(2018-10-18) Halloween Block Party!
The annual Saminaw Row block party gets interrupted by hooligans. ANARCHY!!!!!

Saminaw Row Calaveras
Thu Oct 18, 2018 — Thu Oct 18 20:55:25 2018

Beyond a few slanted parking stalls on Smelter Street is a row of small town homes. They are no more than two stories tall, most likely one to two bedroom abodes, in the trendy part of Calaveras. They are made of older brick, originally as townhomes but repurposed once for more storefront. In the last decade, they have be returned to town homes with more growth. The facade retained, updated, larger windows have been added to the homes as well as some green space as a front yard. Its not much, but its yard enough for some individuals. There are six such condos here in a row, each with their own stoop complete with modern lanterns at the end of each side to provide adequate lighting for guests and resisdents alike.

The block party on Saminaw Row is in full swing. Most of the townhome residents have gone all out with decorations - there are haunted houses, lots of cotton spider webbing, animatronic masked murderers, and several yards transformed into spooky graveyards complete with smoke machines. Apparently, Saminaw Row takes Halloween /very seriously/. Along the sidewalks, costumed residents have set up tables with free food and Halloween-themed treats, and someone has brought out a boombox (what is this, the 90s?) to play a CD of Halloween-themed songs. Currently playing? 'Monster Mash'.

Luke is hanging out near his own house, which is very slash-murderer-esque. There's bloody handprints over the windows, decapitated foam heads hanging from hooks, and zombies in his (very small) front yard. On his porch is a very badly carved pumpkin with triangle eyes and fangs, and a large pumpkin-tumor growing from its side that someone has drawn a face on with a felt tipped marker. Luke's costume doesn't quite match the theme his house is going for, as Luke is dressed up as Luigi from MarioKart, complete with a fake mustache that didn't get glued on correctly. But, it's adorable, considering his pig (Little Hamlet) is wearing a tiara and sitting in a wagon that's been transformed into Princess Peach's vehicle. Sarge, Luke's dog, is trotting happily around wearing a floppy bright red 'Mario' cap that's secured by a strap under his chin. The animals are awfully good sports, as neither seem concerned or bothered by their hats. But the most important thing that Luke has (aside from his adorable animals) is BEER. Lots of beer!

Free food. Free beer. This is what brings Vic Grey to the block party, well out of the way of her own far less nice neighborhood. The private eye gives every house she passes the stink eye for all its decorative hominess. She is a definite rain cloud in this sunny affair. That doesn't mean she isn't staying though. Again, free eats and booze mean she can definitely make her rent this month.

The former cop has already stuffed her maw with a few offerings from the residents' tables, but now she reaches the holy grail of mooching. The guy with the beer. Vic gestures towards one without verbally asking, while eyeing the pets warily; like they might bite her, or actually thaw her dead, frozen heart.

Abby /also/ lives on this street and in one of the very seriously decorated houses. But rather than hang around on her own porch, she's wandered down the street a bit to Luke's house. He /does/ have the beer after all. She's gone for the sexy woman pirate look for tonight, complete with high boots, striped leggings and leather corseted top with blouse. Also a very fetching (read: goofy AF) hat. She passes by Vic on her way there, "They're both super friendly! C'mere Sarge!" And she totally calls over this dog that's not hers, which won't alarm his owner at all. Probably.

Heather is here. She is anywhere that is newsworthy and, it seems, some places that aren't. And it seems that for this Halloween event, she's had a high school flashback. She's dressed as a bunny! (https://www.sartle.com/sites/default/files/images/blog/giphy_209.gif) Heather is also here with Bob the (Long Suffering) Cameraman. "Just cruise around getting shots of everyone, and the stalls. Humor and warmth is what we're after tonight. Try not to get anything too gory. I'll roam around and get some interviews. Meet me back here in…" She glances at her phone. "Three hours." Bob nods and wanders off while Heather wonders where she is going to stick her phone in this outfit - thankfully there is no Katherine yet to point out some options. Heather spots Luigi, Ms Pirate Booty, and the surly detective and makes a beeline in that direction.

Little Bo Peep, with just one sheep, arrives with Ethan. Chivalry isn't dead, he is carrying a box that has four pies and a pan of ziti stacked in it. Ethan's costume isn't easy to place unless you're an 80's kid. He's wearing a skeleton shirt with a red zip up hoodie, jeans and sneakers. The pair stops off at the table that's laden with food to drop off their contributions before moving toward Luke's house. "Oh god, it's Luigi, I'm having flashbacks." She finds a drink, walking toward Luke's house with her date. "Hey Abby, Vic, Luigi and…Heather."

Beyond a few slanted parking stalls on Smelter Street is a row of small town homes. They are no more than two stories tall, most likely one to two bedroom abodes, in the trendy part of Calaveras. They are made of older brick, originally as townhomes but repurposed once for more storefront. In the last decade, they have be returned to town homes with more growth. The facade retained, updated, larger windows have been added to the homes as well as some green space as a front yard. Its not much, but its yard enough for some individuals. There are six such condos here in a row, each with their own stoop complete with modern lanterns at the end of each side to provide adequate lighting for guests and resisdents alike.

Julian has arrived.

Plenty of friends that live here go to the university and Delilah is hanging with a small group of them. Some over 21, some under, but who's asking right? With a solo cup from somewhere tucked all safe and sound in her hand, Lila seems to be following along with the same style as Heather. a body suit and ears make the best costume. She is tiger. Hear her roar. Eyeing the older folks, she gives a grin to one of the other girls near her. "The pirate hat is crazy, but I love it."

Obviously, the college kids don't live here! But the yearly posh street party isn't exactly a secret, and the promise of free food (and beer?) is definitely a lure for the student set. Any excuse for a party, right? Even Alison, who might not count as a round-the-clock party animal, is still embracing the spirit of the season in full force. That spirit naturally includes some dubious 'costume' choices, and she's another entry in the 'basically lingerie plus some vague animal ears' club. Maybe she's a mouse? It's kind of hard to say. Still, it's one night a year where that stuff is totally legit, and she's not passing it up! Parked some of the other animal-themed youngsters, she too has an anonymous red cup concealing dubious legalities. Peering at costumed passer-bys, she bobs her agreement with Delilah. "They really go all out, huh? Wow, look at that house, it's like something right out of a horror flick!"

Luke was fishing through the cooler full of beer when he spots Vic first, perhaps zoning in on her because she doesn't quite look happy to be here. "Hey, yeah. Beer's free, so long as you like Blue Moon. I don't think I've seen you around," he says, offering out a white gloved hand. "Luke. The dog won't bite, and the pig'll just oink at you," he says in friendly sort of manner before his focus shifts to Abby, and his eyes bulge. If he were a cartoon wolf, they'd probably be out of his head. "Wow, okay. I thought I'd be disappointed that you didn't want to do Mario, but.. yeah, shit," he shifts to give Abby a kiss on the cheek, before his hand comes up to wave to Kate and Ethan. "Little Bo Peep! Not Sheep! Damn, how much food did you bring?"

Across the way, there were children in various costumes spilling out of an open door, running down the street and giggling like crazy. They disperse into the crowd, which has started to grow, and now notably contains at least four different clowns.

"Katherine, how wonderful to see you" Heather smiles to her best frenemy, even trying air kisses over her cheeks since they are adults now, and it's a party. "Don't you look so sweet and innocent" she coos over the Bo Peep outfit, "That must be a Halloween first for you. Suits you though." A warm smile before she is holding up her hi-def camera phone to take shots of those nearby. "Doc, you look fantastic." That was for Abby rather than Luke. "You can plunder my chest anytime. The Singing Luigi…I like it. And I'd like a beer too." She's subtle. The camera turns on Vic. Heather seems a bit perplexed at the costume. "Hmmm…not sure. Orange is the New Black inmate out on parole?" she asks the detective. "You pull it off well." Her eyes fall on the college girls. "Oohh…fellow animals." Grabbing her beer, she heads on over to the 'youngsters'. Interviews will be threatened.

Ethan has to untangle himself from some older woman who has taken it upon herself to oversee the buffet table, explaining that he didn't cook, Bo-Peep did, "But thanks, I'll tell her, you have a good night, now," before he's able to peel away. He trots to catch up to Katherine, and arrives in good time to identify which cooler has the beer in it. He helps himself to a beer with a quick, "Hey, Speed Racer," to Luke, a wolf-whistle at Abby, and a 'totally don't know you but it's that kinda party' wave to Vic (and anyone else standing in the vicinity). Also, he's gonna hand out all Luke's beers, one for Heather, one for Kate, one for anyone else that happens to be looking like they need one…

While he's not the person who attends most parties, Brendan is here today, moving along and looking for familiar faces in the crowd. He had some problems deciding on a costume, but ended up going as a superhero. More specifically, Wolverine in a black costume. Stepping along the way, his course takes him in the general direction of the other students present, although he might not have noticed that as his attention is on the various costumes of people passing by.

Vic squints her eyes at Bo Peep, and it takes her a moment to recognize Katherine. She's only seen her in the dim light of a bar before, and not in costume. "Katherine," she finally greets. She is wearing no costume. Either she didn't get the memo or she thinks her showing up at a social event is enough out of character to count as its own costume. She takes the offered beer and looks back to Luke. "Yeah, you're that veterinarian, aren't you?" she asks him. She's not choosy about her booze. Free is always the best brand. She eyes Abby and her costume before looking down at her own regular clothes. She should have read that flyer closer. Not that she'd have dressed up; she'd have just stayed home. When Heather turns that camera towards her, she gives the woman a look. "What are you supposed to be, one of Heff's wives?" she asks. "Get that thing out of my face.

Preparing for a long drive back up the mountain, Julian is still decked out in his work clothes, which include a thick leather jacket to ward away the freezing temperatures. The ranger's jeep pulls over on a side street as he looks down the road that has been closed off. Did he miss something? "Oh, hell." He mutters, recalling the information passed around the coms about the detour. It must be that time of the year again. As he peers out through the windshield of his jeep, he takes note of all the children and adults wandering about in costume. Taking a deep breath, the workaholic grips the steering wheel as he goes through the mental circus of deciding whether or not to join in. It doesn't take long for some of the locals to walk by and notice his vehicle and the Warden response decal on the side, some of whom know him and offer him a pleasant greeting.

"Just a few pies and some pasta." Katherine responds, waving her crook toward Luke with a grin. She takes the beer from Ethan, giving it a look before she opens it and chances a sip. Nope, beer still isn't her favorite. She holds it though, someone will take it and drink it eventually. Her eyes cross as Heather slings a backhanded compliment, and she turns to smile at the bunny. "You look nice Heather. I hope you're having fun." Kill her with kindness, it's the best way. She waves at Vic, trying to find a place to lean her crook so she has a hand free. "Nice to see you again, I brought some pie that you can try." She points to the food table before she turns to people watch.

"Hey Kate!" Abby calls from where she's scratching Sarge behind the ears. "You told me that the dog was going to be Mario! It seemed like you had the entire set already figured out," she laughs, giving her eyes a little roll and then straightening up to receive that kiss on the cheek. As multiple clowns start showing up, she watches them. "Ugh, I hate clowns. That's the only bad thing about Halloween." There's a beer cooler nearby and she wanders up the steps to it, turning to squint at Ethan when she hears a whistle. "Hey! Are you ET? Or the kid from ET? Damnit, I forget how the end of that movie went…" she hms and then pops open the cooler, taking a beer out for herself and another for Heather, leaning over the rail to hand it to her. There's a quick round of laughter for plundering her chest.

This was big news in Calaveras and after making plans for it with her parents, she'd planned on staying out all night. "I'm sleeping over at Lisa's tonight, I think. At least my mother approved it." A brief eye roll. Mothers. "We should definitely find some food." One of the smaller kids bumps into her and looks at her all wide eyed. Lila grins and drops some candy from a small bag over her arm into the kids bag. "I always bring candy. It's fun to give out to the kids." Checking out the houses, she grins. "I think it'd be fun for our sorority to get a house here in this part of town. It's still close to the university. It'd be far better than living at home. We could totally decorate it too. Like these!" Another look at the others, she notices the approach of a like dressed person and offers a smile.

"Huh?" Luke was definitely not paying attention to Abby's outfit. His attention was totally up there, at her eyes! He blinks a few times. "Oh, right. Yeah. The dog, totally," he clears his throat, lifting his beer to his lips to take a long sip. "If you hate clowns, don't look down near Mrs. Chaveez's place. Fair warning." Indeed, old Mrs. Chavez had done up her house like a gigantic funhouse. There were clowns /everywhere/. Luke flashes a grin back to Vic as he leans a hip into his porch fence. "That's me. The vet! Nice to meet you," he says, and then slides a glance between her and Heather, up-nodding to the latter. "Didn't everybody die at the end of ET?" he wonders aloud.

"You don't have to take the role on so well" Heather smiles sweetly to grumpy Vic before getting out of her face, and taking any and all beers offered to her. "Thanks, Katherine" she smiles at the compliment, doing a half turn back and forth. "Only just got here, and I'm working…which is fun." A nod to Ethan, "Hey, Jasmine." Then she is off again to bother those college girls…and Brendan. "Hey, you all look great" she smiles before pointing to Brendan. "Wolverine? Does he wear black?" To all of them she adds, "Would you guys like to be interviewed for local televison?" She concentrates on Delilah first.

Another person wanders up to the party, somebody dressed in a 'Wolfman' mask and an oversized flannel shirt. He's joined by another in a Frankenstein mask, and from behind Ethan, a Slender Man in a stocking cap approaches. Wolfman & Dracula grab a beer from Luke's cooler, while Slenderman comes past Ethan and promptly knocks him in the shoulder. HARD. "Hey, man. Watch where you're going," the Slenderman sneers.

Jo hadn't planned on going to any Halloween shindigs, so she'd had to order a costume when she'd told Luke she'd come to this thing. Red hair is loose and curled in long spirals, made a little bigger and wilder with spray. The face is fairly neutral with the makeup, just a touch of lipgloss and eyeliner. The dress is a Ren Fair style deal, green with a cream colored under dress. There's a quiver strung across her back, and a bow slung over her shoulder. She's quietly making her way around towards Luke. Maybe she can show up, do some quick hellos, and go home.

"Wow I wish. Having a place around here would be amazing," Alison can't help but agree as Delilah ponders some kind of sorority house in the neighborhood. "The houses are all really nice. Even just a room in one of these would probably put my shitty little apartment to shame." There's no bitterness in that, surely! Or at least, she masks it with a sip from her totally-not-a-beer. She doesn't have any candy for the kids, but she's wandered a little closer to get a look at Luke's murder house, which seems totally her speed. Slasher fan? "This is sooo cooooool." And maybe she'd ask if they were letting people in, if someone didn't say the magic word. She spins around as Heather is apparently asking her friend about being on TV. "We'll totally do an interview!" she happily answers on BOTH their behalf.

Ethan unzips his sweater all the way, showing off his totally awesome skeleton shirt. "Nobody died in E.T., the alien just got frozen then called his parents and they picked him up." He lifts his beer in Heather's general direction, but her back's turned so probably that goes unnoticed, and he takes a big drink while looking over-and-around a few people toward the fun-house, brows lifting with interest. "Well, this absolutely has to hap- whoa there, Mister Creepy No-Face Guy." Yeah, he has no context for the Slenderman, but the guy just made him slosh beer, and he's wiping his hand on his sweater, smile slipping; "Slow down a little, man."

The crowd surges in looking for beer, and while she's watching people arrive, hers is liberated from her. She's not going to complain, finding a bottle of water somewhere instead. Kate spots Julian when he arrives and she waves in his direction, a grin on her face. "Julian, over here!" She calls out, putting a hand on her bonnet as the wind nearly takes it off. She turns to see Ethan get sloshed with beer, and helpfully hands him a knit sheep that looks kind of like an oven mitt. "You can wipe up with this, because once I get home he's getting thrown away." She narrows her eyes at the party crashers, shaking her head back and forth. She makes her way to Abby, flashing a grin in her direction. "Love the costume, you have to tell me where you got that hat, it's awesome." She spots Jo, and waves cheerily in her direction as well. So many people!

Abby lifts her eyebrow up at Luke when his attention snaps back up. She's just opening her beer when he mentions Mrs. Chaveez's place and very slowly she turns to look in that direction and grimaces, "I used to like her, now I'm concerned for her sanity." She tips the beer back to her mouth and enjoys her face taste. As the guys who bump into Ethan move past them, she sort of side-steps out of the way to avoid anyone accidentally touching her. "I love it too! I got it online after going down a weird rabbit-hole of clicks trying to find a good costume. It was nice and ridiculous."

There's a brief pause as Brendan hears Heather's question. "Of course," he replies to the part about Wolverine wearing black, before he pauses as talk turns to interviews. Looking about to say something, he's unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears Alison's answer, and remains quiet for now.

"Oh, hell." Julian repeats, like a mantra, when, of course, Katherine spots his jeep and him and tries to flag him down. Well, that answers that question. Hook, line, and sinker, Julian turns off the jeep and steps out, immediately getting accosted (rough translation: nicely greeted) by some of the locals who recognize the Walker boy. He offers them a tight smile and quickly excuses himself as he dodges through the crowd of people and comes to a stop near Katherine. "A bit cold for a costume party, Kitty Leigh." He remarks, glancing up at the sky and then sweeping his gaze around their surroundings.

"'Slow down, man'? You were the one who got in my way, /man/," says creepy No-Face man to Ethan, who then rather directly reaches up to shove Ethan's shoulder, clearly trying to dislodge the beer at this point. And probably send Ethan back a little. Wolfman and Frankenstein were still hanging around, but they were inching ever closer to Luke's porch for some reason. There was more beer there. That was probably the point.

"Whoa, whoa. Back off, dude," Luke tears his attention away from the small group he was talking to when he catches the commotion around Ethan. Even Sarge has got his hackles raised, though the Mario-dog sticks to Abby's ankles like he was tied to them.

Oh and then there's Brendan! Another of the university friends of hers. A wave is tossed his way from Delilah, but the Slender Man gets a head tilt as she sees what was going on there. "At least it's not an Ender Man." Because Delilah knows Minecraft, apparently. "We could see about getting a place together and sharing rent." But she realizes she'd just inadvertently included Brendan in the invitation, kind of. "Split the rent three ways? I'm so ready to move out of my parents house." Not as interested in the gore as Alison is, she crinkles her nose and gives a small shake of her head. "I'll go in if you are, cause alone isn't a good idea." The smile widens at the agreement from Alison to Heather, "You bet we will. That sounds like fun!"

Vic grunts a little at Heather's back, then she looks to Kate. "I'm gonna fix a plate of whatever you made, and get out of here. I've more than filled my quota of human interaction for the day," she explains. It may be her way of apologizing for bailing. "I'll drop by at some point." For her case. And food of course. She lifts her beer in a small salute to Luigi, then looks for the quickest way out of this place before she ends up having to dig out her old beat cop skills.

Jo will wave to Katherine with a smile. She needs to greet the man who invited her.. walking up as there seems to be trouble going on. "Hey guys. What's going on?" She will pull an arrow from the quiver, twirling it like a baton. It's not a prop. "Hey, Doc!" She'll call out to Abby.

Kate aims an understanding smile at Vic, nodding as she heads off toward the food table. She grins up at Julian, punching him softly in the bicep. "There are jackets. So is too cold your excuse for not dressing up? You'd have made a pretty good sheep." If she had her crook, she'd brandish it at him. She waves to Delilah as she spots her among the people being interviewed by Heather, and then she's distracted by the kerfluffle happening at Luke's place. She frowns, taking a few steps in that direction, but she doesn't really have any way to help if a fight broke out.

More of the beer sloshes out, foaming over the neck of the bottle, and Ethan shakes his hand off again, starting to take the sheep that Katherine's offering before the color of this encounter turns. "Are you serious right now?" He looks between the trio, then beyond them at Luke and Luke's dog (and Luke's pig, though not too much interest on the last). "Let it go, guy, it's a Halloween party, and I'm not looking for a fight." 'Cause he can talk his way out of random acts of belligerence, right?

"I'm Heather McCormack" she greets the college students, "Owner of the local television channel. Thanks for agreeing to an interview." A smile at how enthusiastic the girls are. "Okay, so what brought you all out here tonight?" Being a newshound, she can't help but notice the argy-bargy happening back at Luke's. Instincts kick in and she's starting to get worried. Why are those other guys heading for the vet's house? But she has a job to do. "Sorry" she says to the students. "How about we start with your names?" The camera phone may be on Delilah, but Heather's eyes keep switching back to Luke's yard.

Solo climbs out of a cab. There was no way she was walking to the party in this outfit. Sweat would make her makeup run. She's dressed as Mystique, from the X-men. Yes, that is a latex outfit. Yes, it's warm. No, it doesn't hide much. Solo looks around and tries to recognize people. She blinks at Heather's costume and waves.

Does one count wearing a pair of black leggings, a black sweater, and black ankle boots, and a set black cat ears a costume? Apparently Briony does. It's good enough as far as she is concerned. She's wandering down the street, flicking her fingers over the top of her phone as she makes her way in the direction of Luke's place— not really looking where she's going.

Julian puts up a mock-hurt expression as Katherine slugs his arm, snickering softly. "The truth? I forgot all about this. I was on my way home." He definitely is not wearing a costume, though his work clothes make him look like a cowboy so maybe he could get away with something. He's wearing a thick leather coat which sports the Calaveras' Rangers decal, tactical BDUs, hiking boots and a holstered IMI Eagle that looks like it's designed to take down a bear rather than a human. Topping it all off is his trademark Justin Morgan that fits his head perfectly. Noting the heated exchange, he carefully places a hand on Katherine's shoulder and shakes his head. "There are off duty cops around, I recognize a few of them. Let them handle it if it escalates." He does keep an eye out though - after all, there are children here and, technically, he's still on duty.

"Are you serious right now?" repeats Slenderman in a mocking voice to Ethan, and although it's impossible to see his face? It's pretty clear that he's making exaggerated facial expressions underneath his mask. He pushes Ethan right in the shoulder again, and then smacks his hand up against the bottle of beer in Ethan's hand, knocking it towards him. "What're you gonna do, huh? Pussy."

"Hey man, get off my fucking lawn with your bullshit," Luke was raising his voice as he comes upon Slenderman and Ethan.

And with all (most!) eyes on Slenderman, Frankenstein and Wolfman make their move. Luke's pumpkin is snatched right off his porch by Wolfman, and Frankenstein makes a grab for the smaller cooler of beer, before they take off running. "ANNARCCHHYYYY!" screeches Wolfman, as he runs up behind Delilah and Alison (and in FRONT of Heather's camera), lobbing the pumpkin so that it smashes into a mist of guts all over the feet of the college girls.

"We can go in after this!" Alison is all about the murder house, but not more than she's all about the chance to be on TV. Still, the ideas Delilah has on theoretical living arrangements get her thinking. "Yeah? I wouldn't mind," she answers, although she's obviously NOT instinctively including Brendan in the equation. "I'm sure it's a pain still having to deal with them. Wait, three?" It's probably then that she clues in on the new arrival, turning around just as Brendan gets close. "Oh, hey." But by now, the escalating conflict has drawn her attention too, just like it has Heather's. Still, she manages to answer. "Well I'm Alison, and I guess we're just out for the party? The city campus doesn't really have as much of a unified social scene, so we like to go out and have fun around town when something is going on!" She's actually a pretty confident speaker in front of the reporter - right up until they're pumpkin-bombed for ANARCHY! Here, she squeals as she's jostled by the charging Wolfman and sprayed with pumpkin bits. "What the fu- OH MY GOD, gross!"

Abby is slowly inching away with Luke's dog at her heels. She doesn't exactly want to be in the middle of Ethan getting beat up by a bunch of people in masks. While she's carefully escaping the porch, she happens to look in the direction of her own house. Which is when she'll get an eyeful of some guy standing over there, repeatedly banging on the door. He's obviously not a /smart/ guy because anyone with two brain cells to rub together would figure out that she's out here and not in there. Knock. Knock. Knock. The expression on her face is torn and she trots over there, beginning an animated conversation just out of earshot. Lots of handwaving. It eventually results in her going inside and closing the door in the face of the mysterious door knocker. The guy only sticks around for a couple of more minutes before getting in a car and leaving. Abby though? She stays gone. Bummer. And she might have the dog. Location unclear. She can't speak for Sarge's actions and sadly misses the Pumpkin Apocalypse.

Jo steps in a little closer to Ethan, pretending to admire the skeleton t-shirt. She will turn and take off at the Frankenstein, brandishing the arrow. "Bring that back here, you no good bastard!" There's even a put on Scottish accent. The skirts don't hinder much, not with the combat boots.

<FS3> Ethan rolls Melee: Failure. (2 6 6 3)

<FS3> Jo rolls Body + Reaction: Failure. (2 2 4 1 3 2)

"I'm Delilah Dixon." But like Heather, Lila looks back to the yard as well, suitably distracted even from television! Kate catches her eye and she smiles, offering a friendly wave as she tries to gather what's going on by the body language nearby everyone over there. This gives the other two with her time enough to input their own names, only to hear the escalation. She gasps, "They're gonna fight!" A sudden squeak from the would be tiger as the pumpkin comes raining in and she steps back in time only to have it splatter all over her feet and lower legs. "OHGIGOSH! These are Prada!"

Ethan doesn't even try to save the beer this time, just lets it get knocked right out of his hand. It lands on the ground, smashes, and sprays a splat of beer all over the feet and legs of him and anyone else nearby him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He doesn't actually take a swing at the guy, just shoves him back, and - in the ensuing scuffle - slips in the puddle of beer and winds up crashing shoulder-first into a pole at the edge of Luke's porch. He's about to get beat up. :(

<FS3> Luke rolls Body + Melee: Failure. (1 4 1)

So is Luke. :(

Waving in return to Delilah, Brendan offers a smile. "Talking about splitting rent, hmmm?" he offers, before he grins. "I've heard far worse ideas." There's a grin offered to Alison as well. "Hey…" he offers, before he blinks at the pumpkin that comes for the girls. "HEY!" he calls out to those that threw it. "What was that for?" He takes a few steps towards Frankenstein and Wolfman, shaking his head at them. "Some people just need to break things, hmmm?"

<FS3> Heather rolls Reaction+Athletics: Success. (4 7 1 4 6)

Katherine just shakes her head at Julian, managing a brief chuckle as he distracts her for a few moments. "You forget anything you don't want to do. You need to get some food before it's gone." She turns back to see shoving, thievery, and a lot of action and insanity at Luke's house. Julian tries to restrain her with a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugs off the hand, moving to make sure that Ethan and Luke are all right.

It seems Sarge has decided to abandon ship and trots after Abby as she goes to her front door, to growl menacingly at the mystery doorknocker. He absolutely disappears into Abby's house with her, because Sarge is a smart dog and doesn't want to be out there where the insanity is happening.

"PRADA MY DICK, BITCH!" Wolfman screams back at Delilah, making a lewd gesture before he kicks a chunk of pumpkin directly at her before running into the crowd. Frankenstein has decided to go full ham and upend the cooler in Heather's direction, bottles of beer breaking onto the street and absolutely /covering/ her with ice, before he too makes a run for it.

And insanity has erupted on the front lawn of Luke's house. Ethan slips into a puddle of beer and goes crashing into a pole, while Luke moves to finish what Ethan started - except in his attempt at shoving Slenderman, he gets tripped up over Ethan's feet, and he sends them both sprawling onto the grass. CALAMITY! "Fucking idiots," Slenderman comments, before he turns and runs off, probably because his distraction attempt had worked.

Heather manages to catch Solo's wave and, after taking a few moments to identify who it was, stares wide eyed at the costume that doesn't seem to be much of a costume. "Solo?" It's almost enough to distract from the sudden flurry of violence and anarchy that has descended on this quiet street. The interview forgotten as the news takes physical form and an elongated cry of 'Anarchy!' fills the air. And ice! Ice cubes down cleavage is a sure way to get a bunny mad. Heather may not be able to beat people up - that was always Katherine's job - but she can move when angry. With surprising speed she darts at Frankenstein, trips him with a desperate grab of her hand, and then leaps onto his back after he hits the ground. "She said it was Prada! You don't fuck Prada!!

<FS3> Solo rolls Body: Failure. (2 3 6)

<FS3> Delilah rolls Reaction: Good Success. (2 7 8 6)

Ethan does not get beat up, yay! But he does get accidentally tackled onto the lawn by Luke, and the two go flailing gracelessly onto the grass; since his adrenaline's already going, Ethan unwittingly slaps his bestie a few times on the way down before he's sprawled flat on his back. "Fuck, you're fat! Get offa me." Shovey-slappy-push, along with a few grunts while he untangles his limbs and scoots onto his rear-end. "What the shit is going on over there?"

<FS3> Julian rolls Body+athletics: Good Success. (3 6 4 3 3 8 8 7)

Alison has no fancy brand-name accessories to be defiled, but still. Like what one might wager is MOST young ladies her age, she prefers her pumpkin spiced and in her mouth (that's what she said?), not splattered all over (ahem). Either way, the whole thing has her just a bit shocked and wide-eyed, more uncomprehending than anything. Sure, getting attacked by a Wolfman on Halloween is KIND of to be expected, but the pumpkin bomb is uncool! And so she's just shaking pulpy orange-bits and seeds off, while looking rather miserable. "Ew gross, it got all over my legs." Because they're not terrible covered. At least the hallowed mouse ears are above the fray! And while she's normally all about the nonviolent protest, Brendan being there earns a bit of a mumbled, "Someone oughta kick his ass." Or, she realizes, glancing back to camera-dude. "Did you get that? Maybe they can catch him!" 'Wanted: One Wolfman.'

"You're too cheap for that!" Delilah takes offense at the careless way he treats her precious shoes and the comments thrown back at her. Then more pumpkin comes flying at her and she oomphs as it, but it only grazes her, making the smallest of marks on her shoulder. "Are you okay?" Immediately coming to see if those she was standing with have withstood the attack. A quick growl tossed after the jerkface being so rude, but.. she says softly. "At least no one had guns this time.." A quick look to Brendan at that.

Solo sees a beer rolling by, but fails to grab it. She sighs, and follows it, until it bangs up against the curb and stops. She makes sure it's pointed somewhere safe aaaand… doesn't open it. "Man, I really DO feel naked." Some searching eventually turns up a church key, and she once again makes sure the beer is pointed in a safe direction… and swooosh, opens it. It sprays most of its contents all over someone's yard. Solo takes a pull of what's left.

It's becoming the mantra of the night for Julian. "Oh, hell." As Katherine breaks away from him, Julian is quick to follow to the front lawn of Luke's home. He doesn't seem particularly spooked or disturbed by the two costumed men causing a ruckus. Rather, he watches as the Slenderman runs by, going out of his way to pull Katherine back away out of the man's path. Glancing over to see Luke and Ethan on the ground, he mutters to himself and spares a moment to look up at the sky in a 'why me' gesture. With a show of the former Marine's physicality, he sprints forward away from Katherine, grabbing "Slenderman" as if he were some sort of doll and immediately grappling him to the ground, knee in his back. "You really, really don't want to try and fight me, kid."

Amid all the fuss, a couple of the older people by the food arm themselves with sporks. It's cute. They talk about how this neighborhood has really gone downhill and how happy they'll be to move to Florida and did anyone call the cops because someone's nephew is a policeman and she's just sure he would come and deal with these durn hooligans.

While he may not be the most familiar with Prada and similar brands, Brendan steps a few steps in the direction of the Frankenstein that Heather tripped up, shaking his head. "Hey, even though it's *American* beer and not *Canadian

There might definitely be an elbow in Ethan's face as Luke and him topple to the ground. "I'm not fuckin' fat, you're fuckin' fat! Where'd that asshole go?!" Luke shoves himself off of Ethan in order to untangle himself with his bestie, grunting as he tries to hop back to his feet with ease. He manages to get up, but it's not without teetering a little bit, there was nothing 'with ease' going on over here.

Frankstein isn't lucky enough to get away. Heather comes out of nowhere to ninja-fly ontop of him, sending Frankenstein sprawling to the ground. "GET OFF ME, YOU CRAZY BITCH!!" he wails, and through the flailing, his mask comes off. It's obvious he's just a kid - a teenager, somewhere in the realm of 16. And it's going to become very obvious that there's more of them.

Because just as Julian grabs hold of Slenderman? The neighborhood erupts into commotion. Pumpkins are getting thrown at nearly each house in the near vicinity .. and a gaggle of Dracula come flying down the street, tossing ROTTEN FUCKING EGGS into the crowd and at Luke's house.

Katherine gets jostled by Julian, but thankfully she's not wearing heels, so she doesn't trip and fall over her own two feet. Now that Slenderman took off with Julian chasing after him, she helps Ethan and Luke to their feet, frowning in the direction the pumpkin bomb went off. "What is it about Halloween that always brings out the dicks and assholes. Ah yes, masks. No consequence." She winces as Slenderman gets rangered, and then chaos starts. "What..the ..fuck!"

While he may not be the most familiar with Prada and similar brands, Brendan steps a few steps in the direction of the Frankenstein that Heather tripped up, shaking his head. "Hey, even though it's *American* beer and not *Canadian*, you should not be breaking it!" he calls out, but he doesn't move for the offender at the moment. "Such morons…" he mutters to Delilah and Alison, offering them both a smile. "Nobody got hurt?" He nods again at Delilah's words about the guns, offering her a concerned smile. "True." He looks around again, and notices Solo following the beer, watching her for a few moments.

Solo deftly sidesteps an incoming egg, and saunters away from the mayhem as though it's a stroll in the park, occasionally taking a pull from her beer. She looks back once in a while and might be laughing if you could hear her

Ethan aims a useless kick at Luke's ankle and notes, "Ow, asshole, that's my face." He tests it from the inside with his tongue, then from the outside with his thumb, and is still testing it when he scrabbles to his feet with Katherine's help. Juuuust in time to get beaned square in the back of the head by a rotten egg. "Fuck all these little assholes, where's a goddamn baseball bat when you need one?"

Briony stops at the edges of the madness and just stares for several long moments. She managed, for the most part, to keep herself from getting egged or pumpkin'd. "Huh." She says, quietly, and then does the most neighborly thing possible— flips her phone up and starts recording the mayhem.

Julian decides it time to Scooby-Doo Slenderman and easily tears away the individual's mask as he keeps him held down to the ground with his knee in Slenderman's back. He looks up over his shoulder as Luke and Ethan compose themselves and waves at them. "We'd better call-" But his words are cut off as chaos erupts all over the street and a bunch of Dracula costumed people start throwing rotten eggs. "Come on." He murmers, shaking his head in amazement as things continue to escalate. He looks down at his charge, wanting to take a closer look to see who he has caught. He may get pelted by an egg or two, but it doesn't phase the man who seems to have tuned out the harmless, though smelly, sailing objects.

The rotten eggs are flying, smashing into walls and into people. The smell is awful, gag-inducing, and people are fleeing. It only makes the streets more crowded, allowing the Draculas to disappear and load up with /even more eggs/, except this time they start aiming at people. Slenderman's trapped, of course, flailing underneath Julian, and once the mask is ripped off? He starts blubbering like a goddamn baby. Because he can't be any more than 14. Yes, that means Ethan almost got beat up by a 14 year old. "Are you a cop?! Don't tell my mom, she'll fucking kill me!" he wails.

Of course Ethan did. Of course.

Bunny girl straddles Frankenstein…admittedly from behind…and the teenage boy is complaining? "You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Heather admonishes with a slap to the back of his head. "Sit still, don't make me hurt you." A quick scan to see what everyone else is up to. Is that Sky Dorker? She means Julian. Katherine was right, he has filled out nice. "Someone want to grab this guy for me!" she calls out, dripping icy water over her captor. She points at Briony and calls out, "I'll buy that footage!" Rotten eggs now? Perfect. And where the hell is Bob? "Solo, share the beer?" she yells out to the blue skinned woman, even fluttering eyelashes. "I'm a bit busy to get one" she adds, slapping the boy over the back of the head again.

Solo looks back at Heather, squinting to see the bunny now. She's trying to stay in the very middle of the street, with all the people around her so they can stop rotten eggs instead of her, but she's moving toward Heather again. When she gets there, she says, "I know a high school that's going to be in lockdown until Christmas…" and offers Heather the last pull or so from the beer. There wasn't much left after it sprayed when she opened it. "Easy there, hero. You don't want to be on film beating on a minor."

Little Bo Peep has been tagged with two eggs, and she's about done with the night in general. She swats the remnants of one of the eggs off of her skirt and finds her crook, muttering under her breath. "Can't do anything nice around here anymore." Kate mutters under her breath, and she looks like she might stay angry, but then she catches sight of Heather tackling one of the teenagers and sitting on him. Where *is* Bob? She looks from group to group, just watching the chaos now with her crook in hand. "I'm glad I didn't bring all of the pie I baked." She murmurs mournfully, wincing as Ethan takes another egg hit, this time right to the chest.

"Dude, is that Heather ontop of that teenage kid?" Luke squints in that direction, moments before a flying egg smashes into his chest and goes splattering. It leaves Luke groaning aloud, and he motions to both Ethan and Kate as he jogs to his house, scooping up his poor pig as he comes along. "Have any of you seen Abby? And my dog?!" he glances around the commotion, trying to spot his girlfriend and his pup, to no avail. "Where the hell did they go?!"

"Ugh, I cannot stay here with this splattered all over me, not looking like this." Delilah gives Brendan and Alison a brief hug, "I'm going to go and change. I'll try and come back, or we can meet somewhere. Maude's maybe? I just have to change these shoes and leggings. They're disgusting!" Watching Heather, she realizes the woman is tackling the guy and watches wide eyed. "Brendan," she says softly, "Tell her thanks from me please, I have to go for now."

Salvation comes in the form of a siren that screams down the street. Well. It sort of just awkwardly wails, actually, because the police cruiser that's come down Saminaw Row is having to crawl down the road inch by inch. But at least the Draculas disperse in a rush, leaving only the sobbing Slenderman and the squirming Frankenstein, who is more likely than not enjoying having a bunny on him. Even if she's middle-aged.

"Hurt? Oh, no, I'm fine." Smiling weakly back at Brendan, Alison LOOKS a lot more miserable than her condition really calls for, as indeed, she's gotten away with no more damage than some pumpkin-guts on her legs. " I'm just Just uh, sticky. Ew." But that's still enough to put a damper on what was shaping up to be a pretty fun night. You're not supposed to end up sticky until the party REALLY gets going, right? And just when she thinks she's had the worst of it, things break out into even greater shenanigans, with eggs getting hurled this way and that and the reporter-bunny tackling one of the monsters. Which is a win for team animal girls, sure, but doesn't help her any! She hugs Delilah, and then… ducks from some eggs. "Yeah, I feel gross. I was thinking maybe we could ask someone here to use their bathroom. But I'll text you later?"

Ethan picks out Briony by the glow of her phone-light, calling over, "Where was your your ninja-backflip-shit when we needed it?" It's on the tip of his tongue to say something to Katherine about the pie - he even gets to nodding toward the spork-armed old folks protecting the buffet WITH THEIR LIVES! - when the sirens blare. "Oh shit, son, the five-oh. Dude, I think she went inside." To Luke re: Abby. "Which we probably better do, if we don't wanna have to tell the cops about how we almost got into a fight with middle-schoolers." All of the embarrassing.

Upon realizing that the 'dangerous assailant' is barely a teenager, Julian stares down at him for a moment with a look of annoyance etched across his expression. "Go home, kid, before the cops show up. If I catch you around here again…" Putting on his best serious face (which is pretty damn intense), the ranger lets the threat go unfinished as he climbs to his feet. He doesn't wait to see if the boy runs - it doesn't take much from a man like Julian Walker to scare the piss out of someone. Especially when they have a really, really big gun on their hip. He casually strolls back over to Ethan, Luke, and Katherine, his eyes switching between each of them before settling on Heather - who is still wrestling with another kid. "Just some stupid kids. Nothing serious."

"I was busy catching Zapdos." says Briony to Ethan, and then she glances down the street at the sound of sirens. A heavy sigh is given, but she remains in place. The trauma nurse on decent terms with a few of the Calaveras PD.

"Did she take my dog?" There's quite a bit of concern on Luke's face as he looks this way and that for a dog dressed up like Mario, his frown deepening when he hears the wailing of the sirens. "Dammit," he utters under his breath, and pushes open his front door, waving Katherine and Ethan inside and setting Hamlet down in the foyer. "Go on, get in, I don't want to have to talk to the cops. Again."

Wincing as the eggs go flying, Brendan ducks down a bit, before he nods at Delilah, hugging her in return. "Of course. Just let us know where," he offers, before he looks to Heather as well. "I will," he offers to Delilah, before he nods to Alison's words as well. "Sticky is bad," he offers, before he sighs as he looks around. "Someone always have to make trouble, hmmm?"

It all begins with 'stupid kids'. Let them go without punishment and they become homicidal maniacs…or politicians. Heather drains the last of Solo's beer before considering the blue woman's words. "You're probably right" she sighs before getting up off the kid. "Fly. Be free" she says to him, complete with arm gestures enhancing her words. A quick check of her camera phone before sighing at her drenched costume. "I think there is ice between my boobs" she whispers to Solo before looking around to see if everyone is okay. They must be since most of them left. "News at ten will have something interesting tonight."

Solo says, "Well, we should get you out of that wet costume before you freeze. Are we closer to the Stone house or your place?" Solo sounds all business, for all that she's about 3/4 naked."

Squinting uncertainly about this Zapdos thing, Ethan asks, "Is that the thing you get from under-cooked pork? 'Cause I think I caught that in Guatemala once. If you need a place to lay low, Briony Bryceson, I'm sure Luke'd put you up." He rubs the back of his head with a quick pass of his palm, smells it, instantly jerks his head back with regret at that smell. "Your neighborhood fucking sucks," he laments, trailing after Luke, hanging back long enough to let Katherine duck inside ahead of him. To Julian, "Thanks for catching that little shit, man." Then he's indoors, washing his hair in Luke's sink. Like a real man.

"It's a pokemon, you hermit." says Briony with a roll of her eyes at Ethan, and then she's tapping on her phone and says, "Speaking of… I'm going to go back to catching pokemon. You have fun getting rotten egg out of your clothing."

"I don't think Katherine would want me dripping in her house" Heather smirks to Solo. "Not after that incident in ninth grade. Let me find my cameraman, do a quick report, and then we can get going. Did I tell you that you looked incredible?" A wave to the college students still left before Heather is back to work.

As everyone else files into Luke's house, Julian is standing out on the lawn, dusting his hands off and shooting Ethan a brief nod and quick wave. It's only then that he realizes he was pelted with at least one rotten egg during all the commotion. He must not have noticed. Sniff. Sniff. He notices now. Removing his thick jacket with the egg on it, he tucks it under his arm as he starts off down the street, back toward his jeep. Quite the hellion himself growing up, Julian finally just chuckles and shakes his head. At least they didn't get his jeep. "Oh, hell." Sure enough, there's a splatter of egg and broken shell on his windshield. He shouldn't be surprised.

With her friend bolting, Alison turns back to see how Heather is doing with her catch, as well as Julian and whoever else has intervened. What?! They get off easy? Well, she makes a face, but it's not like 'assault with a decorative seasonal gord' is really a serious charge. Walking over, she makes a face. Icey boobs are no fun. Except when they are? "I'm a mess," she confides, even though the woman is something of a stranger. "Do you need a witness to interview?" Yeah, despite all the damage, she's *still* a little eager for the camera. "I'll do it if you don't film my legs!"

Solo curls a smile. "Thanks. It'll be a hell of a lot easier to get out of it than it was to get into it too. Um. When you're talking to the nice people…" she gently takes Heather's arm and draws it across her chest. "Wet and cold. No sense giving more of a show than you mean to."
Heather seems surprised by Alison's offer. "Sure. And I don't think I need to shoot your legs…unless you talk with your knees" she smirks. And then a look of appreciation to Solo as she helps cover up a natural reaction to cold and clothes that are rather wet. "Good call, Solo. Okay, Alison, what are your thoughts on what just happened?" Camera on the college girl.
Brendan is unable to hold back a smile as he watches what's happening now, shaking his head a little bit. Watching as the interview happens, he keeps silent as he steps a bit further in that direction.

"Hi! So it's Alison here again," the mouse-eared girl re-introduces herself, just so it doesn't get lost in the edits! "And maybe you got a look at it, but we just all got quite the Halloween 'trick' from some local kids! And I'll say, I mean, I get it, we're ALL out to have fun tonight. I've been their age, we all have." Oh, how adult she tries to make herself sound. Despite the… outfit! Still, now she's really getting into her routine, which may start to show why she's so eager to get on camera. She's got opinions! "But uh, I think this kind of behavior, well, when it's part of a bigger pattern, it indicates some underlying problems. An underfunded school system failing to divert their energy into more productive avenues, or that stands idle while cultures of bullying develop. What happened here, we shouldn't blame these kids, but rather the system that's failing them!" Heather has a live one here!

"And never a truer word was spoken. Thank you, Alison." Heather turns off the camera - she is wet and it's cold and she really needs get out of this outfit. "You're a pretty smart girl, Alison. Maybe you'd like to be on 'Wake Up, Calaveras' sometimes? Be the voice of youth in our town." She hands over a damp business card - where on earth was she keeping that? "Give me a call and we can discuss it, okay" she smiles professionally. "I hope you have a good rest of the night. Nice to meet you." Heather turns to look at Solo. "Let's go. We can take the channel van. Bob is probably asleep in the back anyway."

Smiling as he listens, Brendan steps forward as the interview ends. "Delilah asked me to say thank you for her, for tripping the offender," he offers to Heather, before he nods again. There's a look between all gathered. "Great costumes," he offers to them all, before he steps back a bit again.

Solo says, "Sold." Solo grins and follows Heather into the channel van. She has, in fact, rustled up another beer and gotten it open without incident. She doesn't offer Heather any while Heather's driving."

Score! Oh, you bet Alison is going to jump on that offer. Accepting the soggy card, she looks over the moon. "Really? For sure, I'd be happy to be on the show sometime!" This can't be any shock by now. Holding the poor, droopy business card, she blows on it a bit as if this might salvage the thing, but ultimately comes up with a better solution: she pulls out her phone (don't ask from where!) and gets a picture of it before the thing finishes melting. "Alright, guess the party's dead anyway. I'm gonna go find Lila! Seeya on campus." The last to Brendan, of course, as she zips off after her friend.

KCC1-TV News Report

Halloween Terror on the Streets=A pleasant community evening was destroyed by thieving hoodlums tonight in our very own town. A Halloween block party on Saginaw Road, was in full swing with families, including many children, enjoying the spectral festivities. That all ended when real monsters did their best to make everyone else miserable. Stealing the free food and drinks. Destroying pumpkin sculpture by hurling it at innocent bystanders. Throwing rotten eggs at defenseless children. Is this what our city has become? The culprits were a large group of unidentified teenagers. Footage of the incident has been supplied to the police and punishment will soon descend upon these anti-social threats to our society. Is it too much to call them…terrorists?

We'll be right back after these messages with a report on the preparations for this years Miss Snow Bunny competition.

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