(2018-10-28) PEW PEW!! Laser Tag!
The gang gathers for the casual Girls -V- Boys laser tag!

A big sign out front of Legends of Old is advertising its new LASER TAG ring! A bunch of people have stopped by to take advantage of the discount for playing, and they've gathered in the rink. Bright green laser packs are being handed out to the Christmas team, while the Halloween (losers) get orange. The owner recognizes a few faces and a frown forms on his face, but he tries to be polite. "Your laser pack will glow when you're hit. Don't melee with each other or throw punches, we'll throw people out for that! Have fun, and act like adults. (I'm pretty sure that last statement is aimed at a few people.)

Katherine is strapping on her laser, pulling her helmet/headset on her head with a dubious look on her face. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to be horrible at this. Forgive me in advance team."

Who's ready for laser tag?! Luke clearly is, having secured a bandera from /somewhere/ and tied it over his head. It's very Rambo-esque, except for the fact that the bandana says 'ADOPT ME!' and is bright pumpkin orange. He was nice enough to bring one for Abby, too, but whether or not she's wearing it is up to her. Either way, he's bouncing on the toes of his sneakers, clearly hyping himself up for what is going to be the best game of laser tag ever. "I think I had too many of those donut holes from the orchard," he admits to Abby, as he goes to grab his gear. "What's your tag name going to be? I'm thinking Death Ninja for mine." Then, to Ethan, he adds, "And you should go with Death Ninja Also."

When Luke handed Abby a bandana that said 'ADOPT ME' on it, she was quick to reply, "If you want to break up, you can just say that. You don't need to try and give me away to someone else." Hahaha, very funny. But anyway, yes. She's wearing the bandana. She straps on the gear that you're supposed to wear for this, though she looks a little confused on how some of the stuff works. She'll figure it out, probably. "I want to be on Katherine's team, which one is that?"

Ethan lays a hand against his chest while he looks innocently at the owner's last warning, "Us?" He feigns surprise, offense even, and then collects all his gear and dumps it in a pile at his feet. "Sweet bandanas, guys," while he sits down on the floor next to that gear to start putting it on the appropriate parts of his body. "What if we're all Death Ninjas and that's our team name, but you can be Orange Ninja and I'll be Black Ninja!"

Stepping in, Brendan is unable to hold back a grin as he looks around. Looking around, he moves to get his gear, taking about as much care about getting ready as he does to get ready for a hockey game. Pausing as he hears the talk of the others, he is unable to hold back a half-grin. "Death Ninjas, hmmm?"

Rory is still getting used to town, so where else to go than to play some laser tag. Innocent fun. Coming in not long after Brendan. A small smile on his lips as he moves to find gear for himself. Listening to the others as well. Not really knowing anyone too well here, but always a good spot to start. "Death Ninja?" He asks with a raised brow. Though not wanting to intrude on their conversations. Glancing around to see who else is there.

Willow doesn't have a huge closet of clothes so her choices are quite restricted. At least she's taken her huge jacket off to be replaced by the tag pack. Otherwise it is sneakers, tights, shorts, and a t-shirt which reads 'Death from Below' (she's short). She seems to be checking her weapon as the teams assemble, but soon realises that it's a bit different to what she has seen in the past. Deciding that shooting lights at people will be incredibly dangerous, she slips on her sunglasses to add another layer of cool…or the first layer. "Don't worry, Katherine, I've seen the competition. There isn't one." She leans in to whisper. "They think they're ninjas…but they're not even Japanese. I think the correct term is 'whinjas'."

"I'm on the best team, Abby. It's Christmas time." Katherine shows off the weird looking tree on her chestplate, it looks like the lights are eyes and the tinsel is some weird looking hair/dreadlocks. She pushes the button on her laser gun and it flashes and makes a fake pew noise, which makes her raise her eyebrows. "We need a team name. If they're going to be the Death Ninja's. We can't just be Team Christmas, that has absolutely no scariness to it." She aims a look at Willow and looks thoughtful. "Let's just be the Killers."

"Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to bring you home later," Luke quips back to Abby with an eyebrow waggle, smooching her on the cheek with a dimpled grin. "I think you're wearing that on backwards," he taps her on the chest plate, before he looks to Ethan. "Don't worry, man. You know I'd never want you to feel left out.." he produces another bandana from his back pocket and tosses it in Ethan's direction. This one was BLACK, but covered in pumpkins. It flutters to the ground beside him. "They had a bunch extra at the animal shelter when I was there volunteering," he adds with a shrug. "Are we doing guys against girls? Because I need a rematch after the snowball debacle." He points his laser gun at Rory and Brendan. "You two can be on the Death Ninja team." Then, to Willow: "I'm sorry, did you say WIN-jas? Because that's exactly what we are gonna do. Win."

"YES!" Ethan totally puts his cool black bandana on around his knee-area, so punk-rock, and gets up with all his kit on now. "You could be the red ninja," he tells Brendan. "For obvious reasons. And you can be the… I already picked black, so you'll have to come up with another color," Rory.

After the excitement of the night before, Kris decides to actually take a night to literally be 'off-duty'. She locks her sidearm in her truck and hangs up her jacket in the lobby with the others. She gets her gear and the staff have indicated that she's joining the girls' team. She grins, taking the gear and putting it on as if she were Rambo. There's even martial music and a black background highlighting every piece of gear. She instantly regrets not bringing shoe polish to use as war paint. She walks up to the group and smiles. "Not just Killers. Lady Killers. Add a little insult to injury." She winks with a smile as she seriously begins to inspect the laser rifle. She grimaces at the inaccuracy of the device. She looks to the other women there. "Ready?"

"Whinge. Whinja" Willow explains her subtle wit to Luke with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "This is going to be so easy." She turns away from him because the winning team has planning to do! "Killers? Okay. Killer Queens? Oh, Lady Killers is pretty cool too. I think I saw that movie. Tom Hanks? Wait…wasn't that about /killing/ ladies?" She produces some black make-up (she goes Goth sometimes) to streak over her cheeks before offering it round. And then it is on! She prowls the grounds, searching for someone to shoot…and not having much luck. "Do I have to hold my finger over this button to make it fire!" she yells out, giving away her position. "Never mind! Got it!" She resumes her skulking.

The lights go down as the round begins and Katherine takes off for another floor, not wanting to be the first person winged with a shot of light. She listens for footsteps, and when she hears them, she leans out and fires off a few shots in the direction of the ramp. She has no clue if she's shooting at a teammate or one of the ninja's, she's just firing wildly. Music starts playing when more shots are fired, and then a buzz sounds when someone gets tagged with a gun on the opposite team. Kate peers over the side of the railing to see who it was, eyebrows lofted as she scans the dark room for flashing lights. "Was it a Ninja? Did we kill one?"

Rory ponders, "Maroon?" He offers and grins. "Or white?" He offers. Though moving to be ready to go with them. As they start he is rushing along. Moving swiftly, and barely avoiding being shot at. Shooting a bit in hopes of hitting as well. "So, how do we do this?" He offers to the other guys with a grin.

"Is that what this is supposed to be? A Christmas tree?" Abby asks, looking down at the symbol on her gear. When Luke points at that it's on backwards, she frowns and starts turning it around so that it's not on the wrong way. "Lady Killers sounds awesome. I'm going to shoot so many whinjas. That sounds kind of racist, is that racist?" She squints at Willow and then the game begins. She's absolutely terrible at this and pretty much misses every person that she shoots at. But she has a lot of fun /dodging/ the lasers and manages to make it through with getting hit, this time.

"Red Ninja works," Brendan replies with a grin, before he looks between the others. Unable to hold back a chuckle as things start, he moves a bit to have space to fire off a shot, and being able to dodge the incoming shots. "I haven't played much of this for a long while," he says, mostly meant for himself.

"Good luck, Lady Killers! May the best /man/ win!" Luke playfully teases the women team before he points his gun towards Kris. "Her first. But find cover!" he offers helpfully to the other WIN-jas before the game is on and he runs into the arena. Or, well, slow jogs, because he's not exactly Mr. Fit here. What Luke didn't know was that the banadas he brought were glow in the dark, so there was a halo of greenish-white light around his head as he starts heading up a ramp to some part of the arena, firing aimlessly into the crowd.

Kris remembers her combat training. She goes for the high ground, looking for maximum coverage while getting a good angle at nearly all targets. She steadies her rifle and is about to pull off a shot when… BREEEEEEPPPP!!!!! "Dammit!" She shouts out, "I'm hit!! Damn gamers ruining perfectly good real life combat techniques." She gripes as she finds a spot to sit until the next round. "No.. Soldiers don't know how to fight, but a goddam teenage Overwatch player knows all!" Sarcasm much?

"I don't think Ninja is racist. White ninja kind of is, though." But not Black Ninja! The Black Ninja dives for cover (and by 'dives' I mean thumps loudly over) behind a chest-high railing, leaving his glow-in-the-dark pumpkin bandana showing around his knee. Ethan immediately begins firing at the only thing he can clearly see - the green halo - but his aim sucks real bad. "Don't worry, Red Ninja, I got your back." And then he actually shouts, "PEW PEW!"

Katherine isn't a warrior, and she isn't very coordinated, so instead of running down to the first floor. She's crawling in the dark. It's a sound strategy if you don't want to get shot, and when she stands up to pew with her lazer, she doesn't hit jack all, heck — her gun doesn't even make the noise. So she stomps slowly up toward the second level, hoping to find something in orange that she can shoot at, with no luck whatsoever.

"Dude, you're shooting at me!" Luke shouts at Black Ninja Ethan, speed-walking over a bridge to get to the rest of the Ninja team. He hasn't yet figured out that his bandana is glowing, but he does notice /another/ halo in the crowd. And so while completely standing in the open? He shoots towards said halo .. and gets nailed himself. His chestpiece starts buzzing and blinking, and he falls dramatically to the ground. "Avenge me, Black Ninjaaa!" he groans.

Abby was doing so good! At dodging things. Unfortunately that can only really go on for so long, because apparently you're supposed to shoot people too. So she fires off a couple of laser rounds only to get hit by someone else. When it happens? She screams. Because wtf it vibrates? "AHH. Oh, I just got shot. Ha." To make it look realistic, she falls down and throws her arm over her face.

Willow spots Abby going down, wondering if it was she who shot her; she is wearing sunglasses in the dark after all. "Medic!" she yells out, scampering over the floor and only bumping into two obstacles on the way. "Ow. Ow. Medic! Our medic has been hit!! Damn you, whinjas! You're not supposed to shoot the doctors." She gives Abby's arm a squeeze. "Don't worry, we'll get you to da chopper." Willow wriggles off into dark. She may be having a Vietnam flashback - to a documentary she saw about the country's snake life.

Ethan: "What? No! I'm shooting at - oh shit!" He clomps noisily to Luke's fallen body, nudges it with his toe a couple times, then promises in a throaty whisper, "I will, Orange Ninja. As god is my witness, I will avenge you." Then fires his laser up in the air a bunch of times and goes Rambo-running off after someone who he thinks is Katherine but is actually Rory. "I'm coming for you!"

Kris chuckles at Abby's death scene. "Almost as dramatic as Paul Ruebens in Buffy." She then finds a good spot of cover and starts taking sniper shots at folks. With all the dramatics going on, she laughs, doing her best Stallone impersonation. "It's not over!! IT'S NEVER OVER!!!"

Moving for somewhere with better cover, Brendan does his best to stay as much out of sight as he can. Because for someone who's used to move in front of incoming shots, working on dodging them can be quite challenging for the mindset. Firing off quite a few shots, he's unable to hold back a grin as he sees Ethan and Luke. "By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged?" he calls out to them. See, he watches movies as well as sports.

Rory is sneaking about. Trying to find the enemies. Seeming a bit more confused as he hasn't really gotten to watch a lot of movies until lately. Though he does here Ethan coming closer and shouting. "Woah, woah woah." He says as he dives. "Just me." Not really remembering which color he ended up with. While on the floor trying to spot others.

Luke stays exaggeratedly prone through the foot-nudging and promises to avenge until - "Who the hell is Grabthar?" he shouts in the dark, scrambling to his feet again. Or, well, using the fencing to pull himself up onto said feet with a grunt. But he's quick to scan the area and then duck into cover, pressing his back up against the wall and ducking into an opening to "PEW PEW!" at whoever he can find. Then he's off the wall and coming down the ramp towards the first floor again, chasing after somebody's shadow that might have actually been a trick of the black lights.

Katherine is the only one on the third level and for a while she's been leaning over the side, pewing down at people when they come into sight. She hasn't managed to hit anyone (or come close) but she's laughing as she hears shots in the dark. "Die rebel scum!" She calls out as she wings a shot at Luke, misses and then sighs. "I'd be better at this if I played more video games."

Ethan crouches down next to Rory and whispers, "I think the Red Ninja has been compromised, Vaguely Racist Ninja. Be careful, he's talking crazy - ah, they got me!" And his buzzer goes off, so he naturally falls stone-cold-dead on the ground, tongue lolling out and everything.

When the round starts again, Abby leaps to her feet. "I HAVE RISEN!" Pew, pew, pew. She runs straight at Luke, shooting her laser directly at him and somehow still missing horribly. "This thing is definitely broken!" She announces and gives the side of the laser gun a quick whack only to be scolded by one of the employees when they shake their finger at her.

"I'll get you! You and your little dog too!" Willow yells at the ninjas - what a shame she isn't even firing in the right direction. "You know, this seems like a lot of effort for little reward. Just like se…" Before she can finish her word, she runs into one of the railings, and spins over head first to crash onto the floor on the other side. "I'm just going to sit here…for a bit…"

A loud voice from near the door calls out. "Be careful! Don't sue us!"

Kris had a bead on one of the guys until she saw Willow go ass-over-teakettle over the railing. "Crap!" She yells up, standing out of cover to go check on Willow. As she runs, she gets hit. "Oh, go kiss a Krogan!" She yells out as an insult as she sits next to Willow. "Hey, you still with us, kid?" She checks for pupils if she's allowed.

Rory grins to Ethan. "Of course. Perhaps give a good shake and throw him into combat." He suggests to Ethan before the other get hit. "Noooo!" He cries out as he falls on his knees. Trying to mourn his fallen comrade. "I will revenge you." He offers before rising to rush ahead. Though seeing Willow hit the railing and fall over. "Careful." He offers, letting Kris check on her, not shooting that way for now. Jumping over his own cover to rush to a new spot. Random fire all about. Ending up near where Kris and Willow are. "Is she ok?" He asks, while continuing to shoot at the others still running about.

"We should come over and play Call of Duty, Kate!" Luke shouts happily at Kate as they run by one another, before he's nearly mowed over by Abby. He was about to shoot her, but then she was smacking at her gun, and he gives her a quizzical look. "Are you looking down the scope?" he offers, doing his best to aide the enemy by giving her helpful tips. "You gotta look down the line, put the gun up like this, and pull the trigger," he instructs, and perhaps seals Ethan's second death, because he points for Abby to aim vaguely at some glowing green halo in the distance. "Shoot that!" he grins, and then runs off again, ducking behind a make-shift wall.

Katherine is jogging down the ramp, turning a corner and going down the second ramp. She exits to the first floor, and sees lots of glowing. She fires wildly, laughing loudly and doesn't hit anything. She does manage to trip over Willow's leg before she gets to her feet, and lands on her rear. "Pile up!" She announces, laughing. Thank goodness the knees and elbows on this stuff are padded. "What's call of duty, Luke!" She calls out in the dark, waving around as she tries to unturtle herself. She fires some more, running toward the lights.

"The scope?" Abby shakes the gun some more until it looks like someone is going to come over and have a stern talking to. She jumps on to one of the boxes and starts pew pewing at random and pretending that her laser gun is more like a machine gun, complete with tut tut tut noises. Does she get anyone? What about Ethan can she hit him? She tries!

Ethan had just gotten back up, was putting his momentum into following Rory ('cause that guy seems to have a plan that extends beyond 'run, pew, die'), when his buzzer lights up again. In the darkness, he's able to make out one glimpse: Luke showing Abby how to fire her gun. "NO!" He clutches his heart, staggers backward, slides down some kind of barrier, and sputters tragically to his death with one last whisper, "… you… traitor…"

Willow's pupils are still there, though the sunglasses will need to be removed. "Are you an angel?" she asks Kris before a shake of her head to clear her mind. "Hey…I have an idea" she grins wickedly to Kris. "Go hide." A nod towards one of the crates that infest every post-apocalypse world. And there is Rudy being nice too. "I'm all good." Willow offers the thumbs up before she next has a Katherine falling over her. "This is turning into an ambush spot" she giggles, before sneaking off a little to give herself some space for her cunning plan. "I thought you'd play 'Call of Booty', Doc!" she calls out before spotting Brendan. He seems a nice guy. Perfect. "Hey, ninja" she calls over to him, "Can you help me, I think I sprained my ankle." And when he comes over to help…she shoots him. As well as calling out, "Now, Angel!!" That was for Kris, she may not have got her name. As Brendan light sup likie a Christmas tree, Willow pats him on the shoulder. "Guys are so gullible" she winks before disappearing in her co-assassin's direction.

Blinking a bit as he hears what's being said, Brendan starts moving from his cover to find himself a place with a better view. He pauses a bit as he sees Willow, and hears her words. "Sure…" he offers, lowering his weapon and starting to move over to help her. Only to get shot in the process, shaking his head as he sinks down to one knee. "Such treachery…" he offers, pausing as his shoulder gets the pat. "I'll get my revewnge," he calls out after her, although he's unable to hold back some laughter.

"Good shot!" Luke shouts out from his cover in Abby's vague direction, until he squints and sees Ethan falling in the distance. There's a gasp - has he set up his own buddy? Betrayal, intrigue, DRAMA! "You're making us /LOOK/ bad, Black Ninja! JEEZE!" he shouts over to Ethan, before he chases down his next target, trying to hammer both Willow and Kris as he runs up a nearby ramp. He misses them both, completely.

Ethan goes down and Abby shakes her gun in the air, "Mwuahaha! Victory!" She leps down off of her box and continues to sprint around like a lunatic. She's having entirely too much fun pointing and aiming at people, though she's carefully not to point to anyone on her actual team. As much as possible.

Kris nods to herself, sure that Willow's not concussed or anything. "Alright…" She says as she hides… which is not typically her forte unless she's hunting. As Willow takes out her own target, shortly before having a Katherine fall over her, Kris jumps out and starts shooting away.

Katherine shoots vaguely in all directions, laughing as she hears Luke being mean to whoever Black Ninja is. She almost trips as she tries to turn the corner to run up the ramp and her chestplate vibrates and beeps. "Gah!" She makes a gurgled noise and dramatically falls over, bouncing her helmeted head off the ground. "…ow.."

Dead Ethan's buzzer goes off when the next round begins. "Fuck you, traitor!" he shouts after Luke. And, more seriously, "This thing is broken." He sits in the laser-dark like he's going to fix it himself, hunched awkwardly so he can thump it with the butt of his laser-gun a bunch of times. That same employee that was all over Abby gives him a stern warning, and then has to listen to Ethan explain how it's broken, dude. "Just wait till the next round starts. You'll see."

Rory more or less disappears again, once everyone seem okay. Though as they are gone he will show up next to Brendan. "Red… No, not another." He offers with mock sorrow. Closing his eyes with his own hand before blending into the shadows and going on a killer hunt. "Come out, come out." He offers as he moves about. Chuckling a bit though as he hear the others.

Willow isn't even aware that Luke was shooting at her, she is high on victory. Her sunglasses back on as she careens up a ramp. She's a teenager. She can run forever! As long as there are energy drinks to be had. Every now and then she will blast away at orange before suddenly finding Katherine on the ground nearby. "You okay? I think that trick will only work once" she giggles, squatting down to help Katherine up. "Truce!" she yells out, "We need to evacuate the wounded!" To Katherine she adds, "You know what would be really cool? Grenades. How much do they cost?"

Getting to his feet, with a mental note of finding some way he can get back at Willow for the treachery, Brendan grins as he hears Rory's words, before he moves forward again, firing off his shots in all directions now. After all, hopefully he'll be able to hit one of the girls, right?"

"SEE?!" Ethan's buzzer does the thing, and the employee just shrugs and walks off, having heard something about some girl getting hurt. "I think it's just that you suck, bro."

"I love you too, Ethan!" Luke calls out to his friend, making obnoxious kissy sounds into the air as he heads to the second floor. He leans over a railing to pew-pew into the shadows before he runs down another ramp, flying past some of the girls and spraying lasers in the air.

Katherine gets back up and she runs across the first floor, stopping when she sees Ethan just standing around. "What happened to you?" She asks, and then remembers that he's on the enemy team. He's already blinking, and hasn't stopped in a while, but she shoots him again anyway before she trots off in the opposite direction. "You'll be okay Ethan! Think of how cool you look being shot at over and over again!"

Kris chuckles at the though of laser grenades. "This set-up is so horrible. If you want closer to real, come out into the woods. We can do it all proper… but then it could turn into something out of both Deliverance AND The Deer Hunter.." She looks around and tries to squeeze a shot off when she gets hit again. "Oh fer cryin' out loud! This game is rigged!"

Someone in the room mimics the twanging of the banjo's from the second level.

Still high on having shot Ethan (whether or not his vest is rigged doesn't seem to matter to her), Abby takes a final shot towards the end of the round. "Noooo!" She calls out and drops to her knees, "I'll come back from this!" Except she won't, because it's the end of the game. She's gone! Dead! Finished! "This thing was definitely broken," she announces once she gets back up to her feet again, hefting the gun.

Rory has either been lucky or his vest is broken and can't light up. Either way he stalks about to shoot. But mainly he dashes about and moves over the obstacles without problem. Shooting at random people as he rushes about. "It's fine, black ninja is playing bait." He suggests with a bit of amusement. Since it did seem to work.

"Oh, cry me a river," is Ethan's response to Abby's broken gun. His chest buzzer is still buzzing when the lights come up, and he stops whacking it with the butt of his laser gun to sulk at Katherine (in a childish mumble), "Woulda looked cooler doing all Black Ninja backflip laser shots." Mumble mumble. :(

Moving forward with a last few shots, Brendan grins a little as he keeps on firing. Not sure which one of the targets he's going for, but it seems he's more moving like killer robots in films, or something like that now. Find target and shoot them.

Katherine's vest is stuck, and she spends a few minutes twisting, pulling and grunting as she tries to undo the vest. "I'm stuck!" She finally calls out, and an employee comes over to help. It takes three minutes and some yanking, which almost knocks Katherine over, but they finally get her unhooked. "If your vest won't come off, wait for an employee!" The guy calls out, taking Katherine's vest with her as he runs off.

"Did we win?" The lights in the arena are turning on, a signal that the game was over. Above, the televisions flicker on with the scores, and Luke lets out a whoop. "Aww, yeah! Death Ninjas ROCK!" He lifts a fist in the air, but the celebration is short lived. He pads over to Ethan and slaps him on the shoulder. "You're the real MVP, man," he says in a comforting sort of manner.

With Katherine up and free, Willow uses all her guile and subtlety to navigate the course looking for another victim. Of course, this means she gets shot while ambling casually in front of the ninjas. She looks down at her vest as it lights up, looking confused for a moment. "Oh…am I dead?" A big pout forms before she cries, "But I had so much to look forward to! Who will feed my cat now! I'm dying…dying. I leave my clothes to the local thrift shop. And my embroidered collection of tea cosies goes to the Pope." She slowly sits down as she dies. "My first edition magazine collection goes to that homeless guy on the corner who never has enough toilet paper. My…" The lights flicker on. "Hey, I haven't finished dying yet!!" A grumble as she looks around for Kris. "If that was a serious invitation, I'm in."

Kris pulls off her vest, making sure no employee will be putting their hands on her. "People trying to play out their Call of Duty fantasies in real life. The only thing missing was some jerk trying to teabag us." She looks over to Willow, confused. "Huh? Invitation for what?"

"Stop whining, your team won!" Abby calls back over to Ethan, snorting when he starts mumbling and whacking his chest buzzer. When Willow launches into full on dramatics, she stops to watch it in open appreciation, her mouth curving as laughter begins to bubble out. "This was fun. But how to get out of this thing?" She starts spinning around looking for the buckles, fighting with the vest until she can unclip it and get out.

As the light comes on Rory is moving along as well, chuckling as he hear the others. Giving pats to the fellow Death Ninjas. Raising a brow at Willow and Kris. "I'll bring teabags to throw at you next time?" He jokes. Moving to get out of his vest. "Thank you all. Indeed, was fun."

Ethan looks up at the scoreboard, then down at the pile of gear that he's dropped to the floor. "I'm pretty sure that most of those six kills they got was me, but thanks, butterbear. It's nice to know who I can trust." SO MANY BARBS.

As the lights go on, Brendan instinctively looks to see the scores, unable to hold back a bit of a cheer. "Awesome," he offers as he looks around at the others. "I think you might need a full film for such a death scene," he offers lightly to Willow, as he starts removing the vest. "You're quite a trickster, though," he offers with a grin. Looking between the others as well.

"Hey, no hard feelings, okay?" Willow grins to Brendan as she struggles with her own vest. "All's fair in love and war. Except this score, that is totally unfair." She nods over to Ethan with a smile. "You really suck at this. Just saying." To Kris she says, "You said we could do this out in the woods. Pretty sure you mentioned delivering a beer hunter. Which sounds fun." Looking around at everyone, eagerness in her eyes, she asks, "So what are we doing now?"

Ethan sniffs at Willow and says something about getting some beer, goddamn teenagers, then skulks out.

Luke gets out of his vest and goes padding over to Abby. "Hey, your bandana says adopt me," he says to her with a brow wag. "Does that mean I can bring you home?" So smooth.

Kris clears her throat and looks at Willow. "Need help?" She means with the vest. "Well there are some neat places in the woods to do this but there's no black lights. We'd have to use lasers because if someone uses paintballs in my forest I'll hunt them down for real." She says, then smiles, trying to not come off as so scary.

"Well, it's forgiven until the next time we meet at this place?" Brendan offers to Willow, before he offers a hand. "I'm Brendan. It's a pleasure to meet you." He glances between the others, shaking his head a little at Luke's words, then pauses at Kris. "You've got your own forest?"

"Oh… that's so hokey. Lets go." Abby laughs with a groan, grabbing Luke's hand and leading him out of this place (that they didn't get kicked out of this time).

It seems all the old folk are hooking up to leave; must be past their bedtime. At least Kris is still around to help her out. "Thanks" she smiles to the ranger who doesn't seem /that/ scary, holding up her arms while the buckles are undone. At least until she shakes Brendan's hand. "Willow. Nice to meet you too." To Kris she adds, "You can get home laser tag kits. Maybe we can only do it at night?"

Rory looks to those still around. "Fair." He says and offers his own wave, "Rory." He offers to them all. Tilting his head at their words. "Sound interesting, in the forest and whatnot."

Kris removes Willow's vest and places it down as she's talking to Brendan. Kris takes a step back to not interrupt. "Yeah… The natural rock formations along with the trees.. It's just majestic, even though most of the leaves are gone. It'll be better in the springtime." She looks to Brendan. "I live in the forest, and I protect it. I don't own anything, but the forest is mine." She grins, trying to drop some woke philosophy on the youngster.

Brendan smiles, nodding a bit as he hears Kris. "That sounds quite nice. I've always liked the forest. Especially if there are good fishing spots there." There's a smile as he looks between the others still present. "So, what kind of interesting things are happening now?" he asks, sounding a bit curious.

"I've never really got to go out in the wood much. I'm from the Heights" Willow explains with a shrug. "But it sounds pretty awesome and lovely. You must have a really awesome job, Kris. I bet you don't even think it's a job." A pout at Brendan. "I hope you eat those fish you murder, mister. I guess we can go hit the town or something. Just because we're underage, doesn't mean we can't have fun."

Rory ponders, he doesn't drink so he does smile. "Well, a lot of interesting things over at the mall?" He suggests. "Or the forest could offer some nice things." He continues. Looking between them, nodding to Kris' words. "Sounds pleasant and interesting."

Kris grumbles. "You're all underage, which makes me the Old Lady. Have fun." She chuckles and waves as she heads out into the chilled evening air."

"Just because I like to fish doesn't mean I manage to catch something each time," Brendan offers to Willow, before he adds, "But I eat what I catch, or rather, I make sure either I or friends and family does so." There's a brief pause as he hears Kris, "Hey, you mean we're making you feel even older?" he asks, before he adds, "See you later, old lady?" There's a brief pause as he looks back to the others. "We should do something, though."

Willow looks disappointed as Kris heads out. For a few moments at least, and then she is shrugging and her smile returns. "I guess we go to the mall then." She looks between the men. "Umm…either of you have a car? I got the bus here." Willow pulls on her big army jacket, numerous pockets filled, and smiles expectantly.

Rory waves goodbye to Kris before looking over to the other two. A chuckle at that. "Bye." Looking back to the other two, being the oldest now it seems. "Like?" He asks as he looks between both. Though now that he's not in the midst of action he does seem a bit more pulled back in appearance. Eyes not really staying on either too long right now.

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