(2018-10-21) No Pressure!
This ain't your typical stint of grocery shopping.

Food4Less, Calaveras
Sun Oct 21, 2018

Rows upon rows of groceries with the produce at one end clear across to the frozen section at the other end. At the back are the Meat Dept, with meat and seafood, the Deli and the Bakery. Most anything one could want, grocery wise, can be found here in this store. The aisles are numbered and well lit while the floor is scuffed in places. It's not one of the newer stores but the manager does their best to make it as clean and well lit as possible.

The checkout area numbers 1 - 12, including a few express lanes and one for tobacco. Cashiers stand at the ready at some of them and run the black belts that haul the food from one end to the point of sale area which are then bagged. A Customer Service area is on a raised dais and customers go there for check cashing, refunds, buying stamps, money orders or bill pay, or any number of things.


Arturo is a bit of an odd duck, as one might imagine given his history. He's in the Food4Less with a cat on a leash sitting in his cart. An ugly cat, with an underbite and patchy fur. The pair are standing in an aisle with catfood and treats. The cat meows and paws at Arturo when they pass the treats. "Oh, you would like those, wouldn't you Cornelius?" he asks of the be-leashed cat. Who mrowls. "Yeah, I know those are your favorite, but they give you gas." he says, quite patiently to the cat, "How about those ones. They're good for digestive health?" he asks of the cat. "Digestive health is nice, right?"

Katherine walks past Arturo as he talks to his cat, glancing between the pair before she excuses herself quietly and plucks a few cans of cat food off the shelf. She moves on, turning down the cereal isle where she takes a deep breath and slows down, reading some of the boxes intently. She leans against her cart, tapping her fingers on the box as she reads about the benefits of eating frosted mini wheats.

Okay so Arturo is already Ginny-player's hero for having a cat with an underbite on a leash, but Ginny's player doesn't hold much stock here in this scene. Moving on, Genevieve MacKail is actually here again shopping for goods. It feels as if she is here All The Time. In reality? She is. Ginny keeps her grocery list small to avoid backlog in her fridge and the well-meaning bag of spring mix salad mix growing legs and crawling off. A few things every two days to ensure proper rotation. So she's an aisle over and the moment Arturo mentions 'gas' she snorts laughter behind her hand as she drops a box of Arrowroot cookies into her basket. Yeah they're for teething kids. Yeah, Ginny hasn't and babies but she's buying them anyway because they're good with tea. Her eyes are alight with mirth as she catches herself.

She has brothers, toilet humor amuses her.

Slooowly she peers' round the corner at Arturo and his pal, but seeing as how she's in the cereal / cookie'ish aisle still she is directly in Katherine's path!

Ah yes, food. It's needed after all. And more of it when you do your fair share of working out. And so Brendan is present at the store, looking through some of the shelves, whistling a little to himself. Currently, he's moved from where they keep the pasta, looking around as he considers what to get next.

"Well, yeah, of course it's good for your soul if it tastes good." Arturo continues the conversation with the snaggle-toothed feline, "But you always get an upset tummy. Look. We'll compromise." he says to the leashed cat, as he picks up another brand. "You like these ones, and they don't give you gas." he says to Cornelius, who's tail flails side to side- a patchy tail. Once, this cat may have been a Persian or something like that. He clearly had been burned, at one point, if the scarring is any tell. That isn't to say the cat doesn't look healthy- he's positively glowing with health- but the cat has seen it's battles, clearly. "Now. Wet food, dry-food mix. I can't be stuffing you with wet food *all* the time." he says to the cat, as they push the cart down a little and the cat peeks over Arturo's shoulder towards Genevieve. He may be an ugly cat, but Cornelius has some fantastic cat eyes- beautiful green things. He whips his tail, and crawls up onto Arturo's shoulder to get a better look.

Arturo seems used to this treatment, and doesn't do much more than reach up to scritch under his friend's chin. "Didn't they used to have that organic one, mostly dried meat…" he says, more to himself than anything else as he dips to grab the dryfood in question. "We'll mix this one with some chicken and that trashy wet-food you so love." he offers over to his feline friend. Cornelius gives a little muff sound, Half meow, half chuff. "Yeah, I like my junk food, too. I guess I can't blame you for that."

Edgar steps into the grocery store with the detached interest of someone entering an alien landscape. Okay, Ed. People do this all the time. Just act natural. He grabs a hand-basket. He doesn't intend to get enough to require a cart. Most food needs preparation, and he's not about that life. He goes right to the pet aisle for cat food. Chunks in gravy, in a can. Hey, do they have that stuff Rachel Ray makes? Someone fluffy at home has a discerning palate. He grins when he sees the cat. "Aw, look at that little guy," he says to no one in particular.

Kate is absorbed as she reads the cereal box so she absolutely misses Ginny at first. She glances up when she hears the telltale squeaky wheel of an approaching cart, a smile curving her lips. "Evening, Ginny. How did the ice cream go the other day?" She sets the box in her cart, holding up another pint of Ben & Jerry's. "I got more." She plucks two more boxes of different kinds of cereal off the shelf and tosses them into her cart as well. "What have you been up to?"

How cute. Ginny realizes that she has been spotted by Cornelius and she eases back some, her eyes filling her face. Though the kitty looks as if he's Seen Things, he has surely done so with such beautiful eyes! She's not being silly or mean in her amusement, honest; it's just good-natured amusement. She feels a gripping sense of melancholy in her guts in messing her own family pet. Nights are lonesome, in her house on her own… maybe she should buckle down and get a pet…

First off she shouldn't be nosily gawping around the corner at a loving pet owner — soon joined by Edgar — and Ginny eases back, just in time to hear a kind voice. Gold-green eyes flit to Kate and Ginny's lips pull into a kind smile. "'lo there Kate," Said easily, though her eyes glow with amusement at the sight of the ice cream. "Told you it'd be addicting. I told you, now! None for me tonight.. I'm being good. Just getting the goods for th' week. How've you been holding up?"

William Wilder Rockefeller didn't need to be here shopping, he had a very well trusted butler who took care of most all of that for him, so it wasn't exactly anything he needed to do himself. Truth was if his butler knew he were out shopping on his own dressed to the nines the elderly gentleman likely would have had a word or two for the mustachioed man wandering down the isles.

He's overdressed sure but it's not the flashy show off style of latest brands or anything of the like just a fairly simple suit and tie with well polished shoes and a wristwatch lacking any sort of branding. He gives a light spin to avoid bumping into one of the other patrons ducking out of the way so he can snag? a creamy chicken instant cup ramen bowl, from the noodles section. Not exactly fine dining.

There's a hat on, red hair spilling from under the edges of the cap over the army green jacket paired with jeans and boots. Why is it she never realizes when her fridge is empty until she's hungry? Regardless, she snags a cart, pushing her way into the store as she pulls her phone free to check her list

Kate gestures to her cart, shrugging a shoulder. "Getting the B&B in shape, my schedule got kind of crazy lately and I need to stock up now while I have a free ten minutes." She brushes her hair away from her face and pushes the cart a little further. "I'm trying to buy for the month, I might need another cart." She aims a look at the cart, pulls out a list and sighs. "Yeah, probably."

Cornelius sees Ginny- but, apparently he's decided she's not a 'threat'. He crawls across Arturo's shoulders and back into the cart. Sitting and letting his tail go a floofy. "What?" Arturo asks the cat, "I told you I'm getting the garbage, why are you giving me the tail floops?" he wonders of the cat as he picks up a few cans of fairly standard cat food. Albeit a bit more expensive and almost entirely meat. "This is garbage, and you know it." he says to Cornelius.

"Now. A weekly toy." he says over to his cat as they push down a bit more. "We've got a lot of catnip back home, so, we'll skip those." he continues, as he goes through the various toys- showing each to his cat. Who seems to weigh each in turn before he reaches out to paw at a ball with a bell in it. "Ball with a bell. Good choice, a classic. You have classic tastes, Cornelius." he offers to the cat before leaning over to give a smooch between the ears. Mwah!

Looking around a bit thoughtfully, Brendan frowns momentarily, before he starts moving for some more things. Yogurt, bread, cheese. No matter that it's not the most efficient course through the store, it's exercise! Just trying his best to avoid knocking anyone over as he walks.

A guy needs to eat. So when things start running out that's when Stan finally decides to start stocking back up again. Probably walking different aisles until now, as he pushes his, almost, filled cart. Spotting the other people present. Not going through the pet food aisle but walking past. Offering a smile and a nod to anyone looking his way, especially those he recognizes. Continuing on as he check his own list to try and find the last items on his list.

Meanwhile, Ginny isn't in scrubs for once! Wearing a sensible pair of dark denims and a peasantry top beneath an oversized woolen coat, she looks relaxed. Hair, too, has been coaxed (ie. begged) into a sensible braid that is kept soft around her face. "I don't envy that list.. can't imagine trying t'organize that." She looks down at Kate's haul as the other woman pushes onwards a tad, "I'm about done.. why don't I nip over to change this basket for a cart, put my things in the top part.." Said simply in her accented, lyrical way, "… and load up the bottom with what you're needing?" Hey, Ginny likes to help, though her hazel eyes glance with some alarm to Kate's list.

She can still hear the voices, just barely, the one aisle over. Her lips curl into an amused half-smile even as she remains aware — in whatever measure she can — of who is coming and going. What a busy spot!

Edgar drops some of the fancy cat food into his basket and moves on after giving Arturo a tight, polite smile in passing. He moves next to the ramen aisle. It's a joyless task, grabbing a week's worth of random flavors to toss in his hand basket. Whoever's getting the cat food eats better than he does.

"I couldn't ask you to help me with this monster of a list." Katherine laughs and she pats Ginny on the arm, flashing her a smile. "I'm used to it, you'd be surprised how often I have to come down here to pick up something I forgot. My list is …never set it stone." She glances at the cart and makes a mental note to grab another gallon of milk. "What you can do, is stop by in the next day or two, have tea with me. I'm going to be baking pies, and I love company so I can chat while I'm working."

Jo does need the pet aisle, the boys go through food quick. She will wave to Arturo before she's tossed a big bag of their preferred food into her cart. She'll be humming, checking dog food off her list, followed quickly by dog treats.

"Hey, Jo." Arturo offers as the mechanic comes close, just letting Cornelius take the ball and hold it in his underbite mouth. He seems proud of the ball, even as Arturo places the wrapping and cardboard to the side. "You're a spoiled cat." he says to Cornelius- who looks up and mrowls around his new prize.

"Cornelius, that's Jo. She's good people- so you behave." The Cat stares at Jo. *STARES*. He then jumps up onto Arturo's shoulder again, still holding his ball tightly. It's his, after all! "She's not going to take your ball." he assures the cat- who remains firmly resting on Arturo's shoulder.

Baking. Now that, Ginny can get behind. Her smile is easygoing as she dips her pale-haired head in agreement, "That I would… really like." Said quickly.. gah. Was that too enthusiastic? Between work and keeping up with the house, she hasn't had much time for social soirees. Not even a nip into a local bar to see how the nightlife gets on! Poor boring Ginny.

"I'm free on.. Tuesday. I'm blessed with th' weekday weekends." Admitted next before she grabs up a box of Cheerios and slides it beside the box of cookies. "Better get my ducks in a row here before I realize I'm out of toothpaste at bedtime—" Said with a smile over a shoulder as she once again 'rounds the aisle.. properly this time… and slooooowly peers down the pet food aisle again, almost wistfully. There she can see all who dwell within it's reaches though her head dips down shyly.

One hand rests upon a sack of dog kibble that is about the size of a quarterback. Ginny looks down at it, her brow knit, her slight self standing at the mouth of the pet food aisle.

Jo will look over, to see the cat. She will bite her bottom lip, a grin forming. "Hello, Mister Cornelius. And no, balls with bells are not my thing." She will say to the cat. "Now a squeaky toy? Well." She grins, seeing a big bad guy with the kitty. "This is the refugee, huh?"

"I'll see you on Tuesday." Katherine murmurs, moving down to the canned foods section. She pulls her phone from her back pocket and taps on the screen as she shoots off a text. She holds the phone as she wheels the carts down to the corn and green beans, plucking a few from the shelf and tossing them into her cart. She frowns at the various types of beans, trying to make a decision. There are spices too, and various other things. She peers at her list and mutters softly under her breath.

As he moves on, Brendan suddenly comes to a stop as he realizes he need to go back a few aisles. This makes sure that one of the other customers ends up trying not to crash into him, and thus there's a bit of a sound as the cart moves against the shelf next to it. Thankfully without anything falling down. "Sorry," Brendan offers to the person, before he moves along, not for the pet food aisle, but the next one over, doing his best to try avoiding causing any more collisions.

Edgar keeps going, wandering the aisles at this point just to try to get his bearings. An alien landscape. That's what small towns are. But! He's here to fit in, so he smiles at the people he passes. His smile broadens when he spies a familiar face. Katherine's, to be exact. "Hey," he says, "Kate, wasn't it?"

Stan does offer a small nod and smile to Kate and Ginny. "Hey, how goes?" He asks as he walks by. Almost crashing into Brendan. "Oh, sorry. And no worries." He says to him and letting the other guy move along. Looking up and around to try and find the right aisle. "Damnit, have they moved things around again?" He asks of himself.

Rockefeller makes his way to the end of the isle with his Creamy Chicken Ramen in hand. Walking up to the front counter he pauses for a moment. "Hey, mind letting me use the intercom for a sec?" The man behind the counter blinks for a few moments recognizing the face. There's a look of incredulity across his face for a few moments and he's about to say something before a small wad of cash is tossed down onto the counter. He still looks a bit weary before actually handing it over. "Hello," He starts speaking into the mic. "This is William Wilder Rockefeller, and I'd just like to offer an opportunity to anyone interested." He pauses for a moment. "If you think you've got what it takes to be a professional writer and can write me up a short story on the spot that I'm impressed with, I'll throw you a contract, and five hundred dollars on the spot." He looks over nearby. "Register Two if anyone is interested."

"Yeah, that's me. Hi again Edgar!" Kate says to Edgar, offering him a friendly wave. "Did you get all your laundry done okay?" She asks, pulling a few more cans down into her cart, which is starting to look like it's overfull. "I should have stayed a little longer to finish another load of mine, but sleeping was amazing." She shifts her cart to the side slightly so Edgar can pass if that's what he's trying to do. The intercom clicks on, and she raises a brow and laughs softly. "Wow."

Damnit there she goes again, off with the fairies. Stan passes by, offering a greeting to herself and Kate respectively. "'lo Stan," That was his name, yes? Ginny would remember the town shrink! A glancing of flame-colored hair appears in her peripherals but the moment she is about to turn to glance.. the loudspeaker sounds! Wut?! Ginny blushes deeply, embarrassed by her own lack of writing ability. Oh, if only.. she looks up, and around, to see if anyone answers the call.

"Ah…" Brendan offers to Stan, pausing for a few moments. "I should pay more attention to where I'm going, shouldn't I?" He looks around, nodding to the various people present. He pauses at the announcement over the loudspeaker, blinking a few times. "That would be quite nice…"

"Yeah." Arturo says, as he pets the cat. "He's a good cat, though. I found him under a truck somewhere, mewling. Tiny little thing." The cat isn't particularly large. Both Cornelius and Arturo look up at the sounds. "You think you could write something, Cornelius?" he wonders as he strokes the cat with clear fondness. "Yeah, I don't think I've got it to be a writer, too." he says to the animal.

"I patched him up, and he didn't have a mom any more, so… We just sort of clicked. Used to sleep in my boots." he says as he continues to quietly stroke the patchy-furred animal.

"We like to go to walks. Trained him to use the leash- he likes it, even. Won't go outside without it anymore." he says as he strokes the animal who seems quite happy to have his ball.

"He likes to have a voice in his food choices, too. At least, I think he does." Arturo says, as he rests his head against the cat when it headbutts against him. "Well. I'm going to call it an evening here. We got our catfood." he says, "And your new toy." The cat gives his head a shake- the tingling of the ball seems to delight the creature. "I'll see you around, Jo."

"Yeah," Edgar says, I even got to sleep a little today. It was nice." He offers Ginny a friendly if somewhat shy smile, and he sidles aside in case he's in Stan or Brendan's way. At the announcement, he looks toward the nearest speaker, "That's literally what I do for a living," he says, somewhat mystified. "Not short stories, but I could knock one out." He glances around at the others. Should he go over? Is this some kind of Twilight Zone caliber trick? He has no idea.

"You should go and make some money. I'm going to check out and go home to cook." Kate murmurs, winking at Edgar. "Let me know later if you won!"

She will nod, and a wink for the cat. She will shake her head at the idea of a short story contest at register 2. She will round the end of the aisle, looking for the next thing on her list. "Katherine! How is, super star?"

Stan furrows his brows as he listens to the speakers. A brief frown before he chuckles to himself. Waiting for it to quiet down, and allows people to rush there. If anyone is. "Hey. Ginny, right? How's town treating you?" He asks before looking around some. Still seeing people wandering, some probably going to the rich guy. Stan seems more amused to study them than anything else. A nod to Brendan. "It's fine." He offers and smiles. Hearing Arturo, offering a nod to him as he passes by. Seeing Jo coming over nearby. "Hi." He offers with a smile.

To the exit, by way of the register. Arturo pays for his catfood, and the cat's toy- explaining the cat already had the toy. "He loves weekly toy day." he offers with a smile, before paying- all in cash. "Come on, we'll go by that field you like." he says to the cat, after he gets the bags- the cat just jumping up onto his shoulder when the time comes and the pair head out.

Katherine waves at Jo, a friendly smile on her face. "Nice to see you, Jo. Things are going pretty good. Trying to stock up for a while." She steers her cart, trying not to bump into people as she heads to one of the open registers. "Hey Lola!" She pipes up, grinning. "It's me again, hope you're ready."

From the looks it doesn't seem anyone really comes running super fast to the counter. There's just a man in a dark blue suit sat at the corner of the shut down counter for convenience and not to actually block any of the shopping proper. He hops up onto the counter and sets there waiting to see if anyone is willing to show up, and play ball with a bit of an impromptu short story contest that's been given a slight time crunch. Rockefeller watches people pass by and just relaxes a bit waiting all the while.

"If you need anything. Let me know! Good luck!" Of course, on stage you don't say that, but television is different, right? Jo will shrug off the thought, before she will turn down another aisle. She needs chicken still, and stock, veggies, some egg noodles. Muttering about recipes as she goes.

The slight woman doesn't make her way closer to the front tills, but instead watches Edgar — completely unknown to her — debate whether or not to head up. As the writer looks 'round at others closeby — or close-ish — Ginny's rounded eyes will meet his briefly and despite not knowing him, she will smile slightly in encouragement. He seems to be taking the most interest; even voiced this as his craft! It makes sense! Her hazel eyes move from Edgar, back to Stan as she — too — deigns to hang back and observe. Her basket has been set down in front of her feet, laying bare her eclectic grocery list.

"Ginny.. y'got it. I am doing alright, really.. mostly working. I surface by th' by—" A glance to Brendan and kind smile, "Busy night. Would be hard-pressed to avoid bumping into others even being aware of where you're going. It's alright." Said in an accent that is almost Irish.

Edgar considers for a moment, then shrugs and says, "I'm going to go for it." He inclines his head to those around him and makes his way toward Register Two. He doesn't rush. He's already got a gig that pays the bills, so there's no desperation. His curiosity is definitely piqued. "Hey," he says to Rockefeller as he ambles up. "So what's this about a short story?"

"Congrats." Rockefeller hops down from the counter hands going into his pocket for a moment. He takes a step forward and pulls out a wallet. "You're the first person in 4 stores to actually go for it." He reaches in and licks a thumb before folding out one bill after another. "Just got yourself a cool thousand dollars." Speaking calm as if this were just an average every day thing, holding out the wad of 100 dollar bills towards Edgar.

"Hello," Brendan greets all the people present, offering a smile. "Busy day, yes." There's a brief pause, as he looks around again, frowning at himself. "Now what was it I have forgotten to get…?" he mutters, before he looks to the others again.

Stan nods to Edgar in passing, "Good luck." He says before looking back to Ginny and Brendan. A smile and a nod. "Good to hear." He says and glances to Brendan as well. A bit of a nod. For now hanging back. "So. Think I'm just missing a few things. Know where they keep all the nuts and stuff?" He asks with a stupid grin. "Think they move them every week." He says. Glancing to see Jo being in a rush and disappearing around the corner. Figuring he'll run into her later. "Big shopping day, or just a few items?" He asks both Brendan and Ginny.

Jo will move to the meats, and stock up. She got herself a crock pot! She's going to go wild with all the recipes and making lots of food to freeze for later! It's a brilliant idea…other than the shopping trip.

Edgar's brows lift as a wad of 100s is offered to him. He doesn't wait to see if this is for real, he snags the money. "Thanks," he says amiably. He looks around, again with that speculative 'is this an alien planet' expression. "So do you want to read a sample of my writing, or…? I gotta admit, this is one hell of an advance sight unseen."

"They do move 'em," Ginny says matter-of-factly. "Over yonder by the bulk section.. just that one aisle over. Started at one end of th' aisle, moved on down to the opposite. Just passed them." Offered helpfully to Stan before she chuckles lightly, looking down into her basket ruefully. "My list is a write-off… I'm too keen on seeing how this goes with the writer and.. whomever the gent issuin' the challenge happens to be. Never a dull moment in this store." Said with a helpless shrugging of shoulders. "It'll all come back to me.. I think I'm gonna go in just a bit closer to give a listen." Said to Stan and Brendan both with a curious look, before she goes to do just that. She doesn't to too far off; just enough to get a better view of the registers.

Rockefeller sticks the wallet right back where it belongs. "Well I mean that's the idea." He reaches his hand back out of his pocket and is holding what looks to be a single page from a Science fiction themed superhero comic. "Write down the story script for an entire issue based off this one page, I like what I see you've got a job with my company I don't you still get to keep the thousand." He offers a bit of a smirk leaning back down onto the counter. "You've got twenty minutes." He holds out a pen with a bit of a smile.

Brendan smiles. "Figured I'd need to get some food, since there's a lot of studying to do, as well as hockey practices, you know," Brendan offers, with a smile to the others, nodding a little bit. "Of course they move things. Keeps you on your toes…" He offers a grin, before he adds, "Because then you'll end up buying a few other things while looking for them, right?"

Stan nods to Ginny, "Thanks. I might join you once I have all the things." He offers with a soft chuckle before grinning at Brendan. "Yeah, that's how they get you. Though it is still amusing that it works." He says and grins. Starting off looking for the things. "See you guys in a bit." He offers as he heads back to find nuts. And most likely a few other things as well.

Jo will round up her meat, and then some spices, some of those easy clean bags for the crockpot. It's when she moves down another aisle, she sees Ginny.. and then Stan. "Hey."

The nurse's hands clap to her mouth, sliding slowly down to her chin. "Oh man—" Is mouthed. Cripes, she could buckle from the pressure and she's not even partaking in this gig! She's close enough to the men to still hear them and Brendan's words cause Ginny to peek over a shoulder, braid swaying between her shoulderblades. "Hah! Precisely.. case in point, my own sorry stash." Said with a little blush as she nudges the basket closer to her person. Nothing to see here: baby teething cookies, Aquafresh toothpaste and some sort of trashy novel from the magazine rack. But shhhh. Far more interesting things afoot. She cranes her neck to, once again, observe Rockefeller and Edgar as the former details the task to the latter. Oh, her poor nerves!

"Good luck on your quest for th'nuts.." Said in a quavering little tone to Stan as he branches off, and she silences to watch. Jo re-appears and she beams a kind smile upon the mechanic, gesturing to the registers. "Isn't this amazing?!"

Edgar nods slowly, and he takes hte page, giving it a thorough once-over. The astute might spot his quick eyes taking in the images keenly. He's already got ideas. "Sure," he says. He takes the pen, then looks around for somewhere out of the way. He goes over to Customer Service, where there's a patch of countertop that's somewhat out of the way. He grabs a one-page ad with a blank backside and starts writing in neat, precise script, his groceries forgotten for the moment.

Jo will smile at Ginny, waving at her a moment as she looks at Stan. "Larder bare? We should have gone out for dinner. We'd have leftovers." She'll tease the shrink, with a warm smile.

"Now what is it that I'm missing…" Brendan mutters to himself for a few moments, before he moves to find a few things, then back to not far from where he was. "Does it look like the writing is going well?" he asks, rather quietly to those others observing.

Stan chuckles, "Thanks." He offers to Ginny. A glance to Jo as he smiles and nods to her as well. Grinning at her words. "Perhaps. And leftovers are always nice." He offers with another chuckle. "Back in a bit." He says. And he isn't really gone all too long as he get the nuts and also something else that he throws into his cart as he returns only a few minutes later. "How is he doing?" He asks as he looks towards Edgar and the rich dude. Before looking back to Jo and Ginny. "So, what did you find?" He asks towards Jo, since Ginny already got that question earlier, more or less.

Content to be in the company of others, hearing their voices and thoughts and questions, Ginny continues to observe. She's in no rush tonight, it seems; no need to be home hastily. She keeps off to the side at the end of the pet food aisle, her basket tucked between her heels, arms folded pertly in front of her chest. Hazel eyes alight between Stan, Jo and Brendan before flitting back toward the front. "He seems confident." Said with a crooking of her lips, "Which is good. Were it me I'd be shitting bricks—" Blink, blush. "I mean… sorry. But y-yeah… I think he already has some kind of an idea." Said gently as the question glows in her eyes: who is this rich dude? And this writer?!

"Well to be fair if someone isn't willing to put in the effort to have a job they don't deserve it." The rich man offers with a bit of a light smile. "Everything in life requires effort, it's all just a matter of how much we're willing to put in." He looks down at his watch for a moment quietly checking the time. The counter he's setting on isn't in use otherwise he'd move away, but still he seems to not be too overly invested in the situation though he is still giving a fair amount of observation. "You guys ever try this stuff?" He asks out of nowhere holding up the noodle cup he got earlier. "It's incredible, how you can just throw some boiling water in leave it on a shelf then have a meal." The whole topic coming out of nowhere and not really directed to anyone in particular.

Edgar calmly and steadily writes out a script. His brow is furrowed, because this is very serious, thinky business, and he's a very serious, thinky man. He does it, though. He jots down a script for an issue of a science fiction comic based off the picture given to him. When he's done, he brings the papers he's accumulated over to Rockefeller. "Here," he says. "Just off the top of my head. Of course, whatever notes you have, I'm all ears."
As for the quality of the script, well. He's a bit of a comic nerd and he writes science fiction for a living. He knows the format, knows the genre. The story he writes out has a somewhat Dystopian bent. After the pages are handed over, Edgar stands still, hands folded before him, not seeming terribly nervous.

"Interesting," Brendan replies, before he offers a brief grin in Rockefeller's direction at the noodle cup. "It's quite nice, that's true…" He lets out a breath as he looks around. "Time to get this finished, and back to my own writing, a marketing assignment," he offers to all as he heads towards one of the counters in use.

Jo chuckles at the exalted review of cup of noodles. She smiles at Ginny. "Well, I'll take someone making money over someone trying to steal all the money in the place, any day." She'll glance at Stan, before she's looking into her cart, checking it against her list.

Stan nods as he returns, "I agree with Jo." He offers, nodding to Brendan as he seem to be taking his leave. Then looking the two doing business. "Instant noodles are nice." He offers as well. A small grin on his lips. Staying and listening to Ginny as well. Making him laugh softly as he hear her words. "Well, to each our own, I suppose."

A squint, and a… knowledgeable tilting of the head. Rockefeller's remark re: the noodle cup earns an amused glimmer to both her tone and her gaze. "Hah, all through my college years." Ginny admits sheepishly. "Beef flavor though.. or mushroom. Not too far apart in the flavor spectrum those two. Actually much the same… chicken was getting into th' fancy territory." Said with a pleasant wrinkling of the bridge of her nose as she dips down and grabs up her basket to hold it in front of herself. She lifts a hand to Brendan in farewell, leaving her basket to tilt some before she hastily grabs it again with both hands. To Jo, she offers: "This is true.. how's business been for you?" Asked pleasantly, "Ethel is still muddling along.. due for the seasonal onceover though." A beat, another blush, "Yeah.. named my car.. but y'probably heard it all."

An awkward chuckle.. Ginny is still a bit shy in situations beyond work, but Stan's soft laughter is heartening. She shoots the dark-haired man an appreciative glance before turning back to see how things pan out for Edgar!

Rockefeller grabs hold of the pages sent his way and goes about reading them while still talking. "Let's face it, our great grandparents would have looked at this cup and thought it was one of the great inventions of mankind." He flips from one page to the next with a bit of a rustle of pages. "Face it back in their day you had to make the dough for the noodles cut them to shape boil em build the stock, the list just goes on and on." He flips another. "These days you just toss in some boiling water wait five minutes and boom, you just saved hours of your life." A pause as he looks intently down at the page. "Sure half the time it's got enough salt to mummify a horse but you gotta sacrifice somewhere."

Rockefeller gives a wave to the people leaving. "Don't forget to always wear your seat-belt," A light pause as he flips back to the first for a moment. "They save lives, and only half the time are they incredibly uncomfortable." He pops up off the counter and back down onto his feet. "Characters are flat, the plot twist in the third act needs more foreshadowing for a proper impact, and you didn't make use of the wristwatch in panel three." His tone sounding like he's about to throw it out, as if he's just read some amateur hour piece from the bottom shelf. Then he comes out with. "I love it, you're hired."

Edgar takes the criticism in stride, he's long since learned the art of keeping his ego out of critique. When Rockefeller says he's hired, he grins broadly. "Cool," he says. He fishes a business card from his pocket and offers it over. It's got his name and contact information on it. "I've got representation. We can fax her the details. I've always wanted to write a comic book."

Stan chuckles and watches the two still. Giving an applaud as things go well for Edgar. Then his attention shifts to Ginny, now that Jo had to run off. "Fairytale ending." He offers with a bit of amusement. As for naming her vehicle, he grins. "It is a way to easier handle and remember things. Ethel is a nice name." He offers and smiles.

"Named after one of the curmudgeons in my hometown." Ginny says airily, having been silent for a few minutes to watch — raptly — the turnout. The exchange between Rockefeller and Edgar had her very nearly lifting her fingers to her gob to have a good chew of the nails… but then! Then!? Hired…!! The little blonde 'WHOOP's! Catches herself and claps gently with a cheeky grin. "Brilliant. Best lackadaisical grocery run I've had in awhile."

To Stan once more, "Ethel was the first choice. The other was Daisy."

At the sound Rockefeller tilts his head slightly not expecting the loud noise but he doesn't seem to miffed by it. "You know, glad to see people can root for each other." He smirks a bit, before grabbing the businesses card from Edgar. He looks at it for a moment before tucking it away into the pocket of his suit. A business card of his own is pulled right out. It's highly professional with a minimalist design hosting the Rockefeller Family crest on the front, yes that Rockefeller, the bankers. It's for an investment banking firm, and according to the gold embossed name it's CEO is one William Wilder Rockefeller, the same guy standing right in front of him. To anyone who reads the news they're a fortune 50 company with high diversification into pretty much every field on the market. "Hope you're ready for work because you'll have plenty of it." A light wink.

Edgar starts a bit at the whooping, then grins over at Stan and Genevieve. He waves to them, amiable if a little shy. "Hey," he says, "thanks." He takes the offered business card, his brows lifting a touch as he reads it, and he looks duly impressed. "Everyone here is so nice," he says. "I feel really welcome so far." As for work, he shrugs and says "I'd rather be working than just about anything else."

Stan ahs and nods. "Seems like a good choice then." He offers to Ginny before pondering something. "Right. Were you joining in on the, kinda new, club?" He asks with a grin. "I mean, I'm not really that new, but still." He says with a shrug. Pondering for a moment. "Perhaps get yourself a second one and name it daisy." He offers a bit playfully. Attention ever so often shifting to the two men at the register as well. Starting to move to pay for his own things.

Was she that loud? Gah.. her Newfie side came out… to turn toward the brief outburst is to see a smaller woman, looking a bit embarrassed with herself but still excited. By now Ginny is holding up her basket and scanning the available registers, likely having to fold herself into a lineup with her present company to pay for her things. "Congrats," She says to Edgar, finally speaking to him instead of gawking at him in the hot seat. The writer says something that Ginny herself has admitted to on many occasions since moving here; being left here. "True that.. it really helped with the settling in bit. Ah, speaking of… I had better get this paid for and get that cranky car moving. Or I'll really be stranded." Seems 'Ethel' is fickle.

She begins to step aside to allow others to pass, to pay for their things.. she has another one or two things to snag. To Stan, "Tried and true member of this 'kinda new' club." Offered with a bright smile, though she's still red at having drawn some attention to herself with the 'whoop'. "Maybe someday I'll get a new rig and call it Daisy.. then Ethel can be retired. Turn her into a flower bed." Said with a snicker, before she lifts her basket. "Have a good night."

Stan doesn't say as much, but most likely is similar to Edgar in that regard as well, when it comes to work. Grinning as he glances to Ginny, while loadning his items. Paying for them soon enough. "Perfect. Then we will have to start coming up with fun activities." He suggests. Nodding. "Good night, and see you." Offering a wave to Edgar and Rockefellar as well. "Bye." He offers before disappearing out.

Edgar takes up his basket. Oh, yeah. He's got shopping to do. So far he's picked up cat food and ramen, and he actually needs more than that to survive. "We'll be in touch," he says to Rockefeller. Then he says to Genevieve, "I came here to try a quiet life in a small town. So far, so good. I'm Ed, by the way." Then he's off to the deli, where there is pre-made food he can subsist on. Mmm, rotisserie meats and questionable salads.

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