(2018-10-29) A Return to Normal F**king Insanity
Olivia chats with Elizabeth and Erik about a possible cult

Every now and then the same new face pops into the station house. She usually has a quick catch up with the Chief and then disappears back to…wherever she goes. There is the usual station rumor; government employee checking on the chief - too casually dressed for that; chief's drug dealer - unlikely if you've met the chief; some civilian 'expert' - closer. But tonight, she can be found in the break room. Still dressed casually - boots, jeans, tank top, leather jacket - the Latina woman is trying to decide which donut to steal away with.

Elizabeth is standing at her desk, shifting through paperwork slowly as she tries to figure out what is going to be worth her time next. This one? No. This paper? Fuck that. "Sometimes I think I write things down to confuse myself and then piss of Jameson." She blinks a few times, knuckles her eyes and then throws down the paperwork. "I refuse to touch that again until someone MAKES ANOTHER POT OF COFFEE!" She glances around, eyes narrowed. "If you drink the last cup, make another pot. It's not that HARD people."

Having been outside for something, Erik is making his way back inside the building. The detective comes to a pause as he hears the talk about the coffee, taking a sip from disposable mug he quite obviously brought with him back from wherever he has been. "Ah, good…" he mutters to himself, looking over in Elizabeth's direction briefly.

Olivia peers through the break room door at the ball of blonde anger letting loose in the office. Is that one of the people she needed to talk to? Meets the description…especially the 'can kill with a glare' part. Deciding on a donut, she quickly takes a bite to gain a sugar hit before confronting the woman. Since the pastry is quite nice, she'll have another bite. Olivia wipes her hands off on her jeans as she makes her way over to Elizabeth, chewing as she does so. "Hi" she greets, managing to spit some donut onto the deputy‚Äôs desk, which, to her credit, she does wipe up…with one of those errant pieces of paper. "Are you Deputy Rothschild?" She's also on the lookout for a Detective Chambers.

"Yes." Elizabeth spits out, glowering in Olivia's direction. She looks as if she has more to say, but she sucks it in. "What can I help you with?" It doesn't sound polite, grated out between clenched teeth, but she isn't swearing at Olivia or telling her to get out of her sunlight. She waits then, either too polite or too incensed about the lack of coffee to push the conversation further.

Keeping silent for now, Erik simply observes as he sips his coffee. After all, he hasn't heard about anyone being on the lookout for him. Well, aside from a number of bad people up in Denver, but that's not important here, right? There's a brief smile as he watches the interaction between Elizabeth and Olivia with a bit of a curious expression, studying the unfamiliar one rather carefully as he does.

Olivia looks at the paper with the donut fragment grease stain and places it carefully back on the desk…in case it was important. She holds up a finger in a 'one moment' gesture before chewing a little more and then swallowing. "Agent Lopez, F.B.I." is her curt introduction, though it does come with an offered hand. "Mind if we talk? I could even throw in a coffee if it will help." A quick glance around. "Do you know a Detective Chambers?"

Elizabeth glances at the hand, and then back up to Olivia. "Lopez." She repeats, reaching out to shake her hand, her eyes rolling as she does it. "We can talk, coffee would be fucking grand and that's Chambers." She points at Erik, giving him another once over. "Don't ever let him be your wingman when a psychotic pig bitch has knives. He didn't do bad, but he could have done better." She might be teasing him, might not.

Wait, why is he being pointed at? As Erik sees that, he starts approaching, steps rather slow for the moment now. "Hey, who's the new one?" he asks, as he approaches. If he heard the part about the psychotic pig bitch, he doesn't say anything, instead simply taking a sip from his coffee.

"It's actually the psychotic pig bitch I wanted to ask you about" Olivia smiles sweetly to Elizabeth before there's an Erik as well. "Detective Chambers I presume. I'm Agent Lopez, F.B.I." She looks over to the break room. "In there private enough or shall we use one of the interrogation rooms?" If Erik hadn't taken a sip of his coffee, Olivia was going to take it and give it to Elizabeth - would have to be better than what they have in the station. "It shouldn't take too long" she promises before heading for the room. The pistol shoved in the back of her jeans obvious now.

Elizabeth lets out a grunt and follows Olivia, glaring back at Erik for a moment before she steps into the interrogation room. She doesn't wait to be invited, she pulls a chair out, takes a seat and puts her feet up on the table. "I made my statements, just like all the other officers on that scene. So I'm not sure what you have to ask that hasn't already been covered." She lazily folds her arms over her chest and waits. Not patiently.

Erik raises an eyebrow as he hears the introduction but doesn't say anything about it. Simply following the others into the room, raising an eyebrow again as he sees the glare from Elizabeth. Moving to take a seat as well, he nods a little at the words, shrugging momentarily. "What is it you're curious about, Agent Lopez?"

"Two coffees, pronto!" Olivia yells at a passing officer. "Make them drinkable and the chief asked me to time you." Nothing like putting the fear of Chen into someone. She closes the door before sitting herself down opposite the others, pulling her phone out as she does so. "Don't you sometimes prefer to talk to witnesses instead of reading statements, Deputy?" she asks Elizabeth, smiling in a professional way. "I work in the cult crime unit and I'm based in the Denver field office. As you suspect, what's been happening around here has piqued my professional curiosity…and my boss has sent me down here to help out. Not take over. Assist. I'm going to give a presentation in a couple of days to the whole precinct, but I want to talk to you before I do so. Let's start with easy questions first…any progress?"

"More bodies. That's not progress in the forward variety, more like slipping backwards." Elizabeth sighs and glances away, a frown forming on her face. "We're doing our best, but people are spooked, and don't seem to want to volunteer information that might get them killed. We do have two suspects who haven't bit their tongue off."

"Denver…" Erik does his best holding back a grimace as he says that one city's name, trying to hide it a bit behind his coffee. "It would seem that these suspects has been convinced they are cleansing the world for the arrival of some sort of divine being or something like that. At least that's how it sounded when Dr. Everest and I interviewed one of the other suspects. I tried to ask him how the act has been done, but he wouldn't tell, going back to saying something about how 'He' is coming, and how none of this meant anything." He frowns a little, "Aside from that, not much progress. I believe there's been found a boot print at more than one crime scene, but ono boot matching it."

"I've watched the tapes of the suspect interviews. Illuminating…in their own way." Olivia looks a bit worried at Elizabeth for a moment. "Witnesses won't talk? Are you sure it is because they're afraid or just routine disinterest in the world around them? If it's the former, then that makes the reach of this cult bigger than I was hoping." She has to think on that one. A nod to Erik's words. "It's all about transformation. I expect this 'divine being' is alive and well and living in the area. Whatever is coming, will be perceived as a transformative process fueled by the dedication of the worshippers. A 'cleansing' is a way to start the transformative process but whatever is going to happen, is going to happen soon." The coffees arrive, one for each of the ladies…female law enforcement personnel. No ladies here. "There was another murder that could possibly be related. Chavez? I don't think it is."

Elizabeth looks between the pair of them, listening to their words with pursed lips. She takes the coffee, takes a drink and sets it aside. "I just want to know how to stop this shit, because I'd like to go back to the normal fucking insanity that happens here. These murders are making us look like shit heels."

Erik nods as he listens, frowning a bit. "I have suspected some kind of drug, but a cult of some kind seem far more likely," he offers, before he pauses a bit at Elizabeth's words. "The normal fucking insanity? I must admit that phrase makes me a bit curious." After all, he's quite new in town as well, so he's not quite sure what passes for normal insanity around here.

"That's why I'm here. To help you return to normal fucking insanity. Don't put yourselves down too much, Deputy. This area would have been chosen deliberately as a base. Not because you're incompetent, but because you weren't used to it" Olivia explains in as calm a voice as she can manage. "When we find these people, it is going to get bad. Much worse than you've had so far. They will be fanatics. They won't surrender. They have no thought for their own lives much less yours. I want to prepare you all. Make sure that you're going in with eyes wide open…and I'll go in with you."

Elizabeth sighs, and Olivia's words make her hunch down in her seat. "Great." She mutters, glancing toward Erik. "I mean, traffic stops and the occasional crackhead shooting when they're not supposed to. People weren't being gutted and shit." She turns her eyes back on Olivia. "Then the more information, the better."

"I'd prefer my stabbings without ritual gutting, that's true," Erik replies, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "I must confess I've never really understood how such things as cults and religion makes people behave. Now greed, that's one thing I can understand, which makes it more easy to deal with as well. But all of this…" He trails off, before he nods a bit as he listens to Olivia's words.

"I could explain it to you, Detective, or at least my experiences with them, but we'd be here all night and I think we have better things to do. Short version, it is greed of a sort. A desire to have everything easy and laid out for you. It's…frightening…how many people would prefer to not have to think for themselves" Olivia sighs before shrugging apologetically to Elizabeth. "I'll give everyone what I can but I also want you two to be particularly careful. And that Doctor who has been interviewing the suspects. Some cults will take such direct interaction as a personal insult. You could become something that needs to be cleansed, just like the television station was because it reported their activities."

"Noted. Don't care. They've tried to cleanse me twice now." Elizabeth gets to her feet, rubbing her hands on her thighs. "I've got to go, you said you'd be giving us all a briefing with more information?" She gives Olivia a once over, frowning and letting out a sigh.

"I thought that 'not having to think for themselves' was why we have politicians," Erik deadpans, before he nods a bit as he hears what's being said. "Duly noted," he offers, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "Let's hope we can get these lunatics behind bars sooner rather than later, hmmm?"

"I will be" Olivia nods to Elizabeth. "I don't think they were trying to cleanse you before, Deputy. You were just at the scene. Next time might be different. Though you look like you can take care of yourself. Thanks for the chat." Another nod for Erik. "I think we can assume it will all be over pretty soon. One way or the other."

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