(2018-10-22) Anxiety is a Bitch
Heather and Katherine bump into each other while Katherine is volunteering.

Katherine is sitting in a room, a half finished knit blanket draped over her legs. She is steadily knitting, head tilted with a phone caught between her ear and shoulder. The woman she's visiting has fallen asleep, so when she does speak, her voice is low.

Heather walks past the open door and then steps back to it upon finding Katherine at last. "Hey. I was just talking to this guy…" She realises the old woman has fallen asleep so her voice drops down a few decibels. "He has some…oh…you're on the phone." She can wait patiently…and tap away at her own phone as she does so.

Katherine blinks up at Heather when she walks in. "Oh, hello." She says, her voice quiet. She gets to her feet and sets the blanket down on the end of the bed as she walks Heather out to the hall. "One second." She holds up a finger, turning to speak into the phone, laughing over something that was said. "Ethan, Heather is here and I've got some stuff to do. If you come over tonight, bring some of what you had last night. I've got snacks."

Heather can't help listen in to the conversation, she's a reporter at heart, an there is a quirk of a brow for Katherine. When the call is over she has to ask. "Snacks to go with what he brought last night? Are you smoking dope, Miss Stone?" A mock severe look at the very thought. "Kris has got some great stuff. She grows it herself."

Katherine grins up at Heather, wrinkling her nose. "It's legal." She comments simply, leaning against the wall. "Did you come to watch me visit with some of the residents here? You don't have cameras here do you?" She looks nervous at the thought. "I'll have to talk to Kris about it." She says, stuffing her phone into her back pocket.

Katherine's cheeks are red as she puts her phone away, and she lets her bangs obscure her face for a moment. "So what are you up to?"

"I know it's legal. I wouldn't have tried it up at Kris's cabin if it wasn't" Heather smirks in reply. "I always have a camera with me. Aren't smartphones awesome? To be honest, I didn't know you were here. But since you are, that works out very well. It must be fate." She gestures at the building around them. "These people have stories. Experiences. They shouldn't be locked away and ignored by even their own families. They need a platform. Something that will let their life honored and never be forgotten. See where I'm going?"

"I do, and I agree. Some of them just need company though, more people should volunteer here." Katherine gestures to the room that she just walked out from. "I come once a week to sit with her, her family doesn't come by anymore. I make sure the people here take good care of her, and we knit together. She tells me about her family, she gives me recipes." She clears her throat, shifting on her feet. "I dearly hope someone comes to visit me when I end up in here."

"Do you know her at all?" Heather asks, curious at the concept of visiting a complete stranger. Is that what happens when you're a nice person? "I mean before you started visiting. It sounds like she's exactly the kind of person we need to get on air. If she's a bit famous, maybe her family will come visit her again. For the wrong reasons, sure, but she won't be forgotten anymore." A roll of her eyes at Katherine's concern. "Seriously? You are so beloved, you'll have a hundred people a day in here. Not to mention your giant brood of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all the relatives that go with that."

Katherine shakes her head at Heather, shrugging a shoulder. "Never met her until I started to come by here to sit with people." She tilts her head, considering for a moment before she gives a grudging nod. "Yeah, her family might stop by, but it gives her false hope because they'll stop again." She looks angry about that, and then turns a blank look at Heather. "Beloved might be taking it a little too far, Heather. I've got some friends." She chuckles awkwardly and pushes her hair away from her face. "Not planning on kids, honestly." She glances away and then back at Heather. "Maybe you'll be in the room next door, and we can play bumper walkers."

"Then she can get better visitors than her family" Heather shrugs. "The most important thing is that she gets her stories out. Her life. That she feels part of the world again instead of being locked in here." She glances around at the walls and shivers. "Don't be so modest, the whole city loves you. They're not your friends, but they love you. Want to watch you every morning." A snort of amusement about the bumper walkers. "I'll be dead long before I get into a place like this. Work stress…or someone with better aim than the last guys. And just because you're not planning on kids, doesn't mean you won't have them. Speaking of, how is Lynn?"

Katherine chuckles softly, glancing toward the door as she listens to the quiet snores coming from the room. "I think it's an excellent idea. She's a good woman, and when she goes, her knowledge goes with her. This is a good way to preserve it." She rolls her eyes and sighs. "Again, you're a little out there. There are a few people that I'm good friends with, but plenty who barely know me." There is a twitch of her shoulders as she listens to Heather, a strangled groan escaping her lips. "I..don't want kids Heather. If Lynn plans on keeping this baby, I can't do that. I can't." Her eyes get wide, and her breathing quickens, even as a hand moves to her own chest. "Lynn is okay. She asked to go over a friends house, the mom called. So it's not bullshit." She leans against the wall more, brows furrowed. "I can't catch my breath." She turns her head to gaze at Heather, eyes wide and glassy. "I can't breathe."

"I'm always out there. That's how I stay ahead" Heather smiles for a moment before the conversation gets serious. And Katherine's condition seems to get quite serious too. At first, Heather is not sure if the other woman is putting it on to accentuate her words. But then it becomes all too oviously serious. "Katherine? Hey, breathe…slow…you can do it" she insiste to her frenemy, hands on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her…and keep her standing. She turns her head to yell down the corridor. "Nurse! Doctor!" There must be some in here. Her eyes stare into Katherine's. "Look at me. It's going to be fine. Can you hear me? Breathe slow. You can do it."

Katherine stares at Heather, and it's clear that she's attempting to make an attempt to slow her breathing, it's not working right away though. Then almost like a switch being thrown, she takes a deep breath, exhaling out a soft whimper before she slides down the wall to sit on the floor. Her breathing slows, but her hand is still on her chest. "Shit." She whispers, tilting her head back until it's resting against the wall. Tears stream down her face, and her breathing slows more. "I think.." She swallows visibly, her skin pale and a bit clammy. ".. I think I'm okay." She makes a move to get to her feet, but the strength isn't there yet, so she remains where she's seated.

An LPN jogs down the hall to the pair of them. "Ladies? What's going on?"

Heather will help guide Katherine to the floor, concern obvious in her eyes. "Your not okay at all" she states with some certainty. As the LPN arrives, Heather nods to the slumped body. "Hey, stay where you are" she tells off her frenemy before looking to the nurse. "I think she's having an anxiety attack." With some reluctance, Heather will make some space for the professional to do their job.

The LPN nods at Heather and kneels near Katherine, wrapping her hand around Katherine's wrist as she monitors her heart rate. Katherine herself makes a token attempt to pull away, and push to her feet, grimacing as she uses her free hand to wipe at her eyes. "Miss, my name is Lisa. I need you to sit here, and stay still for me. Can you tell me your name?" Katherine gazes at Lisa for a moment, nodding before she starts to speak. "Katherine Stone." Lisa nods at Katherine, her eyes sympathetic. "Your heart rate is a little elevated, I'm going to go get you a wheelchair. You want me to call you an ambulance? Do you want to go to the hospital?" Kate looks alarmed, shaking her head hard enough to loosen her hair from its bun. "No, no, I'll be okay in a second. I'll get my friend to help me home." She jerks her chin toward Heather, her breathing picking up slightly until she visibly shakes herself, eyes squinted shut for a few seconds. "Please, I'm okay."

Heather watches, worried. Of course, she will insist she was only worried about the future of the show. She is not one to give away true feelings. "Listen to the nurse, Katherine" she states firmly. "You're not a medical professional, she is." She turns her gaze on Lisa. "Do /you/ think she needs to be in a hospital?" Friend? There's a little crack in Heather's stony expression but it is quickly sealed up again. "I can make sure she goes there if you think it is necessary."

Lisa gazes at her watch, and then she glances between Heather and Katherine. "Her heart rate is slowing down, I think you might be right about her having an anxiety attack. Take her home, keep an eye on her for a few hours, if she gets any pain in her arm, or has trouble breathing again. Make her go to the hospital."

Katherine looks relieved, and her eyes follow the LPN as she walks down the hall to fetch the wheelchair. She avoids Heather's gaze for a few moments, pulling at a loose string in her sweater. "Will you uh, walk home with me?" She asks, finally, gazing up at Heather as she pushes herself to her feet. Lisa returns with the wheelchair, parking it and setting the brake at the back. "Sit here until you feel a little stronger hon, your legs are going to be like noodles until the adrenaline works its way through your system." Katherine, eager to get the nurse to go back to her job, takes a seat — folding her hands in her lap. "Thanks Lisa, I'm sorry I took you away from what you were doing." The LPN smiles briefly and shakes her head. "You take care of yourself, and it'll be square."

A few hours? Heather is a busy woman!! Still, she nods in agreement with the nurse. "Sure, I can watch her for a bit." Then the nurse is gone, if only for a moment, and Heather turns her attention to Katherine. "Anxiety attacks are not how to deal with things" she states, only semi-serious to try and make her feel more at ease. "Yeah, I'll walk home with you." The wheelchair arrives and once Katherine is sitting comfortably, Heather will lean against the wall and tap away at her phone. "Listen to Lisa" she notes before nodding a thanks to the nurse. The phone is tucked away again. "Do you want me to call Ethan?"

Katherine glances up at Heather, a slight chuckle escaping her. "Yeah, I know." She goes quiet, fidgeting with her sweater still as Heather tells her to listen to the LPN. When she asks her question, Kate startles and she barks out a sharp, "No!" before she clears her throat, looking embarassed. "He's uhm. He's coming by tonight, I'll just tell him what happened." She smiles up at Heather and then tests her legs, getting to her feet and shifting a bit back and forth. "Better." She notes, waving toward Lisa. "C'mon, let's go to the B&B."

Heather finds herself offering an arm to Katherine if she needs it…and she doesn't pull it away if she does use it! All this adulting. "You better tell him…or I will" she smiles sweetly. A nod towards the outside world. "My car is here. I can drive you home if you don't feel up for a walk. I'm easy." A pause before she adds, "Not a word. Let's go."

Katherine aims a look at Heather, a bit of measuring going on as they walk toward the entrance. "He wouldn't believe you. Maybe." She drawls slowly, leaning on Heather as they cross the threshold. "I'll tell him when it's suitable, he and I have other things to discuss tonight. His old fuckbuddy.. I'm not making this up, because he stressed that it wasn't a relationship… is moving back to town. Apparently we went to high school with her. Do you remember Mia Kinkaid?" She exhales out in a gust and grunts. "Well she called him and wants to have dinner, it's why he called to talk to me. He wanted me to know that he was going, and didn't want me to hear it from some gossipmonger." She aims an almost apologetic look at Heather when she says that. "Though, I don't know why I should be worried. We're pretty laid back about the R word ourself, I don't even think we're official. I never asked." She hiccups and her brow furrows, making her go still for a moment. "Anyway..if it comes up after that, sure. Otherwise, I'll just tell him another time."

"He's telling you about a dinner date with an old girlfriend, yet you won't tell him something important like collapsing, unless it happens to come up in conversation. Sure, most conversations have a part about whether anyone collpased today, but maybe this time you can bring it up before that opportunity presents itself" Heather deadpans in reply before thinking about the name offered. "Mia…Mia…wait, Mia Kinky-Aid? Was she in our class? Though, if it's the girl I'm thinking about, she was spread over every class there was. Wasn't she voted 'Girl Most Likely to Need Constant Penicillin Shots'?" Heather is not a gossipmonger at all. An amused snort about the 'R' word. "I think everyone in this town is 'pretty laid back about the R word'. So much so, that they refuse to even say it. And if you weren't official, or it didn't matter, Ethan wouldn't have told you about the dinner."

They reach the car, and Katherine stares at Heather over the roof. "Heather, if I tell him about it, he's going to tell me to slow down. I have four women coming for a crock pot class, a knitting class, filming with you, food to deliver, a pregnant sister to worry about and three baskets to deliver to new businesses! I can't slow down. I'll get behind!" She huffs out a breath and digs in her purse, pulling out a metal pill cylinder, shaking out two pills. "I'm fine. I just had a moment. Do you ever just have a moment?" She tosses the pills in her mouth and swallows them dry. "Don't lie and say you don't."

"Slowing down sounds like a good idea" Heather replies; pot meet kettle. "When do you want me to talk to Lynn? And you can't get anyone to help?" Is there guilt at adding to Katherine's workload? Not really. "I'll get you an assistant. I can do that much for you at least. And aren't you going to Europe with Ethan? That's not official? I have plenty of moments, but I don't do anxiety attacks. I attack anxiety." She yes off the pills. "What are those?"

"Every day it seems like things pile on." Katherine responds, rolling her eyes as she pushes her hair behind her ears. "You can talk to her tomorrow, she's staying home from school to go to the doctor. Help? Who? I'm on my own here!" She grunts and aims a look at Heather. "An assistant for what?" She is reeling by now, so much being thrown at her that she mutters something under her breath. "He asked me to come with him, he's going to work. I'm sure we'll do tourist things, but …we never talked about it." She tosses the cylinder back into her purse and scowls. "Aspirin."

Heather gets into the car, opening the door for Katherine. Aspirin in a cylinder? She won't push it…for now. "You don't ask someone to go overseas with you without something more than work on your mind. If he just needed someone for work, he'd take a workmate. Stop thinking you're less than you are." She starts up the vehicle. "An assitant for everything. They can deliver the baskets or do the crappy stuff you don't have time for. Even things like washing up or laundry. Those things that get in the way of you doing what you /want/ to do." She looks over at Katherine, concern back on her face. "Are you doing things you /want/ to do?" A nod about Lynn. "I'll take her to the doctor and have a talk with her. The father, he's in the picture? Or has she dumped him?"

Katherine clicks her seatbelt, wrinkling her nose. "I don't think that I'm less than anything, but I'm not going to ask for a label or any of that. We've had a few dates, we've kissed a little. We've done nothing that makes me think this is actually a relationship." She points at Heather. "It'll come up, when it comes up. I'm gonna let it happen as it does." She raises both eyebrows, considering Heather's offer. "Wouldn't someone get really bored with that? I mean, I fit a lot into my day — and I'd feel bad passing it off to someone else." She wrinkles her nose and sighs. "I …want to do most of what I do every day, or I wouldn't do them." She nods about Lynn, rubbing her hand over her face. "She won't tell me who it is, and there haven't been boys around the house in a while. So whoever he is, she's managed to keep him secret." She shrugs, frowning as they pull up in front of the B&B. The home is close. "I'll think about the assistant." She glances over at Heather, unsnapping her seatbelt. "If you don't want to come in, I think I'll be okay."

"The assistant will get paid to do that work. It's a job. Most people get bored with their jobs, but they do it for the pay, or the opportunities it might bring. They could help you run the B & B. You don't think that will hellp?" Heather purses her lips in thought. "I'll even pay for them. No need to feel bad about keeping yourself healthy." A quirk of a brow as she looks to Katherine. "You don't know who the father is? Didn't you mention a name after the broadcast? Glen or something. Lots of acne." She shrugs as they pull up in front of the house. "I promised the nurse I would watch over you, but I can understand if you'd prefer a friendlier face. I'm here for you if you want me." She reaches out to give Katherine's hand a squeeze. "In or out?"

Katherine narrows her eyes, thinking for a few moments before she shrugs. "I'll think about it, Heather." She leans back against the seat, narrowing her eyes for a moment. "She was seeing a boy named Glen, but he hasn't been around for a while. She won't talk to me about it. She..just won't talk to me." She takes hold of Heather's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Ethan will be here soon, and I'll be okay. You're a friendly face, Heather. I've let go of the past, and you need to do the same. Trust me. I'm not going to start trying to compete with you anymore. Truce, remember?"

"Truce" Heather nods with a smile, still unsure about letting her star head on in alone…and possibly depressed. "I'll sort out your sister. Promise." She does attempt a smile before nodding. "Okay, get inside and have a good night with Ethan. I'll talk to the retirment home about getting those people on air. "Life Stories'…something like that. Could even do it as a segement in your show." She stops talking about work to offer some sincere concern. "Take care of yourself."

"It..was just overthinking. Everything piling on at once. I .." Katherine takes a breath and shakes her head. "It's okay. I'm okay. I'll think about everything we've discussed and I'll have some clear and consise answers for you sooner rather than later." She gets out of the car, leaning down. "Be good, Heather. Go home and get some rest yourself, or something." She turns to climb the steps to the B&B, pausing to wave before she slips inside the door.

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