(2018-10-28) Doody Door
Luke, Edgar and Katherine get together to gab and drink coffee.

Coffee makes the world go 'round, especially after a busy weekend! Katherine stands in line, behind three others, waiting for her turn to order. She knows what she wants, she gets the same thing every time. A large chocolate mocha, three different pastries and a bagel with cream cheese. She gives away two pastries, drinks all of her mocha and gets another, and then eats the bagel. It's almost a tradition by now, and part of the reason her hips are so big. Bagels make your bum grow! One person down, two to go now. She rocks on her feet, glancing around in the nearly empty coffee shop. At least she can sit in the cushioned chairs by the fireplace today.

Edgar shuffles in after Katherine. He's got another hoodie on, one that didn't get burnt to a crisp. He's so fixated on his phone he almost doesn't recognize her. It isn't until he glances up at the menu that he sees her in passing, and his expression brightens. "Hey, Kate," he says. "How's it going?" He shoves his phone in his pocket. The astute might notice it's a video feed of a cat.

Luke comes rushing through the coffee shop door with a small white box tucked under his arm, only to wind up in a line. He breathes out a sigh, but he's going to be patient. Coffee may be life, but he can wait for a handful of people. It's not until he hears the name 'Kate' that he actually notices Katherine in line, too, and he flashes her a broad and dimpled grin. "Hey Kate!" he says, catching the cat video feed of the guy immediately in front of him. He sees it, but he says nothing, because he doesn't know Edgar.

Katherine turns her head, spotting Edgar and Luke at the same time. "Hey! This is a coincidence! How are you two doing? Have you two met?" Her expression gets bright as she realizes she gets to introduce the pair. "Luke, this is Edgar. He's amazing." She gestures to Luke. "Edgar, this is my best gossip buddy Luke. He's also the local Vet. You two getting coffee? Sticking around?" She turns to find she's next in line, and she takes a deep breath, ready to launch into the spiel. The barista is already laughing. "I saw you in line, Kate. I got your order half ready, go ahead and pay, girl." Kate gets an embarrassed look on her face and takes a side step to the register. "If you're staying, we're getting a table by the fire!"

Edgar looks up at Luke and smiles a little, looking not so much amazing as tired but content. "Hey, Luke," he says. "I'm bringing my cat to you soon. She needs chipped, and I guess looked at to make sure she's healthy? I don't know, I just got her." He then tells Katherine, "Yeah, I'm staying for awhile." He peruses the menu, rather thoroughly for a guy who, when it's time for him to order, gets an Americano.

Luke looks over to Edgar and flashes him a grin. "Oh yeah? Well call up and make an appointment.. here," he pats himself down, finding where he stows his business cards and flipping one over to Edgar. When it's his turn, he orders just a plain old coffee, which he brings over to the table that Katherine's picked out near the fire. It's there that he reveals the contents of his box, setting it in the middle of the table - apple cider donut holes. "You guys can have some if you want. I had to go do a check up on an ostrich, which was bizarre? But his parents own an orchard and they shoved like a dozen of these boxes in my arms. These things are like crack," he plops down on his seat.

Katherine takes her food and coffee to the front table, settling into a chair near the fire. "Wow. Wow!" She reaches out for one of the donut holes, popping it in her mouth. "Oh.." She closes her eyes and chews for a few moments, nodding her head. "Okay, I want a whole box of those. Maybe I'll ask Heather about it tomorrow on the show. If we mention them, perhaps they'll send us some." She tucks her feet up on the chair, gazing at the men over her knees. "While you're there, Edgar? Ask him about the pygmy goats. Rainbow is at home right now, and she keeps doing this leaping prance around in circles. I don't like leaving her outside though. Can I make a baby gate dealy in the house somewhere?"

Edgar takes the card, gives it a glance, and says, "Cool, I'll give you a call." He pays for his coffee, then brings it over to the table by the fire. He glances at the fireplace, but last night's trauma hasn't put him off all fire. This contained sample is okay. He sits down and eyes the donut holes speculatively. "You went to see an ostrich? That's crazy." He pops one of the things in his mouth, and one can almost pinpoint when the addictive nature of the things hits him. He swallows and says, "Those are good. So. uh, what about pygmy goats?"

"It was pretty bizarre. But then again, they had a giraffe at the .." Luke trails off and shakes his head, the memory clearly uncomfortable for him. He just frowns and reaches for one of his donut holes, dunking it into his coffee and then popping it into his mouth with a groan. "I'm going to need invest in this orchard, I think," he sighs, then grins over to Katherine. "Kate adopted a pygmy goat from the shelter this morning. She's adorable. I think it'd be okay if you put up a spot for her in the house, Kate, but goats are pretty good at escaping. So you might have this little goat prancing all over your furniture when you least expect it. Plus, I mean, not to mention the poop."

Katherine reaches out to give Luke a brief pat on his bicep, a sympathetic look on her face. She's quickly diverted by talk of her goat. It makes her smile and sit up straighter. "She prances around everywhere, and she loves to be hugged. I never …really met a goat before, so when I hug her she makes a weird noise." She turns to grin at Edgar. "So when you visit you get to meet her. I named her after a My Little Pony, and I left her with Charlotte this evening. They're eating popcorn and listening to music, I think. ..I should text her about the poop though."

Edgar's eyes widen and he looks between Luke and Katherine. "Wait, what? You got a goat? You can just do that? You can just, like, get a goat?" Oh, city boy. So innocent, in his way. "What do you do with a goat? Doesn't it have to live outside?" He gesture to Luke. "Like he said, all the poop." He keeps looking between the two. This is all craziness. It's blowing his mind. People just mosey into shelters and get goats?!

"Yeah, I mean, they can be trained to go in a specific /spot/? But not easily.." Luke chuckles a little, shaking his head as he reaches for the donut holes. At least this is distracting him from thinking about that ill-fated carnival. He flashes a grin to Edgar as he dunks his hole into the coffee, nodding a little. "This is Calaveras, man. I don't know where you're from? But this is a cowboy town. They have chickens at the shelter, too," he shrugs his shoulders. "Pygmy goats are small though, and they make excellent pets, as long as they have outdoor access. You should think about getting a door installed.." he looks to Kate and considers this, then grins back to Edgar. "I have a pig, myself. And a dog. Granted, Hamlet was sort of an accident."

"Like a doody door?" Katherine asks, blinking once and then again as she considers the option. "I suppose I can get a fence around the double doors that go out of the kitchen, and she can go and come in as she pleases. I just hope she continues to want to snuggle, because I'm gonna be honest here. She's adorable. Her breath smells, but she's cute." She leans back in her chair, nibbling on a donut hole. "I'm gonna admit, I'm not sure how Ethan is going to respond to me adopting a goat. Same with Heather. I might get yelled at by one of them."

"I'm from Brooklyn," Edgar says. "People don't have goats. Some of them have pigs, but they're those little pigs, and that was mostly just a fad." His brow furrows as he looks to Katherine. "What's it to them if you get a goat? It's your house, you can have a goat if you want." Sure, he may not understand getting a goat, but damn it, he'll defend someone's right to do it!

"That's how I wound up with Hamlet. Those little pigs don't stay little," Luke says to Edgar, shrugging his shoulders. "But she's not giant. Like thirty pounds. She's a great snuggler, too, you just can't talk about bacon around her." He looks back to Kate and furrows his brows. ".. Did you just call it a doody door?"

"Well yeah, it's not a doggy door in this case. It's for a goat." Kate says, glancing at Edgar with a grin on her face. "I mean, you've met Heather right? She yelled at me for getting a tattoo on my arm without asking permission first. I wanted to throw something at her head." She nibbles on her bottom lip, looking thoughtful. "I just worry. I worry about most people before I worry about myself. Everyone has to be comfortable, just so!" She holds up both hands, eyebrows raised. "I don't think Ethan will mind, if he doesn't have to clean up poop. Heather? The moment the goat walks through the set, she's going to lose her mind."

Edgar nods to Luke. That part he can comprehend, people giving the pig away. "I've never cuddled a pig," he admits. "I just got a cat before I left because I was at a truck stop outside of Omaha and this cat just got in my car. I looked around for her people, and I took her to a vet to get scanned, but she wasn't chipped. I tried leaving her a few times but she kept getting back in the car." He shrugs. "So I have a cat."

Edgar nods to Luke. That part he can comprehend, people giving the pig away. "I've never cuddled a pig," he admits. "I just got a cat before I got here because I was at a truck stop outside of Omaha and this cat just got in my car. I looked around for her people, and I took her to a vet to get scanned, but she wasn't chipped. I tried leaving her a few times but she kept getting back in the car." He shrugs. "So I have a cat."

"Those are the best kinds of cats," Luke says to Edgar with a grin, before he chuckles over to Katherine. "You just need to know how to talk to Heather, Kate. Be direct, be forceful! Leave no room for her to complain, argue or anything. Just.. this is your life, and you're living it," he shrugs, and then slides away from the table, getting to his feet. "It was nice meeting you, Edgar. Come by the clinic with your kitty and I'll get her chipped and make sure she's all right," he says, before he grins over to Kate. "I gotta go run some errands. But it was nice chatting."

"Be good, Luke." Katherine murmurs, stealing another donut hole. She leans back in her seat and gazes over at Edgar. "I want to meet your cat. So one day you should bring her over to meet Blue. Blue is my kitty cat, but she's kind of focused on Solo." She reaches out for the coffee, takes a drink, and sets it down. "So did you get home okay this morning?"

"It was nice to meet you, Luke. I'll see you soon." He takes his phone out of his pocket and shows it to Katherine. "There she is," he says, "sleeping on my desk, just like I wish she wouldn't do." On the screen is a grey tabby resting comfortably atop a closed laptop, curled up and snoozing. "Yeah, I got home okay. I slept like the dead last night, so that was good."

"I'm glad you did. I'm doubly glad that you came to the B&B when you needed a place to go." Katherine leans in to look at the cat, laughing delightedly. "Oh, she's adorable. Does she keep you company while you work? Blue used to sleep on set with us, but Mitch is afraid of cats. So she couldn't stay." She glances after Luke, sighing. "I worry about that guy sometimes."

"Yeah, I'm really glad your place was there for me, because I don't know where I would've gone otherwise." Edgar looks a little sheepish to admit it. It's not like he's so naive he doesn't know where to get drugs in this town. Hell, that's the thing he's best at: finding drugs. "I'm glad there was an alternative." He smiles then as he looks at the security feed to his apartment, watching his cat doing exactly what he doesn't want her doing. "Yeah, she's a sweetie. She likes to be near me." He arches a brow. "Who's afraid of cats? Seriously." Mitches. Bah! Looking back the way Luke came, he asks, "Yeah? Wha's that?"

"Army boy, he seems really happy, but he doesn't seem to think he deserves it." Katherine turns her head to smile at Edgar, patting him on the top of his hand gently. "You can always come to the B&B, even if I'm not there, someone is. I'd rather you get into trouble by being headbutt by my stubborn pygmy goat, than be out doing something that will take a larger toll." She shifts a bit, reaching out for a pastry. "So, how was Willow after I slept? I was worried that she'd take the fire a lot harder than she did."

Edgar says wryly, "Yeah, I know about not thinking one deserves happiness. I hope he turns out okay." He takes a drink of his coffee, leaning back in his chair comfortably. With a laugh, he says, "Got it. I'll come get in fights with your goat." His brow furrows, then. "I worry about some kid living out on the street on her own. She seems okay, though. About as okay as one could expect."

"I like to think that because she's working for Vic, Vic is taking care of her." Katherine glances outside, frowning at the overcast weather. "I would gather everyone under my roof if I could, but part of me is trying to escape my own house." She lets out a wry chuckle and takes another bite of her pastry. "Once I figure out stuff, maybe I can help Willow more — if she ends up needing it." She sets down the pastry and dusts off her hands. "She's very friendly though."

"I thought about asking her to stay at my place," Edgar says. "I've got the room. It's just me and the cat. I just don't know if I'm ready to take on that kind of responsibility. But I worry about her. I was living the same way when I was her age, and it wasn't good. There's a lot that can go wrong out there, even in a place like this." He shrugs. "But she says she's okay, and she's not a child."

"So who is going to take care of you, hmm? Have you thought of maybe going to the local meetings, maybe talk to some people?" Katherine bites on her bottom lip, clearly not sure if she should have approached this subject. "I call people and talk to them when I get overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I had an anxiety attack the other day. It brings into stark relief how ..overwhelming everything can get. You know?"

Edgar shakes his head and says, "Nah, I haven't given it much thought to be honest," Edgar says. "I'm used to taking care of myself. I got a good place downtown, I got money." He glances down at his cup. He knows that's not what she's talking about, and his tone shifts a bit. "I'm torn, because on one hand, I'd feel at home at Narc Anon. On the other hand, it's a great place to meet people who can hook you up."

"This is a good town to find people to talk to." Katherine leans back, getting comfortable again. "Most people here have a story, and they'll trade. Open up, help you heal while you're helping them." She brushes her hair back, considering how to phrase this question, but just goes for blunt. "Are you scared? Do you ever wonder if it might never end?"

Edgar nods as Katherine speaks. He seems absorbed in watching his coffee, but he's listening. "People here have been great," he says. "So nice." He toys with his cup, swirling his coffee this way and that. "I'm terrified," he says. "Especially when it's stuff like last night, and I'm as far away from that life as I can get and I still wanted to use. Hell, I still do. I keep asking myself how long is it going to be before I break?"

Katherine watches Edgar as he watches his coffee. The fidgeting doesn't go unnoticed, and she makes a soft noise when she sighs, reaching for her own cup. "I wish I could help more, but I'll be honest when I say that I'm not even sure what to do, save listen." She gazes down at her sweater, picking at the loose threads. "Do you ever..does it ever go away?"

"I wouldn't ask anything else of you," Edgar says, and he lifts his gaze to Katherine, finally. "I'm never going to expect you to be my unpaid therapy. That's a lot to put on someone. But just being you helps. Last night, I wanted to use, but I had somewhere to go, and even though I still want to do it, I haven't. Some nights, just having somewhere to be is what saves you." He shrugs a shoulder. "There are good days and bad days. There can be weeks when I don't even think about using. Things are going well, everything is great, and I'm just not about that life anymore. Some days, it's a struggle, and it feels like it's always been there and will always be there, just waiting for the minute you slip."

Katherine looks unsettled, meeting Edgar's gaze. She listens to him speak, her hands clasped on her knees. "It sounds..terrifying." She leans forward, snagging her purse and pulling it up on her lap. "You might not expect me to be your unpaid therapy, but if I can listen Edgar. I will." She fishes her phone out, showing it to him. "Got this back today. What's your number, I'll send you a text and you'll always be able to get a hold of me if you need a place to crash for a few hours."

Edgar rattles off his number. It's still got a New York area code. "Thanks, Kate," he says. "You're a good friend. You can call me too, you know?" He smiles a little. "I'm not a bad listener, either. And yeah, it's pretty scary. Sometimes. But it's kind of like having a chronic illness. I mean that's what addiction is. It never goes away, but if you treat it and manage it, you can live your life."

Kate taps the number in with deft fingers, grinning up at Edgar briefly before she shrugs. "I think I might sometime. You…never know who you might need to talk to until one night you wake up at three am, in a cold sweat. Wondering if anything will make that feeling go away, it's so sharp, almost feels like a knife." She puts her phone away and leans forward, resting her chin on her knees. "You're a good guy, Edgar. I hope you stay."

Edgar says quietly, "You can talk to me whenever. It sounds like you've got some idea what it's like to be addicted to something." He doesn't pry, though. The offer to talk is put forth and he leaves it at that. "I don't know if I'm a good guy. I'm a guy with good intentions. We'll see if they pan out." He gives her shoulder a squeeze. "But thank you for believing in me. I've got no plans on leaving any time soon."

Katherine stares at Edgar, swallowing visibly before she nods, laughing quietly as she gets to her feet. It's too quick, and she wobbles, letting out a loud exhale. "I uh..I should go." She gazes at Edgar's face, swinging her purse on her shoulder. "You are a good guy, and things will work out. I truly believe that." She runs a quick hand through her hair, pointing to the exit. "I uhm.. home I should get home. Check on the goat, right? I'll ..see you later."

Edgar's brows lift. "Okay," he says. He's got a canny look about him, though. Smart guy, Edgar. Way smarter than most people give him credit for. With a gentle but knowing look, he says, "You take care of yourself, Kate. Give me a call whenever. I might come around later, but I think I'll sleep in my own bed tonight. The cat gets lonely."

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