(2018-10-23) The Morris Murders
Elizabeth is called to a scene of slaughter akin to the Jiminez murders.

Another quiet evening in Calaveras? Not a chance. There was a call about an hour ago - an incident at Fall Creek. There wasn't much detail in the panicked caller’s words; something about 'they're all dead'. A patrol car arrived first, and they were very quick to call for back-up - which is where Elizabeth comes in.

The scene is on the south side of the creek, and when coming from town, that means the approach is on foot. The patrol car is parked on the north bank, one of the officers there to guide Elizabeth down the rocky slope and over the boulders that act as a ford. Then up another steep incline on the south bank, avoiding the swimming pool and instead ending up on the ridge where a Winnebago is parked. The other officer is there, looking pale and shaking. He does remember to stand and salute the arriving deputy before gesturing to the vehicle. "In there, ma'am. We think there's four dead. Hard to tell." Blood drips out from under the closed door and dribbles down over the steps to the ground. A tent has been erected nearby, and a cooler sits open, filled with ice and beer cans, near the Winnebago.

Elizabeth is usually a bit of a bitch, to be honest, but when it's time to put the serious hat on, she'll do it. She carefully clambers down the rocky slope, only almost slipping once. She visually takes in the other officer, reaching out to pat his shoulder before she pulls out a flashlight. "Any sign of life in the immediate vicinity?" She asks, snapping off the strap that secures her firearm. She looks to the officer for confirmation, pulling gloves on her hands. She gently pushes the door open, frowning down at the blood dripping on the steps. "Shit." She mutters, before she raises her voice. "Anyone in there?" She calls into the Winnebago. "Hey!" She calls out again, swinging the light from the flashlight around the entrance.

"We had a look around" one of the officers replies, his name is King according to his badge, "About a hundred yards out. No one. Wasn't a thorough evidence search but we made sure not to walk on anything important." Not that he would know if he was.

Elizabeth pushes open the door to be greeted by the loud buzz of flies and the stench of death. The door slowly opening until it hits something lying on the ground. She has enough room to get through but pointing her flashlight down will find a severed arm as the obstruction. The carpeted floor sticky with blood. The beam of light revealing more horrors in the small interior. Corpses. Mutilated. Bloodied. Dismembered. Gutted. One is piled up near the door. Another hangs from the roof. Another two are in the driver and passenger seat of the vehicle. The windows covered with symbols drawn in blood.

Elizabeth does her best to hold in her lunch, the Chinese seemed like a great idea at the time. She turns to King, teeth clenched as she speaks. "Get a Detective down here. Yesterday. If you can't budge one from a desk, call the Chief, have her roust one of them out here." She pulls her phone from her pocket, carefully taking pictures since there is no crime scene photographers here yet. She might catch something important before she steps into the Winnebago. She finally steps up, avoiding that arm, to get better pictures of the symbols, all the while breathing through her mouth. Finally, it's too much for her and she has to pull a handkerchief from her back pocket and hold it over her face. "Jesus Fucking Christ." She whispers, taking in the destruction with wide eyes. She takes a breath, calming herself as she takes a few more pictures. The bodies all look completely wrecked, she's not concerned about finding someone alive in this mess, nonetheless. "Get the coroner on the horn and get some EMT's down here. Better safe than sorry." She steps out of the death camper, and gulps in a breath of fresh air.

The symbols seem familiar; like the ones at the Jiminez homestead. And there doesn't seem to be any sign of intestines once again. The bodies in the seats up front look to be middle-aged, a man and a women. The bodies in the back, one a female in her twenties, another a male in his forties - if one were to guess from what could be seen through the blood and gore.

As she steps outside she hears a sound behind her. Like something bumped into a wall. The bathroom door is closed…it could have come from there.

Elizabeth's head turns as she hears the bump, her eyes narrowing to slits. "Fuck. Fuck. Double Fuck." She pulls her side arm and jerks her head at King. "If there is another pig headed woman in here, I want a witness for why I have to shoot her. Follow me." She steps into the camper again, leaning slightly to the side to get a look at the bathroom door. "This is the Calaveras Police Department. Open the door and come out with your hands up. You've got ten seconds to comply." She waits, eyebrows raised slightly.

Officers King and Perry wipe some of the anti-odor jelly under their noses before drawing their weapons and following Elizabeth to the door. Perry then deciding to take up station on the other side of the vehicle in case there is an escape attempt.

For a long moment there is no response from behind the slim door. And then a sudden explosion of violence as a fist punches through the chipboard. Another punch. The 'wood' splintering into the vehicle as the hole widens enough for a bloodied face to peer through it, grinning madly. A male. Early twenties perhaps. The blood smeared over his flesh…not his own. "He is coming" he hisses before giggling in triumph.

Elizabeth exhales out a sigh when things remain quiet, it almost looks as if she's about to reholster her weapon. Then the first punch lands on the chipboard, she brings it up, aiming at the door. "Come on out buddy." She says, once the person inside is revealed. "Put your hands on your head and lay on your stomach." She sounds like she might mean business, her finger ready at the trigger. "Now!" She barks, a few seconds later, taking a slight step to the right to get him better in her sights. She remembers the pig headed woman, she's going to see how this plays out.

The face looks confused; Elizabeth was not listening. "He is coming" he repeats earnestly, before another giggling fit. The bathroom door, what is left of it, slowly opens. The man is naked and dripping with blood…and so is the hatchet in his right hand. "The world must be cleansed. He cannot soil his feet with corruption." A tilt of his head at Elizabeth. "All must be pure." His hand tightening around the handle of the hatchet.

Elizabeth plants her feet when he starts to giggle again, the door slides open and there is a voice in the back of her head. 'You're going to have to shoot this fucker Rothschilde.' She gives him a quick once over, and her expression gets even more wary when she spots the hatchet. "Drop the hatchet, this is your first and your last warning. You take a step forward with that in your hand and I will shoot you." She glances back at King, frowning, before her head whips back to the naked dripping man. "On. The. Ground." She hisses, raising the gun to put him in her sights. "Now." A part of her prays in her mind, words that she couldn't have learned in church, none of the foster families took her. She watches, waiting, the pressure on the trigger showing to any who might be studying her.

"He is coming!" yells the man triumphantly, smile from ear to ear, face and arms raised to the heavens. "The path must be cleansed!" He slowly returns his gaze to Elizabeth, his crazed eyes locked on hers. "You are filth. You will be washed in his blood and taken into his presence." That hatchet is coming down…towards the deputy's head!

He had her at filth, the upswing duly noted just as the downswing is. Elizabeth takes a step to the side, slips in wet blood and goes down to the floor. Thankful for everyone involved, this particular deputy is a black belt in Judo. Even as she hits the floor, she sweeps her legs back, colliding with the crazy person's. If she manages to trip him, she'll raise her other boot and kick him right in the temple. She's covered in gore now, a big red splotch down her right side. She doesn't want to shoot this crazy person, she doesn't want him to bite out his tongue. She wants him in one piece so she doesn't have to explain to the Sheriff and the Lieutenant why she got trigger happy again. Wary blue eyes watch the naked man, gun still firm in her hand, looking for movement. It's only then that she remembers the hatchet, moving with gloved hands to gingerly remove it from his grip. Evidence, you know?

The young man was not expecting this level of resistance. As the hatchet thuds into the bookcase behind where Elizabeth once stood, he looks confused for a moment. And then even more confused as his feet are gone from underneath him and he thuds onto the slippery floor. Before he can recover, there is a boot to his temple that knocks him out instantly. And what did King do in all this? He fired his weapon, missing both the man and Elizabeth in the excitement. The bullet slamming into ceiling, splitting the rope that was holding the hanging body. A body that now falls to the floor and spatters the nearby Elizabeth with even more blood, straight from its gaping stomach wound. There is no reaction from the man as his weapon is removed. King looks rather ashamed at his shot. "You okay, ma'am?"

"Deputy." Elizabeth snaps at King, slowly getting to her feet and groaning at how she looks. "This shit is never coming out, and worse, we probably contaminated the crime scene. Shit." She nods at the knocked out man. "Cuff him, cover him, when he comes to — read him his rights. We'll take him to the hospital to be checked out before we take him to the station." She jams her Beretta back into her holster and wipes the palms of her hands on her blue jeans. "Fuck." Once King is outside, she takes a few steps forward, glancing around corners and into any other doors, just to make sure.

The man is dragged out by Perry and King, further smearing some blood evidence, cuffed, and put down next to the tent. It will be quite the walk back to the car with him unconscious. Elizabeth's check of the vehicle will reveal a crib in the back. A crib that is unoccupied but the blood spattered blankets and baby bottle suggests it was recently.

Elizabeth stares at the crib, brow furrowed. "I swear to fuck if there is a baby dead in here somewhere, I'm taking a few days off to get my head on right." She turns, stepping carefully through the vehicle and down the steps. "He's secure, right? He's not going to wake up and lunge at me. Right?" She aims a look at Perry and King, her usual sunshine demeanor a bit worse for the wear now that she's splattered in blood. "Did either of you get in contact with a fucking Detective yet?"

"The suspect is secure" promises King with a nervous smile - why are all the hot woman so angry in this town? Perry seems even less confident. "Umm…a detective will be on the way as soon as they can, Deputy. I…I can't get in touch with Chief Chen." But maybe there is a way to get on her good side again? "Ma'am…Deputy…we think we found something over here." He leads her off towards the tent, gesturing past the unconscious man at the dry earth. "Boot prints. Bloodied boot prints. Maybe someone got away?"

Elizabeth doesn't say anything as King speaks, but Perry's words stir some reaction. She looks at him and then follows to the tent. She hunkers down, pulling out her cellphone again to take pictures. "Looks like it, good job Perry." She aims a brief smile up at him, turning to take a few more pictures. "Any word on the coroner?" She asks, a bit less sharp this time, getting gingerly to her feet and walking back to the vehicle. "Once he's aware, we'll walk him slowly back up to the vehicle, take him to the hospital."

"The coroner is on the way, deputy" King replies, hoping he will get a bit of praise - for doing his job as expected. "Crime scene too. Not an easy place to get to from town. The vehicle…" A nod towards the Winnebago. "…must have come from the south. Probably tourists." He points to the New Mexico plates to add to his suspicion.

"He is coming!!" It seems the man is awake and King and Perry spring into action to drag him to his feet. The bloodied man is all wild eyes and dragging his feet. "You okay to stay here, deputy?" Perry asks before they start heading back to their car on the other side of the creek.

"Thanks King. I'll make sure it stays secured. You see any press up there, you keep him.." Elizabeth points at the man. "..off of their camera rolls. No exceptions." She folds her arms and lets out a sigh. "It's getting dark soon, isn't it?" She asks, glancing back at the pair. A little vulnerability might show, just for a brief second before she conjures up a slight smile. "I'll be aces."

The officers nod to Elizabeth before moving out. The man is not resisting, other than to be a dead weight in their arms. With all the slopes and the creek to traverse, that is proving to be an annoying way of resisting. Soon they are out of sight. The sun is almost gone as Elizabeth looks around the scene. The bloodied boot prints leading to tire tracks that head east before the ground no longer betrays their existence. And as she stares out in that direction, there is a glint of glass in the fading sunlight. About half a mile away, atop a small rise. Binoculars?

Darkness is falling over the area, and if someone were paying attention to the Deputy, she would seem nervous or jumpy. Elizabeth turns at every sound, not her usual steady and angry self, she seems very much like a frightened girl. She sees the glint of glass, and she goes still, watching in that direction quietly for any hint of movement. Her blonde hair wafts in the winds that are starting to pick up, making her shiver and pull her coat closer to her. Her hands, and clothes, are tacky with the semi-dried blood, making it harder to keep warmth about her.

It is the end of what has been quite a miserable day. Rain at times, dark clouds still overhead, and the humidity in the air is making everything stickier than it needs to be. Something is moving where that glint could be seen. And soon, traveling on the cool wind, she can hear the sound of a vehicle. It is driving away. A little cloud of dust rising up from behind the ridge before it is dissipated by the gusts. Elizabeth's radio crackles into life. "Officer King reporting. We're back at our vehicle and sending over the crime scene crew. Local television is here but we hid the suspect. I think."

Elizabeth turns her head, speaking into her radio. "I think is not the proper response. It is, we absolutely kept him hidden. King, let any patrol cars know that there was a vehicle a mile due north from the crime scene, someone drove away from there. See if you can get someone out there to get a picture or an imprint of the tracks before too much rain falls. I doubt anyone saw what the make and model of whatever was driven from there, but if you get lucky, do something with it." She folds her arms over her chest, aiming a look up the ridge. Waiting.


*The suspect’s name is John Morris. The victims are Margaret Morris (John’s mother), Philip Morris (John’s father), Christian Morris (John’s uncle), and Sarah Morris (John’s sister). The missing baby is Julie Morris, daughter of Sarah.

*The hatchet was responsible for most of the mutilation, though there is also evidence of knife wounds. There was no matching knife found on the scene.

*The family do not have any criminal records.

*The mutilations were committed while the victims were alive.

*The bloody boot print found did not belong to any footwear found at the site. It does match the one found at the Jiminez homestead.

KCC1-TV Report

A tragic start to the tourist season as a family from New Mexico were found slaughtered, seemingly by a member. Police attending a call on the south bank of Fall Creek, discovered a Winnebago containing the mutilated family members. There are four confirmed deaths involving the Morris family of New Mexico. A fifth member, believed to be John Morris, was found on scene, naked and covered in the blood of the others. He is currently helping police with their inquiries.

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