(2018-11-04) I Have A Cunning Plan
Elizabeth and Olivia discuss infiltrating the cult

Elizabeth walks in from outside, her eyes down on her phone as she walks. She sidesteps one of the few people still in the office and flips the bird at another deputy who sneers at her. She gets to her desk, dropping her phone on the surface as she rifles through the paperwork stacked there, obviously looking for something. She gives a brief glance toward the coffee pot, sighs when it's empty, and takes a seat.

A few moments later and a fresh, steaming cup of coffee is placed on Elizabeth's desk. "You were right, that pot is always empty. I have my own machine, don't say anything about it. Federal employees only." It is Olivia, offering a slight smile with the coffee as she pulls a seat over and sits down. "Lost something?" The agent still in her 'uniform' of jeans and tank top despite the snow outside.

Elizabeth's eye twitches as she gazes at the coffee, and then up at Olivia. "Damn, I knew you Feds had the hook up. I should have been skimming coffee off of ya'll from the get go." She watches her sit, shaking her head. "No, just kind of unhappy about how things are going. I think we're gonna take a new tactic, maybe see about getting recruited. Found anything new out since we last spoke?"

"Recruited to the cult?" Olivia asks before a slow sip of her own coffee. "I've been fishing in those waters too but I have a horrible feeling I'm too old for what our guy is looking for. But give it a try. Let me know how it goes. Promise me you just won't disappear, okay? I might be able to help." A shake of her head to the question. "Nothing…and that worries me. I have a feeling we've missed a crime…or just not discovered it yet. And they're building up to something." A wave of her hand at the snow falling outside. "Weather might have put them off. I'm going to try and get up to the ranger stations tomorrow."

"I was thinking of going to some place where ..people my age gather to.." Elizabeth sighs and shakes her head. "I'm going to have to pretend to be nice, and let's be honest, I'm not really great at that." She leans back, taking a drink of her coffee as she eyes Olivia. "Sounds good, if you have trouble navigating the roads, let me know." She tilts her head to the side. "If someone does try to …take me without me wanting to go, they'll be unhappy when they get me alone."

"Actually, you don't want to be nice" Olivia smiles slyly. "You need to be angry. You need to feel oppressed. You need to be someone that they can offer a safe place to. Once you're taken in, then you would need to lose that anger. Let them refocus it against the society that is oppressing you." She frowns. "Yeah, sorry, but cult leaders do like to get it on with their beautiful and handsome worshippers. Why be a cult leader if you can't sleep with everyone?"

"Oh well this is perfect then." Elizabeth remarks, laughing as she raises her cup at Olivia. "I can do angry and oppressed with absolutely no difficulty." She leans against her desk, sighing softly. "My partner isn't angry, and he might not like this assignment." She shifts her eyes at Olivia, smirking. "We'll see what goes on." She takes another drink, snorting softly. "So they're going to try to sleep with me? Sounds horrifying, might have to kick someone in the genitals."

"I doubt there will be much sleep involved" Olivia smirks, raising her cup in turn. "You're going to go in as a pair?" She thinks on this. "Dangerous. Cults need people with no support network…including friends. If you both go in together… I dunno, might work, but you'd be better off with one of you going in and the other watching over them."

"That's how we're going to approach it. Could be they take a bigger shine to him and approach him." Elizabeth shrugs, brushing her hair behind her ears. "Just have to figure out how to get into the club armed, I don't know if there are metal detectors there." She bites on her bottom lip, frowning. "So do you think this might pan out into something?"

"Don't go with weapons. We don't even know where you need to go yet, Deputy" Olivia points out. "You need to advertise yourself. Let them find you. Since we don't have a lot of time…though, this could arouse their suspicions…make a public show of your anger. Everyone knows you are a cop, no point trying to be anything else, but be someone they want to have and someone they can control. /Think/ they can control."

Elizabeth grimaces as she stares at Olivia, the coffee in her hand trembling for a moment before she sighs. "Okay, well.. if you’re going to be involved with this, get me information. Where is the best place to ..be angry. Make a spectacle." She shrugs and gets to her feet, finishing off her coffee and setting down the cup next to the paperwork. "Think we can manage that?"

"Can't hurt to try" Olivia smiles in reply. "You're a brave woman, Deputy. The difficult part is making it not seem too obvious. Might have to fire you." She leans forward to whisper. "And no one can know. You. Me. Jameson. And either the Sheriff or the Chief…not both. That's it. Nothing in writing either."

"Ah, well. Fire me if you have to, but when I pull this off you better write a letter of recommendation, so I can get Lieutenant." Elizabeth murmurs, and she nods at the whisper, sighing softly. "Jay is going to be really pissed at me."

"Sure, I'll write a letter of recommendation. And maybe a letter suggesting commitment to a mental health facility" Olivia teases, sitting back in her chair again. "We need somewhere quieter to go through the details." The agent rummages around in her pockets before pulling out a scrap of paper which she pushes under one of the papers on the table. "My direct line and my address while I'm here. It's a cabin out in the sticks. No one around."

"I'll stop by tomorrow, we'll figure out the plan." Elizabeth holds fingers up to her head like it's a gun. "Wouldn't be the first time someone thought I needed a break in the cooks bin." She shoves paper in her back pocket and offers Olivia a salute. "Thanks for the coffee."

"I might be up at the ranger's station tomorrow" Olivia reminds, "Give me a call first. Good night, Deputy." She stands and then, for the benefit of anyone else in the office, adds loudly, "I don't think your attitude is helping to resolve his case, Deputy. I suggest you get your act together." And then she will turn and storm away.

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