(2018-11-07) Growing Pains
He may have cleaned it up on the outside, but the newly renovated and renamed Alibi Bar & Grill (once Johnny Slim's) is still experiencing some growing pains, but Sammy's taking it pretty well.

Duncan moves into the bar and makes his way to a stool, sitting down as he grumbles and mumbles about the weather. He looks up and waves to those he's familiar with from the trailer park but keeps to himself for a moment as he tries to get situated. once completed, he grins and gestures over the bartender.

For one, locals and regulars may not the place has been closed for a couple weeks now, with the doors opening only the night before. With the closing and reopening, there's changes. For one, the place is cleaner and the kitchen, which apparently stored boxes by the piles before, is being used….or bares the noises of someone attempting to use it. The bar has been refinished, and the bullet holes filled. There's a new sign out front as well, reading very clearly 'The Alibi'….despite the fact that the name of the bar says something totally different in the description! Maybe the player drinks too much.

There are new faces too, like the blond waitress standing down at the other end of the bar on her cellphone as she smacks lazily at a piece of chewing gum that can't possibly have any flavor left. There's a brunette girl carrying drinks to tables and carting empties to the back, and then there's the man situated in the corner behind the bar watching the gum-smacking blond with a look of utter disbelief.

After a moment of staring, Sam pushes off the edge with a sigh before he heads for the newly sat patron. "I'm sorry. I seem to have hired a potato to do an idiots job."

Duncan looks up and over to Sam, giving a bit of a nod as he shrugs. "Eh, the bar's been here a while, but I dunno. Service has always been shitty. Ya a new owner or something?" he wonders.

The blond gets a shrug, then he looks back to Sammy. "I uh, just wanted a burger if ya could, I'm not picky really." He sighs then before a meaty hand lifts to rub at his chin.

It's a painful look that goes back toward the cellphone-obsessed girl before Sammy nods." If anything, it seems more of a 'I surrender' than agreement. "You hire what you find." That's his excuse, at least before he glances back at the window leading into the kitchen before he nods, "If you aren't picky, then I suppose you're in luck…..I also hired from the same peer group for the cook, but anyone can make a hamburger, right?" RIGHT? He looks doubtful, but the order goes in with a sigh and a wave toward whoever is manning the grill in the back. "I did leave the bull though. I was concerned the locals might riot if I didn't."

"They'd definitely riot," Duncan quips with a smirk before he nods, pulling out a beat-up wallet before nodding to himself. "Alright well, uh. thanks for the food. Ya new to the city? I mean if ya live in the trailer park like most here, ya get used to stuff like, uh, that." He points at the Blond, who just stares at the jock before returning to her gum chewing.

"I'm new to the place, but I live upstairs. I'm Sam, Bishop. Or Sammy, if the girls are given even a fraction of a say in it." The thanks is met with a low nod from the man who's accent is decidedly southern, before a glance to the blond gets a laugh. "She'll perk up when there's more going, I bet. Nothing puts a fire under someone's ass like the possibility of attention and tips."

It doesn't take long for the bell to sound, announcing that the burger is officially a burger and to Sammy's shock it does in fact look like a burger. It and its Styrofoam container are both slipped across the bar to the man with a chuckle. "You're in luck. I appears to be food."

Duncan grins before he takes up the burger with a smile, eyes studying the burger and lifting the bun to check to see if it's pink in the middle. It's just a touch and he looks pleased by this before he nods. "Seems to be made alright too. Mayb' it's not all lost for ya, Sam." He takes a bite then sighs, nodding.

"Nono. I don't get credit. If /I/ had to cook anything, I'd be out of business in a few hours. There's a lot of uncooked meals in my life, and a lot of undercooked microwaves pizzas and reheated takeout to match." This is all announced with relative ease as Sammy leans against the bar, his arms crossing his chest, so he can eye the establishment. "Though, to be completely honest anything I did would be a step up from what this place was before. I spent hours just trying to scrape the neglect off the place. "I'm fairly happy with it now…for now. It has good bones and it's not so busy I'll be stuck trying to outdo the guy next door." Which is an empty lot! Woot! "It's simple. I like simple."

Duncan chuckles as he continues to eat. "Well, I mean it had its own charm, I remember when the cops were out here a couple of times growin' up. Mom was drug outta here when the last owner was doin the stuff here. Still, eh." He shrugs.

"I like to keep the cops off my back, personally," Sammy allows with a chuckle. "I don't hate'em. They have their uses and moments." After a while the blond does sense she’s being watched, and with a dramatic roll of her eyes and a heave of her chest, she takes up a wash cloth and moves to wipe down a nearby booth. Amazingly, she can both text and clean. It's mindboggling!

For his part Sammy just waves to the departing man before going back to staring down lazy employees.

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