(2018-10-16) Guns. Lots of Guns.
Solo goes to Double Action. Meets Isaac. Buys over a thousand dollars worth of stuff. (Which is shockingly little when you're talking guns.)


Double Actions Guns and Ammunitions

Double Actions Guns and Ammunitions is a little shop downtown, located off of a main street. It's long and narrow, with a counter running down the length of it. You find the usual sorts of guns on display in a place that sells guns mostly to hunters. Behind the counter and locked up tight are more specialty items, from models that are only used out on the range to antiques. There's a certain smell of smoke that seems to linger in the air. There's a back door that presumably leads to another room. Next to the door? The keypad for a very expensive alarm system.

There's a narrow staircase that leads upstairs from the stockroom below marked Private.


Solo yawns and wanders in, untucking the back of her hoodie so her carry becomes unconcealed. "Hey. I'm new in town. I have some questions about CCWs here, and I need some parts and maybe a new gun."

Double Actions is quiet in the evenings and as such, Isaac likes to spend it with his feet on the counter. When Solo turns up, he pulls them down and watches her approach with a curious if guarded expression on his face. "Hello, New In Town. I'm Isaac Abernathy." When she mentions that she has some questions, he gestures her over. "Alright, how can I help you?"

Solo chuckles. "Smartass." She turns to the side and slips her pistol out of its holster in the back of her jeans, drops the mag, and pulls the slide open to clear the chamber, then checks it, before laying it on the counter. "Need a new barrel, firing pin, and extractor for this thing." This thing is a Walther PPQ with a 5 inch slide.

Isaac smirks when she calls him a smartass and then draws the empty weapon towards himself on the counter. He gives it a brief check over before laying it back down and going to his computer. "Should have the parts in stock in the back, let me check the computer." Which he'll do, entering the information by jabbing his index finger at the keyboard. "You had questions too…?"

You say, "Yeah. I'm fresh in from Arizona, and I want to transfer my CCW here. Do you have the forms I need to do that? Preferably with the guide book? She watches him type. "I'm also thinking I'd like something 5.56 NATO flavored. Needs to be small, California legal, preferably Canada legal too. I've seen a few AR clones that break down or fold up. Got anything like that?""

"Hm. You're gonna have to contact the sherrif's office for that. Colorado is a shall issue state, so the department gives them to people that apply through them. They keep all the paperwork." He bangs away at the keyboard some more. "I think they make you show them you know how to shoot too." When he comes up on what he needs, he leans to the counter and jots some things down on a paper. "California and Canada legal?" he peers up from the piece of paper to squint at her.

You say, "Sometimes I'm going to keep this in my plane." She thinks about it. "Come to think of it, it's probably not legal in Canada regardless, so let's forget Canada. I don't go there that often.""

"Yeah, sadly I'm not an expert on international gun law. I think California can be tricky, they have actual gun laws. It's not like here in the good old state of Colorado," Isaac smirks. "Some stuff carrying 5.56 is legal there though, so I think you'd really just need to research what you wanted and let me know. I can order almost anything into the store once I know what it is."

Solo ponders. "How about a KelTec SU16CA? It's designed to be Cal legal, it folds, It's not an AR clone but takes AR mags… Ever fire one of those?"

"Sure, I've gone a couple of rounds. It's solid." Isaac holds up a finger and he travels on long legs to the end of the store. The back door gets unlocked and he disappears inside. There's the distinct sound of him moving a bunch of shit around in there before he returns awhile later with the items from her list. They're placed out on the counter before he returns to the other side, "What do you want one of those things for anyway?"

Solo chuckles. "I fly people from here to there. Sometimes I get invited to hunt with them when we're "there." Most of my training's with 9 mil and 5.56 NATO stuff." She checks the new barrel for her pistol, looks down it to see the rifling. "Factory barrel?" she asks. "My PPQ is my concealed carry gun. It's a really sweet shooter."
<FS3> Solo rolls Subterfuge: Good Success. (8 7 1 3 3)

"Factory." Isaac takes in all of the gun talk, rattling it around in his head as he figures out what her bill is going to come up to. "You ex-military?" he wonders as he turns the little screen around so Solo can see the price, but he doesn't have to actually say it. It's standard cost.

Solo puts her credit card down. "Good." She doesn't meet Isaac's gaze. "Yeah… Air Force, then ANG. It didn't end well. Oh, can you throw in a can of 5.56 and a box of 9mm? Federal American Eagle for both?"

"Nice." Isaac punches the buttons a couple of more times and the number on the total goes down somewhat. "Courtesy discount for a fellow vet." When she adds other things onto the bill, that sends it back up. He gestures for her to do the card swiping thing while he wanders around collecting the other items.

Solo slots her card. "To be honest, you shouldn't give me that discount. I was administratively discharged. Not exactly honorable." She drums her fingers on the counter, still not looking toward Isaac.

Isaac looks over his shoulder, squinting at her speculatively. "Hm." He grabs a back down off of the shelf and lets it fall down onto the counter. "Too hard to take it off." So there the discount will sit, on her bill.

Solo 's body language gets very closed, shoulders drawn inward. "Wasn't anything against the rest of the unit. Officially it was failure to maintain weight. Unofficially I got caught in bed with people I worked with. Bad judgement, I'll cop to. Endangering my unit, no fucking way."

Isaac sucks in a breath as Solo launches into an explanation of her discharge. "Hey, what you got discharged for is your own business. There's no reason for you to feel like you need to tell me. I'm just a guy,running a shop."

Solo signs the bill. "I figure you sell me eleven hundred bucks worth of firearms and ammo, you should at least know I didn't fraternize with the enemy or something." She waits while the insta-check happens. There aren't any holdups today.

"I am no longer a member of the United States Army, I'm just a simple gun shop owner," Isaac drawls, this time allowing the very vaguest hint of a smile to cross over his lips. "But thank you for uh, reassuring me."

Solo looks at Isaac and a soft chuckle escapes her at that almost-smile. "What'd you do in the Army?"

"Sapper. I laid demolitions, did some constructing. Some /de/constructing." Isaac rolls his shoulders as the receipt starts to print out, handing one of the slips for her to sign.

Solo signs. "Hawg driver," she explains briefly. "Somewhat smaller chance of blowing myself up, I guess, though somewhat bigger chance of flying into something more solid. She pauses, looking at the signature, then looks at Isaac. "Solo." She holds out a hand to shake.

"Hey, sounds fun. Now you've got a plane, you can drive into things on your own dime." He reaches over and shakes her hand. "Thanks for coming. Do your research, let me know if you need anything else in the future. I'll be here." Literally all the time. He lives up upstairs.

Solo gets her bag and grabs the rifle case. She looks at him again, thinking, getting a good look at him. "I should probably come back and use your range. Brush up for my CCW exam. Learn the new beast. I'll be around."

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