(2018-11-08) Pole Dancing for Fun!
Ginny, Lucky and Kate (along with Mrs. Kinkaid) learn a few moves from Twister, a stripper from Eternity.

All of the furniture here has been pushed back against the far wall leaving a decent amount of space for pole dancing practice. A single pole is set up in the room, it has a heavy base and extends to the ceiling where it is buttressed to keep it from slipping. Holding on to the pole as she waits for people to file in is Twister, a pretty exotic dancer with very bright red hair. "Okay ladies.. and gentlemen, we're going to learn some basics today and get a good workout. Kate signed up for this because she's clumsy, so ..nobody make fun of her if she slips off the pole and falls, okay?"

Old Mrs. Kincaid, her dark gray hair pulled up in a bun giggles in advance. "I'll fall too, so it's okay." The older woman is wearing a leotard with a floofy tutu like skirt. She has no shame, gazing around at the various others there, a bright smile on her face.

Twister rubs her hands together, glancing around with a curious expression on her face. "Okay, before we begin does anyone have any questions that I can answer? I know this seems daunting, but it's not as hard as some might think! You're all gonna do great!"

A one Genevive MacKail was 'off' today, and after the night shift rotation she is poised upon a few days off in. a. ROW after what had been a gruelling series of days. Not necessarily the work itself but getting to and FROM work in the weather. Imagine the gloom of navigating a moody old Toyota Supra through snow. She just barely survived! So yeah that stress coupled with loneliness had the young nurse positively pouncing upon the opportunity to have a visit with some great humans. So what if it's a pole dancing lesson? Ginny RSVP's quicklike to Kate's call and after coaxing her asshole of a car through the streets the young woman eventually alighted upon the B&B for her first ever visit!

So when Ginny arrives, carrying a fantastic homemade banana loaf in her hands, Twister is the first person she spies and greets and Ginny becomes of one the ranks to bring baked goods to a pole dancing lesson. Gingerly the fantastic-smelling loaf is set down upon a side table and pulling her Lulu lemons out of her arse with a rueful look, Ginny thinks 'what the hell' and plays along. She needs fun. Mrs. Kincaid is given a kind look and once her greetings are offered, Ginny pays attention.

"I.. have… awful balance." Ginny supplies, flushing. Understatement.

Lucky Glancing at this scene that's tarted in the B and B, Lucky instantly starts to blush, his cheeks blossoming into a wonderful shade of red as he has to stifle a squeak in his voice. "I…. I umm…. Do we all have to umm get on the pole today?or do we just watch. And… should I actually even be here." He seems beside himself, and he looks like he's trying to huddle in his Gucci sweater.

Twister aims a sympathetic look at Ginny, holding up both hands which she has dusted with starch. "Don't be afraid, balance won't matter so much for the beginning moves." She takes hold of the pole with one hand, sways her hips as she steps in front of it, letting her knees bend as she sinks down the pole. "I'm doing this with six inch heels, you're gonna do it in tennis shoes. If you really get into it, get a pole of your own, you'll be able to practice and your balance will get better."

Katherine looks about as worried as Ginny is, when the girl appears she bounces over to give her a hug. "If we're gonna fall over Ginny, we'll do it together." She promises, grinning toward Lucky as well. "You can take part, or just watch, whatever makes you the most comfortable!" For her part, she wants to try it, it looks fun!

Mrs. Kinkaid walks up to the pole, shooing Twister away for a moment. She takes hold of the pole and shakes her substantial bottom back and forth for a few moments, laughing loudly as she moves. "This is great, I want a pole for my house. Can you teach us that move you just did? It will give my husband a heart attack." Her eyes are alight with mischief, a grin wide on her lips.

Get a pole of…

Ginny's lips quirk upwards helplessly but that stubborn little creature at the core of her rises to the challenge. Ginny is gonna learn how to work a pole. "Thank God above I'm not in heels. You'll have to have the 9 and 1 dialed first, and be on standby with the other 1." Said goodnaturedly. Though she's a bit nervous — though nowhere near as nervous as the gent over there in the Gucci digs — she looks open to it all. Kate coming over to lend support solidifies Ginny's intent to be there, giving it all a go. The hug is returned kindly before the nurse gets herself ready, in earnest, for the movement class. "Well, that helps… the more the merrier, in a heap on the floor." Said with a giggle.

Looking from Kate and Lucky and back up to Twister and the older woman, Ginny's shy smile quirks into a full grin as Mrs. Kinkaid takes charge. The older woman's enjoyment and abandon is catching and Ginny cheers her on with a thumbs up. "I'm all for it! It's like a sexy squat..!"

Oh Ginny.

Lucky steels himself before he says, "Okay… I'm gonna do this, plus, if I'm being honest, I kind of wanna impress the significant lover," grinning a little before he puts his bag down. "But I swear to god, if I fall on my ass…" he blushes again. Then Ms. Kinkaid gets at the pole and he looks mortified and amused at the same time, unsure what exactly to say so he just gives a thumbs up even as his face shows an expression like he'd like to hide a little more.

Twister claps as the old woman grooves at the pole. "See everyone, no matter how balanced or clumsy you are. No matter how afraid of this you are…what Mrs. Kincaid has is what you're all trying to get. Confidence is the most important part of pole dancing. You might be able to swing off the pole, spread your legs and slide down gracefully like a gazelle, but if you're not confident in yourself, it's going to look like shit." The older woman backs away and Twister takes hold of the pole, launching herself to wrap her legs around the metal, spreading her arms out as her back arches. She has a dazzling smile on her face and her thighs loosen slightly, letting her slide down the metal slowly before her hand comes out to clutch the pole, swinging herself back out on her feet. "While you're practicing, even if you're doing it without a pole, just imagine that every eye in the room is on you, and all those men…or women.. we don't judge. Want to fuck your brains out."

Katherine watches all of this with a mild expression, giggling at some of the words said. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, probably psyching herself up.

Twister nods, and she holds her arms out. "Okay, the first thing we're going to practice is swaying our hips seductively. You won't need the pole for it, just hold your arms over your head and step from one foot to the other, if you're feeling jerky as you do it, just slow it down."

The oldest woman here is the first one to throw her arms over her head, her hips swaying back and forth. It doesn't look seductive, but she's having a good time. Katherine tries it too, a dubious look on her face, where is the confidence?!

Twister is watched raptly, not that Ginny swings that way but there's something to be said about the art to be found in a body at motion like that. It's the confidence. Twister looks dazzling and Ginny would even say so! But then as the little blonde touches down briefly upon her own lack of expertise and maybe lack of confidence in THIS vein… whew, courage girl. She, too, takes a deep breath.. right down to the belly. The latter statement on Twister's part causes Ginny's green-gold eyes to round themselves in her face, and a quick glance is given to Lucky. The shy guy just might implode at that!

For now though.. focus. How ironic is it that she had just spoken to a cute guy who works at a strip joint? Could this stripper be one of the employees there?! Ginny looks warily at the pole as Twister owns it and she looks to Mrs. Kincaid next. Maybe she can draw forth the older woman's confidence like osmosis!

Up go her arms; you can bet she's jerky at first, but she catches herself. Tries to ease into the motion. Her cheeks pinken lightly.

"Okay, so you're telling me that my fiance, a rancher I might add will fuck me silly if I am confident?" Lucky asks with a grin, his svelte frame obscured by a few layers. "OKay, I'll go for it. Plus if I'm honest, I could use the pick me up… So who umm… goes first and I hope you give step by steps here because I've umm. never done this really."

Twister walks around as people raise their arms and begin to sway their hips. She places both hands on Ginny's hips first, slowing her roll and swaying with her for a second. "Think of yourself like the Liberty Bell. Sway, sway, ring ring." She moves on bumping hips with Mrs. Kincaid as the woman very obviously gets her groove on. Kate gets a nod and then Twister is standing before Lucky. "If you look like you know what you're doing, you know what you want and you're not afraid of what nonsense anyone might say to you? Yes, he will." She raises her hands over her head, swaying her hips back and forth as she turns in a circle. "Do what the ladies are doing, let me see that hip action!" She walks in front of the three ladies and gentleman and props her hands on her hips. "Good job, now we could use more confidence, but you're all starting out great! Who feels like they can rule the world right now? If you don't, dig deep for that feeling!!"

Lucky gives a bit of a cough as he nods then he takes in a deep breath, looking about at those around him, his hips start a sensual sway and really to be quite honest it's not bad at all, considering the musculature he's got in his lower half from all that horse riding. feet planting. "Okay, okay I'm okay with this I think." Even after a few moments though he still seems tense until he closes his eyes and focuses more on the motion than all the other's looking at him, mumbling, "I… I can't believe I'm doing this…"

Twister nods, a smile curving her lips up. "Excellent, you've got this part down, now all you need to do is believe you're doing this, and be happy about it." She swings on the pole, her dark eyes lighting up as she smiles prettily. "So who is going to be my first volunteer? We're going to learn something on the pole."

The blonde was receptive to being guided, and when she felt the touch to her hips she managed to — miraculously — move as Twister indicated. Though Ginny is fighting to keep the tendancy from her brain to clench her arse like she's trying to hold a walnut. Yeah she went there. Less clenching like trying to make it to the bathroom in time; more sensuality. More, Ginny, more! More confidence! She's confident professionally but after the personal blow dealt to her over the summer? Emotionally not as much. Who is she trying to impress? But damnit, it's fun. It is!

Without thinking Ginny offers: "I, uhm.. I'll try!"


Lucky gives a sigh of relief for his part though eventually his hips take on much more of a sensual swing and he can open his eyes once the attention is more on Ginny. He spares Katherine a little bit of a grin and even laughs a little, that is until he spots Ms. Kincaid again and he coughs, blushing once more.

Twister takes a step back, curling her first finger at Ginny. "Come on up here. I want you to grab the pole here, and then step in front of it sensually." She shows Ginny what she means, her left hand gripping the pole over her head as she steps forward, her hips swaying. "Then I want you to do the Liberty Bell, back and forth for five seconds." She sways her hips, the smile on her face as she rolls her hips a bit lewdly. "Then when you're comfortable, brace your back against the pole and slide down until you're kneeling." She does what she says, gazing around as she moves. "Got it?" She steps back, and folds her arms over her chest. "Once Ginny has it done, everyone else come up and give it a try!"

This is truly a good exercise for Ginny. It lets her touch down upon that little part of her from 'Before' that remains. No no she's not getting all sentimental and introspective; these impulses are coming to her quickly and without planning. With an almost giddy feeling she ambles toward the pole in her lulus and crossback tanktop, cinches her ponytail a little tighter and listens to direction.

"Liberty Bell.." Echoed as she acknowledges, giving Twister one more reaffirming nod. A quick glance to the other 'students' and Ginny starts with positioning her arms. Sway, sway.. ring ring! Hey, the hips have it! That part is easy but when it comes time to twist and descend… a bit twitchy at first but she manages! She does!

Not bad for a first timer. Were her eyes closed? That's totally not an 'everyone fuck me now!' expression.. more like a kid awaiting judgement. She looks to Twister to see if she did well!

Lucky stifles a giggle as he gives Ginny a thumb's up and a nod of his head, moving to his place in the line and coughing out a bit of nerves trying to remember to stay relaxed. "That looked pretty good to me at least," he tells the woman, before he nods to himself.

"You got it!" Twister pumps a fist over her head, clapping Ginny genially on the shoulder. "And you thought you'd fall and break your ass." She gestures at Lucky, tapping the pole. "You're next sugar. Come up here and think of your fiancee." She turns, watching as Mrs. Kinkaid still practices her hips swaying, a look of intense concentration on her face. Katherine is doing some of the same, except she doesn't seem to completely get it, her rhythm off slightly. Shrugging, Twister turns to Lucky. "Alright, show me what you got!"

"The night is young." Ginny offers with a wink, not wanting to get too full of her minor victory. She offers Lucky an appreciative and encouraging smile of gratitude and leaves the pole, moving to stand closer to the hard-working Mrs. Kincaid (osmosis, osmosis!) and Katherine, who is still trying to nail down that bit of motion! Ginny offers to the B&B proprietor, giving her own hips a wiggle. "Sway sway, ring! Sway sway, ring!" Exclaimed in her chipper, lilting way. After trying to help the other young woman sync up, she silences to observe Lucky's turn.

Lucky gives his hips a good sway, but the idea of being in front of people has him tensing a bit again. Still, he breathes through, god does he ever, as he starts to tremble a bit before nodding and moving to the pole.
a delicate hand reaches up and grips the pole and he his hips tic from side to side, just a little jerky at the end of each motion, but he at least makes it look right, then he turns, his back pressing against the pole as his heels come together and he slides down until his rump touches his heels before standing up. "I… am not sure I'm feeling sexy yet."

"Well, if you can sway and move in front of your fiancee, it's a whole different ballgame. It's just us here though, and I know that none of us would make fun of you." Twister says, a hand propped on her hip. She turns to eye the older woman and Katherine, who is currently taking Ginny's advice (sway sway, ring! Bitches) and she gestures for Mrs. Kinkaid to step up. She looks excited, not remotely worried about her full figure or what anyone might think. Before Twister can give her any instruction, she takes hold of the pole, starts her sway (whooping as she moves her hips) and then slides down to the floor, hooting like she's on laughing gas. Her face is a picture of delight and amusement and she personally steps toward Katherine, shepherding the dark haired woman to the pole. "C'mon Katherine, show us what you've got girl!"

Katherine winces and she aims a smile at the others, taking a deep breath. She gives Twister a brief look and then she grips the pole, letting her hips move back and forth. Once she's concentrating on her performance, rather than the people watching, it actually looks somewhat sensual. She slides down the pole slowly, nearly losing her grip at the end, but once it's done she gets up and hops up and down a couple of times. "That didn't suck!!" She moves back to her position and turns to gaze at Twister.

Alright, I'm going to cut you loose now to practice on your own. Kate has asked for me to leave the pole here for a little bit. She's going to give me some lunch and then I'll disassemble things and go on back down to Eternity." Kate nods happily and leads the stripper into the kitchen to server her lunch.

Ah, Eternity. Ginny was right! Mind you she's still too caught up in Mrs. Kincaid's performance — the sheer delight of the woman — to really think much more on it. She's just getting done with applauding Kate's efforts when she turns to observe Twister being guided out to get a bite to eat. Then, finally then, does Ginny exhale slowly and relax some. She makes no move to approach the pole again, not yet, as she turns to look upon those who remain.

"You did great." She offers to Mrs. Kinkaid, meaning it entirely. "I wish I could have even a shred of your confidence. Y'got a very, very lucky husband." Said fondly, maybe with some awe. She gives the pole one more sideward glance before she turns to look at Lucky. "Y'did well! I bet your partner would've loved to see." Offered without guile or judgement whatsoever. "I couldn't get all the way down to my heels like you did, without threat of faceplanting." Ginny encourages with a big grin.

"Oh, thank you," Lucky says softly as he offers one of his delicate hands for a shake. "I've not introduced myself. I'm Lucky Berks, I'm just returning to the city. I'm a perfumer. I'm just getting ready to open up shop, but I'll be putting on classes there for anyone who wishes to come. It'll cover everything from Salves and lotions to Eau de Toilette. I'm hoping people will come," he enthuses shyly. "I'll see if I can have Ryder come too. You'd be able to meet him then."

"Perfumer? Mrs. Kinkaid speaks up, a joyous look on her face. "Now that's a class I would rock at." The older woman bustles into give Ginny a brief hug. "Thank you, darlin. I like to enjoy myself." She picks up one of the cookies that has been set out, giving Ginny's loaf a longing look. "I better get home to my husband, but it was a true pleasure to meet you both." Her coat goes on, so doead a beanie hat and the woman bustles right out the door.

Katherine comes back in, glancing back briefly toward the kitchen. "I'm so glad you both could come. Lunch is in the kitchen, I can make you both something to go, or you can sit down and eat with Twister. It's just toasted cheese and tomato soup."

"Lucky," Ginny smiles, moving to slide her small hand into his own and shake those delicate fingers in greeting. "Call me Ginny. I'm here in town, just gone six months now. And—" She's pulled into a hug by the ebullient older woman and Ginny eases into that hold for half a second, enjoying it. Osmosis, remember. Before she can think to offer to send the banana loaf home with Mrs. Kinkaid she is already like the refreshing breeze she happened to be. Ginny watches her depart, then looks to Kate as the other woman makes the offer.

"I have banana loaf! You're welcome to cut into if if y'wish. Anything to help out for your trouble. I'm not hugely hungry just yet… but it smells amazing." Said easily to the proprietor before she moves off to see to Twister. Then, back to Lucky with a look of intrigue.

"A perfumer! Wow! Never would have thought of th' ins and outs of that art. Who's Ryder?"

Lucky grins and he moves to sit down on an out of the way couch, nodding to Ginny, his head cocking to a side. "Oh, He's a rodeo guy here in town. He used to be quite popular. Are you familiar with the Starrs? Ryder is Presley's Cousin and he was going to college here when I was finishing up my english degree before we headed to New York for a small while." He chuckles. "He's better off here and after New York and LA I decided I liked it better here too. But it's really fun, Perfumery, as long as your careful and remember how different oils are and react with each other and your skin." He starts to explain, then stops, blushing, "Well, I mean yes. I also make candles as well."

Oooh.. Ginny nods quickly, listening to the who's who and deciding that she both likes the prospect and Lucky's contentment at discussing it all. She looks honestly happy and she gives the very shy man a kind smile as she lowers herself to sit upon one of the seats that have been shuffled aside to make room for the lesson. Kind hazel eyes do not leave Lucky as he speaks onwards. "Well, I look forward to meeting him! I, ah.. don't know much 'bout the Starrs." Blush, "Again, m'kind of a newbie… still figuring out the ins and outs of the town and who has the biggest footprint." Her smile is rueful but still amused.

Then, a look of pure intrigue. "Y'know, I've never found a scent that suits me. I won't lie, I've turned t'the garbage that people buy from pharmacies that may as well be a shot of gin with fake flower smell stirred in. But t'think of the whole thing being a proper science… wow!" Her eyes widen, "I love candles too! But maybe once you're up and running, y'could help me find the right perfume?"

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