(2018-11-01) Team-Building Pedicures
Andre is concerned that his two besties aren't getting along.

Paradise Spa

With a mural the varied greens of a lush forest adjacent to one of the ocean, the sparkling water and sandy beach, one might almost imagine the scent of the leaves or the salt of the sea so realistic are the paintings. A welcome desk is placed just inside for one to check in and a small waiting area features magazines and plush chairs. A small price guide is beside the register for one to peruse of interested.

Further along in separate rooms, the offerings are vast. Body treatments such as sauna, whirlpool, jet bath, steamroom, massage, mud bath, salt scrub, seaweed body wraps, clay or herbal body masks, reflexology, massages and waxing. Also offering more basic nail services, such as manicures, pedicures and paraffin treatments.

It's an odd place to meet, the Paradise Spa. Andre texted both Maggie and Isaac /separately/, instructing them of an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THING that needed to be done. He told neither of them that the other would be here, of course. Because under the guise of 'scoping out the jewelry store' in preparation for their upcoming heist? Andre was planning a reconciliation between his two dear friends. And that was how the three of them ended up sitting on the big leather reclining chairs with their feet in the bubbly footbath, with small Asian ladies fussing over their toes. Pedicures, of course, were Andre's 'cure all'.

Andre has planted himself between Isaac and Maggie, as all proper mediators do. Of course, they were (casually) discussing robbing the jewelry store next door, and maybe something about the survelliance, whatever reason Andre came up with to get them both here in the first place. But now? NOW?!

"I'm just puttin' it out there that I'm not doing anymore jobs until the two of you say you're sorry to one another," he grumps.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Andre. She apologized like four days ago and I'm doing her damn papers for her. What else do you want? Because I am not going to hug her," Isaac is watching the person fussing over his feet with a dubious expression. "Is this really necessary?"

Maggie's spent a lot of time on her phone in all this. A little more than normal. But she looks up from her phone when Andre pitches his ultimatum, and she turns the screen of her phone toward him. To the part of her text messages where it says 'sorry' to Isaac (but carefully not the 'fu' that comes after the sorry). "I think we're all good. We're all good, right?" She leans forward, looking across Andre at Isaac, while the woman messing with her toes says something in a language none of them speak.

"Yes," Andre answers Isaac's question with the utmost serious of expressions. "It is really necessary. /This/ is a bonding experience. We need to bond as a team." It's rattled off so effortlessly that it's fairly obvious Andre read this somewhere and decided it must be so. He flashes a little grin down to the woman scrubbing at his big foot, giving her a thumb's up! Keep up the good work. Then, he frowns at the both of them. "I can read texts. But you didn't /say/ the words. And I don't see no 'I'm sorry' from Isaac to you," he says, before he leans back into a chair. "And neither of you said you're sorry to /me/. Putting me in the middle. See you next /Tuesday/," he folds his arms over his chest. "I don't like saying those things. Getting between my two best friends. It's not right."

If only any of them had taken multiple languages… "Yeah, see. We're both very sorry," he doesn't reach over and move her finger to show that fu either. He just attempts to smile normally at Andre, which probably looks extremely fake. "We're all good. Everything is fine." The woman starts messing with his toes and he retracts his feet and makes a hissing noise and starts mouthing 'stop that'. "Actions speak louder than words, see. Sometimes verbal apologizes aren't- okay now, I'm not the one who started shutting down all the methods of communication because I was grouchy about something. And have you been hanging out at the local library and checking out the self-help books on tape again?"

Mildly but not exactly helpfully, Maggie points out, "I didn't shut down all lines of communication." Beat. "Just yours." After making just a horrible horrible face at the woman suggesting she might want some polish on her toes (they probably call her some mean names in their silly language), she reaches over to pat Andre on the forearm. "I'm sorry that we put you in the middle of our disagreement. That wasn't very nice of us."

"See?" Andre looks smug about something, pointing a thumb between Maggie and Isaac. "You're still mad at each other. I can hear it. /This/ is helpful, we talk it out." He looks to Isaac and grunts. "I checked out some books, yeah. Maybe. But I read them, dammit. I can read. I'm not stupid," he huffs, looking between the two of them. "But what I'm /hearing/ is that Isaac doesn't like it when you get into his phone and mess with it, Maggie," he was channeling his inner Dr. Phil. "So maybe we should make a pact. We don't mess with each other's stuff. That includes my god damn coke bottles."

"We're fine, Andre. We don't need an intervention. This is fine- stop touching my toes!" Isaac withdraws his feet fully from the woman, looking aghast at her and that tiny little file. He makes a face and then sighs, staring up at the ceiling. "Fine, I'm sorry too. For you know, doing the thing I did and telling you to call her a see you next Tuesday." He mutters under his breath and continues to eyeballs the poor employees of the spa. "I'll leave your damn coke bottles alone."

Maggie just, "No." She interjects this at the point where she's supposed to make a pact, not the part about being mad. "I'm not agreeing not to mess with anyone's phone." Might as well ask Maggie to quit eating or breathing or reading about how the Illuminati uses American currency to pass encoded messages. Or "That's like asking Isaac to agree to not be a jerk. Some things we just have to all agree to accept. But I never touch your Coke bottles."

"You need to relax. I do this twice a month!" This was to Isaac as he freaks out on the poor Asian lady, who looks helplessly up with her file and callous scrubber. "It's good for you." A beat. "And thank you, /Isaac/," he rolls his beady eyes to Maggie, frowning at her. "Can we at least agree to be respectful? To be /friends/? What's gonna happen if we get mixed up in something and I up and die, Maggie? I gotta make sure you guys can keep it together. That you guys are going to be there for each other," what is this, the Jewish mother guilt trip? "Please. It's important."

"That's it, my Nokia showed up today and I'm putting /just/ Andre's number into it," Isaac starts to mutter as he continues to not give his feet back to the Asian lady. "Just because you like spa days and self help books doesn't mean the rest of us do, Andre." When he begins to lay the guilt on thick, he slumps dramatically back into the chair and rolls his eyes up to ceiling. "FINE. If you die tomorrow I won't just let Maggie I dunno, live in a cardboard box or something."

Maggie mutters right back, "Okay, you do that, Isaac," with an eye-roll about the whole 'not sharing his number' thing. She asks to read the label of everything these women are putting on her feet and calves, including whatever sugary-sandy-scrub they're offering next, poring over all the chemically words on the back. "You do this every week?" This when she shakes her head vehemently at the woman, none of that on her feet, tyvm. "You should really read the labels on things, Dre. Some of this stuff is carcinogenic." (but probably it's not) "And I promise not to call the cops on Isaac or put a hit on him or whatever. Is that good enough?"

"Come on, guys," Andre huffs a sigh at the both of them, shaking his head. "Not every week. Every other week. What the fuck is carcinogenic?" he just rolls his eyes, leaning over to swat Maggie on the arm. Very, VERY lightly. "That's not good enough! If I'm dead, you guys gotta stick together. Take care of each other! I need to know you have each other's backs. That if something happened to one of you, the other one of you would run - not walk - RUN, to help out." His brows furrow as he leans over to look at his toes, and then relaxes back to look between the both of them. "I'll be dead, but I'll be watching you two. You think Maggie fuckin' with your phone sucks? It'll suck so much more when my ghost is possessing all your shit. So I wanna know, right now, that if I go? My two best friends - BEST. FUCKING. FRIENDS. - will be best friends, too."

Isaac just stares at Andre, slackjawed. "Did you huff the cans of Coke tonight?"

"Well, yes." Maggie doesn't seem to be following some aspect of this conversation, based on the frown she aims at Andre. "If you die, then I have to go make sure Isaac's not also dead or about to get arrested. If he's dead - that is kind of a problem for me, but it's a much bigger one if he gets arrested." She passes a look across the big guy in the middle to Isaac directly. "You can't huff soda." F. Y. I.

"I don't even drink them out of cans anymore, Isaac, I drink coke out of bottles now," Andre says to Isaac, before he points a thumb in Maggie's direction. "She gets it. I just want all of this to blow over. And we can all be friends. Even if I'm dead and can't be in the middle anymore."

"Sure you can, it's called drowning. I think he's suffering from oxygen deprivation." Isaac holds his hands out and has a confused expression on his face, "Okay, but we were /already/ letting it blow over until you dragged us down here and brought it all up again? I appreciate the sentiment, but we can figure things out on our own. We're adults. It's not like I went to where she lives and blew up the lawn."

With a smile (that never quite fits her face right), Maggie reaches over and gives Andre another pat on the forearm. "I'm really proud of you," for giving up aluminum cans. Her hand's still there for a second when she blinks at Isaac worriedly (which really does suit her face much better). "You don't know where I live." Then shakes that off real fast and adds, "But he's right. Sort of. We were okay. I was okay, anyway." Isaac?

"Well how was I supposed to know you apologized already? You get me involved in the argument and leave me out of the apologies! You put me in the middle, and this is what happens," Andre remarks to Isaac, before his attention flashes to Maggie. Or, more importantly, the hand she uses to pat him with. Her words of pride bring a broad smile to his face, and he looks like he may be dancing on sunshine for the moment. "Thanks!" he says to Maggie, "But fine. We're done. Well. Not entirely. They still got to paint our toes," he flashes a beaming smile to his two friends. "I picked out black for all of us. Team color."

Maggie, quietly, "But we're white…"

"Yeah, I really wasn't thinking about it anymore. We fight all the time. I /like/-" Isaac stops there and thinks it over. "I enjoy the unique state of our relationship which is wholly positive and definitely not negative at all." Does that sound enough like a self-help book? "And no! You're not painting my fucking nails, Andre. I'm a /man/." And with that, he gets up and huffs away to somewhere else.

Aside from the racial implications of the chosen polish color, Maggie helpfully points out, "You can get neurological disorders from exposure to nail polish." She looks at the women messing with their feet, waiting for one to have some kind of involuntary spasm. When Isaac is (not entirely) out of earshot, she adds, "You're a man, too, even if you get your nails polished." But she takes her toes away, too, 'cause no.

"Whatcha got against black, Isaac? Maggie? HUH?!" Andre scoffs at the both of them as they scramble out of the tub. "And yanno what Maggie? No. Tonight, I'm gonna take a risk. FOR THE TEAM!" He pops his feet out of the tub, and wiggles his toes at the little Asian girl.

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