(2018-10-28) Morris Interrogation
John Morris, suspect in the Morris killings, is questioned by police and psychiatrist.

The survivor, and suspected perpetrator, of the Morris family killings is handcuffed to the metal table inside the interrogation room. John Morris, twenty one, son of two victims, brother to another, nephew to the fourth. There was also an empty crib in the Winnebago, but the baby, Julie Morris, is missing. The young man hasn't said much since being taken into custody. He does have a lawyer with him, someone provided by the state, who looks rather disinterested.

Standing outside of the interrogation room, Erik watches the suspect rather carefully for now. He keeps silent as he watches, while he finishes off a cup of coffee, rather quietly as he watches. Expression a bit thoughtful, eyes slightly narrowed.

Once again Stan finds himself at the station to handle talking to the seemingly insane suspects. He doesn't mind though as he seems quite curious. Walking along to see Erik, nodding to him. "Hello." Is offered as he looks to the door. "Is he okay?" He asks curiously. "Anything you can tell me?" He asks.

There's a few more moments of pause as he finishes off the coffee, turning away from watching the suspect, before he offers a nod in Stan's direction. "Doctor." The greeting offered, before he glances back again, shaking his head a little bit. "You're the one that's supposed to know if he's okay or not, right?" It's said a bit lightly, perhaps a bit forced, before he sighs. "I don't know. Seems that he hasn't said much since they brought him in. Nothing unusual in his background either." He sighs a bit as he nods towards the room. "Shall we?" Unless Stan wants him to observe from out here, that is.

Stan nods slowly. "Meant a bit more physically, but touche." He offers and grins. "As long as more tongues don't come flying at me." He says and doesn't seem too bothered. "Of course. If things shift I might ask to speak to him in private, but hopefully not needed." He suggests.

The lawyer is snoozing in the corner when the pair enter. He stirs before offering them a wave. "I am here to make sure my client's rights are protected" he yawns. "Wake me up if you ignore them." John Morris doesn't seem too concerned about the lack of proper legal protection. He stares wide eyed and grinning, tapping at the table with his fingernails, barely even registering the two.

There's a brief pause and a nod to the lawyer. "Long day?" he asks, before he nods a bit. "Duly noted. Sorry for the wait." Looking towards John Morris, he offers a nod as well as he seats himself. "John Morris," he greets the young man with a bit of a nod. "Do you prefer us using John, or Johnny, or something else?" A brief nod to Stan. "I'm Detective Chambers, this is Dr. Everest." He goes silent again for a few moments, looking between all of the others, before he adds, "What happened?" Spoken a bit softly.

Stan is already reading his behavior and what it tells him. "You should care more." He offers to the lawyer, then again John seems out of it. Letting Erik make introductions. Taking lead. Waiting for it to go silent. "Feel free." He offers to John. "Whatever you want, if you have been somewhere, meet interesting people." He says and takes a seat to wait and listen.

John looks from one to the other - ignoring the lawyer - the light in his eyes matching the maniacal grin on his face. "He is coming" he whispers. At least he is more talkative than the Jiminez girl; and he has all of his tongue as well! "All of this means nothing…" A tug on his cuffs. "His path leads him through this town and you must all be purified."

"Ah, yes. He is coming," Erik replies, with a nod, as he pauses for a few moments. "Seems there's quite a few people that has said that lately. It would be nice if someone could tell us who he is, though." A brief pause, before he shrugs a little. "I don't know about others, but I'm starting to get a bit curious about who we are speaking of."

Stan nods slowly, "I know. His path seems to be that of cleanliness." He suggests and tilts his head. "When and where did you first meet him, and was granted his enlightening path?" He asks curiously. Glancing to Erik with a bit of a shrug, but brow raising, perhaps agreeing. Though his attention is soon back on John.

John closes his eyes and turns his face towards the ceiling. "He has reached out to the worthy and I was blessed to be called. Once the impurities in my life were eradicated, I can now climb the path to true salvation. The ground is prepared and soon he will be among us. Only a few more days and all will be revealed."

"So, how did he reach out for you, hmmm?" Erik replies, narrowing his eyes a little. Reaching into the pocket of his jacket, he pulls out pictures, not only of the victims of the Morris family, but also the ones from the Jiminez family, although it's the pictures of the young man's family he places closest to the man on the table. "So, how were they impurities?"

Stan nods slowly. "How many were blessed? 13?" He asks as he shifts a bit, trying to get a read and get into John's headspace. Trying to think like him perhaps. Hearing Erik as well. Letting John take his time to answer it all. Allowing Erik to be blunt and do his job while Stan tries to do his. So taking turns it is.

"He saw my sorrow and offered release" John grins before sighing happily. "He saw I was being held back, corrupted by those around me. He showed me what I had to do. Reached into my soul to show me the way." He looks over the photos and smiles a bit brighter. "I did what was needed." A curious look at Stan. "He does not tell me all of His plans, only that which I need to know. Only that which is my duty. All will become clear. Soon."

Erik frowns as he hears that. "So, why don't you tell us what your sorrow was, Johnny?" Testing out that nickname to see how John reacts to it, he frowns as he adds, "Did the things that was needed include abducting your niece, or was she killed as well?"

Stan nods as he listens. Curious. Letting Erik offer his questions before leaning forward a bit. "He brings light to a place of darkness and cleanses corruption." He offers. "Then from what you've said you have not met his other apostles?" He asks. "How did you feel when you met him. Did you actually meet and talk to him? Or her?"

"What was done, needed to be done. It is His path" John explains patiently, relaxing back his chair. No reaction to the nickname. "I have not had the honor to meet Him in the flesh as He had not descended yet. We are still cleansing the path. I have done my duty. Others will do theirs."

"Then, tell me what happened to her?" Erik says, before leaning forward a bit as well. "You have not met him. Then who have you met?" A brief pause, and he looks to Stan. "You want to know what I think, Doc? I think John here has been trying out some kind of drugs. After all, many people do at his age." It's said mostly in an attempt to provoke a reaction from the suspect.

Stan shrugs at Erik's words. As for John he studies him. "Who does he speak through? Or do you hear his voice?" He asks curiously. "Let me hear and understand." He offers and smiles reassuringly to John.

"We all hear His voice, but you choose not to listen" John smiles sweetly. "if you truly want to hear Him…then do so." A slight tilt of his head as he watches Stan, expecting him to suddenly hear. "Drugs are an impurity" he sniffs. "We do not need them to hear Him. Those who partake, will be cleansed."

Erik raises an eyebrow as he hears John's words, turning his head back to the young man. "No drugs then…" There's a brief pause, before he adds, "Tell me how you did the… cleansing. I want to understand." A brief pause, before he adds, "Please?"

Stan does seem to genuinely try to listen as he closes his eyes. "Then do help me. Understand." He offers to John. Nodding as Erik offers his words as well. Opening his eyes to try and study John, look for any way he could have heard something. Hearing aid or anything. Though his focus is soon on John's eyes. "What will bring him here. Which different things need to be cleansed? You all seem to be after different parts." He suggests. "Has this given you new purpose?" He asks of John.

"It is the only purpose there is. Once He has arrived, we will all receive salvation. Then nothing will matter." It seems quite clear to John. "They were cleansed in blood. As He proclaimed it should be done. All is done as He desires. I let the corruption free by opening the shells of sin. They thanked me. They knew it was for the best." Another disturbing smile for Stan. "He will be here when the world opens for him. Only a couple of days now."

"I need more details to understand," Erik replies, letting out a bit of sigh. "The shells of sin?" There's a brief pause, before he adds, "And who else was there?"

Stan listens curiously, speaking in low voice to Erik. "Look for the pattern. We have a few days. Different ways of meeting and so forth. Yet something in common." He says before looking to John again. "Did you go away recently? Vacation, or perhaps disappearing to his kingdom?" He asks as he listens again. "His words might not reach even if one listens, without guidance. He chose you for a reason, did he not?"

"He communicated with me using the vessels of the sinners" John smiles. "There is no vacation from your duty. I came to His land to follow His command. That is why I am here." He gestures as best he can with handcuffed hands to the room around them. "This is but a temporary state until His arrival. You cannot trick me" he smirks to Stan, "If you listen, you can hear. You do not listen. I sincerely hope that both of you will come to understand before it is too late."

Nodding a bit as he hears Stan's words, Erik frowns. "True…" he mutters in return, before he shakes his head. "I'm fairly certain it's drugs. And that when we return to the crime scene, we will find it." It's said loud enough for John to hear now. "So, the 'he' is probably the dealer, right?" Offering John another smile, as he adds, "Probably the one that owns the shoe that we have found the print of at different crime scenes." Another brief pause, as he studies the suspects. "Sounds about right, hmmm?"

Stan shrugs, "Blood test then?" He suggests to Erik. Letting him lead this. "I heard another was brought along. Disappearing to meet him." He offers. "While you either was lead by someone, as you said. He spoke through sinners. A family member?" He asks. "Or as was suggested, a dealer?" He asks as he sits patiently. A whisper to Erik. "He seem split. Read between the lines, hopefully something will stick."

John seems bemused by all this drug talk so relaxes back in this chair to let them babble. His eyes glazing over as he stares off into the distance. And then he starts to sing. Softly at first. Out of tune and with a croaking voice but that doesn't seem to bother him; 'The shepherd is here/To tend his sheep/The wolves must be slaughtered/So we can live in peace.'

Erik nods as he hears Stan's words, "Sounds like we need a blood test, yes." He frowns a little at the singing. "Hey, Little John? Don't aim for a career as a singer, okay?" There's a few moments as he listens, looking over at Stan. "Any other ideas?"

"Not sure. Trinity?" He suggests. "Find ways to hear what can't be heard and see what isn't there?" He suggests. Seeming a bit curious. "Do we have more farmers about? We have had pig and seemingly sheep. What else?" He asks. Studying John. "Tell me a word that you are thinking about." He offers, about ready to head out.

John continues to sing, louder now, blocking out any attempt to communicate with him…or even talk at him. Whatever the grand plan is. It seems to be only days away. The lawyer wakes at the loud singing, grimacing before getting to his feet. "I think we're done, gentlemen" he yawns.

Erik frowns, nodding a little as he hears that. Grimacing a bit at the singing, he lets out a few deep breaths, before he looks to the now awake lawyer, nodding. "Of course." Getting to his feet again, he looks back to John, before he nods at Stan as well.

Stan ponders, "Check any farm animals, perhaps anyone that has been away for a bit recently?" Allowing John and the lawyer to leave and move to speak with Erik. "Both of them seem uncertain and exposed to something. John seems like you might have been abused. Can't say for certain though. While Maria was missing for a time. Perhaps kidnapped. If someone helped them both it would explain some as well." He says and sighs. "Sorry, I have been more about seeing and helping them through what they go through. Though it seems like they might all have needed help." Sighing, "Sorry."

Erik nods a bit slowly as he hears Stan's words. "Helped them, or found them to turn their feelings against their families…" He lets out a bit of a sigh as he looks around. "Farm animals," he adds, nodding a bit as he pulls out an old notebook to write a few things down.

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