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Heather calls Solo, who's off on work. They talk, and it becomes apparent that they've started some kind of relationship. What could possibly go wrong?

Your phone (or possibly another nearby) rings if you are ICly anywhere near it.
OOC: Type 'answer Heather' - or 'options' - if you have a coded cellular, or page Heather to reply. Note that those about you cannot hear this message and you may wish to rp the phone ringing.

Solo removes her cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.
<Phone> You hear a click as the line is established.
(Quietly into the phone) You say "Heya. Can't talk long."

<Phone> Heather says "Hey, I won't keep you then. Had a spare couple of minutes and just wanted to see how you were doing. If you're busy, we can talk later."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Nah, not busy. Just hangin' out in some hotel, using their wifi, waiting for my fair and the cargo to meet up. It's good to hear from you. I was hoping it wasn't just… you know… dine and dash… fuck and flee… like that."

<Phone> Heather says ""I've got nothing to complain about that night or that morning." The smile can be heard in her voice. "Job going okay? Not getting in any trouble?" A light laugh at that. "I hope me calling you doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. Nothing to do with a relationship. Honest."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Normally I don't answer this phone when I'm on a job. But I figured… wifi, secure tunnel… least I know some schmo at the NSA isn't listening to our heavy breathing or whatever." She chuckles a little. "You keep saying it's not a relationship like you were saying you're not a lesbian. Don't freak out on me, but… I think friends with benefits kind of counts as a relationship. Maybe not with a big R, but still."

<Phone> Heather says "I thought you were the one who didn't want to call it a relationship" Heather giggles. "Sheesh, I thought I proved my lesbian credentials. Repeatedly. Friends with benefits sounds good to me. I…I like you, Solo. I had a lot of fun. I just don't want to come off as a stalker."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Yeah well… I didn't. I still don't, really, but I haven't been able to completely put you out of my mind. In quiet moments like this, I can remember your smell… your taste… the little sounds you make when you… you know." She laughs a little. "Don't worry. I'm pretty direct discouraging stalkers."

<Phone> Heather says ""Oh, God, was I making those noises? Take that as a compliment" Heather laughs, "I don't make those noises for many. And I guess I have to admit the same. I mean…I called you. Christ, I feel like I'm sixteen again and getting all giddy talking to this person I have a huge crush on. Trust me, you don't want to know me when I'm acting sixteen. Ask Katty." A soft laugh. "See, you have me talking gibberish."

(Quietly into the phone) Solo laughs. "I remember my own 16 well enough, thanks. First crush I ever got on another girl was when I was sixteen. Didn't do anything about it… well I mean I lost my virginity with her brother, but I didn't do anything about it with her. Made it kind of awkward hanging out with them… banging him, not banging her but wanting to. And people wonder why I ran off and joined the air force." *long pause* I think… I'm really flattered… or something… that you feel that way about me."

<Phone> Heather says ""Yeah, gotta say that sleeping with boys was hardly the pinnacle of my life. Just didn't realise what I really wanted. But, hey, enough of this talk, tell me about the job." Her voice lowers in volume. "Or is it all hush hush?"

(Quietly into the phone) You say "I usually can't talk about my jobs, to be honest. It's going ok. Haven't had to shoot anyone this time… *chuckle* that's about as much as I can tell you. Let's just say the kind of people who can afford my services are the kind of people who don't like their lives closely examined. I'm kind of playing with fire even getting close to you. Our jobs are kind of at odds."

<Phone> Heather says ""I've never been the kind to avoid fire" Heather replies, her work mind rather piqued by such intriguing words. "I could probably help you if you need it" she adds, her tone definitely more serious now. "At the very least, you could lay it all out, get it recorded. Use it as an insurance policy, if you know what I mean? I'll tell you now, Solo, if this ever becomes a reason for you never seeing me again, I'll drag those people into the light. I'd rather be dumped for personal reasons." A little lightness in her tone again with that last remark."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "It's more like… if we got publicly married or something, I'd probably lose most of my clientele. That'd be pretty bad, actually. Default on my loan… aaand I'm not going to let that happen. So no… I won't be laying it all out for you. I'll lay all out for you, but this is what I meant by my life being kind of dangerous. I'm little people, flying big people. I'm a private pilot. You're going to have to accept that I can't talk about what I do a lot of the time. Not just because you're a reporter, but because it's my job not to talk. To anyone. I'll understand if you have to break things off with me because of that."

<Phone> Heather says ""You seriously think that will put me off you? Okay, you have what you need to do, and I will respect your privacy. I think you're a good person, Solo. Whatever you're mixed up in, I don't believe it's because you want to be. I want to give this a go, wherever it takes us." A pause before a little chuckle. "Marriage? Miss Solo, whatever do you mean?" she teases."
(Quietly into the phone) Solo laughs. "It was just hyperbole. Even if I was willing to, you'd probably rather be eaten by ants than get married again. I do want to see where this goes though. I like you. Not just because you're good in bed. You're tough, smart, and you have personal integrity. I can admire that in others even if I haven't got much of my own left. And I'm not mixed up in anything special. I'm just a pilot. I fly people and things from point a to point b. Some of those people are very private about themselves. I'm like a private chauffeur, or Raul, the poolboy. I just work here."

<Phone> Heather says ""I never trusted Raul. It seemed odd he always hung around when I didn't even have a pool" Heather jokes. "Yeah, another marriage is a long way away from my mind for now. Hot pilots who are incredible in bed, and, more importantly, have made something of their lives despite all the blows…they're on my mind a lot. Don't make yourself seem insignificant. You're just as smart and tough as anyone else, and I respect that a lot." There is the sound of other voices. "Sorry, looks like there is an emergency. You take care of yourself. Give me a call when you get back. We'll try a date before the sex this time."

(Quietly into the phone) You say "Oh I dunno, post-coital dates can be fun… Take care babe." Solo clicks her cellular to disconnect the call and hangs up. After a moment's thought, she also turns it off.

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