(2018-10-28) Laying Golden Eggs
In a moment of weakness, Solo admits to Heather what she really does for a living. In broad terms that will hopefully keep Heather out of trouble. (Ahahahaha! Right.)

Warning: Post-coital snuggling. Probably PG13 rated.
Descriptions: They're naked. Nuff said.
Location: Solo's bed, in the rose room at the B&B.

What a lovely way to finish a lovely day. Heather got to fly twice; once in a plane. The other…well, at the moment she is snuggling up against Solo in the latter's bed at the B&B. She still glistens with perspiration and…other things, catching her breath a little as she tenderly kisses Solo's chest. "God, when Katherine finds out I had sex under her roof…" Heather smiles wickedly before quickly adding, "Not that I would tell her or anything."

Solo had, in fact, put a sock over the doorknob as asked when she first started living here. She mmms softly at the tender kiss and rests her chin on Heather's head. "She'll know someone's in bed with me. The whole house probably knows if they're home. Sorry about that. I was… a little wound up."

"No need to apologize, it's nice to know I made an impression" Heather teases, fingers gently caressing Solo's stomach under the sheets. "It's not as if I'm as quiet as a church mouse anyway." She lifts her head to look at Solo. "Wound up? Anything you want to talk about? Or just life in general?"

Solo is quiet a while, idly sucking at one of her fingertips. "There are parts of my job that are scarier than others. Usually the non-flying parts. Had one of those Wednesday. Right before you called, actually." She looks up at Heather. "I'm in a dangerous time right now. I'm new in town. I don't know who the players are, and they don't know me, and yet we do business. Trust is kind of low." She's quiet a while longer. "A reporter knows… who the movers and shakers are, right?"

Heather pulls away slightly, but only so she can rest her head on her hands and look more concerned. "A reporter could know these things. We're not born with the knowledge, but we know who to ask. What do you need to know?" Her eyes narrow a little. "Don't you dare get hurt."

You say, "Believe me, not getting killed is among my highest priorities." Solo's quiet a while. "Ok. Trusting you a lot here. Some, but not all, of what I do is…illegal. So… a quick who's who of that crowd would be a huge help.""

"It may surprise you to know, Solo, that I figured out what you were doing was mostly illegal" Heather smirks. "And yet, I'm still here. Maybe I want to guide you to the light? Or, if you listen to Katherine, even more to the Dark Side. But, seriously, I'll find out what I can. Bianca does most of the crime beat but I haven't lost all my contacts." She purses her lips in thought for a moment. "If it turns out to be dangerous. Really dangerous. Would you give it all up?"

Solo shakes her head. "No, don't ask around. It's like being up to your neck in a cesspool. last thing you want is someone to make waves." Solo nods slowly. "So. what is it you think I do?"

"You fly like an angel" Heather replies with a warm smile and a quick kiss to Solo's lips. "But you carry the cargo of devils…sometimes. I don't need to know the details. And asking around is what I do. No one will think it is connected to you. It's my job to know these things." A little frown. "I guess you're doing deliveries for the Cartels. Yeah, that is dangerous."

Solo is quiet a long time. "You're the first person I ever told who wasn't involved up to the hips. If anyone finds out, I probably go to prison. Even if not, my commercial license would be toast for sure, probably all my licenses.

"You could turn State evidence" Heather suggests, though not with any enthusiasm. "Witness Protection if you need to. If you staying alive and safe means I also never get to see you again, I can live with that. I'd rather you be free of this involvement. But it's your choice. I'll do what I can to help you, don't ever doubt that, but I'm not afraid to admit I'd prefer if you were out of it all."

Solo scootches closer to Heather, winding up resting her head on Heather's belly, just north of her pubic bone. "I'd rather I wasn't too. But I owe, I owe, so off to work I go, you know?"

Heather runs her fingers gently through Solo's hair, stroking, caressing, trying to comfort the other woman through her caring touch. "Is the amount you owe actually going down? The people you owe money to are probably worse than banks. They have accounting systems that make it pretty damn impossible to get out. I can't blame you for not trusting them."

Solo nuzzles Heather's stomach and kisses there, not for the first time this evening. "The interest rate's killer, and you don't want collections calling on you, but they are keeping an honest tally, at least. I should be free of them in about six years. Maybe less. I've found some pretty lucrative gigs that are less risky and only involve corporates. They're at least a little less likely to shoot me.

"Six years? Damn. As long as you're still making enough money to support your business…and your life." Heather smiles at the kiss on her stomach, squirming a little…in a good way. "Do they make you drop the legal jobs to run stuff for them when they need it? Make sure you don't make some extra money and possibly pay them off quicker? Let's hope they don't find out about the other jobs."

Solo shakes her head. "Nah. As long as the goose keeps laying golden eggs, they have the wisdom not to mess with it.

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