" Natalya grins, taking the offered hand and getting back to her feet. She can't but notice the blush on the young man. "I think the best way for a woman to beat you in a fight is to flash her breasts. You should not be so shy, Rory." Natalya smooths down her dressing gown before sipping on her drink once more. "I have a few more employees you may see around the estate. Solo and Randi. Do you know either of them?"

Rory chuckles, "Maybe. Please don't though." He says before looking back at her. "Ah. I see. No. If I have met them then it was only in passing." He says and smiles. "I look forward to it though. What do they do?" He asks as he makes sure that she has her drink back in hand after the fight. Also getting a chair and brushing off any dirt or dust from the floor that she might have gotten on the dress.

"Solo is a pilot and Randi is a…companion" Natalya explains, not minding the efforts of Rory to brush off her dressing gown. "If you ever need to fly anywhere, then we have a pilot to do so. Sometimes she does some private runs for me, maybe you can go along to protect her? Not that it will be dangerous or anything" she lies.

Rory nods slowly about the other two. Nodding to the last part as well. "Right." Perhaps not quite believing her. "Don't get me into trouble." He says and watches her enjoy her drink. While he fetches some water for himself. "I will make sure to meet them both though." As for companion, it is hard if he figures it out or not, but he does seem a bit uncertain about it.

"I don't get anyone into trouble. They can do that without my help" Natalya laughs. "But I will let Solo know of your availability. She will be pleased to hear of it." She drains her drink. "You will have Thanksgiving dinner with me?"

Rory blinks and nods, seems he will have to help some, sighing. Though as for Thanksgiving. "Depends on Eternity." He admits. "But if I can then yes." He says and smiles. Moving around a bit. During the fight she could probably tell that he is actually not skinny, not really. Quite muscular. His arms that are bare probably also have some cuts and bruises if not as many as the torso. Looking over to her after finishing his water. "Need to leave?" He asks. A mix of disappointment and relief. Her company was fun but hearing the business things she is slowly pulling him into seem dangerous.

"I would hate to take up your entire evening" Natalya smiles to the wiry man. "Besides, you beat me in a fight. I need to train a bit more so that does not happen again. Invite Belle and Lewin to Thanksgiving for me. Poor Belle does not have any family, so I would love for her to come along. I am sure they can find someone to run the place for one night."

Rory chuckles. "You did fine. For a socialite." He teases her. As for the suggestion he raises his brows, "I'll relay the message." He assures her. Moving to open the door and offering a smile to her. "You are not keeping me, but I might keep yours. I am sure a socialite has better things to do than hide away in the bartender's room."

"Ironically, around bartenders is where I often end up. Though, yes, not so much in their rooms" Natalya smirks before leaning into to give Rory a slow kiss on the cheek. "Have a good night, Rory." Then she is sashaying her way back to the main house, humming a tune.

Rory does stiffen a bit at the kiss. Turning to watch her leave. Either just to watch her or to make sure nothing happens between him and the mansion. "Be well, Natalya." He should probably call her Miss Mendoza, but for now doesn't.

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