(2018-10-21) A Friendly Spar
Kris and Natalya spar at Peak Physique.

Sunday evening in Calaveras. The Broncos game is over and done, most of the local males are making their way home from the sports bars to prepare for work the next day. Moms are getting their kids to bed, while other adults seem to be out food shopping. Kristine Chippendale is taking the opportunity to stay in shape. After a hike in the afternoon and a jog into town, she heads to Peak Physique. She's currently working on the leg press machine. She's wearing a navy blue sports bra and black yoga pants. Her dark hair is up in a bun and she has her airbuds in place.

Natalya has decided to see how the common folk exercise…or her gym still hasn't been completed in her mansion. The woman, also clad in yoga pants and sport bra, is being followed by two men who are not dressed for the gym at all. They are in suits, their jackets bulging with possible weaponry. At least it is pretty empty, save for the fit looking woman on the leg press. Natalya makes her way over to stand in front of Kris, waving at her since she sees the airbuds. "Hola" she greets with a broad smile as the two men assume positions where they can watch entrances.

Kris can't help but raise a brow at the appearance of armed men. She looks around to see if any attendants have noticed and if they're going to try to kick them out. It appears that they're being smart and keeping a safe distance. She gives the woman a guarded look after a quick appraisal. She nods and smiles in return to the greeting, and just decides that she will continue on as if nothing is amiss. She does take mental note to look into who the woman may be later on. She removes the buds from her ears. "I.. assume this is your first time here?"

"Si" Natalya grins in reply. "I was wondering if you would like to show me around. Maybe even spar a little." A dismissive wave towards an attendant. "They will only lie and try to sell me things I do not need. I would much prefer to hear the truth from someone who comes here with no vested interest." The Latina's accent is definitely Mexican. She offers her hand. "I am Natalya."

Kris nods, thinking of the safety of everyone in the facility. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll leave you alone for the time being." She shakes the offered hand. "Hey. I'm Kris." She says, getting herself off of the machine. "Um.. yeah. It's not like one of your big National Chain gyms, but it's not a bad facility for such a small town." She keeps in mind any identifying information she can use later. She motions to other areas of the large main room. "That's the area for stretching and cardio. There are treadmills and steppers and stationary bikes." She motions to the area that they're in now. "This is where they have the weight machines, if you prefer these to the freeweights." Which she points out nearby. "There's a room with mats for sparring which is also used for yoga, if that's something you're looking into." She then makes her way over to the door to the pool. "And there's a pool in here along with a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Over there.." She points to the locker rooms. "Is where the lockers and showers are. However, if you're into privacy, you might not want to use them so much. It's unisex." She kinda makes a face at the thought.

"Unisex?" That takes a moment for Natalya to process. "Oh…I see. And is the Jacuzzi the same" she smirks before nodding at all the information. "It seems quite a well-stocked gym. I shall have to make sure I have the same at home. They promised it would be finished by last week, it is not. If they expect me to pay overtime, then the builders are sadly mistaken." Natalya looks over Kris, curious. "Do you spar? I very much like to spar…and you look like you could take care of yourself in a fight. Interested?"

Kris shrugs when the Jacuzzi is mentioned. "Well, strictly speaking, you need to be clothed, so it doesn't matter if the Jacuzzi is unisex. It's just the naked that I have an issue with." She chuckles nervously. At the mention of sparring again, her eyes go wide. "Um.. I do pretty well. Basic hand-to-hand. I can show you a few things, as long as your… friends don't mind?" Which roughly translates into.. 'Will I be shot if I lay a hand on you?'

Natalya glances at her friends as if noticing them for the first time. "Oh don't worry about them" she assures with a dismissive hand. "They know when to behave themselves. And I am asking you to spar with me. It is not as if you are sneaking up on me with a knife." A little sigh. "I hate it when that happens. You should not have any issue with naked. Not the way you look." She indicates the room where the sparring is supposed to take place. "Shall we?"

Kris nods about the guards and then raises a brow at Natalya. "Oh!" She giggles. "No.. I just meant that I'm not fond of looking at all the OTHER nakedness." She smiles as she leads the way to the sparring mats.

"Ah…I see. Well you do make a very high standard for people to try and match" Natalya replies about the nakedness - it's meant to be a compliment. A click of her fingers and one of the men rushes over with a gym bag, opening it up so that Natalya can take out a pair of sparring gloves. "And what do you do with yourself, Kris, that requires you to be so incredibly fit?"

Kris watches the interaction, curious as to what kind of power the woman holds to command such devotion. "I.." She says about the compliment. "Th-Thank you. You don't seem to be too bad yourself?" Her voice pitching upward at the end, not quite sure how that should go. At the question, she nods and smiles. "I'm a park ranger. I work up in the forests and mountains up here. The San Juans." She points out the window in the direction of the mountains. "Can I ask what brings you to Calaveras?"

"A forest ranger? How exciting. You must see all kinds of interesting things up there" Natalya smiles as the goon ties on her gloves. "That is a large area for only one person though. So many places people could hide." A shrug to the question of her presence. "The snow. My family are building a holiday home here, so I have come to oversee the work and learn about this lovely little town."

Kris shrugs. "There are a few of us. Plus, you can't really hide out there for long if you don't have the right gear with you. The mountains could be pretty treacherous if you don't plan right, especially with Winter coming." She doesn't put any gloves on as she takes up a stance, hands open and up in the air. She nods at the reasoning for the foreigner for being there. "Ah, I see. It does get beautiful out this time of year, plus the ski lodge will be abuzz with activity."

"You're not fighting with me?" Natalya asks with some disappointment, head tilted a little before she shrugs and takes a stance. "I suppose you know all the paths and trails like the back of your hand. You share this knowledge with campers, si? If someone asks the most private trails, you would tell them?" A wry smile about the lodge. "I look forward to seeing it. Was there something on the television about a 'Miss Snow Bunny' competition?" She starts to lightly punch the offered palms.

Kris grins. "Oh, I can spar. I just don't use gloves. I'm not the boxing type." She says. "Private trails? No way. Those are typically the most dangerous because they're the ones that aren't well traveled." She says, and as the light punch is thrown, Kris demonstrates a move where she knocks the wrist of the fist away with her right hand, right hand grabbing the arm and yanking firmly while the right hand, open palm, stops a strike in front of the woman's face. "Self defense, especially for women, is less about punching and more about disabling." She then thinks. "Miss Snow Bunny? I don't think I've heard about it."

A gasp of surprise from Natalya as her blow is so easily dealt with. And then a broad grin at the palm so close to hitting her. "No gloves then" she whispers, a wicked glint in her eyes. "No holding back either." Her arms held out for the goon to undo her gloves. "So, you are not going to enter the 'Miss Snow Bunny' competition? They have it every year, supposedly. Though I think the other competitors would be glad you are not competing." Her hands free, she flexes her fingers a little before adopting the fighting pose once more, bobbing nimbly on her feet.

Kris shrugs off the compliment, not quite knowing why the woman is laying it on so thick. She puts her hands up, getting on-guard. "Show me what you know." She says, not so much in a challenge, but more of a way to see what the other woman's level is at. "I most assuredly will NOT be entering any kind of competition like that." She says.

Natalya nods once about showing Kris what she has; those eyes of hers almost crazed. Yet, when she attacks, it is anything but the wild flailings of a madwoman. It seems she knows what she is doing. Though so does Kris. And it is only barely that Natalya manages to 'win'. Their little spar ending up with Natalya locking Kris's right arm before releasing it. "You are good" she smiles.

Kris grins and nods. "Not too bad yourself." She takes up position again. This time she raises a knee up to see if she can land a kick, but before she can, Natalya blocks with her leg and is able to push Kris back, before both regaining composure. "You've had some training already." She notices.

"More an eager amateur" Natalya assures her sparring partner, slowly circling her and shaking off the leg block. "Were you in the military or anything?" she asks lightly before feinting with a leg sweep and landing a punch on the other woman's shoulder. Not hard, but not soft either. "This is fun."

Kris nods. "I was in the Navy for 6 years, and my father taught me how to fight growing up. I've never really had to use it." She says, sending a serious of soft, yet swift jabs, all blocked before Natalya lands one on her. "Amateur, my ass."

Natalya smiles sweetly at the amateur comment before stepping back, hands raised. "Break?" she asks lightly before shaking out her arms. "You are very good, Kris. I think I could still learn from you. The navy? Isn't this place a long way from the sea? Ah…maybe you wanted to get far away?"

Kris shrugs. "I'm not much of a teacher. I haven't gone that far." She puts her arms down and takes a step back, breathing. "My dad was in the Navy so I followed in his footsteps, basically. In the end, I still came back here." She walks over to her bag and grabs a towel. "I should get going. I need to take a shower and head back home. I've got an early shift in the morning. It was nice meeting you, though, Natalya."

"And nice meeting you. I hope we can spar again some time" Natalya nods to Kris before wiping the sweat from her forehead and, only now, tying her hair back into a ponytail. She glances around the room before gesturing to one of her goons that he will now be her partner; he doesn't look too happy about that but he has no choice.

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