(2018-10-25) The Chavez Murders
Another day in Calaveras means another murder.

Only in Calaveras.

Tessa usually doesn't get called by her men for every little problem that happens in the town, but some of the stuff that happens in the city just requires the attention of the police chief.
Case in point, the Chavez case.

Earlier in the evening, two officers wer called in to investigate strange noises coming from the Chavez residence, something was scaring the neighbors. A stand-off later, and a suspicious silence coming from the residence, urged the SWAT team to go inside.

Whatever went on inside, nobody is talking some of the officers are taking medical attention, and even a few SWAT members look shook. Outside the residence stand police chief Tessa Chen.

Dressed in jeans, boots, a thick belt with a mighty buckle, a button up shirt and coat, the woman looks every bit like some sheriff, salt of the earth. She is serious, serious as a heart attack, while coordinating efforts.

Olivia needed to announce herself to the Chief of Police. Professional curtesy at the very least. The FBI agent finally being able to track Tessa down at a crime scene. Could it be connected to the other murders?

The Latina is clad in boots, jeans, and a white tank top under a purple coat. Hair tied back in a pony tail. Weapon holstered under her coat though she makes no attempt to conceal it. "Chief Chen?" she asks, someone must have let her through the police lines. A flash of her badge. "Agent Lopez. Sorry to bother you at such a busy time." She looks over at the crime scene with some interest before turning her attention back to Tessa. "I wanted to let you know I was around as soon as possible."

"This is Bianca Malice reporting from just outside the police cordon at the Chavez house where SWAT has been in a standoff for the past several hours. It is currently unknown if anyone inside is armed or hurt, but the officers here are taking no chances. One has to wonder if caution and hesitation to act might lead to yet another gruesome discovery, or if it could have been prevented in the first place."

"We don't yet know what sparked the stand-off, but we do know that several families across town have already been- Oh, they're going in! They're going- Jerry, get that! Over there, turn the camera, you oversized man-ape!"

Bianca, in her smart, cream-colored blouse and black pencil skirt that hugs her figure flatteringly for the camera, turns and points with her microphone, thankfully not live so she's free to abuse her cameraman, Jerry. He's a hulking fellow, fat-strong as it were, with a gut like a keg, but bit enough biceps to easily maneuver the hulking camera. They watch, Bianca offering sporadic commentary on what unfolds as the SWAT goes in… and sometime later comes out, looking shaken.

"Something seems to have happened… they're not bringing anyone out. We can't see anyone… CHIEF CHEN!" Spotted. That's never good. Bianca is stopped from crossing the thin yellow line of tape by a uniformed officer, holding her microphone out as she yells for the Police Chief's attention. "Chen, can you tell us anything that's going on inside the house? What have the SWAT team discovered? Is anyone still alive?"

Great. That is just great. Nothing makes a stand off better than reporters and cameras, above all when that particular group of vultures is led by fucking Bianca Malice. Chief Chen will often peer at the blonde and make sure she is properly curtailed from the action, while trying to organize the efforts.

What a stressful day!

''Chief Chen?''

What is it now? The Asian-American woman turns to face Olivia, hands on her hips as she expects anyone to refer to her as 'Chief Chen' to be looking for trouble. When the FBI Agent flashes her badge, it becomes clear that yes, she is looking for problem.

"Can't this wait?" The tone is defensive. Small town police officer trying to keep 'the feds' from unsettling the population with the circuses that usually follow them. Still, Lopez is extremely cordial, which in turns makes Tessa less angry-looking. She purses her lips, and nods.

"I appreciate it, Agen-"


There is a moment in the eyes of the police chief when it is obvious she is questioning her career decisions as the voice of the nosy blonde hits her ears. Maybe surprisingly, at first it is even obvious she pretends not to hear, but Malice is known to insist, and she does. She eyes the Agent, "The press here is very active. Courtesy tip: beware of them."

And then she motions for Lopez to follow as she approaches the yellow line to stand in front of Bianca. "Malice." She just eyes the reporter, taking note of what the blonde is wearing as well. "You know I am not going to divulge that sort of information. The investigation is ongoing. The only thing I can say is that paramedics are trying to keep a gravely hurt woman alive, and that her child is well and on her way to the hospital as we speak."

"Is that all?" She eyes Bianca squarely in the eye. "Agent Lopez, this is Bianca Malice. You'll get to know each other."

It's hard to miss the squawks from beyond the line. Or the squawker. Instinctively, Olivia turns her face from the camera to talk with Tessa. "Malice? Her name is Malice? That a choice? I don't do a lot of on camera." She would love to keep it that way, but it looks like she is meeting the media.

Olivia wanders over behind Tessa - she seems like the kind who could protect from a cattle stampede, so she should be able to deal with one mouthy reporter - looking anywhere but as the Chief explains what has happened. And then she is being introduced!

Hiding her surprise, Olivia does her best to offer Bianca a slight smile. "Pleased to meet you. A free press is very important to our democracy." Did she reel that off a greeting card or was it sincere…hard to tell. "I hope we can work together in the future" she adds before adding to the Chief. "Us as well. Maybe we could talk about what has happened here?" The glanced look towards Bianca implies 'but not in front of the press'.

"Do you have a suspect in custody, or a motive that initiated the violence today? Was it police action that caused the woman's injuries? Was this a hostage situation, or was it linked to the previous murders? The people in your jurisdiction just want to know if they're going to be safe in their homes tonight."

The blonde-haired reporter turns towards the FBI Agent as she introduces herself. Bianca does not return the courtesy, instead pressing her microphone forward and rattling off more questions like she's a Panzer division trying to blitzkrieg the crime scene with inquiries.

"Why is the FBI involved in a local hostage situation? Is CASKU investigating a potential kidnapping? Or can your presence here in Calaveras be taken as confirmation of the rumors of suspected organized crime from the OCB?"

The reporter finally relents a little, leaning back on her heels. "Come on, Chen. Don't be a bitch. Just give me something for the six o'clocks. You're going to release a press statement anyway. It might as well be now. The town's on edge with the recent murders, just give me something."

"Not sure if it is her real name, but I will tell you, she sure owns it, somehow. She is very shameless," comments Chen as she approaches the reporter, and once there, The Chen Wall goes up around the police chief, as she shields herself for the barrage.

''Do you have a suspect in custody?''

"The suspect killed himself. The motives are still an ongoing investigation. There is no reason to believe it was linked to previous murders at this time, and people will be safe, Malice." Tessa narrows her eyes at the blonde once she detects Lopez presence, and the questions become enhanced by the fact that there is FBI in the area.

"Agent Lopez is here out of courtesy. She was not aware of what was going down."

She doesn't confirm or deny any of the allegations, and seems to have quite the patience for Bianca, until the blonde says one specific thing. ''Don't be a bitch.''

That has Chen arching her eyebrows and her eyes going wide, taken aback but lacking the helpless surprise they might otherwise exhibit. She simple states, almost icily, "I beg your pardon?" Shit is about to go DOWN.

"We will work well together, Agent. We both understand boundaries," she says, still staring at Bianca, jaw tense. "We should definitely debrief today at the station."

Olivia lets Tessa answer with regard to her presence here. It was just a fluke, like the Chief said. Bad timing. It could have just as much been a traffic violation of a school talk. Though the FBI agent is studying Bianca thoughtfully as their 'conversation' continues.

A nod to Tessa when she is being addressed. "I look forward to it, Chief." This is what happens in small towns - the media is in your face, and probably knows your home address. "If there /is/ anything I can help you out with here, please don't hesitate."

A smile in Bianca's direction - though it doesn't look like Olivia has had much practice with this smiling thing. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Ms Malice. It is Ms?" No way could there be a Mister Malice. "Nice skirt."

Ah, the benefits of being on THIS side of the camera. The ability to say whatever you want and then just edit it out later. It's something that people on Tessa and Olivia's side will never get to experience, the ability to lose patience or get cross, because THOSE reactions will sure as shit never be found on the cutting room floor.

Bianca doesn't even flinch as the Chief of Police looks ready to tear through the yellow tape dividing them and throw down over fightin' words. "So if the police had acted sooner, the suspect might still be alive and the injured woman might not be in critical condition? What did the officers delay in breaching upon arriving? Did you order them to stand down?"

Whatever the blonde might be thinking, or feeling, about the situation at hand, she has them all well hidden under her stern, tense, no-nonsense reporter's expression, a look of mixed concentration and judgement. It's something they teach at Reporter School.

As it seems she's not going to get much more out of the two law enforcement officials, Bianca turns towards her cameraman, lifting a hand up to her neck and swiping it back and forth in front of her throat a few times. The red recording light clicks off as Jerry lowers the giant, bazooka-like videocamera.

Bianca looks back at the FBI Agent with a saucy smirk on her lips, waving a finger around in the area of her own hips and thighs. "The best Macy's can buy." The blonde glances between Tessa and Olivia, before summoning up a small smile of her own. "Welcome to Calaveras, Agent Lopez. Nothing personal."

Blue eyes narrow, a frown on the blonde's lips, glancing between and behind the two women, at a corner of the house. After a moment, she smiles wider, big, dazzling, friendly, warm. "I won't take up any more of your time!"

The reporter turns on her heel, grabbing Jerry by the arm, tugging him back towards the KCC1-TV van, whispering vehemently. Whatever she's saying to him, he doesn't seem to like it very much.

Bianca keeps talking. She keeps asking, and Chen just stares at her, going from hands-on-hips stance to folded arms stance. The recently-promoted police chief just stares holes on the blonde' face with her stern stare, but after the reporter is gone, Tessa is able to move again.
If she still mad dogs Bianca quite blatantly as the young woman leaves. The Asian-American woman takes a deep breath and smiles at the Agent, shrugging.

"Reporters. You always expect them not to be lying assholes, but every fucking time. Like clockwork." She walks besides Olivia, going further away from yellow line and closer to the house. "This is a small town, Lopez. Very little can disrupt quite a lot, but one thing you can always guarantee in Calaveras is that nothing is quite as it seems."

She folds her arms, looking around as if she is expecting to find Bianca convincing her cameraman to climb a tree to pierce the police perimeter. "Also, you should flirt less with reporters here. Believe me, you do not want to invite a vampire into your house."

Kind of nerdy advice, and it is easy to miss, before Tessa stares into the house itself. "It seems this was religious. Cult-oriented, to be exact. Insane man kills his wife, and almost does his other daughters in. Beheading. The older one is getting prepped for transportation as we speak. Never seen this here before."

"I don't think she lied" Olivia offers halfheartedly with a glance in Bianca's direction, noticing the heated discussion with the cameraman. "She just seems enthusiastic. And I'm pretty sure she's about to break the police line in some way." She will say what the other woman is thinking.

"Flirt? I didn't mean to flirt." Olivia seems a bit embarrassed by this conversation before it turns to something she does know a lot about. "That's my specialty. Cults. But you said the murderer had died? That doesn't fit in with the Jiminez or Morris cases. If it was the same as those, it would be one of the daughters who proved to be the killer." A nod to the house. "Mind if I have a look around? Your CSI in there yet? Oh, you have anything on those other cult murders? I want to talk to the detective in charge and interview the Deputy who has been to both scenes. Elizabeth someone?"

"Shut up, Jerry. They're hiding something and it's bullshit. They can sweet talk about working with the press and believing in the First Amendment all they want, but at the end of the day, they're going to do whatever they can to cover their own asses first and let the rest of the world know what's happening second."

Jerry the Cameraman, back at the newsie van, looks supremely unhappy at the reporter whose job it is for him to film. "I don't know, Beez… What if-"

"Just- Just stop." The blonde lifts a hand, palm outward, and waves it around in a small circle. The Hand. Talk to it. "It's the only play we have, or we can go with 'the suspect is dead and another is in critical condition' for the six o' clock. You want a two-minute blurb to be your spot on the news? No. Didn't think so."

"Jesus, just be careful."

Bianca flashes her famous, camera-charming smile. "You know me, anything for a story!"

…20 Minutes Later…

"Hey, uh, Chief?"

The call comes from one of the uniforms as he steps out of the house and onto the porch, looking annoyed, dragging his arm behind him. A tall, skinny man, he hasn't been on the Force for very long, but he has that puppydog earnestness to Serve and Protect all new recruits do until they get old and jaded. What he drags out of the house is one Bianca Malice, her hands handcuffed in front of her, a fierce scowl on her lips and a defiant backwards tilt of her chin and set of her jaw.

"Really, Sullivan? The cuffs, asshole?" Bianca lifts her shackled wrists in annoyance.

"Caught this one here, in there." He lifts a cellphone. "With this. Taking pics. Maybe video, too. I'll just leave this here with you?" Apparently by 'this' he means Bianca, leaving her on the front stoop to be collected by the Chief of Police as he heads back inside, calling back over his shoulder. "Breaking into a crime scene is itself a crime, you know! I'm confiscating this phone."

"I know where you live, Sullivan! Shit's already in the Cloud! You can't stop the Signal! Asshole." Still standing on the front deck, next to the old-timey wooden porch-swing. The reporter lifts her wrists and clinks her handcuffs a few times. "You can take these off now. Though… did you 'forget' to mention the headless body in there?"

Tessa eyes Olivia with a knowing smile and looks at the house. She doesn't respond about the CSI or anything else, simply waving her hand briefly to signal that the Agent is, while well-intentioned, WAY off. She does speak, after that.

"You didn't mean to, but you very obviously were. The problem with that is… if I noticed, Malice most certainly did. And in one swoop, she already knows you are A, rusty. B, at least bi. C, friendly. You don't want to give that much power over anyone, much less a reporter like Bi- Like Malice."

The police chief pats the agent on the back, trying to be friendly, before takes a deep breath. "I will take you inside, but you need to know that you are a guest here, people won't automatically trust you, and trust is what is going to ge you far around here, Lopez."

She goes inside.

The two do not stay for long, but the whole house has had its walls torn down, symbols everywhere of what seems like a very folkloric sort of symbolism. The body of the man is laying on a pool of his own blood, while the gore of a decapitation paints the kitchen floor.

The murders seem cut and dry. Everything surrounding them don't. Tess seems to look at everything with quite the stoicism, stoicism that only wavers when, as the two women talk outside, a handcuffed Bianca is brought to them. Chen arches her brow.

"You know this trespassing is prosecutable, right?" Tessa picks the phone up, looking at it, and trying to access it. "Password?" The Asian-American woman arches her brows when the reporter inevitably resists, "It is either this or jail until your boss comes to get you out, Malice."

Olivia's eyes go a little wider as Tessa lays down the law about flirting with reporters…or at least with Bianca. "I honestly didn't mean any of that…" A shake of her head, to herself as much as Tessa. She should just keep quiet and check out the crime scene.

Notes are made, and photos are taken of the crime scene. Olivia taking a special interest in the symbols, transcribing them and their surroundings with the utmost care. "Thanks" she nods to Tessa as they head out, and then there's a handcuffed Bianca. Olivia would be surprised if Bianca didn't know handcuffs pretty well.

A deep breath at the stupidity of the reporter. "And now, thanks to you, there is no information that only those involved with the crime would know about. It might seem straightforward, but cult deaths never are. Thanks for letting whoever is behind the deaths in this house go free. Make sure you include that on your report."

"Ohhhhh, noooooo." Bianca's handcuffed hands are raised to cup either side of her face as she lets out a mockery of a falsetto with a roll of her eyes. "A criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail or five-hundred dollars! Which the ADA will settle for like fifty hours of community service. Bonus, I'll get a new tagline out of it. I can see the headlines and opening statements of all the local newsies now!"

She sweeps her hands across the air in front of her, as if reading out an imaginary headline. "New Chief of Police Attacks the Press! First Amendment Under Assault! Trumpian Politics Comes to Calaveras!"

"At most I have to spend the night in Gen-Pop, because we both know the ADA isn't going to touch this with a ten-foot dick. I've ridden in this rodeo before, Tess. It doesn't scare me." The blonde glances from the Asian-American, to the phone, and back. "Can I have that back? It has sensitive information on it. And I'd rather not have you looking through my vacation photos. Besides, like I told Captain Tighty-Whities in there, it's already in the iCloud. Even if you erase it from my phone, the internet is forever."

As the FBI Agent lays into her, the blonde lowers her hands, her lips pressed together in not-quite-a-frown. After she's dressed down, those immaculately-plucked eyebrows bob up and down. "Well, look who paid attention at Quantico and learned the definition of culpable knowledge. But you know, I thought the person who did this was already dead?"

The reporter's eyes narrow as she glances back and forth, back and forth between the two women, a small, sly smile curling at her lips. "Are you saying you think someone else was involved? Someone who wasn't present or captured by police officers?"

Tessa just looks as deadpan as anyone can look while staring at Bianca while the woman talks. She eyes Olivia, as if seeking some sort of backup in the woman, and then back at the blonde in cuffs.

"I think you are going to learn pretty fast that the folks here care about track record more than they put much trust in your headlines, Ms. Malice." Tessa is more than eager to fight her on anything, but truth is the Asian-American is not having any of this.

"But very well. You can have this one."

The smile she gives the blonde is positively saccharine, "But you can have your phone when you are out of jail tomorrow. I think you'll find my men far more wary of your tactics next time." At that, she simply maneuvers around the blonde, and eyes Lopez.

"Want a ride to the station?"

Even as she asks that, Tessa is moving and putting Bianca on the back of her car, being a little rougher than she normally would to put the reporter in it. She eyes Lopez and points at the passenger's door.

Tessa herself takes the driver's seat, and she speaks to Bianca and Lopez if she comes with. "The Agent here doesn't know you yet, Malice, but let me tell you… you cannot abuse people in a small town like this, and wear your big city masks, without making them all grow tired of it. Life is different here. You don't want to be alone in Calaveras."

"The investigation is still ongoing" Olivia deadpans to Bianca's attempts to find out something more; particularly about if other people are involved. "We shall determine that in due course. Though you've probably fucked up any prosecution that could have been done."

A nod to Tessa. "Sure. A ride to the station would be helpful, thanks." Olivia slips into the passenger seat and buckles up. The phone will be given back? The agent can but hope it suffers an accident before the next morning. She will keep her nose out of the discussion between Tessa and Bianca - she's only new here. Though mental notes are being made.

"I think you're gonna learn pretty fast that non-stop negative news coverage is worse than having tit-cancer." The blonde-haired reporter quips back as the brunette moves around her to begin guiding her towards the police cruiser. Along the way, a few reporters from other stations cheer, jeer, some snap pictures. Bianca flips them all the double-bird with a snarky smile as she walks past. None of that will make the news.

No, what will be on the news tonight will be how the Calaveras police department is arresting reporters for 'asking the hard questions' and 'trying to get the facts', with sinister subtext of 'what are they hiding?'

"Hey, watch the- Jesus fucking Christ!" The woman objects as she's roughly put in the car. She bangs on the cage separating the back seat from the front with the flat of her hand. "You don't have to be a dick about it! The only one abusing citizens is you, Chen. Freedom of the Press, ever hear of it? The ones you should be pissed at are the fatass lazy officers that can't keep a perimeter up! Wouldn't have even had to do it if you'd actually talk to the press for once."

It wasn't wholly unexpected for Bianca to be taking the ride down to the station. She'd known it was a distinct possibility when she breached the crime scene barrier. But some footage was just worth it! Stories don't make themselves, and a good reporter does whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

She leans forward, her hands against the cage, sighing in that way of someone who is annoyed to be inconvenienced, like a long-suffering Big City girl who just can't believe she has to deal with these quaint, small-town customs. "You and I both know the DA's office has bigger things to do than go after a misdemeanor on a reporter. That and they won't want the negative coverage on their office it'd bring. Come oooooon, Chen. It's not like /I/ cut anyone's head off."

The blonde slips her eyes over towards the FBI agent in the passenger's seat. Then she rolls them. "You can stop trying to guilt me. They remove that at Reporter School. It's a gland I don't have anymore. Along with sympathy and a healthy liver. If me taking pictures has some impeded your ability to pin this on a corpse, then you seriously need a new line of work."

"Since when does the FBI get involved in local cases? Slow day in the Denver field office?"

Tessa Chen knows she shouldn't be so happy that Bianca is pissed off and throwing a tantrum on the backseat, but by God she is on cloud nine. She hides it well, though, manages to keep herself from making any immature comments about it.

She does spare a glance at Olivia, as if to share some of that elation, and she nods in respect, "The investigation is still ongoing. You say that with a lot of flair. I like it." Fellow officers with an ability to handle press get all the golden stars on Chief Chen's book!

"Don't hit the cage, Malice! You don't want to break a nail!"

Tessa manages to say that completely humorless, but she does uses the mirror to look straight at Bianca behind her. "Malice, you didn't cut any heads today, but since you took every opportunity today to threaten or belittle, I am going to take some time of my day to put you time out a little."

She talks to Olivia, then.

"Malice comes from out of town. You are probably more used to her type than I am. As you can see, she doesn't know how things work here very well. I know the DA very well. Believe me, they can take a little bit of blogger criticism if that means curbing all that big city enthusiasm."

She then adds, grinning, "Also a vocal Trump voter."

She eyes Olivia, "See what I mean when you can't show weakness around here? The wolves, they pounce in Calaveras. But we can grab something to drink after work." And then she eyes Bianca through the mirror, "Not you. You will be in jail."

"If you want to prosecute her for 'Accomplice to murder after the event', we might have a case" Olivia deadpans to Tessa, ignoring the raving mad woman in the back seat. "I mean, she intentionally disrupted the investigation, and corrupted evidence, to allow her accomplice to get away. Could probably get the DA to hold her for a few days while we sort that out." A dramatic sigh from the agent. "Shame though, she could be a great reporter but would rather make it all about her."

Olivia's eyes narrow for a moment. "Denver! That's where I know you from." She looks at Bianca via the rear view mirror. "You were that reporter that got kicked out of town for not doing a very good job. I see you're continuing that path. Who the hell gave you another chance? You burned so many bridges we'd all be living on islands if we were the same."

A nod to Tessa's words of wisdom, though the offer of drinks has caught her a little off-guard. "Umm…sure. We can talk about the other cases." Her gaze returns to Bianca. "I'm on vacation. Thought I'd say 'hello' to my fellow professionals while here. Nothing more."

Bianca lifts her hands, mimicking a flapping pair of lips with one of them while she mouths 'blah blah blah blah'. "Oooooo, look who's trying to get personal and belittling now. Called me a 'blogger', ouch, bites so very deep. I think I might cry later for that one." The hands drop. The blonde quirking her lips and bobbing her brows when she catches the Chief of Police looking at her through the mirror.

"Funny, thought that was for watching the road, not your passengers."

"Yes, yes, I'll be in jail. You've said that already." The reporter mutters as she takes off one high-heeled shoe, then the other, letting them thunk down onto the floorboards. With a long-suffering sigh, Bianca turns sideways and lays out across the seats. Her head comes to rest on one door handle, her feet propped up against the opposing window, her hands clasped together (due to the cuffs) over her stomach.

"Be careful about letting this one drink too much, Agent. She gets very friendly. Likes to overshare."

She watches the scenic sky fly past as the car continues along it's course, auto-correcting the FBI Agent in a monotone. "Accessory after the fact." Both hands pop up over the top of the seats, one finger triumphantly lifted. "Ah ha, so you do know me! And I left town. Wasn't kicked out. You can't kick people out of towns."

"Though, you know, I thought the FBI would have more class than to try the whole 'let's poke pins at the person in the back seat' thing the locals love to do so much. But I shouldn't be too surprised. You people wear sunglasses. Indoors. That's a special kind of doucheyness."

Tessa smiles as Olivia starts working with her on trying to put a lid on Bianca Leslie Malice, driving and focusing on the road and remaining silent for a moment there, letting the two exchange their barbs. The rancher slowly takes them back to the station.

"Kicked out?" The arches her brow, curious for a moment, and then using the mirror to look at Bianca again. "I use the mirror in my car for whatever end I please, Malice. If I want to watch you pout, I will."

''Be careful about letting this one drink too much, Agent. She gets very friendly. Likes to overshare.''

Tessa grins, a bitter sort of grin, and shakes her head, her jaw tense. She seems to just absorb that accusation, but at least this time around she doesn't look at the mirror anymore, giving Bianca her much-sought privacy in the backseat.

"You will do well in Calaveras, Lopez. People here are welcoming to those who respect them and their ways. You seem to have some sense to do that."

As Tessa is finally about to arrive at the station, she stops the car, parking right in front of it and climbing out. The door to the backseat opens, and she makes a quick motion for Bianca to climb out the car. She has keys in her hand. "Be quick before I change my mind."

She doesn't look at Olivia as she unclasps the handcuffs from Bianca, placing the cellphone on her palm. "Run with it, Malice. Enjoy this one." And at that, she looks at Olivia, motioning towards the station, "Lets? We have bunches to talk about before the day is over."

"'Accessory after the fact'"

"So you're confessing to it?" Olivia replies to the crazy woman in the back seat. "You can run people out of town, and I heard that was what happened to you. Unless you have a different story to /everyone/ else." A pause. "We have to wear sunglasses indoors. The building lights are very bright. We use them to interrogate people, remember?" That last comment said in a teasing tone.

The talk of oversharing has her interested but she won't inquire. If Bianca is right, Olivia might hear everything soon anyway. "I do what I need to so that I can do my job" she shrugs about respect in town.

Getting out of the car, she can't help but frown as Malice is released. Not even a night in jail to calm her ardor? The Chief is in charge. Olivia nods to Tessa and heads inside, letting the pair have their privacy.

The reporter watches the sky roll lazily by, until she feels the telltale slowdown of brakes, and the feel of the car turning. Shortly after, the smooth pavement of the road is exchanged for the gravelly sound of a parking lot. Pretty soon she can see the roof of the Cop Shop from her position laying down. The blonde sits up, reaching for her heels.

They're slipped on the feet of their owner as Tess opens the door and exits the vehicle, the blonde rocking a bit after the door is slammed. Then the door opens, with the Chief of Police holding keys in her hands. For a moment, Bianca stares, unsure if she should get her hopes up, or if this is just more petty teasing. But that only lasts for a handful of seconds before she is slide-scooching out of the back seat and standing in front of the Asian woman with her hands held out, looking like a rich bitch finally getting her way like she demanded all along.

The cuffs come off her wrist, and the blonde spends a few moments rubbing them as she lifts her chin in the direction of the retreating FBI Agent. "Yeah, sure. Nice meeting you, too!"

Then she feels a phone in her hand, prompting her to look back down, a little startled by that development. Then up at Chen. "Thanks… Tess." The reporter almost sounds genuinely grateful! "I take back, mmm… /half/ the things I said about you." The line is delivered with a wink and a grin as she backs away, then turns, already dialing up Jerry.

"Jer! Turn around and come pick me up! … The police station, where do you think? … Oh my God, don't be such a drama whore. Just get here."

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