(2018-10-18) Butterbear
Luke makes use of his coupons, and gets an extra one! Lucky man!

"But the coupon says pretty clearly that I can buy one fifty dollar gift card and get another half off." Usually, the person arguing about coupons and gift cards with the exasperated clerk behind the counter is old, gray, and old. But today? It's Luke, who is none of those things. And not necessarily /arguing/ either, but just doing his best to keep up a smile while dealing with this completely unreasonable person. He's got a printed out piece of paper, which he routinely points to. "See? Buy one. Get one half off," he explains again.

"Luke, are you using your binder?" Katherine calls out as she steps into the front office of the spa. She leans in, waves a perky hello to the clerk and then reaches out to take the coupon. "It isn't expired. It doesn't look forged, and the name of the spa is on it. You better help this man, or he may boil over." She hands the coupon to the clerk before she bumps shoulders with the Singing Vet. "You come to get your face did for your television debut?"

Ethan came with Luke, of course. 'Cause that's the kind of thing you do for your heterolifemate, you go with him to argue about coupons. He's not really interested in the outcome so much as here for moral support, so he mills around in the background for a time, checking out the potted plants, moving a couple of the waiting room's magazines around, then ambling back over to stand next to his buddy while the argument persists. "This isn't gonna end until he gets his way," he imparts helpfully to the clerk, smiling sympathetically at the poor girl, probably about to say more when Katherine materializes, which makes him blink for a second.

"I've just never seen this coupon before, sir. Err, sirs," said clerk remarks, exchanging a glance between Luke and Ethan when the latter appears at Luke's elbow. She blushes, but then she retrieves her /own/ coupon binder to start flipping through it, attempting to match the one that Luke has presented.

"It's not like I pulled it out of my ass. Ethan can attest. Ethan, did I pull this out of my ass?" Luke says over his shoulder to his friend, and it only makes the girl grow even more red. She's going to turn into a cherry here soon. Breathing out a sigh, he keeps that dimple smile plastered on his face, but it's clear he's talking through his teeth when Kate presents herself. "I'm trying to get a couple of gift cards for my mom," he says to her. "And /then/ we can work on our faces. Ethan needs an exfoliate and cucumbers over his eyes in a bad way."

Kate's voice is low as she responds, "Her coupon binder has flowers on it." She turns a smile on Ethan, looking him over as Luke speaks. "I think he looks okay, tired, but okay. Did you get the bag I left at the bar for you?" She leans against the counter, looking patient. "I came to pick up a gift certificate for Dakota, she's coming on the show and I want to have a few things for her as a thank you. Anyone who has to deal with Heather for more than a half hour at a clip deserves spa treatment." She settles in to watch the battle of the coupons, tapping her fingers idly on the counter.

Ethan leans an elbow on the counter between the customers and the clerk, propping his chin on his palm and scanning the clerk's nametag real quick. "Let me just tell you something, Susan," he begins, finding his panty-dropping smile despite the apparently tired-looking eyes. "His mom is really sick, and a day at the spa? Would really do her some good. You honor this gift card, you're doing us - " Two handsome dudes! " - a big favor. We'd really, really appreciate it." He totally quick-smiles at Katherine in all that, but he's workin' Susan for the moment, so her question gets back-burnered for the moment.

"Well, I hope you don't have a coupon," Luke mutters to Kate regarding her errand, just as Ethan was sidling up to the counter to work his panty-dropping magic. He only just barely resists the urge to roll his eyes, and instead he leans his hip into the counter, that dimple working overtime as he smiles at the cashier. "He's right. A -huge- favor, Susan. My mom could really use a break, I'm just trying to do something nice for her," he lays it on. And Susan, of course, falls hook, line and sinker. She even winds a piece of her hair around her finger as she eyes Ethan like she wants to gobble him right up. "Well. Okay. But only because you are so handsome," she giggles to Ethan, fluttering her lashes, "And you two make such a cute couple!" she exclaims, sounding both equally enthused and disappointed, before she goes about ringing up the coupons. Luke looks as though he is on the verge of gagging and/or cracking up, but he dishes out the money before 'Susan' has the opportunity to change her mind.

Kate glances at her purse, there's a coupon in there. Shit. She watches as both men work their magic on poor Susan, who doesn't look anything like a victim. When Susan mentions what a cute couple they are, she turns away from the counter, muffling her laughter with a hand over her mouth. It might take a few minutes for her to get it back together, but she manages, turning bright eyes on the three of them when they've finished their transaction. Her coupon is a tiny bit different, hopefully she doesn't have to flirt to get it redeemed.

Ethan drops his hand on Luke's shoulder, giving it a comforting(?) squeeze. He goes on and leaves that hand there, even fingers Luke's earlobe all fond-like for a second and smiling at him all super-schmoopy-cuddle-bug. "Thank you so much, Susan. You're an absolute lifesaver." He also lightly foot-nudges (let's not call it a kick, but it's kinda close) Kate in the ankle to keep her from blowing their cover here.

Luke probably needed to be kicked, too, because the second that Ethan started rubbing up on his ear? He looked like he was about to explode with laughter. It was a good thing that Susan was happily plugging away at her cash register, and could not see Luke's shoulders shaking. She /does/ however look back up at the moment that Luke was trying to smack Ethan's hand away from his goddamn ear .. and with some quick movements (and quicker thinking), he grasped Ethan's hand instead to hold it. Just a little -too- tight. "Yes, thank you, Susan," he plasters on that grin again, using his free hand to slide over the cash and take his newly acquired gift cards, before he looks to Ethan. "I don't know what I'd do without you, honey! You're so helpful!" he adds with an exaggerated bat to his eyelashes.

Kate jumps as she gets nudged, standing up straight and clearing her throat. "Aren't they so cute?" She asks Susan, giving the pair a look. She leans in to quietly speak to the clerk, glancing back at Ethan and Luke briefly as she murmurs quietly. Susan gasps, getting to her feet and clapping her hands together. "You're doing something nice for your mom and it's your anniversary too?" She reaches under the desk to pull out a voucher, good for one free couple's massage, handing it to Luke. "Here. You two deserve this, totally." She turns to smile at Kate. "Thanks for telling me about that! How can I help you now?" Kate pulls her coupon from her purse and hands it over, smiling smugly. "No problem, Susan."

Ethan leans his head on Luke's shoulder cozily, though it's probably to hide the way he squinches up his face at the feel of his hand-bones getting squished painfully. "Anything for you, butterbear. And look! I was just saying how you need a massage." He shows Susan his teeth again, trying with his not-crunched hand to snag the voucher before it gets to Luke. "You should let me keep track of that, you know how you lose stuff."

"Oh.. my. Yes," Luke's also showing teeth, his smile so big and fake that it is almost as painful to look at as it is painful for him to continue grinning, and he looks back to Kate with expressively wide blue eyes. "It is our anniversary, isn't it, sweetcheeks? And what a wonderful gift!" He tries to make grabby hands for the voucher, but Ethan gets to it before he can, and there's a very faint wrinkle of his nose as he looks back to Ethan and tries not to glare. "I could always just stick it in my binder, babydoll! I mean, you're such a butterfingers, you might accidentally drop it in the street or something!" he says as he tries to snatch it out of Ethan's grip with his free hand.

Kate gets her voucher quickly handled, sliding money to Susan before she leans in to put a signature on her coupon. "You two should just get the massages now, why wait and put it in a binder where you could lose it later?" She asks, aiming an innocent and angelic look at the pair of them.

Yanking his voucher-hand back, Ethan stuffs the thing hastily into his back pocket, lash-batting at Luke all the while. "No, babe, no. I got this. Unless you wanna trade me for a smooch?" He leans forward with a mwah just waiting - then turns on Kate, through his teeth. "Wow, Kate, what a great idea. That's way better than saving it for later. I mean, it is a couple's voucher and I'm obviously here with my significant other."

"Oh, baby! You know I couldn't," Luke's practically ontop of Ethan, having leaned in to try and grab the voucher, his hand coming up empty as the voucher is stuffed away. So, instead, he just sets his hand on Ethan's cheek to give it a few firm pats as he puckers up his lips for a smooch. "You still haven't gone to the dentist about your rotten tooth, honeybuns! No smoochy smoochy until you get those teeth fixed," he winks at Ethan, and then yanks his hands away, straightening up as he turns to grit his teeth at Kate. "That would be a great idea, Kate, except, you know, Ethan just ate a big meal before we got here and if I get him on his back, WOO! The smell will be terrible," he waves a hand in front of his face dramatically.

"Point taken." Kate chirps, stuffing the coupon for Dakota into her bag and inching away from the pair of them. "Such a shame though, even if he is gassy." She glances at Susan, who thankfully is on the telephone, and then folds her hands in front of her. "Where are you two heading now?" She brushes her hair back away from her face, lowering her voice so Susan can't hear. "Horrible. Both of you."

Ethan, like he's just terrible at talking under his breath and accidentally says it too loud, "…didn't hear you complaining last night. Or in the car on the way here." He sniffs dejectedly, then breathes into the cup of his palm and sniffs disgustedly instead, ending with a shrug. He never has to smell his own breath, so. "That's homophobic, Kate. We're not horrible. We're super-cute and way into each other and it should be all over town by tomorrow that we're gay together. You should probably get out in front of that before it gets back to Abby."

"Well, it's very hard to smell your breath when you're.. polite society, Ethan, please! You're going to make me blush!" Luke twitters, before he swings his arm around Ethan's shoulders and yanks him away from the counter where they can talk away from Susan's line of hearing. "Way into each other," he echos Ethan's sentiments to Katherine with a nod of his head, before he blanches at the last part of Ethan's words. "We're going to super confuse this town the next time we're double dating."

Kate rolls her eyes and glances at Susan before she looks over Ethan and Luke. "I happen to know for a fact that Susan here is a hell of a gossip, she's probably on the phone talking about the super cute guys that came into the spa today." She fluffs her hair with a hand and smiles. "I'm glad that you two are together, and I hope your teeth and gas let up enough for you to enjoy the romantic double massage. I'm sure I can convince Susan to phone me to tell me how it went." She winks at Luke when he pales, moving toward the door to hold it open for the two men. "Here, I'll be a gentle lady and open the door for ya'll."

"I'm thinking it'll be less confusion and more 'called it' for most people." Ethan yanks away from the counter like that singing frog getting pulled off-stage, flashing one last smile at Susan before falling in line for the door. He gives Luke a way-too-hard smack on the butt, "After you, butterbear," with a grateful nod to Katherine. "Thanks for proving chivalry's not dead, Kate, you're a doll."

"At least my mom already likes you, schnook'ums," Luke makes a kissy face at Ethan before he practically jumps out of his skin at the smack to his butt, moving out the door with a definite skip to his step now. "You're the best, Kate," he winks at her, adding once they are out of earshot from Susan, "I'm sorry I stole your boyfriend. But you can have him and his gassy ways back now."

"You can keep him for a few more hours, Luke. I still have a few pies to bake for the block party tonight, and a huge baking pan of ziti that needs cheese and broiled." Kate exhales out a soft chuckle and hugs her bag to her side. "You two stay out of trouble for a few more hours, or you could visit the Boardroom, get the package I dropped off and get into more trouble. You're choice really." She backs a few steps toward the exit, grinning. "You guys really have to stop by and see Dakota and her shop. Amazing."

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