(2018-10-25) The Tenant
Rory meets Natalya and he's looking for a place to live.

Today seems like quite a calm day. Perhaps it's because the weekend is not yet upon them or it is the weather. While clear it is so warm. Calm doesn't mean empty though, as some people come and go from the different stores.

Among the people wandering the place is Rory. He's been told to go check out the stores, but yet he had somehow missed the Old Spanish Fort. Just coming now and peeking into the different places, not sure where to go. Looking at the mosaic as well as studying and looking into each store he passes Walking by the hair salon as he stops and tries to plan his route.

Natalya and caravan emerge from one of the art galleries - the most expensive one. She is dressed as if she was about to go skiing at a high class resort. So what the ski gear looks like is way more important than its functionality. She's even rocking a silk scarf as if it was keeping her warm. Behind her are two goons in suits. One of them carrying a wrapped painting.

Natalya pulls her sunglasses down her nose a little so she can peer over them. "I should get my hair done" she decides, spotting a familiar face next to one of them. She slinks on over to Rory, the goons in close attendance. "It's the cutie from the strip club" she smiles in greeting. "A long way from home."

Rory does spot her and her goons, perhaps not odd that she does though. Though not paying her much mind before she speaks. Freezing up for a split second. More at the 'cutie' part than anyone recognizing him. Glancing over to her with a small smile. "Yeah, I'm from New York, so yes." Perhaps just being a douche rather than being serious. He does have a small smile on his lips though. Just a bit guarded as he tries to look at her. Probably looking more at her goons than on her right now. "Good to meet you again." Always good to be polite after all.

Natalya snorts at the mention of New York. "I just meant the strip club, but it seems you are a /very/ long way from home. Why come to Calaveras when you were living in New York? Though you are not the only one. Another man I met…Edgar? He is the same." A nod to the hair salon behind him. "Are you getting a haircut? You look handsome as you are."

Rory nods, "I see. That is far as well." He offers while watching the goons. Shrugging at the question. "Change of scenery. Knew someone around here. In Colorado." He explains. Blinking at the compliment though. Glancing to Natalya at that before looking down. "No, just passing by it. You? And thanks." Mumbling that last part.

"I was going to get my hair done but now I've decided to get to know you better" Natalya replies before looking around for a diner or restaurant. "Ah…Indian restaurant. That will do. Come along, Rory. This is probably the only Indian restaurant in Colorado. Are you staying with your friend?" She is leading the caravan towards the restaurant, one of the goons pushing open the door and doing a quick scan of the interior before allowing her to enter.

Rory shakes his head, "He passed away, so I moved along until I got here." He offers. Tilting his head. "Not sure boss would like me fraternizing with you." He offers, still avoiding looking straight at her. However, he does occasionally do it. His dark eyes kept rather blank, other than a nervousness when talking to her. He does however take in each aspect of the two goons. Perhaps in case things go south. He does sigh before moving along with her though, not wanting to be rude.

"Your boss? Oh, you mean Lew? I wouldn't worry about him, we're tight" Natalya assures Rory, without any evidence that this is a fact. A table is found for them, one that covers the entrance and the kitchen door. She will sit with Rory at one, the goons at another. "I am sorry to hear your friend died" she frowns. "I hope it was nothing serious." Since death isn't in itself. "Now, order what you like, and let's get to know each other. What is your name?"

Rory nods slowly, not quite believing her though. Moving to sit with her and nodding. Still knowing exactly where the goons are. "He got to go on his own terms." He assures her. His smile faltering for a brief moment before he smiles again. A bit hesitant. "Feels like I'll owe you." He offers about the food. "Rory, and you?" He asks, offering his hand. Forcing himself to look into her eyes in turn.

"Natalya Mendoza" she replies with a smile. Surely not the same Mendoza who are suspected of being in charge of the El Muertos cartel? "Owe me? Just for buying you a meal?" That makes her laugh a little. "Don't be silly. Talking over food is how people get to know each other. Do you have family in New York? They must be missing you."

Rory probably has heard of them. Though he smiles and nods. "Oh?" He says and shrugs, having got to know people in other ways as well perhaps. "No, I'm alone." He offers and shrugs. "Where are you from originally, why sticking around in Calaveras?"

"I am from Mexico." For most Americans, no point in getting any more detailed. "I got over before they built the wall" Natalya teases. "Seriously though, I have come here for a vacation. It will be skiing season soon, so I want to have some fun. If I like it, maybe I will stick around and see what happens. This town could do with some investment in the non-tourist season." A casual shrug. "I could do such a thing."

Rory nods slowly, "Where?" He asks curiously. A bit more traveled than most perhaps. Chuckling softly at her joke. Still having a hard time looking at her all the time. Opting to look at the menu and order something. "I see. Hope you like it." He says, though seeming a bit uncertain about the whole investment part. Another nod as he glances up. "Seems risky."

"Getting up in the morning is a risk. Crossing the road is a risk. Sticking your face in a working fan is a risk" Natalya replies with a shrug. "Should we never take risks? How horrible a life would that be?" She will order a banquet for two…nothing for her goons. "Investments will always make money, if you invest in the right things. And the right people. For instance, no one ever loses money running a strip club. People always want to see naked women. Don't you?"

Rory shrugs, "No risk, no reward, and so on." He offers, perhaps both agreeing and disagreeing with that simple comment, and how he says it. Though he will leave it be. Moving on instead and blinking at the question. "No, or yes. Or well. I guess. Yeah… But not like that." He finally finishes, blushing a bit. She probably noticed that he did kind of avoid looking at the stage when she was over.

"Shy as well, Rory? You should never be shy. How will you ever get what you want, if you never ask for it?" Seems obvious to Natalya. "I do not think you have a girlfriend either" she grins. "Do you like working at Eternity? What is Lew really like? And Belle? I heard that Lew is having problems with criminals. Very bad criminals. Is that true?"

Rory nods slowly. "Then perhaps I can ask something from you?" He asks. Though as she pokes on about girlfriend he shakes his head. "Not had the need." And also not able to talk to them. He omits that part though. "It's been all right, and he's been good to me." He offers, perhaps not what she is looking for. "She's been nice and helpful." He shrugs. "It can be handled I think." He assures her, not seeming too worked up about it right now.

"That's what Belle said when we went dancing. That it would be 'handled'" Natalya smirks. "You all sound like very dangerous people. Maybe I should be afraid of you all." An excited giggle at that thought. "So, Belle and Lewin are an item, si? Yet you are left out of all the fun. No need? Hmm…no one needs anyone, but it can be fun. How do you all plan on handling it? The criminals, not how you handle anything else."

Rory shrugs, "A lot of ways to handle things. Security, neighborhood watch." He offers some suggestions and smiles. Raising a brow before squirming just a tad. "Well, I don't know. Sooner or later it will work itself out." Most likely talking about the criminals, but who knows.

"Neighborhood watch? Uh-huh" Natalya seems amused by this solution to criminals. "I hope to talk with Lew again soon. Offer him some investment opportunities and assistance with his problems. Perhaps you will tell him how nice I am, and that he has nothing to be afraid of from me. Where are you staying now?"

Rory shrugs and has a stupid grin on his lips. As for Lew, he shrugs and sighs. "I'd say that you offered food." So at least a little nice. As for nothing to fear, he won't comment. "Here and there." So, hostels and hotels from the sound of it. Studying her for a moment, the look in his eyes is different. More like he doesn't quite see her but something else. But then it is gone and he looks to the server as something to drink is brought. Sipping from his own glass.

"You would think that Lewin could give you a place to stay. In the back of the club?" Natalya muses. "Or does Lewin live at the club. Dirty man." A little giggle at that before her face gets serious. "Do you have a criminal record, Rory? Do you owe anyone any money? Anyone looking for you who doesn't like you?" These last questions are getting her goons nervous.

Rory shrugs, "He offered." He admits, smiling faintly. "Not sure if that is great." He says and shrugs. Shrugging and tilting his head at her words. "Don't know, and no. And don't know." He answers her last questions. A glance to the goons as well before studying her. "Specific." He replies. "How about you?"

"I need to be sure of the…qualities…of my friends before I give away too much" Natalya smiles sweetly at Rory. "I am a rich single woman. There are always people after me. I am not a criminal though." She considers him for a long moment. "I live in a huge mansion. I have rooms I have never even seen. Maybe you would like to stay in one? Help around the house in return."

Rory nods slowly. "Not answers." He offers and grins a bit at her answer. Her smile does make him blush a bit though. Listening and hesitating. "I could. What kind of help?" He asks and tilts his head studying her curiously. "I will check with some as well." Most likely Lewin. Though she does seem to be persuading him.

"We can discuss that another time" Natalya smiles about what the help could be. "You can still work with Lew. I want us all to build strong bonds. Support each other, with whatever we need to do. Doesn't that sound wonderful? You might even be able to earn some money helping me. How does that sound?"

Rory furrows his brows as he studies her. "I don't need a lot of money." He says and shrugs. "Nothing shady?" He asks her. Still seeming a bit split and perhaps not liking her throwing money at him. "I'm not a goon." He points out matter-of-factly.

"Shady? Certainly not. What kind of person do you think I am?" Natalya asks in mock horror. "And everyone can do with more money. It buys you food for a start." A glance over to the goons. "Why would you think you would be a goon? Not everyone I employ is a…'goon'. And it is quite insulting to my poor bodyguards."

Rory doesn't quite believe her, but nods. As for money, he shrugs. "I work." He says. Seeming content. Glancing over at the bodyguards before glancing to her. Not quite believing her. "I can stay and pay." He suggests. Studying her a bit.

"If you insist on paying then I won't stop you" Natalya smirks with a shrug. "But if you can't afford the rent, whatever it may be, don't feel that you will be kicked out. Bartering is still allowed." The food is starting to arrive. "Eat up."

Rory nods slowly, and smiles at her, a genuine one this time. "Ok." He tells her. Starting to eat, and occasionally glancing up at her. Mostly focused on the food though. "What do you do for fun?" He asks, taking initiative.

"Anything I want to" is Natalya's deadpan reply. "Money lets you do all kinds of things" she points out. "Skiing soon. I play the piano. I like to dance. I like to party. I like to assist the weak and helpless…like Lewin. What about you?"

Rory nods, "True." Perhaps not liking it though. Though as she goes on he nods slowly. "Sounds like fun." Rolling his eyes a bit. "Mixing drinks. " She might notice that he keeps eating only vegan things from the food. "I think dancing is fun." Shrugging a bit about that though.

"I have a couple of bars in my mansion. It sounds like you have something to do already for your room and board" Natalya grins, eyeing off his eating habits. "You don't like meat? I respect that decision…though I will never make it" she giggles. "Do you know the tango? Belle is very good at it."

Rory nods and smiles. "I can do that." He offers to her. Shrugging at her question. "I guess." Not really offering much of reasoning or so forth. "A little, probably not as good as Belle." He admits and shrugs. Studying her a bit and he nods slowly then. "Ok, I guess I'm in, if you'll still have me." He says and tilts his head.

"Of course I will have you" Natalya grins. "We can try it out for a month and then decide for certain. Sound good? Though, of course, you have to ask Lew if it is okay" she teases with a wink.

Rory nods, "I will." Her wink does make him blush just a bit. "It sounds good though." He adds and smiles. Studying her for a moment before glancing to the bodyguards and back at her. Shifting in his seat. "Thank you, it's sweet of you." He seems to focus a lot though to not say the wrong words, bad first impression if he did. "I should go talk to him. I will contact you?" He suggests. "Got a phone finally." He says and has an old flip phone. Waiting for her to be ready as well. He will escort her out before they part ways.

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