(2018-11-02) Friends in Low Places
Natalia makes a deal. Solo's the product, among other things.


Antler Pass Ski Resort

Where the road ends, a gate lets into the gravel parking lot of Antler Pass Ski Resort. Secluded among trees, while being a fairly large lot, it is constructed such that after parking and walking, the full scale of the slopes are visible. Off to the east of the lot is the massive log-cabin-esque Ski Resort while dead ahead are the central ski trails. There are three large flag poles there, with a US Flag, a State Flag and presumably an emblem of the Antler Pass Ski Resort. The parking lot beyond the gate is surrounded by a rustic wooden face, though beyond the resort area there is a metal fence to separate guests and those with ski passes from those arriving.

On busy days, the parking lot sees a lot of activity. While resort members stick to their rooms, locals with annual passes tend to congregate in the parking lot when they are not skiing. Some bring hibachi grills or coolers for food and drink to avoid paying resort prices. Friends gather before tackling the slopes yet again, or meet up after a few good runs to decide where to meet up in town to wind down from a good day of skiing. Its something of a festive atmosphere on days when no events are taking place other than regular skiing.


So it had to come sooner or later, that Samaritan would call back. Go for a long ride into the woods in a car with someone who joked about having a contract on one's head? What could possibly go wrong? Actually, Solo has a lot of ideas what could go wrong, but her southern connection wants to move more product that way, so it helps to hang out with the buyer. Plus, Solo did promise the woman a drink. Still, she brought her flight bag with a change of clothes, and her backpack, ostensibly for carrying booze while skiing. That there's a folding assault rifle in it is hopefully not obvious. She sits in the back seat of the car uncomfortably. Never did like cars much.

Natalya is pouring them both a glass of champagne while they occupy the back seat of the limo winding its way up to the resort. A driver and guard in the front…and another car behind them that is probably filled with goons. "Here you are" Natalya smiles as she hands over a flute before offering hers in a toast. "To new friends and business opportunities" she smiles before a light clinking of glasses and a sip of her drink. "Mmm…not bad. Oh, and before you think it, /this/ is not the drink we're having together. Have you been up to the resort? I thought we'd see what it was like." She peers out through the tinted windows. "Weather is looking bad. We might have to stay there a few nights. That wouldn't be a problem, would it?"

Solo sips the champagne, her shoulder rig arguing with the seatbelt a little. Which is a problem when trying to hide the fact that it's there. Solo shrugs that shoulder (which helps). "Well, I have flying to do. Planes to maintain, and like that. I'd rather be home tomorrow. Weather permitting, of course." She raises her glass to the toast. "New friends. New business opportunities."

"I don't control the weather, alas" Natalya sighs. "Most other things…but not the weather." The car starts to slow in front of the resort. "Ah…here we are. Too late to ski, but I am sure there is something we can find to do inside." She will wait for her goons to open the doors for them. "I thought you brought a change of clothes" she smiles, slipping out her side of the limo. She is wearing a ski suit and a beanie - design and style is the most important thing.

Solo gets out of the car and hauls up her bags. "Yeah, well. I get to having a few drinks, I usually wind up staying the night. You know how it is." Solo looks at the snowsuit. "That's really cute on you. I like it."

Natalya smiles at the flattery - she's a sucker for it - and does a little turn for Solo. "Thanks. I was worried they wouldn't be finished before the snow season but they showed up yesterday, just in time. And you look lovely as well." The party heads inside, Natalya admiring Solo as they do so. "Often have drinks and stay the night?" she teases. There will, of course, be resort staff fawning all over them even before they step through the door. "Does the bar have a Jacuzzi? Or shall we have to go to my chalet?" It seems to be the latter. Natalya smiles to Solo. "That okay with you? Drinks in the Jacuzzi?"

Solo chuckles. "Good thing I brought a swimsuit, right? Drinks in the jacuzzi sound great. At least for the first few."

"You brought a swimsuit? How unfortunate" pouts Natalya before a wink to the other woman as an employee leads the way to their chalet. Goons in tow of course. Though they won't be in the Jacuzzi.

The hot tub is built into a wooden balcony overlooking the mountains, though there is enough shielding to hold off the cold winds of the approaching storm. "I didn't bring a swimsuit" Natalya notes as she steps up to Solo. "Unzip me?" The zip for her ski suit is in the front.

Solo chuckles softly. "Well, you know. At my level of abstraction, something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck is probably a duck. I've learned that it's not so the further up you go, so I don't assume. But I also know it's rude to wear a swimsuit in the Jacuzzi if your hostess doesn't." She reaches out to unzip Natalya.

As the zip descends, Natalya staring deeply into Solo's eys, it reveals that she has very little on underneath. In fact…nothing. "I like a woman with manners" she purrs, pulling off her beanie and shaking her hair loose. "I am glad you are still alive too. You look much better that way." The Latina shimmying out of her clothing to stand naked in front of Solo. "Shall we?" A pause. "Get in the Jacuzzi I mean."
<FS3> Solo rolls Subterfuge: Success. (7 1 2 2 5)

Solo shrugs just so and rummages in her jacket a moment, and shrugs out of both it and her shoulder rig, laying the jacket folded over her gun on a chair. She undresses the rest of the way slowly, letting Natalya look as much as she's inclined to.

And she is inclined to a great deal. Natalya slips into the bubbling Jacuzzi, a bottle of champagne in one hand, two flutes in the other, and settles down to watch the…show. A deep breath of appreciation at what she is seeing. "Very nice" she breathes, filling up the glasses and offering one up. "Come join me. There are still some spare jets to sit on" she giggles with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Solo chuckles and picks up her champagne, heading to the Jacuzzi. She can walk a little elegantly, apparently. Just not when she's wearing work boots, which are her usual. She climbs into the Jacuzzi. "I see how you are." She settles in across the Jacuzzi from Natalia. "So, Samaritan… what IS your actual name?"

"How rude of me. And how brave of you to go on a date with a stranger. This is a date, si?" Natalya winks before enjoying a sip of her champagne. "I am Natalya Maria Mendoza, from Mexico…if you hadn't guessed. Why don't you come sit a little closer? Heard of me?" A deep breath, breasts rising and falling provocatively. "Should we talk business? Or enjoy ourselves first?"

Solo leans back, at least pretending to have a good time. "Oh, a date's so formal. How about we call it getting together for a drink after work? Nice and casual." She draws one leg up and lightly plays her toes along Natalia's calf instead of coming closer. "I've heard of your familia, of course, but word of you personally had not yet spread to Arizona when I left."

"You have heard of my family? And all the good work we do for the community?" Natalya smiles sweetly - it's almost like the 130kg of cocaine she bought from Solo has been forgotten. "Awww…don't you want to date me?" she pouts. "I have it all…but no one to share it with." A sip of her champagne. "My family have tried to keep me out of the news. As you would for any child you love, don't you think?"

Solo nods, sipping her champagne. "Absolutely. The news is nobody's friend." It's heartfelt when Solo says it. "I try to date people who are less well armed than me." Solo chuckles. "Besides. Lovers come and go. Business… business is business, you know? Doesn't mean you can't hang with your business associates…

"Ah…I see. You want to keep it to business only" Natalya smiles softly, though there is obvious disappointment in her eyes. Yet, she is growing accustomed to rejection in this town. "Very well. Don't worry, I am not the type who will have tantrums about this. Nor will I kill you in a fit of fury." Another sip of her champagne. "When is the next shipment?"

Solo stops trailing her toes over Natalia's calf and looks down, wondering why she feels rejected suddenly. She nods a little. "The next batch will be ready to move this coming week. Are you running low already?"

"I am a distributor, Solo" Natalya smiles. "People in this country do like their nose candy." A tilt of her head as the other woman looks as disappointed as Natalya feels. "You confuse me, Bello." Her toes reach out to caress Solo's leg under the bubbling water. "One minute you want to hit me, the next you want to kiss me. Are you like this with your boyfriend?"

Solo cocks her head. "Hit you?" Solo shakes her head. "Wouldn't dream of it. And not just because it would get me hurt. You've been very generous, with your business, your liquor, and your time, and I appreciate it." She shakes her head. "I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. Girlfriend, kinda. It's very casual. I like casual." Solo sips her champagne. "Businesswise… my connections can move volume. How often will you need shipments this size?"

"We all like casual" Natalya smiles wickedly. "We could even be casual" she adds with a quirk of her brow before a deep breath as talk turns back to business for the moment. "Hmm…let's start with every month. We shall see how secure this route is. How secure you are." Her smile gets a little more devious. "I hope you haven't said anything to this 'kinda' girlfriend. I don't like innocents becoming involved. They have a terrible habit of getting hurt. Leave it to the professionals. Like us." She raises her glass before another sip.

Solo curls a smile. "She's not in the business. Let's keep it that way. Leave it to the professionals, like you said. One a month, ok. Shipping dates may get more variable as we get into winter. There's already been one day I couldn't even take off, and there's some fancy flying between here and there. Plus I do have other runs I make. But one a month, yes. The sellers will like that, for sure. They say I can offer you the same price for a multi-shipment arrangement.

"Yes…shame I can't control the weather" Natalya sighs, "I might talk to someone about that." She's Mexican cartel - bound to have witches on the payroll. "They offer the same price for multi-shipments?" That makes her laugh. "I will offer them a lesser price for a multi-shipments. In advance. And if they don't supply, then you will not have to worry about working for them anymore." A warm smile, completely fake, as she nods. "We shall keep your casual girlfriend out of it."

You say, "Well… it was a first time customer price, but for you, they said we could continue it. But. Price negotiations aren't at my level of abstraction, really, so you should work it out with them, they'll tell me what to charge. And so on." She chuckles, her comfort level dropping a smidge. "As for the rest, are you suggesting I should work for you?""

"You should /definitely/ work for me" Natalya nods. "I am a much nicer boss than them. I will treat you with respect and love. And I've seen you naked after all. I shall talk price with them in the morning. Should I talk about your employment as well? Let me see, you owe them money? I can take care of that…if you will be a devoted employee."

Solo laughs, relaxing a little. "Lots of people have seen me naked, to be honest. This is only one of my lines of business. I also do flight training, courier service, air taxi around here… and I owe a lot of money. But if they're willing to deal on my debt, and you're willing to deal, I'm willing to deal. I'd be a lot less out in the cold here."

"So, besides being an excellent pilot who can keep her mouth shut, what else can you bring me that will inspire me to take on your debt?" Natalya asks, amused at the theme of the conversation, but deadly serious. "Lots of people have seen you naked? Oh dear, were you a hooker once upon a time?"

Solo sips her champagne. "Nah. I've always been either an aircraft mechanic or a pilot or both. I just sometimes have poor judgement when I'm not working. Especially about sex. And I was in the military so… lots of opportunity to screw up that way. Let's see. I own my own planes… and no, they're actually not why I owe money to my current suppliers… I'm certified to teach, certified commercial, multi-engine and single engine jet. I've got about 2000 hours in Lear jets of various types, a thousand in my single engine jet, another thousand in my little electric prop plane, and just shy of 3000 hours in an A-10. I'm A&P certified, so I do my own mechanic work… I'm a two trick pony, but they're both good tricks and I'm really good at them.

Solo goes on, "So what that translates to is that I can fly your Learjet, or if you don't have one I can fly you from A to B provided there are places to stop for fuel about every 800 miles.

Natalya nods along to Solo's sales pitch. "All very impressive, but I am sure I an find a hundred pilots like that. What is it about you that makes you better than them?" Another sip before she muses. "I should get papa an A-10 for Christmas. It is hard to get something for the man who has everything. And what he doesn't have, he deals with."

Solo leans forward conspiratorially. "Yeah, but can they get you in and out of the country without passing through customs or immigration? Not everyone can do that."

Natalya considers this…and her eyes may wander over Solo's naked body more than a little while she does so…before she smiles and nods. "Very well. I shall make a deal for more shipments tomorrow and for you. More champagne to celebrate our new relationship?" She is quite confident that a deal will be done.

Solo smiles. "More champagne would be lovely." She scootches closer. "Boss."

"I like it when you say 'Boss' to me" Natalya smirks, pouring champagne into the other woman's flute. Right up to the top. "To us" she smiles, clinking glasses lightly together before enjoying a sip. And then she will lean in to kiss Solo on the lips…lightly. "Best to seal agreements with kisses, don't you think?"

Solo mmhmms. She sips her champagne and leans forward to kiss back, and lightly brush the boss's lips with the tip of her tongue.

Natalya's eyes light up with mischief as she tries to kiss once more. Her lips parting to allow her tongue to play as well. Trying to slip between Solo's lips as the kiss grows a little harder, a little more passionate. No harm in trying…and it's good for business that they can be so open with each other.

Solo kisses back the same way. This is a different game. This is currying favor with her soon-to-be new boss. She parts her lips, welcoming Natalia's tongue between them, teasing it with her own.

Natalya doesn't mind being used, as long as she gets to use back. The kisses heated and hungry as tongues dance and tease. This is how all business deals should be done. Her hand slips under the water, and this being a family show, we should probably fade to black right about there.

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