(2018-10-23) Lots of Shady Characters
Solo was gone all weekend south of the border. Now she's back, with 130 kilos of cocaine. She's not keen on letting it sit around, for obvious reasons, so she meets up with the buyer, Natalya. A deal is made. Later, Heather calls. It's fairly obvious they're going to be sleeping together that night. If that's uncomfortable, just skip the phone conversation at the end. :)


County Road 205

County Road 205 turned west to skirt the San Juan Mountains. The country here is rich in soil and the road is mostly lined with crops. from the various farms and occasional ranches. The only real separation is tree lined drives going back towards the houses or indicated another country road going back to more of the same. At least the County Road is paved and maintained by the states, some of the gravel roads appear to be in need of repair.


Solo parks the rental car by the side of the road, sets the flashers, and raises the hood. She bends under the hood as though poking at the tiny little engine, then does her best "leaning against the car waiting for help" pose leaning on the front fender. This part always makes her nervous.

A convoy of good Samaritans is not long in arriving. Two black SUVs, one pulling in front of Solo's car, the other behind; engines idling quietly. The driver doors of both vehicles open in unison as suited men step outside. The bulge of a weapon obvious under their jackets - they should be tailored better to avoid that. Unless there is a point to be made. There is a brief look over Solo before they disappear into the darkness beyond the side of the road. They are soon replace by another two men who emerge from the rear seats of the SUV. One concentrating on Solo. The other opening a door of the front car to allow a woman to gracefully emerge. Natalya is dressed in a black body suit, smiling warmly to Solo as she approaches, the doorman close behind. "Can we help?" she asks lightly of the pilot. "My friend here is very good with engines."

Solo snorts softly. "He certainly keeps his tools close to hand. So… What do I call you?" She hasn't moved from her position, and she looks oh so casual. Secret roll-on, for those times in a drug deal you don't want the buyer to see you sweat. Betcha they never use that as an ad slogan.

Natalya studies Solo with a wry smile and slightly crazed eyes. "You can call me…darling? Beloved? Sexy? Though if any of those do not work for you, then Samaritan will be fine. For that is what we are. Good Samaritans helping out a traveler on the side of the road who is in need of aid." She steps up close to Solo. Very close. The warmth of her breath teasing the pilot's skin before she casually strokes the other woman's cheek with a gentle touch. Natalya steps back, her smile a little more manic, before starting to walk towards the rear of the car. "I think you should lighten your car. That will help it get working again. Don't you think?"

You say, "Well, I imagine we can come to an arrangement on that." She slowly gets in a pocket and draws out a cell phone, on slow motion and with her off hand so nobody gets the wrong idea. "Maybe… you fill out some paperwork on this thing, I let you unload the cargo and test it, then you give the phone back and I fill out some paperwork, my car gets lighter, and everyone's happy. Solo does curl a tight smile at the cheek stroking, but she doesn't seem meaningfully distracted.

Natalya holds out her hand to one of her goons and a pair of lambskin gloves are placed into it. She pulls them on before pulling out her own the phone. "I like it when everyone is happy" she smiles sweetly. "Two point eight was the agreed weight?" she asks lightly before furrowing her brow at Solo. "Your phone might have a virus on it. I would hate to have any details stored away on there."

Solo smiles a little, still holding out the phone. "It's not my phone. The way this works is, you put in whatever bank account you have with the funds, and press transfer. The funds go to an intermediate set of accounts. You can't transfer them back without my access code, and I can't transfer them anywhere useful without the phone. Once everyone's happy, I do the transfer, the intermediate accounts evaporate, and the funds bounce around a few banks all over the world, and where they wind up, even I don't know, but the right people get paid, and they pay me. If you want to use a disposable account for your side of the transfer, it's probably a good idea."

"That seems…complicated" Natalya smirks before taking the phone and looking it over. "The phone is destroyed after the confirmations" she states firmly before fingers work away at the screen. "It is about time we see what is weighing down your car, don't you think?"

Solo shrugs. "It's a cheap phone. Could you hold it so I can see the screen please? I have to be careful. Someone stiffs me, and the price of el producto comes out of my salary. For like the next 50 years."

Natalya turns the screen to show Solo the amount. "Two point eight, see? Do you think I would cheat you?" A dramatic pout appears. "I am hurt. I would not want to see you get hurt." Her pout becomes a sly smile. "Unless you like that." A little snort of amusement. "You are on a salary? What a shame, I had hoped you would be freelance. Now, I also do not like to be stiffed, can we please see the product?"

Solo laughs. "Nah, I'm a big old softie and I don't want to see the pretty ones get hurt either. If I thought you were going to cheat me, I wouldn't be here at all. It's just a precaution." She slowly takes the key out of her pocket and presses the trunk button.

Natalya nods to one of the goons as the trunk unlocks, and he opens it up to reveal the contents. A switchblade appears to cut open a pack and dip a finger into it. He tastes the powder, considers it, and nods once back to Natalya. The Latina promptly jumping up and down in excitement. She'd clap her hands together if she didn't have phones in them. "This is so much fun" she squeals before a warm smile for Solo. "Do your code thing, cutie." The man at the trunk checking that all the packages are what they need to be.

A kilo of cocaine is about the size of a big town phone book. There are 130 of them in there, packed in four big military duffle bags, 33, 33, 33, and 34. Solo takes the phone back, punches in her codes. Money changes hands. She shows the screen to Natalya with the big green box on it, then hands the phone back to Natalya. "You want to do the honors, or shall I?

"Please. go ahead" Natalya smiles, admiration in her gaze for the other woman who seems so unafraid while surrounded by people she should be afraid of. Two duffle bags are taken to each SUV and stored away where no one will see them. It is a chill night. Moisture in the air and rain threatening at any moment. "Quite a pleasant evening" the Latina notes as she looks up at the clouds. "Have you eaten yet?"

You say, "I figure I'll shoot it. Pulling a gun, ok?""

That has Natalya's eyebrow rising in surprise, and her men reaching for their own weapons…at least until she puts a hand up to calm them. "I don't think we need to produce firearms, do we? I'll do it." She will hold her hand out to Solo for the phone. "We may be on a country road, but the sound of gunshots can travel a long way on a still night like this."

Solo hands the phone back. "They do, but people don't usually care." She leans back against the fender. "Make sure you get away from it when you break it. Lithium batteries catch fire pretty vigorously." She thinks about it. "I ate before I came out, I'm afraid. Maybe some time we can meet up for a drink?"

Natalya takes the phone, pulling down the zip at the front of her body suit a little so she can tuck it away in her cleavage, before a fond smile for Solo. "I would like a drink" she nods before her goons indicate they are ready to leave. "It was nice to meet you." Natalya sashays her way back to her SUV, door held open for her until she gets inside, and then the window is lowering. "They told me to kill you when our deal was done. I'm so glad I didn't. Take care." The tinted window rises up again.

Solo raises an eyebrow. "Who did?" There's a half-smirk on her face, the expression of disbelief.

The window stops rising and lowers a touch more, enough for Solo to see Natalya's eyes and sly smile. "That would be telling" she winks before blowing her a kiss. "Maybe I will tell you over drinks?" The SUVs start to pull away, swinging back towards the town.

Solo presses two fingertips to her lips to return the kiss. She's used to getting flirted with sometimes during these jobs. Typically not by other women, but hey.

Solo sits by the side of the road until they're gone, just relaxing. Then her own phone rings.

<Phone> Heather says ""Hey, it's Heather. How are you? How was the trip?"

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Trip was ok. I'm Tired… I need a drink… horny… the usual." She pulls her assault rifle out from under the hood of the car, folds it, unloads it, puts it back in its backpack, closes the hood, and heads back toward town. "How about you?"

<Phone> Heather says ""I'm willing to help with any or all of those things" Heather laughs. "Seriously though, if you'd like to drop by…"

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Lemme get a shower, and I'll hoof it on over." She also needs to get rid of the rental car. Anything that might have been contaminated with cocaine. "Be there in an hour. Or you can meet me at the Stone place."

<Phone> Heather says ""You could always shower here. I'm a great back scrubber. Hmm…I don't think I should call myself a scrubber. Not sure that Katherine could handle me popping over without warning. Besides, I was hoping you could you stay the night with me."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Nah, I'd rather be fresh and clean when I get there."

<Phone> Heather says "See you in an hour then. I'll make sure the beers are cold."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "should I bring pajamas?"

<Phone> Heather says ""Don't you dare.""

(Quietly into the phone) You say "*laughs*"

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