(2018-10-22) Interrogating Maria
Stan interviews the suspect in the Jiminez killings.

Maria does not seem to have much of a background or rapsheet. Other than the temporary disappearance, nothing of note seems to have happened to her or her family. At least nothing on record.

Maria is brought into the interrogation room, cuffed at wrists and ankles, and seated in the chair opposite Stan. She has been cleaned up and seems to be a pretty young Latina…though she has symbols carved into her cheeks. Symbols like those on the wall at her former house. She hasn't said a word since her arrival, staring blankly ahead as she waits.

Stan doesn't have a lot of experience with cases like this, but he has had a little. Not quite as extreme. However, perhaps it's time for him to be able to become a more of a criminal psychologist seeing how things are going in town. Having looked over everything he can, and also looking through any family history, however minor. That he could get a hold on that is. Stan most likely has notes, but for now seeming focused on her. Sitting and studying her for a few minutes since he came in and took a seat. After several minutes of silence he does finally speak. "Mind if I call you Maria?" He asks finally. "I'm just here to try and understand the situation." He offers and tilts his head as he continues to study her, trying to offer a calm atmosphere. Trying to see what mood and behavior she is in today.

Maria managed to bite off about an inch of tongue. It will make her words distorted at best, but since she hasn't said a word, no one is sure what effect it has. It was retrieved from the floor after being spat in Stan's direction and sits in an evidence locker somewhere. To his name question, Maria shrugs. At least that is a response of some kind, even if she continues to stare ahead. Her body still as she does so.

Stan nods slowly. "If there is something else you prefer, feel free." He offers and waits for a moment. Leaning back. "Interesting decision last time we met. How did you come to that decision?" He asks about her spitting the tongue at him. "So… Your turn." He offers as he falls silent. Not saying anything, allowing her to offer anything she wants. Sitting and waiting. If she says nothing for several minutes he will hum some. A bit of a waiting game if so.

Maria sits in silence, staring blankly ahead. This will go on for quite some time, even after Stan starts humming. But then she suddenly tilts her head to one side, as if listening to something. "He is coming" she states as clearly as she can with missing tongue.

Stan nods slowly, "Who is?" He asks. Seeming calm still. "The same that was behind your disappearance awhile back?" He asks curiously. Shifting to lean forward. "Tell me a story." He suggests.

At mention of the 'disappearance', Maria's eyes flick over towards Stan. And there is the faintest of smiles. Just for a moment. Then the stony face is back. "He is coming to spread his love. We must all prepare for his arrival. Cleanse the world so that his sacred feet are not profaned by the sin of man."

"What is the sin of man. By which a sin that has never, can never, be performed by anything and anyone else. Is it still sin or nature?" He asks curiously. "What is your perception on all? And how is he sacred?" He asks as he studies her still, a small smile on his lips in return.

Maria is not interested in philosophical wordplay. She smirks silently as Stan babbles about sin. "He will come, and he will spread his love. You will see his divinity then. Feel it in your heart." The young woman looks up at the ceiling. "I will prepare the way" she sighs breathlessly, almost ecstatically…and then she slams her head into the table. There is the crack of a breaking nose and a splash of blood before she lifts her head and grins brightly.

Stan does flinch a bit at the crack, though he nods slowly. "Conviction is a strong emotion. Tell me more." He says of her. Studying her even as she seem injured. Guessing police might show up soon though. "Perhaps I can see what you see. If you explain it." He suggests and listens, trying to get into her head as much as possible.

Maria turns her head slowly to stare into his eyes. Blood flowing freely from her shattered nose. Her grin getting even broader. "You will see it soon. You will all see it soon. And then you will be free." The head slams into the metal table once more, splitting her forehead, blood streaming from the cut skin.

Two police officers come into the room, one grabbing Maria to stop her doing anymore damage to herself, the other frowning at Stan. "Told you she was mad, Doc. She hasn't got anything sensible to say."

Stan nods slowly. "Where and how?" He asks her as the cops come in. Shrugging a bit to their words. "Eye of the beholder." He offers to them with a hint of a smile. However forced it might be. Letting them lead her away as he stands up and sighs to himself. Taking a deep breath before trying to make sense of it all.

As Maria is dragged away, she spits a mouthful of blood on Stan before grinning madly at him. "Soon. The way is being prepared. Tonight. Tonight will be the next preparation." And then she is dragged from the room.

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