(2018-10-18) The Jiminez Murders
Police are called to the scene of a bloodbath.

The call came in around 3pm. A strange voice, processed by some gadget, was clear and direct and not up for questions. "Jiminez Ranch. Three sacrifices. Praise the Lord" was all it said before it hung up. The Jiminez Ranch is a small parcel of land out past Paseo Road. Hard dirt and barely any vegetation but the four members of the Jiminez family somehow support themselves there.

Patrol officers were sent first, and once they had finished throwing up, they called in for back-up. Their brief description of the scene also encouraged the Calaveras Police to get in touch with Stan for a psychological viewpoint - as long as he didn't touch anything at the scene! And it won't be long before the media arrive.

The simple one story house of mud brick sits at the back of the property, perched on the high bank of Fall Creek. A dirt road winds its way to the door, and even this late in the year, the cars churn up a lot of dust on the approach. The police officers, Street and Hill, stand outside, leaning against their vehicle. The older, Street, pushes himself away from the car at the approach of the others, needlessly waving them down. They both look rather pale.

Elizabeth is standing near the road block, a pad and pen in her hand, steadily ignoring the press as if she's done this before. (She has) She glances up at the police officers on duty, rolling her eyes at their pale faces. "One of you gets to deal with the civvie when he gets here. He's a head doctor. If he touches something, it's gonna be your heads that get knocked together. We need to keep this scene clean until a detective shows up." She pulls her cell phone from her pocket and scowls at it. "Where the fuck is my partner?"

A car approaches the roadblock, then comes to a stop a little bit before it. Waiting for a few moments longer before he exits the vehicle, letting the dust settle a bit, Erik steps out of the car, looking around at the officers present, as he offers them all a nod. His expression is quite serious as he steps the rest of the way over. "The doctor gotten here yet?" he asks, as he looks around at their surroundings.

Stan seems to up to the task as he is coming along as well, right after Erik's words. Wanting to help out in any way he can, perhaps having done similar in the past. Either way he is coming along and parking to move over to where they want him to, letting any officers direct him. Looking around the place, offering a nod to those present. A nod offered to Elizabeth as well, along with the man that is supposed to be dealing with Stan.

There are only a couple of freelance reporters at the roadblock for now, the kind that patrol the streets listening in on the police radio band, but it won't be long before someone like KCC1 or the local newspaper are here. Street nods to the other cops present. "It's…it's a bit of a mess in there" he states softly. He's an old-fashioned type, just months away from retirement, so he's not too sure that Elizabeth should go inside to look at the scene. Probably be too much for her delicate sensibilities.

As Stan shows up at last, Street gestures towards the open door to the house. "Crime scene are on the way but you might want to look around before the flies go really crazy. They've been there a while. Umm…I hope you don't mind if I stay out here."

Elizabeth glances at Stan and Erik when they arrive, nodding briefly to the second. "Detective." She greets, gesturing for Street to take the Doctor inside. "Looks like he just got here Sir." She reports, making a notation before she walks toward Erik. "Glad to see you. You taking over?" She glances Street again as he walks away from her, rolling her eyes.

"Doctor," Erik greets Stan, offering him a nod, before he lets Street lead the way. There's a brief pause and a raised eyebrow as he hears the part about staying out. "That bad, hmmm?" Turning to Elizabeth, he offers her another brief nod. "It's teamwork, though. I'm sure both you and the other officers here have knowledge that I don't have, after all." There's a brief pause and he offers a nod towards the house. "Shall we?"

Stan nods to the words from Street. A raised brow, but he does nod slowly. "Very well." Looking to see if anyone is going to join him inside. "Officer, detective." He greets both Erik and Elizabeth. Moving then to check things out. To try and get a sense of the place before he'll get down and into it.

It looks a standard house for a family that is scrambling hard to survive. Down in the sluggishly flowing creek behind there is the sound of pigs splashing around; perhaps the main source of income for the Jiminez. They can hear the flies buzzing inside. The stench of rotting meat seeping through the door, which is enough for Street to get well back.

Inside it is dark, no lights on, left as it was when the responding officers arrived. The door leads into a corridor. It is a very open plan house. No doors, just doorways. The sound of the flies comes from the large lounge room to the left of the entrance. In the dim light they can see shapes hanging from the ceiling. Three of them. Human shaped. Shapes that drip. A monotonous splash of blood onto the stone floor below. They will need flashlights for all the juicy details.

"Yeah teamwork. Go team, yadda yadda." Elizabeth falls into step with the rest of them, giving Street a warning look when he motions for her to stay out near the roadblock. "Agh." She swats at his solicitous gestures, stepping past him and into the crime scene. She steps carefully past a few pieces of furniture, gazing up at the hanging bodies for a brief moment, pulling out her phone and using the flashlight to look up the deceased.

Frowning as he steps inside, Erik gets out his own flashlight, keeping his expression as stoic as he can as he starts looking at the bodies. He comes to a stop as he looks at the bodies, studying them carefully in that beam of the flashlight. "How many people are living here again?" he asks, words kept a bit quiet.

The three naked bodies are of a man in his fifties, a woman of comparable age, and a man in his twenties. All have been gutted. What remains of their intestines jutting out like splintered bits of wood from the cavity carved into their bellies. The womb of the woman dangling from the stomach, a children's doll pushed into it. The heads of the victims slump down, their eyes propped open by sharp nails taped to underneath. If they closed their eyes, the nails would rip into the skin. It seems that the woman at least tried to close her eyes from the injuries there. All their throats have also been cut - a merciful release?

The white walls are spattered red. A message daubed in blood; 'He is coming.' Alongside the words are crude symbols also painted in gore. The intestines seem to be missing completely.

"Four, Sir." Elizabeth says, no inflection to her voice as she glances at Erik. She pulls her pad out again and makes a few notes, her jaw clenched, the muscles there jumping. Another officer steps in, clearly making an attempt not to look at the bodies, he murmurs something to Elizabeth. "Press is getting pushy for some update, Sir." She says to Erik, pulling out her phone when it vibrates. She sends off a text, and moves to the side so a crime scene photographer can get past.

Erik's eyes narrow as he sees the bodies, studying them carefully even if he may not want to do so. He pulls out his own notepad, writing down a few things as well. If anyone manages to look, it seems to be done with bullet points, things like 'ceremonial?', 'symbolizing birth?', 'were they alive?' and 'he is coming. Who?'. He writes down one more thing, nodding at Elizabeth. "Four," he repeats. "One…" Pointing at the older man. "Two…" Pointing at the younger man. "Three…" The woman. "Unless this doll is a person, where is the fourth? Did anyone check the other rooms?" He puts away the notepad, before he looks to Stan. "Any theory about this?" he asks, words kept quiet, before he frowns at the mention of the press. "Flying in like vultures," he offers, before he looks to that other officer. "Tell them there's no update yet. We will speak with them once we have something to report."

Stan does move along inside as he tries to let his eyes adjust and curiously taking it all in. Trying to make his assessment. Taking in the scene fully and trying to get into the headspace. Tilting his head as he slowly looks at what and how things could have happened. "Interesting."
The newly arrived officer nods to Erik before heading out to tell the media the bad news…and to get as far away from those bodies as he can.

There is a crash of pots and pans in a neighboring room. A glance through the doorway into the kitchen will see a pot rolling across the floor before thudding into the wall.

Elizabeth lets out a sigh, speaking quietly to another patrol officer standing outside the door. "Get another detective and deputy in here to check the other rooms." Then there is a crash and she nearly jumps out of her skin, moving to gaze in the doorway. "What the ever loving fuck was that?" She frowns down at the pot, letting out a breath. "I can't handle this kind of insanity." She mutters, more to herself than anyone else.

"While it may sound a bit dist…" Erik begins saying to Stan, before that crash from the pots and pans causes him to instinctively duck down a little as he looks around. "Not sure anybody can," he offers quietly to Elizabeth, before he starts moving for that kitchen doorway, steps rather slow. "Keep an eye on things here…" After all, pots and pans doesn't fall down on their own, right? He moves slowly, as if expecting trouble when he gets to that room.

A muffled scream from the kitchen and then the sound of wet feet on stone floor. Before Erik reaches the doorway, a figure is filling it. A woman, early twenties, naked and covered with blood which is not her own. In each hand is gripped a bloodied butcher knife. Her knuckles white with how tight she holds them. Her dark hair matted with blood…at least the hair that can be seen. For over her head she wears the head of a pig, her mad screams filtered through the snort. How can she even see? Who knows, but she is now charging at Erik with her knives raised to strike.

Elizabeth holds up two hands as Erik steps past her to investigate, getting a glimpse of his backside as he steps into the room with the pots. She smirks until she hears the scream moving to see what the fuck is going on in there. She spots the pig-headed woman and her mouth drops open, she couldn't be anymore shocked if she tried. "The fuck is that?" She asks, until the woman lunges, her hand goes for her holster, pulling her Beretta free. "Stand down!" She calls out, her voice loud and serious.

Okay, of all the things that could be happening, this is not what Erik would have expected. He frowns as he sees the knives, and steps back rather quickly, pulling his own weapon out. "Drop the knives!" he adds, after Elizabeth's words. Ready to dive out of the way, if the woman doesn't stop.

She doesn't stop. Slashing wildly at the police. Their voices helping to guide her attacks. An incessant combination of screams and babbling seeping out from the pig head. It seems she means to kill if she can.

Elizabeth doesn't hesitate, she aims the gun and fires off a round at the woman's left leg. She eyes down the sight, prepared to fire again of the woman doesn't stay down. She activates her radio, barking into it. "We need paramedics up here, someone is alive. Might be the perp." She turns her head back to the woman, glancing at Erik before she speaks. "Drop those fucking knives unless you're wanting another bullet." She orders, stepping closer, both hands on her firearm again.

While he doesn't do so as well as he was hoping to, Erik manages to keep himself out of the way of those knives so far. Hoping the pig head keeps the woman from noticing, he starts moving as quietly as he can in an attempt to circle around. There's a nod offered to Elizabeth both at the shot and the orders to the woman.

Stan does shift as they notice someone alive. Instead let himself watch as they try and get to the other. Watching Elizabeth as well as she shoots. He does try and keep to the side, letting the police handle things.

The bullet tears through the woman's thigh and she spins from the impact before thudding to the ground. Her rambling now through hissed teeth as she starts to drag herself to her feet once more. Her own blood flowing freely from the wound to mix with that on her skin and pool over the stone floor. The shot seems to be only a temporary setback as she slashes in Elizabeth's direction. "Seras su puta" is hissed in the officer's direction, a knife blade pointing at her. The woman struggles to her feet, screaming once more as she rushes forward. This time for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth still has her gun aimed at the woman, and when she rushes forward she grimaces. She really doesn't want to kill this woman, she'd rather have some answers. The woman rushes her, and she quickly holsters her pistol, taking hold of the woman's wrists when she lunges and uses her momentum to turn her into the wall. "Get these knives out of her fucking hands!" She screams at Erik, struggling with the pig-headed puta. "Fuck. Stop. Drop the fucking knives you crazy cunt!" If the detective doesn't step forward to aid her, she's going to yell at him later, nice ass or not.

There's a few brief moments before Erik reacts, as if waiting to see if Elizabeth was going to shoot or not. That only last a few brief moments, before he moves forward as well, reaching out to help getting those knives out of the crazy woman's hands, using needed force, but avoiding using too much force. "Calm down…" he says, trying to get through the pig head. "We won't hurt you, just calm down, please." Fully focused on the task at hand now.

The woman grunts as she is slammed into the wall. Her hands trying to turn the knives towards Elizabeth but the grip on her wrist is too tight. "Seras su puta" seems to be her new mantra, screaming it over and over at the policewoman. She tries to keep a grip on her knives, but Erik is too strong, though there is a crack of a finger breaking as he rips one of them away. The woman tries to kick at Elizabeth, smearing her clothes with blood, but isn't able to do much damage. "El viene!" she screams before the woman goes silent. Not dead, her body still breathing heavily, but worryingly quiet.

Elizabeth is spattered with blood and decidedly unhappy at this point. "Yeah, yeah, puta." She snarls out as Erik gets the knives out of piggy's hands. She wrenches her arm when she goes silent, taking the chance to let go of the other wrist to reach for her cuffs. "You're under arrest for attacking an officer of the law." She states, clapping the handcuffs on one wrist. "You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney, if you can't afford one…" She continues the spiel, reaching for the other arm to secure her.

Letting out a brief breath of relief as the knives are taken away, Erik tosses them to the floor a bit away from the woman. After all, evidence, and all that. Waiting until the woman's arms are properly secured, he moves forward to try removing that pig head so they can see who this woman actually is.

No response by the woman to the cuffing. Not even any squirming anymore, as if she has accepted her fate. The pig head will come off with a bit of tugging and wriggling, a suction sound as it is pulled upwards to reveal a face covered in blood and pig brains. Wild eyes stare at the police with a maniacal glee. Dark blood dribbles from her mouth. She spots Stan, grinning broadly before spitting something at him. It lands on the floor at his feet. It is most of her tongue which she has just bitten through to keep her silence. A laugh from deep inside her as she looks from Elizabeth to Erik, pitying hatred in her eyes.

"Yeah, she's cracked." Elizabeth mutters, hauling the woman out of the room and out toward the front. Her fingers press her radio. "Bring a fucking car around, I don't want the press getting eyes on this bitch until we know her role." She pauses to glance back toward the detective. "I'll be back, once I.." She tilts her head from side to side before she rolls her eyes. "This job doesn't pay enough." She mumbles, shoving the woman towards the car that is pulling up to the front of the house.

Erik frowns as he watches the woman, then frowns as she spits something at Stan, even though he doesn't see what it is. "As the British would say, she's clearly lost the plot," he agrees, frowning a bit more. Nodding a bit as he hears Elizabeth's words. "Of course. Good work there." It's offered a bit quietly, before he looks around. "Did she just snap, or was there something, or someone that made her do it?" Asked just as much in the direction of Stan as it is to himself, before he looks around. "Okay folks, let's get this crime scene processed. Any clue, no matter how obscure, I want it found!"


*Maria Jiminez, daughter and sister of the slain, is the teenage girl that was found at the scene. The blood she was covered in was that of the rest of her family. She is uncommunicative (and she also bit off much of her own tongue which won’t help).

*The pig head was that of a recently butchered pig. The rest of the animal’s body found outside. The family owned about a dozen pigs.

*The initial responding officers did not find Maria on their initial search of the residence.
*The family do not have any criminal records. Maria was notified as missing by her parents about two months ago, but it was withdrawn the next day when she returned home.

*The knives that Maria had in her possession were responsible for about ninety percent of the wounds on the bodies, as well as the mutilation. This included the killing strike of the throat cutting. There were, however, blunt blows to each victim’s head by weapon unknown.

*The mutilations were committed while the victims were alive.

*The family truck was not found on the premises.

*A bloody boot print found near the front door did not belong to any footwear found on the premises.

KCC1-TV News Report

A family on the outskirts of town have been brutally murdered, possibly by their own daughter. Police were called to the Jiminez farm off Paseo Road to discover a scene of horror and tragedy. Three of the family, patriarch Hector, his wife Angela, and their son Hector Junior, were found dead on the scene. The prime suspect is the remaining family member, Maria, who was found on scene covered in the blood of her family. Further details have not been released by Calaveras Police and investigations are continuing. Maria is currently in custody and being questioned. KCC1 will keep you updated as information comes to hand.

On a lighter note, here’s Mitch Buchanan to talk about the new format of ‘Wake Up, Calaveras’. Mitch.

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