(2018-11-02) A Video Message
Vic sends Calvin and Willow a video update on the Shay case from Denver.

Calvin and Willow both receive a video message from Vic, from Denver. She looks utterly amused, and that's usually a good sign in a case. She's someplace with muffled loud music, as though outside she's outside of a bar or concert hall. She's dressed in her usual kind of attire, jeans, boots, tee, and jacket. The tee is black with white lettering set in the form of a workplace injury sign. It reads: 0 Days without Sarcasm.

"Hey Calvin and Willow, just checking in from Denver and here to report I think your worries are over, Cal. Admittedly, the kid does somewhat resemble you, but it's for a good reason, and not because you're his daddy." She flashes some photos of Flynn Bethal. Some are from his school, clearly, others look like Vic snapped them while staking out the family. Five, cute, and having a slight resemblance to Calvin.

"Nice kid, too bad his mom is a shit. Pretty, but a woman who makes really bad choices. Not surprising Flynn has some behavioral issues. Mom is working at a marijuana dispensary on the books. But she's a Cam Girl by night. Not real mother of the year material." Included are links to her cam girl site, wigs and crazy makeup, trying to disguise herself, but it's clearly Jenna Bethal to those in the know.

"Looks like she's trading sex for cash here and there, but I couldn't get any confirmation of that. I think she has a sugar daddy. But he isn't the father either." The screen flashes pics of her with a dark-haired fellow, greasy sort.

I decided to take a look back at her life in Austin. I looked up her yearbooks online and made a fake facebook account under the name of one of her school friend's mothers' that didn't have one. Chatted with the girls who know her. Found out she'd had a high school sweetheart she was with, and planned to marry, until she got knocked up. Then he took off. He was a musician. And he's playing in Denver tonight. And guess what his bar band performs?" The camera pans over to the sign outside, advertising CDS, A Calvin Dean Shay cover band. "Let's take a peek, shall we?"

She enters the bar and pans the phone camera to the stage. They're playing one of Calvin's songs, and sure enough, the singer looks a hell of a lot like Calvin except for his nose. She shows more photos of Dean Ramsey and it's very clear Flynn is his kid. Same nose.

"Seems according to Jenna's pals, she was always obsessed with you, and latched on to your look alike in high school. When she got pregnant, he bailed, and she came after you more closely. First your brother, which I'm guessing she thought was the next best thing to the real man. I found the blackmail emails in Dex's accounts. And then you, proper when she realized that wasn't going to pan out. She waited until after Dex passed, and a while had gone by, thinking those accounts wouldn't be accessible anymore, and he hadn't told you about the mails."

She turns the camera back towards herself. "I'm gonna chat with Dean after his show and get the real info, and maybe a DNA sample off him. He seems to have your prior proclivity for addiction, so I'll likely be able to get a beer bottle or the like he's used. I sent everything I have to your lawyer, Cal. I'll be visiting that nice place you told me about for the next couple days, then I'll be back on Wednesday."

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