(2018-10-16) Coffee, Tea, Bad Feelings
People come together at Java Junction to chat, argue and just drink some gosh darn coffee.

Kate is seated at a table, two cups in front of her. She taps a text into her phone, smirking as she sends it off into the great world of wifi and cell phone wavelengths. The juke box in the shop starts to play a more upbeat song, and her toes tap on the floor as she hums along with the music, occasionally taking a drink from one of the cups.

Solo comes in wearing her pilot blues, having been gone 24 hours. (Katherine would be aware of this.) She looks grumpy, and her blues are a little rumpled. She settles into a chair, orders a quad-espresso mocha, and waves a little blearily at Katherine, taking off her aviator shades to rub her eyes.

Katherine looks up from her tea and flashes a grin at Solo. "Looks like you've been out flying, been back to the B&B yet?" She asks, friendly concern showing in her features as she shoves a plate of pastries toward Solo. "We're having chicken fried steak tonight, maybe you should have a nap first though." She turns her head and raises a finger towards the counter, upnodding to the barista. "Another mocha please!"

Solo is not the only tired looking person to walk into the coffe shop. Still dressed in his duty uniform, Arturo steps through the door looking very much like a zombie. A member of the working dead. He's got a badge and everything looks official- a Paramedic. And a highly trained one if all those little patches are any indication. He moves to the counter. "Give me the largest, strongest, blackest coffee you have, please."

Solo snags a Danish from the pastry dish. "Nope. Been out all night. I'm into a mandatory sleep interval now, but I have to pull the Pipistrel's motor this afternoon and get it ready for Jo to work on. All the precision and signoff stuff happens when I put it back in, so…" She devours the pastry like a starving wolf and sips gingerly at her mocha when it gets there. It's hot. She glances over at the tired looking EMT, her eye lingering there a moment. "Mornin'."

Kate watches as Arturo orders his coffee, laughing softly as he speaks. "Get a pastry too!" She calls out, pointing toward the lemon rum pastries. "They're amazing." She focuses on Solo for a moment, blinking at her words, some of the terms aren't familiar to her. "So no sleep for a while, well …when you do get some rest, and wake up, chicken fried steak, yummy potatoes and fresh made bread. I'm going to take some down to a few people, but yours will be in the fridge."

Hot, Black, HUGE coffee. That's what all EMTs want when they get off shift. Or are about to go on shift. Who knows which it is with Arturo- maybe he's mid shift? Either way, he's clearly exhausted.

Still, he smiles towards Kate and Solo both. "Thank you. Good morning." he offers in that ever so lightly accented English- something from Latin America. The coffee is taken to a table, he sits, and adds a single packet of sugar. He then just sits there, eyes half lidded as he takes a slow, deep breath and just enjoys the scent of the coffee.

Solo nods. "Thanks. I'll try to be awake when it's hot." She gets into her purse and gets out her billfold and pulls out four 100 dollar bills and hands them to Katherine. "I owe you for yesterday, and I'm paying ahead for today and eight more like it."

Katherine beams a smile at Solo and then blinks as money changes hands. "Gosh, thanks. I'll stop and get some groceries. I did do some laundry, so there are fresh sheets folded on your bed." She turns to watch Arturo settle down at a table, and she shakes her head. "Hey, uhm.." She tries to place him, she's lived here all her life, but his name escapes her. Is he new? "Sir, come sit with us, you didn't get any pastries and we're going to share."

Arturo isn't a native local- but he is a local. The odd hours of a Paramedic, however, often leave him outside the standard social circles- particularly as he's one of the more highly trained in the city. "I'll join you, thanks- but that's still a no-thank you on the pastries." he says as he stirs his coffee before standing up to join Katherine and Solo at their table. He sips his coffee. "Arturo." he offers- the name tag on his uniform offering the last name 'Munoz'.

Solo points to herself. "Solo." She helps herself to another pastry, since they were offered. Her coffee is now cool enough to drink. She shudders as the caffeine hits her system and some of her tiredness begins to fade. "I run Aerostar Courier, out at the airport."

Katherine taps herself on the chest, a smile on her face. "Katherine Stone. I run the B&B up in Oak Ridge." She leans in when he pronounces his name, and then offers him a brilliant smile. "Nice to meet you, Arturo. Going in for a long shift or getting off one? That's a lot of coffee."

"Been at it a while. Heading home." Arturo says to Katherine, nodding and lifting his coffee in a quiet greeting salute to Solo. " I run on caffeine. Especially when you see the stuff I do every day." he remarks with a slow breath, "Nice to meet you." he offers just in return, "Both of you." he says, with another quiet nod of his head.

Solo snorts softly. "I try to avoid the kind of stuff you do every day. If my day ends up in the care of EMTs, you'll probably be picking me up with a wet-dry vac."

Kate wrinkles her nose and stares at Solo for a moment, letting out an awkward laugh. "Please none of that, I don't want you to go squish on a tarmac. You seem safe, stay safe. I like having you at the B&B with me." She picks up a pastry and takes a nibble from it. "I better cut back on these after today. I heard that I'm gonna put on ten pounds on camera."

"We tend to use a snow shovel. It's rather difficult to run a wet-dry vac off a car battery." Arturo deadpans, as he sips his coffee. "Luckily, I can get the lower pay grades to do that for me. It might ruin my manicure." he continues, another sip of his coffee.

He remains quiet, then, dark humor laid on the table as he tries to re-energize from coffee.

Solo laughs softly. "Good to know." She slurps her mocha. "I'll try to avoid that, trust me. And yeah, every EMT I've ever known has a warped sense of humor. Probably have to."

Katherine glances between the pair, wincing as they talk about slurping someone up with a wet-dry vac or a snow shovel. She clears her throat, takes a big swallow of her mocha and turns a bright smile on the pair. "Do you work this shift often? You're welcome to stop up at the B&B for dinner. We get a few first responders up there every evening for a quick meal."

"I work whatever shift they need me to work. I'm a fully licensed paramedic, so, they want me on shift pretty much all the time." Arturo explains, "But, it's what it is. You go where the work is." he says, another sip of coffee taken. "I'll keep that in mind, thank you." he offers Katherine. "That's very kind of you."

Solo finishes her coffee and stretches, which doesn't do bad things in the fitted pilot uniform. "Whelp, time for me to change hats from pilot to mechanic. I don't want to hold Jo up." She gets up to go, pays her tab. To Arturo, she says "See you around. Hopefully not professionally unless you need something flown from here to point B. She gives Katherine a tired smile. "See you back home."

"It isn't kind, it's just an alternative to diner slop. I charge too." Katherine says, resting her cheek on her palm as she takes another bite of her pastry. She waves at Solo, offering her a smile. "Have a good night, Solo, be safe out there okay?" She picks up her drink and takes a sip.

"Wasn't suggesting you didn't." Arturo notes, "It is still a kindness to be invited to dinner." he remarks, with a sip of his coffee. He's only about a third of the way into the veritible bucket of black bean water.

"I usually make my own, to be honest. Or just bring an MRE. Ate those for such a long time that I'm just used to them."

Solo nods. "Oh yeah. The Pipistrel's motor doesn't weigh much. Electric planes are weird. It'll be fine." She looks at Arturo. "Oh god. MREs. Never again if I can avoid it."

Katherine chuckles softly and nods at Arturo. "I hope you'll join us sometime then. I can also make it to go for you." She looks curious as she watches the EMT for a moment. "What do those taste like?" She asks quietly, glancing at Solo when she speaks up as well. "I've heard that term a few times this week."

Jo has arrived.

"Not too bad, to be honest. I've had worse food. You pick the ones you like in civilian life, though, so a bit more choice in the matter. They're better when you're not getting sand in them." he admits, "But yeah. It's easy. It's got a lot of calories. Good if you're active."

Solo says, "Meh. Stands for Meal, Rejected by Ethiopians." Solo snorts. "Take care, guys." With that, she's gone."

There's the redheaded mechanic, sauntering in. Hair is braided back tightly, a black carhart jacket on over a well-worn and many times washed gray henley, and the jeans have clearly been worked in. The boots are black battered combats, clunking on the floor. She'll nod to the pilot in passing on her way to the counter. Coffeecoffeecoffee.

Katherine nods slowly at Arturo, the two sitting at a table, conversing quietly. Solo looks like she's on her way out, cup in hand. She waves as Solo steps out, and turns back to the man at the table. "Maybe I'll try one sometime, but ..after that solid endorsement, I might not." She laughs and puts down her pastry.

Heather has arrived.

"I've had worse things to eat." Arturo just says again, "I've had better, too. It's just familiar." he says, "I spent the better part of fifteen years in active combat zones, so, you just sort of get used to it. Or you learn how to cook around it with local fair. Get a bit of harif, some pita. Add a fresh tomato." Arturo continues, "They're easy though, and for me, that's really what's good."

Katherine makes a face, opening the top of her coffee cup to drink a bit deeper from it. "That's a long time in combat zones. Thank you, for what you've done, I think more people should thank our veterans." Suddenly she gets an idea, tilting her head at Arturo. "You wouldn't want to talk about some safety measures that someone could take to avoid accidents in front of a camera, would you?"

Jo will gather up her coffee and head Katherine's way. "Safety measures? Trying to line up interviews for your new show already, Katherine?" Jo will tease, before she'll offer Arturo a hand. "Hi. Jo. Local mechanic, and devotee to Katherine's cooking."

"Make sure you go to the bathroom before you get on camera." Arturo offers simply, "Seems like good advice before doing anything, to be honest." he says, shrugging, "I did what I did for me. It was a means to an end. I don't need any special thanks for being a veteran." he states, "Anyways, hard to put a finger on what, exactly, I did for anyone in Afghanistan." he remarks with a chuckle, "Especially for people here."

"Arturo." The still in uniform paramedic offers to Jo. The nametag on his uniform says 'Munoz'. "A pleasure."

Katherine lets out a soft snorting laugh, shaking her head slowly. "That is good advice." She responds, and then she smiles up to Jo as the mechanic joins the pair at the table. "Yes, actually. I think it might be interesting to do a segment on ways to avoid danger during the holidays. You know how they do things where… this is the kind of stuff you look out for when your kids bring home candy for Halloween and that kind of stuff?" She jerks her thumb toward Arturo. "Think he'd look good on camera?"

Jo has a firm handshake, at least. "Afghanistan?" There's slight uptick in the redhead's expression. "Where at? Medic, I assume?" She will slide a green glance to Katherine. "You trying to make me say things that are going to make me blush, miss morning tv?" There's a slow grin. "I'm sure the camera will love him."

Heather throws open the cafe door and strides inside like she owns the place. Thankfully, no old man to be almost hit by the door. It was an old woman instead. "Sorry about that" smiles Heather before resuming a phone conversation via her ear mic. "Sure, /you/ might say that, but I honestly don't think it is newsworthy." A wave to the barista - this means 'usual please'. "No, not infotainment worthy either." She spots Katherine and heads straight on over. "I'll ask the hostess myself. We're in a meeting. Please hold." A press of a button before she heads on over, a greeting nod to Jo and Arturo before she gets to the point. "Katherine, you want to interview someone who believes that vampires don't exist, they're actually lizard people from Mars. It may be Halloween season, but I think he's serious."

Katherine crosses her eyes when Heather asks her question, tilting her head up to regard her with an 'are you serious' expression on her face. "I..can interview this person, but if they go insane and attack people on the set, I'm keeping a sharpened stake nearby." She winks at Jo and laughs softly. "Blushing is good for your complexion, Jo, don't let anyone tell you differently."

"I'd really rather not be on TV." Arturo says then, nodding to Jo. " Yeah. Fifteen years. In and out. Ended up everywhere, by the end of it. Not the way I'd suggest to spend most of your time. In and out, in and out. One unit, than another. I'm good at what I do, keep a cool head, and so they wanted me where I was needed. Yeah. Combat medic." he continues, an answer to Jo.

Arturo gets quiet then, looking up to Heather as she arrives. He leans back, sips his coffee.

Stan has arrived.

Jo smirks at Katherine. "You're a jerk." She'll joke, before her gaze focuses on Arturo. "Did some time at Bagram. Helo mechanic, but anything with an engine they'd dump on me." There's a hint of a smile there. She'll eye Heather curiously.

Heather seems surprised at Katherine's response. "You want to talk to them. Okay…I can get Mitch to handle it if you want." Mitch is the co-host of the morning show. "And I don't think you have to worry about this guy going insane, he already is." Resuming the call, she is all politeness as she speaks. "Doctor Zodiac, still there? I just had a talk with Ms Stone and she is very interested in what you have to say. How about Halloween week? That work for you? Excellent. We'll call you." The call is terminated before she pulls over a chair to sit with the others. "Hi, I'm Heather McCormack."

Arturo's phone rings suddenly, he picks it up, "Jesus christ, are you serious?" he asks, "For fuck's sake, tell that retard.. fine. I'll be there. Twenty minutes." He downs the rest of his coffee, pays, and heads out. "Nice chatting, time to go back to work."

"No worries, I don't even want to be on television most days." Katherine murmurs, scooting to the side so that everyone can be seated comfortably. She smirks at Heather and shrugs her shoulder. "Everyone has something to say, and I'm all for letting them have a voice. Even if it's a weird voice." She watches Arturo leave, head tilted slightly to the side. "That man has a story." She announces, before she turns back to the two ladies at her table. "Who knows what it is though."

"Jo Greyson." She'll say to Heather before she sips at her coffee. "That guy's seen more stuff than you or I want to think about, Katherine. You see the look a lot in guys that were in the sandbox." She will take Arturo's vacated seat.

"The paramedic?" Heather glances over in Arturo's direction as he leaves before turning back to nod to Katherine. "They often do. So find out what that story is. If it's worth telling, we tell it. Nice to meet you, Jo. The paramedic was out there as well? Oh, yes, definitely a story to tell." Her coffee arrives and she blows over the hot liquid. "I'm happy to see such enthusiasm for your role, Katherine." And is there actually a trace of respect in her expression for her frenemy? Probably a trick of the light. "Next week we have the animal shelter opening which will also serve as the pilot for 'The Singing Vet', and…" She remembers that Jo is also at the table. "We can talk about work another time. How are you all?" That's how you start small talk, right?

Stan is almost a regular here by now. Showing up and moving towards the counter to get himself something from the menu. Trynig out different things each time. Letting his gaze go around the room. Spotting a few familiar faces. Most likely passing by Arturo when he moves towards the trio. "Hey." He offers, not wanting to intrude if they are busy. It sounded kind of important after all.

"He doesn't want to be on television. I won't press, but if he ever seems like he wants to share, I'll get on it." Katherine turns her gaze to Heather, a smile appearing as she holds her mocha to her lips. "I take any work that I do very seriously. Cooking, cleaning, talking to people about mundane town life, or…exciting town life? I'll do it to the very best of my ability." She turns to gaze at Jo, drinking from her cup again. "The thought..of some of the things that people go through that were in the service…" She trails off for a moment, frowning. "I don't think most people realize how lucky they are to not have to go through that." She wiggles her fingers at Stan, tilting her cup to one of the empty seats. "Oh!" She says, turning to smile at Heather. "I should tell you now, but I'm going to need a few days off in December. I'm taking a trip."

Jo will arch an eyebrow at Heather. "He won't want to tell it. Guys like that don't talk openly, let alone on camera. I'd bet money." She glances at Katherine when she's talking about people in the service, and wisely keeps her own council. "Luke singing ought to be a hoot." Green eyes slide to find Stan, her whole face brightening with a smile. "Hey."

"Everyone will talk, for the right reasons" Heather shrugs to Jo. "It won't be money, but it will be something. A desire to help. Maybe even a desire to purge? We really need to find a psychiatrist to put on retainer" she muses. "And if they're photogenic…bonus." A smile at the arriving Stan. "Hi. I'm Heather" she greets with an offer of her hand. Though Katherine's vacation news has her looking back at the other woman. "Do you know when exactly? Christmas week or before then?" The concept of vacations is quite alien to Heather.

Stan smiles in return to Jo, along with a nod. "Mind if I join?" He asks them. Offering a smile and a nod to Kate as well before offering a hand to Heather. "Hi, nice to see you Heather. I'm Stan." He offers in return. Looking between them to try and catch up to the conversation.

"The week before Christmas, I think. I'll let you know when I have more solid dates. Just giving you a heads up." Katherine crosses her legs and rests her elbow against the table, tapping her fingers along with the music. "I might have to get going soon, there are some older ladies coming by to take the crock pot class." She pulls out her phone to check her messages. "Unless I booked them for tomorrow instead. Damn, I feel like I'm coming and going at the same time, thank goodness I have a calendar." She scoots a bit more, nodding at Stan. "I don't mind."

Jo spares Heather a look like she's not sure she believes what she's hearing. "Not publicly, they won't. Some of them never talk at all." She sounds completely confident of what she's talking about. A wink at Stan as she sips her coffee. "You seriously teach a crockpot class? Why didn't you tellllll me?" She will pester Katherine. Recipes!

"Please, join us" Heather replies to Stan, noting Jo's reaction to his presence. "Week before Christmas? Okay…I'll work it out. Oh, if Ethan asks you to marry him or anything like that, we get exclusive rights to the engagement ring and wedding. You're our star, we'll look after you. And you're leaving? Already? I might take this personally, Katherine" she smirks.

Stan chuckles as he listens as they go on about crockpot lessons. "Who don't talk?" He will ask then though, having missed the first part. "Somewhere fun?" He asks Kate with a smile. Tilting his head as he studies Heather. Having heard enough to figure out who she is, along with probably having heard the name. "You seem quite busy." He offers to Kate and sips from his own cup. "And now it seems you have another student." He offers playfully, nudging Jo as well.

Kate smirks at Heather, rolling her eyes even as she's shaking her head back and forth. "Sorry Heather, if and when that happens, you'll have to discuss it with Ethan. I'm pretty sure he's going to tell you no in a very inventive way. Make sure that I'm there to see it." She nods at Jo, brushing hair behind her ears. "They bring freezer bags, two meats of their choice and frozen veggies. I teach them how to make two crock pot recipes with them. Once you get the hang of it, making food for the week is a breeze. You're welcome to stop by." She aims her gaze back at Heather and holds up her phone. "It's tomorrow Heather, don't get your knickers in a twist, I'm not going anywhere *right now*." She nods to Stan, a grin on her face. "I'm always busy, I started getting busy when things went south to occupy myself and now it's taken over. Well..so far, I'm going to Austria. My first time out of the country, I'm..floored."

"Veterans who've seen too much. They were discussing getting him on camera. Which the vet in question said he didn't want." She sips at coffee. "With Ethan?" Jo will waggle her brows. "Romaaaantic?" She's a horrible brat, sometimes, but she's grinning at Katherine. "Need to get a crockpot, first."

Abby has arrived.

"He doesn't have to talk on camera" Heather smiles to Jo. "He just has to talk. It will do him good. But we're not bullies, if he doesn't want to help himself, or he's too selfish to help others, that's his business." A little frown for Katherine. "Letting Ethan run your life already? Where's the girl who used to use the middle finger as a standard response to any attempt at control? I should know, I saw it a lot." Talk of cooking has Heather confused so she will sip on her coffee. "I hope you enjoy Austria. Don't just stay in Vienna though. Maybe even go for a Danube cruise?" The four of them are seated at a table discussing life, love, and crockpots…and PTSD.

Stan smiles and nods, "As long as there is a hint of sanity." He offers to Kate before he looks at Jo. "Oh. Yeah, it can take time to get them to open up." He says before chuckling as Jo teases Kate. It does sound like a romantic getaway though, however it might just be Stan that automatically thinks that. "Hope Austria treats you well. I was there when I was younger. Once." He offers but not giving details. Raising a brow at Heather. "Not every person heal in the same way. It all depend on the people." He offers to Heather, before shrugging a bit.

Katherine aims a look at Jo, the smile still on her face. "He said no, and I won't push." It's said firmly, with a warning glance given to Heather. "Neither will she." Heather's next words have Kate sitting up straighter, a slight tilt to her head. "I don't let anyone run my life, and my personal relationships are just that… personal." Her eyes narrow before she adds. "A relationship involves two people, and if he doesn't want you involved in something that isn't even remotely a thing right now, that's will be his choice. One that I'll absolutely back up." She realizes that she's losing her temper and blushes, right as Jo makes noise about romance. She wills the tension in her shoulders to ease up and takes a deep breath to get a hold on her temper, gazing down at her clasped hands instead of looking at anyone at her table.

Rush, rush, rush. Well, right now anyway. Abby has a pair of glasses nestled up onto the top of her head and she's eyeballing her phone as she pushes her way in through the door. She's dressed in her work clothes, which is the always exciting scrubs and jacket. With another /actual/ jacket on top, because it's a bit brisk outside. At the counter she shoves her phone into her pocket and orders her coffee, seeming about ready to wander right on out again when she spots Katherine seated over at that table. "Hey, Kate!" she calls a little breathlessly and diverts that way, leaning her hand against one of the chairs. "How's it going? And Jo, hey Jo." It's when she takes a chance to breathe that she realizes she's stepped into something and briefly grimaces. "Or hey, I'll just…"

Jo will look at Katherine, a look that might give a little bit more of the mechanic's truth away than her facade does. "I was only teasing, Katherine. I don't expect any sort of details. I didn't see much of Europe outside of Germany when I was stationed there, but some of the guys said Austria was pretty." There's a look at Stan, a pleading look for help, before she jolts at Abby's saying her name. "Doc." She'll sip her coffee, before her gaze drops to the table.

"And too many people don't want to heal at all" Heather shrugs back at Stan. "They take solace in clinging to the misery of the past because that is safer than making a change for the better. But what do I know?" She holds up her hands in surrender towards Katherine. "Okay. Message received. Chill, no offence intended." Another new arrival. Heather studies Abby for a few moments, eyes narrowing. "I think I remember you…barely. You were one of the jockettes? Always on the track or something. Please, join us. THe more the merrier. A doctor now? Nice." The scrubs are a dead giveaway. "Heather. I think we were in the same year in high school."

Stan nods let Kate get it out of her system. "You're right. Whatever happens I hope it goes well. And that you get to experience a lot on your trip." He offers and smiles to Kate. A glance and a soft nugde to Jo. Shrugging at Heather. "Maybe not. Though most just need a way." He offers. Looking to Abby. "Ah, you." Recognizing her from the event awhile back.

"I wasn't yelling at you, Jo. I was yelling at this menace. She likes to make noise about people running my life, when it's actually her doing it." Katherine points helpfully at Heather, and it seems like her temper has been banished, or at the very least tied to a leash. "I've never been anywhere, so I'm going to put my tourist hat on and enjoy as much as I can while I'm away." She makes sure that Jo understands where her temper was aimed, patting her forearm briefly with a warm hand. She turns to smile up at Abby, maybe smiling a bit too bright. "Hey Doc. We were just talking about crock pot classes, and you look like you'd have fun at one. I can visualize you throwing green beans at people." See, everything is okay here.

"Seems like a very deep conversation," Abby remarks as she takes a sip from her cup of coffee. It's still kind of hot, so there's a wince for that bold move. When Heather gives her that searching look, it's returned with a barely lifted eyebrow of curiosity. "Jockette? That's cute. And yeah, I guess we could have been. I did a lot of sports, not a ton of track and field. Though one year, I did throw discus for them." It's the name really that grabs her attention more than high school. "Oh…" There's a flicker of her eyes in Katherine's direction. "The TV mogul of Calaveras? I've heard a little bit about you. Nice to finally meet, I'm Abby Thatcher." She drags a chair over and sits, cradling that cup to her chest. She gives Jo an even look before shrugging and responding to Stan, "Ah, you too to you." The coffee is returning to her lips where she tries to cool it off a bit before venturing another sip. Katherine is given a mischievous smile, "Me throw green beans at people? Lies and slander."

Jo looks at Katherine, a tiny shake of her head. She didn't think Katherine was mad at her, exactly, managing a tiny little smile. Then her gaze will turn to Heather. "Well, what do you know? About serving in the military? About being on the other side of the world from what you call home, and family, while you're being shot at, seeing people blown up?" The question is quiet, and the mechanic's gaze is direct. "Sometimes the words just won't come, for things like that. Some people can't face that hell again, sometimes for years, sometimes never." There's a glance at Abby. "Doc Thatcher.. or Doc Slacker." Nope, Jo still hasn't let that go, as her grin surfaces again.

"Before I became a television mogul, as the doctor so nicely put it, I was an investigative reporter. Sure, mostly Colorado, but I did a report from Afghanistan about how the local guard were doing. But I wasn't shot there, I was shot at home. By corrupt cops. That was where the explosions were too. The words have to come for me, it's my job. Was my job." A deep breath before she manages a slight smile for Jo. "I'm not completely a blowhard…or a menace." A nod for Abby. "I bet you haven't heard anything nice about me. I didn't know what sports you did, I really don't have a lot of interest in them, I just knew you headed out that way most classes. And you ended up a doctor?"

Katherine shoots Heather a look as she speaks to Abby, worry clouding her features for a moment before she gets to her feet. "Going to get more coffee." She mumbles, making her way to the counter and speaking quietly to the barista there. Another pastry is placed on a plate and a mocha is handed to her with a smile. She makes her way back to the table, retaking her seat and smiling towards Abby. "I try to block out most memories of high school, it was fun, but.." She shrugs and picks up a pastry, taking a bite.

Abby cuts a glance to Jo and then sighs, her shoulders slumping dramatically, "My biggest disappointment in life right now is that I'm terrible at nicknames." Talk of PTSD, explosions and guns has her falling briefly silent as she watches the exchange go down between Heather and Jo. When there's a brief break in it, "I know that you have Luke and Katherine doing some things for your station. That's where my information about you begins and ends." And now finally, the coffee is cool enough to drink, so she does. "Yep. Went off to exactly one thousand years worth of schooling and a bunch of loans later and here I am." When Katherine returns to the table, she laughs. "It was alright. My experience with high school was that it was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

Jo shoots Abby a smirk. "Something the military trained me in. Ask Swipe Wright." She's incorrigible, really. She will finish her coffee, a look at Katherine and Abby. "Thankfully, no on here knew me in high school." Mischievious look there. "Well, ladies, it's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. I've got a fixed wing engine to finish, so I should git."

"I didn't mind high school" Heather mumbles to herself with a shrug. "I had fun." Which probably meant no one else did. A wary eye at Katherine's continuing enjoyment of pastries now she is on television. But the girl can get away with it - damn her! "We can talk later, Doc. I have a whole bunch of nicknames you can use. Mostly about Katherine…" A teasing smile before offering Katherine a palm in a 'calm down, just joking' gesture. "Nice to meet you, Jo. You work on planes? So you know Solo then? Interesting woman."

Kate aims a brief smile at Jo, nodding as she gets up to go. "Nice seeing you, Jo. If you want to come to crock pot madness, shoot me a phone call tomorrow." She aims a look at Heather, deciding to keep her temper on her leash, she just nods. "I should probably head home, make sure everything is all set out for tomorrow. Heather, are you going to stop by and make sure everything is set up as you want it?" She asks, getting to her feet again, pushing the chair under the table. "If so, I'll pull out some nibbles for you." She aims a smile at Abby, winking briefly in her direction. "You too, about the crock pots, Abby. I already told Luke I was gonna send down a pie and something for dinner tomorrow."

"Hmm. I'll be sure to do that," Abby directs a closed mouth smile toward Jo and then wiggles her fingers when the woman makes with her departure. "Later." When she turns back to the others at the table, she levels a look in Heather's direction, her lips now pressing down into a firm line. There's something that flashes there, but she doesn't speak on it for now. The group seems to be splitting up for now, which reminds her of something. "Oh, shit. I need to get back to the hospital for the rest of shift. I'm on my break. Just enough time to get back to my car and drive in. Nice meeting you Heather and…" she glances to Stan, who's rather quiet. "Nice to see you again, guy!" She's never actually had an introduction. He's a man of mystery! "I'll think about crockpots, but I'm committing to nothing."

Jo is moving to stretch as she gets up off her seat. "The engine I'm working on is for Solo. I work on engines, period. Plane, helicopter, car, truck, semi, tank.." She shrugs. "Engines are what I do." She'll smile at Katherine. "I'll have to see if I can run out and get a crockpot by then." She'll hipbump Stan on her way out. "Later, Doc."

Heather nods to Katherine as they talk about work again. "Yeah, I'll come on down before the broadcast to make sure it all looks good and, more importantly, you're okay. This is a big step, Katherine, and I want you to do well and feel comfortable. Nibblies would be nice." It seems everyone is going save the stoic Stan - who is also a doctor? "Nice to meet you, Doc…" That one to Abby. And pretty soon Heather is alone again - at least she has her work to keep her busy.

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