(2018-10-17) Cravings
Ice cream is important. But then, so is interaction.

Food4Less, Calaveras
Wed Oct 17, 2018

Rows upon rows of groceries with the produce at one end clear across to the frozen section at the other end. At the back are the Meat Dept, with meat and seafood, the Deli and the Bakery. Most anything one could want, grocery wise, can be found here in this store. The aisles are numbered and well lit while the floor is scuffed in places. It's not one of the newer stores but the manager does their best to make it as clean and well lit as possible.

The checkout area numbers 1 - 12, including a few express lanes and one for tobacco. Cashiers stand at the ready at some of them and run the black belts that haul the food from one end to the point of sale area which are then bagged. A Customer Service area is on a raised dais and customers go there for check cashing, refunds, buying stamps, money orders or bill pay, or any number of things.


Katherine walks through the supermarket, looking like she's lost. She isn't lost, everything is labeled and where it should be. She pauses in front of the freezer section, obviously considering at least one pint, maybe two, of ice cream. The argument in her head must be amusing because she's making faces as she shifts on her feet.

Sliding in next to Katherine, Everett opens the ice cream door slightly. "'scuse me, shorty," he comments, before opening the door further. He claims two B&J ice cream buckets of different flavors and drops them into the basket hooked on his elbow. "Can I grab something for you?" he offers, while he's got the door open.

Katherine squints at the various pints and shakes her head, letting out a sigh. "I shouldn't do it. I don't *need* ice cream. I just want ice cream." She glances at Everett, flashing him a friendly smile. "What kind did you get? I can't decide on my own."

Everett smirks at Katherine and holds the door open wider. "Yeah, but ice cream counts as dairy and fruits, dunnit? That's two food groups done at once," he suggests, helpfully. He then lifts the arm with the basket crooked on it. "Strawberry Cheesecake and Cinnamon Buns. One for tonight, one for breakfast."

"That just sounds wrong. You're eating ice cream for breakfast?" Katherine looks scandalized, but she's reaching in for the strawberry cheesecake and the cinnamon bun pints, tucking them into her basket. "You really should eat something better for you." She gently admonishes, shaking her head back and forth.

Genevieve needs Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream and she needs it now. Because today was just all sorts of special and the best thing for what ails ya is a pint of chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and brownies. Pair that with a glass of the cheap rose wine that she has waiting for her at home and.. yeah. Ginny is so close to being ready.. she's off tomorrow. That says everything. The young woman pads over toward the freezer and if you look at her, there in her scrubs (kitten print.. it's not her doing) … you can just tell that she's done. Hazel eyes flit between Everett and Katherine in greeting though she notices the latter's choice in ice cream. Dear lord that looks good. However, the blonde politely waits so as to not reach across anyone.

"'ey, ain't I just point out the nutritional benefits ice cream present?" Everett defends, grinning. And, he's about to close the freezer door when Genevieve walks up, so he turns and moves out of her way, still holding the freezer door open. "See? Here comes another health-conscious citizen to partake of all the wholesome goodness that's Ben 'n Jerry ice cream. What's your poison, shorty?" He offers Genevieve a smile in return. And, while nobody probably /recognizes/ him from the football team, he does happen to be decked out in UCC Football sweats, which might give it away.

Katherine moves as well, offering Genevieve a shy smile and a brief finger wiggling wave. "I ..you're right, you did." Kate won't argue it any further, waiting to see what Genevieve picks, because her ice cream itch hasn't been completely scratched. She shoves aside her shyness and smiles. "What kind are you getting, Miss? Is it good? I need good ice cream."

There is a shyness to Ginny; did she overhear some of the conversation? Ice cream for breakfast? Her lips quirk into a warm little smile, "Y'sound like m'little brother. He's be nose-deep into a gallon of neapolitan before lunch." Said as she sets her glance onto Everett; she has a pleasant voice but it's accented in some way. Kinda like Irish, kinda not. Everett's joking around seems to strum a like chord in the short nurse, "Half Baked.. how 'bout reaching on up and grabbing two pints for me? Someone sadistic stocked it right at the top." Hey, when in Rome!

Kate is regarded next and Ginny is all-too-pleased to confer her wisdom, "My two favorite fellas.. Ben and Jerry. Has brownies and cookies in it." A silly smile, then back to Everett. "Can y'get Miss here one as well?" Voluntelling! Trust Ginny!

"Et voila!" Everett announces, reaching into the freezer and grabbing three more tubs of B&J, which he offers to each of the ladies. He looks between the two women, pauses to think for a couple seconds and then shrugs and decides to venture way out on a limb. "So, me? I just got the feels for some ice cream. But … and shoot me if I ain't know better 'n what I seen in movies, but … are y'all okay? Cuz seems like y'all gettin' you some ice cream therapy, 'n if ya wanna talk about it, I ain't got nothin' goin' on."

Kate gazes at the ice cream, and then at Everett, then over to Ginny before she purses her lips. "I'm fine. I just went shopping and now I'm hungry." She has four pints of ice cream, she must be very hungry. "Plus, I was thinking of pulling out some movies, some popcorn and just having an evening. You know. You eat the popcorn until your lips are on fire, and then you soothe it with ice cream. Right?"

"Oh thank you. Y'saved me from making a bloody fool of myself." Said kindly to Everett, whom she marks as younger and a student. The sweats indeed give it away! She collects the pints into her basket and looks pleased when Everett collects another for Kate. The nurse's lips pull wider into a further look of amusement, "That's my kind of hungry. I have wine waiting at home to accompany this choice…" Her eyes widen at the mention of popcorn and movies. "But clearly I'm lacking in how a night off could really be spent. That sounds precisely like the very best idea."

To Everett, she offers: "I'm alright, truly.. it's been a long day. About ten hours… I love my job but heavens above it's gruelling. But.." Blush. "I should be asking after names. What may I call you both?"

Everett smiles back at Genevieve, and then kinda stares a little as she talks. The accent is pretty fascinating, after all. But, since both of them proclaim their okay-ness, he nods and lets the freezer door close. "Aight, just makin' sure. I ain't got lots of advice or nothin', but I'm a pretty good listener," he brags. "And you can call me E, it's short for Everett, cuz don't nobody call me that unless I'm in trouble." He grins again, holding out a fist for bumpage, rather than handshakes.

"Katherine Stone, I own the B&B up in Oak Ridge. I have a fireplace too, some cayenne pepper and lots of popcorn kernels." Kate almost seems like she's dangling the prospect in front of Everett and Ginny, a smile flashing to life on her features. She makes a fist, bumping it against Everett's and looks proud of herself. "It's nice to meet you both." She gazes toward Ginny then, a curious look on her face. "Ten hours? Goodness, what do you do?"

The short woman seems content to carry on a conversation and introductions in front of the nirvana of ice cream selections. Her head pivots upon her stalk of a neck, eyes taking in the appearances of both as she in-turn receives their names. Funny how she has shared this town with folks for half of a year and yet…. Ginny really doesn't have a rolodex of friends and/or acquaintances. She blames it on being a working stiff. "E.." She tilts her head, lifts one hand and curves it into a fist to indeed offer up a fistbump. She feels a ghost of homesickness for all of a second, but Ginny's eyes are bright with amusement. "Thank you, E.. but I will stick with Everett. It's a nice name. How is university life treating you?" She uses the sweats as a hint!

She turns smilingly to Kate next, indeed catching the nuance. "It's nice to meet you too, Kate. Can I call y' Kate? My name is Genevieve but just go with Ginny, an—" She brightens, "Oh! I've always wanted to see that B&B! Fancy I meet the owner here! I'm an LPN.. I work over yonder at a care home for elderly, closer to Birch."

Chuckling, Everett grins at Katherine. "Oh yeah? What you fit'n ta watch? Anything cool?" he asks, not quite ready to invite himself over yet. And then Genevieve determines she's gonna call him by his government name and he grimaces and shakes his head. "Now hold on, shorty. You tellin' us to call you Ginny, you go'n call her Kate, and yet you can't just call me E?" he asks. "I mean, ain't it s'posed to be what's good for the goose, good for the gander? Like, /nobody/ calls me Everett. Not my teachers, not my family …. E'rybody just calls me E. I'ma just have it be e-dot if I ever make it on TV on Sundays, too."
He shakes his head again and shrugs. "But the U aight. I don't mind the classes and our team ain't bad. I mean, we got creamed a couple times, but our D is real young, so we'll get better. And hopefully I get on the field some more next year- I think I might just redshirt this year."

"It's October. Scary movies, of course. I have a large collection, some of them I can't watch myself." Kate glances between Ginny and Everett, chuckling softly about nicknames. "I catch a game or two every so often, usually when I don't have any guests in." She swings her basket in front of her, humming as she smiles. "What does redshirt mean?"

Eek! Ginny doesn't want to make potential good acquaintances unhappy! Especially if they are so kind as to reach for ice cream for her! She watches Everett as he speaks and her smile becomes rueful, "'E' it is, then. I'm slipping in my old ways.. where I'm from, we give everyone nicknames or shorten names." She tilts her head, "So without further adieu, I will smarten up an' call you E." There, hopefully all is well again!

To Kate, Ginny turns again and takes care to keep her basket closer to her body so as to not accidentally clock anyone with it. "Oh, I'm a baby with scary movies. Last one I saw, I was half-cut and still had my head burrowed under the cushion like a scared puppy." A pause, her brow furrowed briefly. Ugh, a memory from 'before'. Back away! Her smile remains though, "You must have been hopping in the summertime, your business. It's not for th' faint of heart, how hectic it must be.. but you must love it all the same, eh?" … Eh! She's Canadian!?

"Redshirt means this year don't count towards my eligibility. You can only play ball for 4 years, then you done. Since I ain't played a single game, they could give me a redshirt, meaning this year ain't count since I ain't played. Technically, you can get in to 4 games a little, but … we ain't had nobody get hurt, so I ain't had a chance yet," Everett explains. Then, he smirks and leans against the freezers, since they're apparently gonna stand around and chat for a little, and folds his arms across his chest, the basket settling in front of him. "Why you got movies you can't even watch? That don't make no sense," he teases.
Turning and smirking back at Ginny, he upnods. "So you give e'rybody nicknames, but you decided you liked my government more? What, you ain't wanna be friends cuz I'm too young or somethin'?" Apparently, he teases a lot. "But really, I just think Everett sounds … I dunno. Like I oughta have a long beard and work in the mines or sum'n. I'm named after some great grandparent, which is prolly why. And man, y'all scaredy cats." Then, crooking an eyebrow, he smirks and glances between the two women. "Ain't y'all got mans'n em to watch with and keep y'all safe?"

"Oh." Kate learned something today about football, and that's good enough for her. "It sounds complicated, but as long as you're happy, that's good!" She huffs out a breath and her cheeks turn red, so does her forehead, she's embarassed. "I mean, don't you ever do something you normally wouldn't, just to say that you did it? It's pretty much why I have so many scary movies. I try to watch them, and sometimes I even manage it." She glances at Ginny, giggling softly as Everett teases her. "I have a..man." She hasn't quite settled on the appropriate title. "He's busy though, will be until four in the morning, so I'm on my own for scary movies."

There's something so very likeable about the younger man; his teasing manner is so very like Gerald's. Oh, how her little brother loves to tease. And Everett's teasing bears fruit, loosening a flush across Ginny's cheekbones. "Young? Oh—you remind me of my brother who lives away, you with your teasing and good way. I can understand the 'old' name bit.. s'why I suggest Ginny. I'm named after m' auntie. Genevieve sounds like an old lady name, doesn't it?" See? She's commiserating! Everett's teasing does away with some of that shyness and Ginny just looks amused.

She has the grace to not look troubled at the latter question, Everett couldn't know. She listens with interest to Kate's answer and smiles thoughtfully, "Four a.m.. I do not miss those hours. I am.. flying solo, I'm afraid. But it's really alright."

Everett laughs, good-naturedly, at Katherine's response, and smiles at her. "I'm in college. Of course I do stuff I normally wouldn't. But movies? Nah, not so much," he says. "And really, it ain't /that/ complicated. Look at it this way- you can only play four years in college, but if there's a year you don't play, it don't count. So this year hopefully won't count, cuz I ain't playin'. Just means I'll still have four years after this to try and show what I got."
Listening to Genevieve's response, Everett nods a little. "I dunno, I think Genevieve is real pretty. Seems like a name they'd use for like a model or an angel or somethin', you know? Like, you never meet a Genevieve in real life, you just see 'em on TV?" he offers, smiling. "And where your brother? He back where you come from? Cuz you sho' don't sound like you from 'round here."

Katherine lets out a low chuckle, brushing her hair away from her face. "I went to college, was there for two whole months. Don't waste anything, do what makes you happy." She holds the basket in front of her, watching the pair as they banter, glancing over her shoulder towards the cashier. "I should get going before my ice cream melts. You're welcome to stop by, both of you, for ice cream or movies, anytime. My door is always open." She pauses, realizing how that might sound. "Well it's locked, but it's a B&B. You get the idea."

Oh, he's killing her! Not in a bad way though, it's just so amusing. She can only imagine this boy on campus! Ginny's smile quirks a bit, "You're.. too kind. I like your ideas better… but however, my namesake is anything but an angel." She giggles at the thought of Aunt Ginny. A little sigh then as the thoughts segue into an explanation, "I've a pair of brothers.. an older one in Toronto, up North; my younger one, who y'remind me of.. he's still in Newfoundland." Ah, there it is. She's a Maritimer! How the hell did she end up here?!

To Kate she turns and nods once, "Maybe I'll come by sometime to have a look.. I would love to see your B&B. Maybe I can have a staycation there someday.." For the days when being at home prove to be a bit lonesome.

"I'd better get a move on too, before everything melts. Please don't be strangers." Said kindly.

"Aight! Well, it was nice to meet y'all. Have a good night," Everett offers, holding up a peace sign as the two ladies announce their departures. "If y'all ever wanna come to a game or somethin', lemme know. I can usually get tickets from the other dudes who ain't got family comin', so I can get folks in. See ya around," he says. Then, he pushes himself off of the freezer door and begins heading for the pop section of the store.

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