(2018-11-04) Snow Indoors
Natalya wants to recruit Randi for her team - snow helps.

Natalya is always on the lookout for criminals to join her sprawling empire of vice. She has her goons keep an eye out for prospects. Roaming the streets. Checking the court records. Keeping an ear to the ground. They also bring lovely ladies to the house for other reasons. So when Randi is led into the huge dining room to meet with Natalya, the cartel boss isn't sure which they have shown up with tonight.

The Mexican woman sits at the head of the table, looking up as Randi is brought in, appraising her with a professional gaze, before gesturing for her to sit at the far end. Two goons in suits, and obviously armed, will take up positions next to the door. "Would you care for a drink?" asks Natalya, a light, but obvious, Mexican accent present.

Goons are always a personal touch. Though being in a new town Miranda Shaw, or Randi as she's more commonly known does seem unsure why goons would want to escort her somewhere after showing up at her shitty little apartment in one of the more rundown areas. Slum would be a step up. She's pretty certain she didn't have beef with anyone after getting out of jail a small while ago. Though she did have to resort to giving said goons evil looking glares when they tried putting hands on her. She was coming dammit, lay off.

Entering very lavish manor, the black haired woman's green eyes roam around, as much to savor the decor almost as much as she looks like she's casing the joint. Or looking for exits she can dash towards. The woman in her mid twenties wearing some very close fitting dark blue Levi's, the belt looped through hidden under the hem of a vibrant red leather jacket. Black woolen gloves and beanie on her head keeping them worn and matching the knee high leather boots the denim tucks into and keeps her feet from freezing in the growing Colorado cold.

The Mexican woman gets a cheery if apprehensive smile and takes a seat, lowering herself down smoothly and crossing her legs at the thighs. "Sure, I'll have what you're having?" she replies back, her own voice sounding like it's from the state the women are in, if not from Calaveras itself.

Natalya waves a hand at one of the goons - which apparently means get drinks for two. He only has to go as far as the large liquor cabinet against one wall to prepare them. "Thank you so much for visiting" the Mexican woman smiles warmly. "I hope your trip was pleasant. You are Miranda Shaw, is that correct?" She peers over at the other goon with a questioning gaze, which has him hold up two fingers, politely, in response. "Ah, you are an ex-con. Served your time, Ms Shaw? All ready to contribute to society in a lawful and socially appropriate way?"

Natalya is dressed in simple sweatpants and sweater - this mustn't be a formal dinner. "Would you also care for something to eat? I was about to start dinner, but I would love for you to join me. Plenty of food to go round." To Miranda's experienced eyes, she can see the cameras and the sensors. They might be a little too obvious…like there are more layers to security that are not seen.

"Your boys were persistent but yeah, otherwise it was okay. And Randi is fine. If I'm hearing Miranda it usually means I'm in trouble. The cops hate it when I say I know 'My Rights'." she jokes, trying to adjust and get used to the situation and not look so nervous. Armed mooks you don't know do tend to be unsettling.

"Yeah, been out of jail a while now. Would rather focus on my music but not exactly getting off the ground there just yet." the goons would have seen that Randi isn't exactly geared up for that kind of a caree beyond an old guitar she left on her couch before leaving.

The offer of food gets that taut stomach rumbling as well. "Okay, I could eat, sure. Thank you." that at least sounds appreciative coming out of Randi as she keeps her eyes on Natalya, the visible security is noted and attention left on the Latina. "So um, would it be okay if I asked why I was invited? You know I have a record, it's not much of one. Just petty thefts, shoplifting, breaking and entering. Ain't like I'm a major player anywhere, in jail or out. Just did what I had to to get by." she explains. "In jail or out."

To the goon at the door, Natalya says, "Tell Maria there is another for dinner. And prepare a spare room…just in case." The man nods and departs, as the drink mixing goon places a tequila in front of each of them. "I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? Forgive me. I am Natalya Mendoza, and welcome to my home."

It wouldn't be a secret in any prison that the Mendoza are suspected of being the brains behind the Muertos drug cartel. /Suspected/. Though maybe the surname is just a coincidence? "A musician? How wonderful. I play the piano myself, perhaps we could…what is the word…jelly? That is not right. Jam! And you like to be Randi? Don't we all" she smiles sweetly.

A sip of her drink before she continues. "You have left the criminal life behind? Good for you. I am told that your abode is not very…pleasant. No offence, but, as you say, your career is not as successful as it should be. The reason you are here, is that I would like to offer you a job. Something part time. Nothing illegal." At least not as far as she is concerned. "Your past life must have meant that you learned how the streets work. You knew how to listen. Who to avoid. Who to know. That is what I would like you to do for me. Be my ears and eyes on the street. I am not looking for a major player. I am looking for a good player. What do you think?"

It actually takes some effort for Randi to not roll her eyes at the jokes about her name. There's enough in her last name. Of that she's sure. The tequila set down in front of her is raised with an appreciative smile and downed in short order.

"I tend towards old classic rock. Once I've gotten a better guitar or amp, sure I'll jam." cause why not.

"Well it's not like I've had much chance to get it rolling. And god knows there's competition. Even for YouTube money. There's a million hot girls playing stuff on YouTube with their cleavage bouncing on their instruments." Randi explains, sounding not too bitter. "And good luck finding real work when you have a record instead of a diploma or degree. So you want to have me keep an ear out on stuff. Sure, dunno how much I can bring to that table straight away since I'm still new here. But I'll play." the black haired woman in red leather agree.

"No honey trapping dudes though." she adds with an index finger pointed out and up towards the ceiling.

Natalya has a look of distaste on her face at the thought of honey trapping…dudes. "None of that, I promise. I am new here too, though you sound a lot more local than I, so I think you will find it easier."

A surprised look on Natalya's face for a moment. "They have cleavage bouncing on /instruments/? I didn't think they used instruments. Believe me, Randi, I think you are /much/ more attractive than those girls. And you can play! Perhaps you just need a little money behind you? To give you that push. I am in Calaveras to invest. If you play well, then I could always invest in you."

Natalya shrugs that off as something to discuss later. "Another drink? Anything you desire. Weed? Cocaine?"

Soon enough Randi is back to being more playful. "I'm from a different town bout an hour or so away depending on how fast you drive." she says explaining why she only sounds local. "And yeah! Sure they have cleavage on their instruments, the whole damn rack like the guitar is a shelf. It's when they start hunching over their guitars to let it all hang out that it gets embarrassing. I know I'm hot, and know how much a double edge sword as that is."

As for the continued hospitality, Miranda offers Natalya a smile. "Another drink is always welcome. Haven't railed a line since I went into jail a couple years ago. Barely afford the weed so if you're offering I'm down." the wannabe rock star accepts with a bright smile on those lips of hers, pearly whites beaming to the much more affluent woman.

"At least you know you are hot" Natalya smiles before more gestures that seem to be understood by her goons instantly. Soon there will be more drinks for them, a couple of joints, and some lines of cocaine on silver trays. "I don't suppose you brought any of your music along, did you? On your phone or anything? Oh…did my associates take your phone?"

"Marijuana is legal here, can you believe that?" Natalya gasps, "Though I think the mayor would like to reverse that. So would I. It is /much/ more valuable when illegal." A wry smile before she leans back in her plush chair, tequila cradled in her hands. "Tell me more about yourself, Randi. How did you get caught?"

"Yeah they've got it. And sadly, not on that phone. It's like brand new. For me anyway. Cheap phones aren't top of the line after all." Randi explains and shrugs her shoulders with a bounce in the front of that jacket.

"And yeah, was legalised while I was inside. Still contraband though. Can see why you'd want it to still be illegal. Big loss of income, right?" she guesses as she takes another drink of that tequila. There's a line of coke snorted quickly though when she comes up for air there's a woo and a shake of her head, whipping all that thick black hair about her shoulders as her green eyes widen. She might just have missed cocaine more than anything while in jail.

"Got caught breaking into a clothing store, tried to hit the safe. Nothing in it. And one of the crew was dumb enough to not be discreet in cutting the alarm. Turned out to be a silent one so by the time we finished swearing we had security and then police. Wasn't my first offence or conviction so got a couple years. Got passed on parole almost more than I got passed around. Enough I ended up doing the whole thing. " Randi says in exposition mode. "Easier to deal with things if you just smile and nod when some fat butch looking thing stares down. Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

"You didn't find love in prison then?" Natalya asks lightly, teasing just a little. "By choice or no interest? You need to surround yourself with a smarter Crew. Now you have." More of those gestures - there must be a large guidebook on them somewhere - and Randi has her phone returned, along with the latest smartphone. "I want you to use that new phone when you talk with me. Only use that phone to talk to me, no other, and only use it for me, not to call your boyfriend when you're lonely. Understand?"

"A clothing store? I would have at least hoped for a jewelry store. Oh well, I have no doubt you can handle something a little more exciting than clothing." A pause. "If there was ever a need for it." Natalya shrugs about the legalization. "Cocaine is still expensive. Only the best for use in this house" she smiles at Randi's reaction. "Can you fight, Randi?"

"Oh I got plenty of attention, and sometimes you get other cute things coming and going on shorter stays. Not anything close to looking as good as you do." Randi points out, those green eyes weren't just on her surroundings after all. "They did enough business that we thought hitting the safe was the best bet. Jewelry stores would have been crawling with security. And I used to be a gymnast as a kid, kept the training up, still do even when I was locked up. Helps when you have to crawl through vents and other small gaps. Just got too tall to be competitive." Another line of coke is done before Randi is settling in with a joint and the tequila.

Smaller job, safer job. In theory. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. I know how to throw a punch, usually enough to get away. Usually. I doubt I'd be knocking anyone on their ass without sneaking up on them with a blunt object."

Natalya smiles at the compliment, raising her glass in a toast gesture, before downing it all. "I think we are going to get on just fine" she purrs, then nods to the reasoning behind the clothes store. "What happened to the others in that gang? Are they going to take your time away from me? Ooh…gymnast…would you like to show me how flexible you are?"

A deep breath from the Latina. "I like to stay in shape. You never know when you need to fight. When you're out there in the night, all alone, you should be able to protect yourself. Don't you think? Be the terror of the night." A tilt of her head as she studies the lovely woman at the far end of the long table. "Your jacket is nice. You like red leather?"

"Some are still doing time. A few got out and moved on. At least as far as their probation allows. So being dragged away by them is highly unlikely." Randi says reassuringly. That smile staying warm and friendly especially now that the drugs and working in tandem with the booze and a reduced tolerance from forced abstinence.

"Well It's probably not a good idea now to start doing back flips but…" and with that the black haired ex-convict stands up and puts a little distance from the table so Natalya can watch. A quick glance to the goons and a grin. "Perks of the job huh?" she teases at them before looking back at Natalya.

The demonstration is more about the power moves and flexibility. Folding herself in half at the hips she plants her feet on the floor and then unfolds, lifting her legs first into a handstand with her back to the lovely Mexican woman. Then with a slightly worried look on her face begins to widen her legs into a side slits, holding it there a moment once it's clear those way too tight jeans don't explode. A soft sigh of relief at that and while upside down fans those legs into a front and back before righting herself, bending backwards and lowering one leg and kicking over the other before standing on her feet with another soft little woo and a shake of her head to keep the blood rush from hitting her. That's the drugs' job.

"I dunno if I'd ever qualify as scary. And yeah, love the jacket and the color. Had to have a friend stash it along with my guitar so I had them when I got out."

The goons may watch the display discretely, but Natalya is watching with avid interest. Leaning forward to rest her face on her palms, elbows on the table. There may even be a hungry interest in there too. "I think I'm in love" she sighs at the end before offering some enthusiastic applause. "Bravo! Bravo! Oh, yes, I want you in my bed…umm…team. English is hard for me sometimes."

"You do not have to scare, I will do that" Natalya assures, even though she hardly looks ferocious herself. "Hmm…then when you work with me, you will wear a red leather catsuit. Should we have a mask too? Even just one to cover the eyes? And you need a name for when we prowl the streets. Red something?"

There's a brief stage bow, ankles crossed, bending at the hips and a flourish of Randi's arms before she's once more upright. A grin widening at Natalya's 'flub' at the excuse being poor English. "It's okay, you've got a good enough tongue." Like the Mexican it's all playful. "We can work out any kinks you might have with it." she adds with a wink and finishes up her joint and some more of that tequila.

The mention of a catsuit gets a soft chuckle. "Bit loud for crime maybe. Don't wanna stand out too much when you're sneaking around in the dark. That said I would look fantastic. Usually just wore a hoodie on a job. Just keep it up and over so it keeps things covered but not blocking my view" Randi says and gestures pulling of said hood over the thief's head.
"If you want a code name, Crimson is probably fine."

"The Crimson Curse?" Natalya teases. "Crimson is 'Carmesi' in Spanish. Make people think you are Latina, like me, rather than who you really are. You will have a mask, so no one will realise." She steeples her fingers. "This is how it will work. When I need you for your street informer role, for your eyes and ears, you shall be Randi. When I need to see you…for some nocturnal outings…you will be Carmesi. When I need Carmesi, you will come in the red leather suit I will get you. Do you understand?"

Natalya's goons seem a little anxious about this but say nothing. "I would love to work out the kinks in my tongue with your help. I think you are probably a cunning linguist. More coke? I would hate to send you home in this state though. Stay tonight?"

"Okay I can handle that. I'm actually a quarter Indian. As in subcontinent, curry, etcetera. Funnily enough I was raised Catholic, Dad became a priest when I was little. I turned out to be such a disappointment I'm actually kinda proud of it." the coke addled Randi says.

"Don't actually speak Spanish but Carmesi works. Now we just need to get the leathers fitted." she says playfully and leans down to get yet another line of cocaine inhaled by that pretty nose of hers. Her normally pale skin flushed almost as red as her jacket by now.

"I was raised Catholic too" Natalya replies, excited they have something else in common. And Randi can imagine how disappointing the Mexican is to her priest. "Your papa became a priest /after/ he had children?" This seems to amuse her. "So he got to try sex /and/ serve god. A man who wanted it both ways. And you should be proud. You have much to be proud of."

Natalya hasn't been participating in the hard drugs, but she is more than happy to watch Randi getting happy. "We shall fit you in the morning, after breakfast. It is a shame it is snowing, or we could go for a swim too. You have no swimmers with you? Good." At least there is now food arriving as well; a full three course meal for the table.

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