(2018-10-13) MarioKart
Abby & Luke and Katherine & Ethan double-date at the go-kart track. (Left in some of the relevant combat stuff, 'cause it was for the lolz.)

Christmas Town Raceway

The go-kart track at Legends of Old is themed as Christmas Town, so even during the summer, the white astroturf in the center and the lighting give this track a rather festive feel. The track itself remains a black asphalt in color to help traction of the cars. Signs indicate the track may close in winter during snow storms for safety reasons, concluding 'If we can't keep up with the snow, we can't let you out on the tracks.' The go karts are designed with a medium speed in mind and surrounded by bumpers.

As the track winds around the miniature golf course and batting cages, it includes a tunnel in one part with a spinning starry cylinder to imitate the holiday tree tunnel that lead Jack to Halloween Town. Like a motion disorienting tunnel, but either end is not sealed off. It can confuse just enough, hence the bumpers on the cars. There are small buildings just taller than child sized in the center like those of Christmas Town. This is also part of the party room, there is a bridge between batting cages and the start of the go-kart track to allow families to cross over the track to get there.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmaaasss! At least at the Christmas Town Raceway, that is. The red-and-green fairy lights are all lit up this evening, twinkling across the cardboard buildings that line the racetrack. There's fake snow, but it's mixed with the occassional flurry of real no bullshit actual snow, suggesting a storm was a'coming. And snow - flurry or not - meant it was cold. Thus, when Luke shows up to the race track with Abby, he's in a heavy jacket along with a flannel overshirt and cotton t-shirt. Interestingly, a duffle bag is thrown over one shoulder, looking awkwardly stuffed and bulging in strange places. Nobody bothered checking his bag though when he came in, so goodness only knows what Luke decided to bring with him to the racetrack. He's got his arm around Abby because dammit he's cold. "Are we getting beer first?" he asks, squinting about for something that looks like a bar.

"I was informed there was going to be beer, so I'm going to have to insist that we get beer first," Abby declares, nestling in closer as they walk onto the raceway grounds. It is pretty cold out and she's wrapped up in a heavy jacket of her own, knit hat pulled down over her head, squishing her loose hair down. He has on that big, odd shaped backpack and she occasionally lifts up onto her toes to peek at it before lowering herself again.

Ethan has to re-park his (mom's) car twice before he gets it lined up in the lines of a parking space, and - even then - it's still pretty crooked. But, "Whatever, it's inside the lines," he says while slamming the driver's side door. A quick shrug later and he rounds the car, offers a gloved hand to Katherine, and then catches up to where Abby and Luke are already leading the charge toward beer. "'Cause alcohol is what's missing from this equation," he pipes up, waving his Kate-free hand. He doesn't have a weird-shaped backpack, and Luke's not at all suspicious with that, either.

Kate takes Ethan's hand and she smirks as they catch up with Luke and Abby. "If it will make me warmer, I will drink it." She declares, raising a gloved fist towards the sky. "What's in the bags?" She asks, glancing between the other couple. She frowns at the flurries and aims a slightly nervous look at Ethan. "So I have to ask, and you can just smile and nod, but…how well do you drive in the snow, huh?"

"Yes, yes. I did promise you beer, and dammit! I keep my promises," declares Luke to Abby, though he shifts his focus on his attempt of finding a bar away as Ethan and Kate stroll up. The pair of them are flashed a dimpled grin, that immediately broadens in an impish sort of fashion as soon as Kate points out his duffle bag. "What bag? -This- bag? Nothing," he replies matter-of-factly, putting his free arm around it as though he were cradling something precious. It looks suspiciously light. "And it's hardly snowing! Just a few flurries. But Ethan's correct - alcohol is definitely missing from this equation." He screws up his nose in thought, before his eyes narrow towards a vendor in the back. A young college kid in an elf hat looks completely disinterested as he mans the grown-up beverage booth that resembles a gingerbread factory. "Ah, there," he gives Abby a nudge as he leads the group over yonder. "I bet they have cider, Kate! If you want something to warm you." But Luke asks for beers.

"I'm a great driver! You know, usually. It's just a couple of flurries, I'm sure it's going to be fine," Abby glances up at the sky and wrinkles her nose at the very light downfall of snow. "This is a completely ordinary bag that no one should look at closely at all," she confirms, patting the thing as Luke cradles it closely to his body. When the beer booth is pointed out, she slips her hand into his and gives it a tug. She's happy enough to let him do the beer ordering whenever they get up to the booze selling elf.

As bidden, Ethan just smiles and nods at Katherine's question, a big ol' bright dumb smile that utterly fails to inspire confidence. He's still wearing that dumb smile when he tells Luke, "I was being sarcastic," about the beers, but that doesn't stop him from waiting around by the gingerbread house. Leaning against the corner, watching Luke and Abby both deny the bag's significance; "Wow, you two totally deserve each other." And then cups his hand around his mouth and says something to Kate that they aren't allowed to hear but that ends with a shrug and a cheery, "But what're you gonna do, y'know?"

You whisper, "It's full of big, glittery dildos. Luke has a problem." to Katherine.

Katherine narrows her eyes at Ethan, letting out a drawn out sigh as they manage to catch up with Luke and Abby. "I'll take a cider, beer and I don't get along." Her eyes are on the bags as Ethan leans in to whisper something to her, and she shoots a startled look in his direction, eyebrows raised. "I'm kind of curious how you know about this problem." She responds, trying hard not to start giggling. "I'm looking forward to this, we're going to have fun! I need it after the day I had. Lawyers, Heather, makeup, it was a lot of things that I'm not completely fond of."

"I know, right?" Luke says to Ethan with a broad grin, either oblivious or completly ignoring the fact that his comment about them deserving one another probably wasn't a compliment. Either way, he was happily tugged along to the gingerbread house, fishing out however much money it costs for three beers and a cider. "One for you, and one for yooou, and cider for Kate," he counts them off as he hands Abby and Ethan a beer in turn, and then plants the cider in Kate's hand, before he is left with his own beer. The whispering earns Ethan a brow lift, and he swaps a glance between Ethan and Kate. "What problem?"

That sounds like a compliment to Abby, so she beams at Ethan while waiting for Luke to finish this beer transaction. Which doesn't take that long at all, probably because there isn't a ton of people here looking to buy beer when it's snowing. She accepts her's and tips it to her lips, looking back and forth between Ethan and Katherine as they whisper to each other. "Who's Heather? Why do you need a lawyer? You don't need make up." She gets through all three of those subjects before rocking on her heels.

Ethan, still low but more audibly, "Let's just say that I learned about it the hard way." He shifts uncomfortably in his leaning, then takes his beer and smiles down the barrel of Luke's question. "What? Nothing. Wow, look how fast they go!" 'Cause presumably other idiots are go-karting on the eve of the first winter storm of the year. There's no answer for Abby re: Heather, other than he rolls his eyes at the subject and takes a big drink.

Katherine takes the cider with a smile, beaming a smile at Abby. "Heather is ..Heather. She brought the lawyer and a contract, and she wanted to see how I look in makeup. Apparently when you're in front of a camera, it needs to …enhanse things?" She glances at Luke, a smirk on her lips. "You're going to get to wear it too." She takes a sip of her cider and slants a look toward Ethan, shaking her head as her eyes close for a moment. "Wow.." She says quietly, pressing her lips together so she doesn't speak or laugh.

Luke squints suspiciously in Ethan's direction as he one-arm hugs his duffle bag. Clearly they both have their secrets, which is completely not suspicious at all! "Uh huh," he says dubiously to Ethan, before he flashes a glance to Abby. "Heather's the girl at the television station. I told you about her? The crazy friend of Kate's that's going to make me world famous?" he informs her, taking a big gulp of his beer as he nods over to Kate. "I know, I had to film a promo already. She works really fast. But I look damn good in eyeliner and lipstick," he strikes a pose, chin slightly tilted and mouth pursed in duck-lips, which lasts about half a second before he's breaking into laughter.

"There's a woman that wants to film you in full make-up? And needed a lawyer to get it started?" Abby is frowning at Katherine, her eyebrows deeply furrowed as she begins drinking her beer. Whatever she thinks Katherine and Heather are up to, it's not wholesome. Then she's turning that look onto Luke. "Oooh. The woman from the TV station who wants to follow you around while you're singing! You're going to have to wear make-up?" she starts to laugh into her beer. "You're wearing lipstick in it?" more laughter into her beer.

Ethan does his very best super-gay agent voice to tell Luke, "You look faaabulous, Lucas, just gorgeous. Now do me a favor and just wet your lips…" Brows wiggle over the rim of his cup, but that's all he has to contribute regarding the whole 'Heather making people famous thing.' I mean, aside from the previous eyeroll, which is really the best summary for his thoughts on the matter.

"Apparently I'm going to be the face of Wake up Calaveras." Katherine responds, wincing as she glances at Abby. "The salary sold me, but if Heather doesn't stop being so Heather-y, I'll probably have to quit, slug her in the eye, or both." She scrunches her shoulders up for a second and groans. "Let's talk about anything other than Heather. She's giving me anxiety with this contract and filming thing right now. I need to get slightly drunk and drive bumper cars into people to feel better."

Luke carries on with Ethan, slathering his tongue over his lips in the most unsexy way possible, as though he were trying to lick his chin or something, before he loses it and has to stop so he can laugh into his beer. It takes him a couple of drinks to calm down, but he remarks to Abby, "You can't go on television without a full face, Abby. But we didn't exactly agree on shades, so it's a good thing I stole a tube of yours the other night. I look really good in your lipstick," he quips, wagging his brows a few times before he was laughing all over again. It takes another couple of drinks before he can manage actual conversation. "You're going to do great, Kate. Besides, you can always just rely on the fact that you're better than her because you're a nice person," he shrugs, then glances over to the racetrack. "So are we doing this or what?"

"You stole my lipstick?! That wasn't part of the bet." Abby makes a tsk tsk noise at Luke before she returns to her beer and looking between the others a little curiously. "I wonder who else she convinced to be a part of some tv show." When the race track is indicated again, she rocks on her heels. "Yeah, lets do this. Before a blizzard shows up or something." Kind of like that time a massive rain storm swept through the area. That was bad news.

"Looooving it." Ethan mmmhmms enthusiastically, then downs a healthy portion of his beer while Katherine talks about the salary. For a second, his brows knit and his lips pull into a sideways frown. But he's quick to shake it off and quip, "Don't stress about it, Abby. Not till he's wearing your panties, anyway." He chucks the little bit of his beer that's left (yes, he drinks fast; occupational hazard) into the nearest can and goes to settle with the kart attendant for four rides "and we need the really good helmets, please, strong ones, and do you have anything in full-body armor? No? Damn."

Katherine moves closer to Abby, leaning in to ask her a quiet question as Luke hams it up, and Ethan goes to pay for the karts. She sips from her cider, aiming an amused look towards the other woman as she waits for a response. She might try to get a peek at the bag as well, if she can manage it.

"It's war, Abby. You always have to fight dirty in a war," replies Luke regarding the lipstick, though he does bend to smooch Abby on the cheek afterward with lips that are all wet from his hamming it up with Ethan. He wags his brows at her before he leans away, drinking the rest of his beer efficiently with no occupational hazard to blame for his speed. The can is tossed in the nearest garbage can before he nudges Abby in the hip. "Hey, come 'ere for a sec," he motions to her, flashing Kate an all too innocent smile as he scoots around towards the backside of the gingerbread hut. The bag that she squints at is wholly zipped up, so it looks .. like a bag. But where Luke is going? Is definitely out of sight. "Kate! Go assure Ethan that he doesn't need full body armor for /go karting/, jeeze."

They probably don't have cupholders in the go-karts, so Abby dedicates herself to finishing the beer before she gets into one. There surely won't be any consequences for this. While she's drinking, Katherine is leaning in to ask her a question. At first, her expression is serious and intent as she listens. Then her eyes widen up and she starts to laugh hysterically. She's still laughing as she moves away with Luke, she does not answer the question. She continues laughing quietly to herself.

Ethan pulls on his helmet, buckling the strap under his chin and everything. "Told ya," with a point and a self-satisfied smirk at Luke and Abby and the Mystery Bag disappearing behind the liquor booth. He holds a second helmet out to help plonk it over Katherine's head (she gets the pink one~), leaving the others on the ground at his feet for now.

Abby is laughing even harder from around the corner of the gingerbread house. Squeal laughter.

Kate strolls up to Ethan, nudging him with an elbow. "I think they went around the back of the hut to make out with one another." She says, glancing towards the attendant. "Want me to pony up for some of this death trap madness?" She offers, finishing off her cider and disposing of the cup in a trash recepticle. Watching Abby laugh as she's dragged towards the back of the hut, she lowers her voice and murmurs to Ethan. "I think you might be right about what is in the bag." She squints in the direction that Abby and Luke have gone, waiting to hear more laughter, or ..something more alarming.

Just to get it in before the big reveal that's gotta be coming… "I almost guarantee you that's not all they're doing back there." Ethan also waves aside the offer for cash, then waits around with long-suffering patience.

There's a whole lot of chuckle-fuckery going on behind that gingerbread house. But one can clearly hear Luke say, "I know!" before he saunters back out into sight. The duffle bag's been dumped, and over a shoulder, Luke carries a bright green pool noodle as though it were a baseball bat. And ontop of his head is a comically large green floppy cap with a big, bold letter "L" on the front of it. For Luigi, of course. "It's-a-me! Luigi!" he declares in his best Italian accent, which is terrible, and swings the pool noodle in Ethan's direction as he comes up to the go-karts, snatching a helmet from the attendant who cannot figure out what the fuck is going on. "And it's-a-on, Ethan-o!" he adds, that accent still positively awful.

"Lets-a-go! It's-a-time for-a-race!" Abby is wearing the red Mario cap and also has a matching pool noodle. Which is a far cry from what Katherine thought was in the bag and probably explains why the thing seemed so light but still bulky. She hustles over to the go-karts also grabbing a helmet from a startled teenager in an elf costume. "But you can't fit that over your head ma'am-" she makes an 'oh' face and pulls the hat off long enough to put the helmet on and then pull the hat over the top of it. Ethan and Katherine are probably rethinking their choices in friends right about now.

Ethan literally face-palms - or, uh, helmet-palms a second before he crumples to a crouch, too much of his body busy with quivering laughter to support himself upright. "Good christ," he gets out between the fits of laughter. "I really wish I'd been right about the bag now." With the tears on the face. (Plus a beer plus icy conditions; he's definitely crashing.)

Katherine is strapping her pink helmet on her head, and she just shakes her head back and forth as Luke and Abby reappear. When Abby tries to shove the helmet over her hat, that's when Kate loses it. She giggles as she fiddles with her strap, moving to climb into the kart so she can buckle up there too. "I'm going to die tonight." She mutters, more to herself than anyone else. "Mario and Luigi are going to kill me." She glances around, frowning. "Have an extra helmet that I can use as a red shell?" She calls out to the attendant.

"Wait what? What'd you think was in the bag?" Luke loses his accent, though he remembers after the question is asked: "Errr.. What-o did you guys-o think was in the bag..o?" he says in his best Luigi voice, a disgrace to all Italians really, waggling his eyebrows at the laughter as he fusses with his hat and helmet, taking off the former to put the latter ontop of his head. The cap is flopped back on as he saunters over to the crouched form of Ethan whose currently dying of laughter on the ground .. and bops him over the head with the pool noodle. THWAP! "Let's-a-go, Toad!" And then he's getting into his go-kart to buckle up.

"They-a-thought the bag was full of dildos-o…? a? Whatever." Abby drops the terrible accent long enough to finish answering the question and climbing into her car. She looks briefly back at Ethan to if he's going to be able to stand again but Luke is hitting him and he looks just fine. Pretty sure that he's not dying, she straps herself into the car and wields the pool noodle. The attendents look concerned, but unsure how to stop what's happening. "

"Hold on. Hold on. Lemme just catch my breath." That's the reason Ethan doesn't share his theories on the bag, 'cause he's too busy holding his stomach against peals of laughter, but he does manage to nod enthusiastically at Abby and stutter, "Glittery ones," but it's hardly intelligible. He's about to get up when that thwap lands, and it just starts the process all over again, leaving him doubled over.

Needless to say, Ethan will be the last one in his kart.

Katherine smiles towards Luke. "He had me convinced that you had some sort of dildo fetish, or something." She pushes and pokes at the buttons on the kart, trying to figure out how it works, and manages to get hers started. She settles back in her seat, watching Ethan lose his shit laughing. When he mentions the glitter, she starts to laugh, leaning forward and bumping her helmet against her kart horn, which just sets her off again.

<COMBAT> You join combat #1326.

Luke stares at Abby for half a second before he bursts into laughter, clutching his stomach as he leans back into the chair of his go-kart. "Dude, really? You know I keep my dildos in the trunk of the car.. o!" he tacks on his accent there at the end, flashing Abby a broad grin as he prepares himself. One hand on the wheel, one hand wielding the pool noodle like a lance.. seriously, what could go wrong here? The attendant, dumbfounded, just stares, and goes about his business of turning all the cars on.

And then it was GO TIME!

Luke waits for Ethan to go first before he stomps on the gas pedal, the go-kart taking off with a jerk in Ethan's direction. Luke was definitely gunning to smack him with the noodle.

<COMBAT> Abby's Pool Noodle will attack Katherine this turn. (Luke)
<COMBAT> Luke's Pool Noodle will attack Ethan this turn. (Luke)

When Ethan mentions that the dildos were glittery ones she starts to howl with laughter again. It's one of those situations where you get a case of the giggles and then it doesn't stop. Everything is just a new trigger for more laughter. Also beer. Some in all of that, Abby manages to get her kart turned on. She's ready. to. go. Wait what. "You keep dildos in the trunk of your car? Ahhhhhhhhh!" Dying of laughter. The cars are all on now, so she guns it and speeds away on the track. She's coming for Katherine. This is fine.

Ethan will be back here, doing donuts for at least the first fifteen seconds, 'cause yeah, he leadfoot the shit out of that gas pedal. His little mini-tires squeal and his cart whips happily around its front axis till it careens into the side-railing, rattling his teeth delightfully. Eventually, he realizes the solution is to take his foot off the gas pedal, but this dawns on him slowly. Not that anyone can hear it over the sound of those stupid engines, but he totally bum-bum-bums the Rainbow Road theme.

Katherine narrows her eyes and zips off, almost bumping the wall as she nears the first turn. The car whips to the side a bit and she catches sight of Abby moving in her direction with the noodle. She gawks for a moment, and then tries to take evasive action, ducking her head instinctively as she gets near another turn. She overcompensates a turn and almost does a three-sixty, bumping into one of the bumper walls along the course.

<COMBAT> Luke's Pool Noodle attacks Ethan with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Abby's Pool Noodle attacks Katherine with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Left Arm.

"Where else would you put the dildos, Abby?! You never know when they might come in handy!" Luke calls out to Abby regarding the big, glittery dildos that he keeps in the trunk of his car, having time considering Ethan can't drive and is spinning donuts on the track. "Learn how to drive, Ethan-o!" he urges his friend on, and at least it seems to help Ethan figure out how to get the go-kart moving. Luke's laughter is heard plainly over the vroom of the go-kart engine, as he comes up to Ethan's side and smacks him hard in the arm with the pool noodle.

"Well, you're never going to find anything at MY house!" Because apparently Abby doesn't keep sex toys in the trunk of her car. In theory. As she speeds away in her go-kart she comes up on Katherine's left side and taps her with the noodle before laughing like a loon and speeding away again. There's a couple of attendents watching them now and one guy is waving his arms. No one can hear him over the din but if they looked really closely he might be mouthing 'you can't do that here!!!!!! come on guys!!!!! stop it!!!'

"Thanks! That makes this way easier!" Ethan shouts over the sounds of the little engines, reaching out with his whacked hand to try to rip Luke's pool noodle away from him. It would have been an amazing strategy if he hadn't mashed the gas pedal at the same time and probably gotten whiplash when the car darts forward, then immediately halts when he stops on the gas again. Finally, he comes up with a compromise: he barely touches the gas pedal, and his car goes incredibly slowly around the track. Please, everyone, feel free to lap him. "Dude, I think the manager is coming!" And he's incapable of a getaway, "I'm pinched for sure! Save yourselves!"

Katherine sees Abby coming and she tries to swerve away, but only manages to bump into the side again before Abby speeds past, thwacking her with the noddle. She starts to laugh, and pushes her foot down on the gas to give chase. She doesn't have a noodle so she really has no idea what she'll do if she catches Abby, but she's gonna try. They zoom past the attendants who are still waving and looking slightly panicked, not that anyone is paying them any kind of attention. She comes around the track again, still trying to catch Abby, but only manages to bump solidly into Ethan's car, probably sending him into a wall bumper himself.

<COMBAT> Abby's Pool Noodle attacks Katherine with Sparring but Katherine DODGES!
<COMBAT> Luke's Pool Noodle attacks Ethan with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Abdomen.

<COMBAT> Ethan has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Ethan is KO'd.

Luke doesn't see - or doesn't care - about the attendants that are frantically waving their arms. He speeds off with a cackling laugh after that first hit, his noodle at the ready as he takes the curves like a champ and comes back around for the second lap. Ethan's driving so. damn. slow that it's easy to catch up, particularly when Luke slams his foot into the gas to send the tires peeling, readying the noodle annnnd..


Luke manages to triple smack Ethan on his way, but promptly loses control of his go-kart in the process, smashing into the sidewall with a squeal of tires and a "I'm fine! I'm FINE!" rising up from the kart.

"Why don't you know how to drive?" Abby calls out as she passes Ethan, confused by his inability to get the go-kart to go forward. Didn't he drive a car here?! She tries to hit Katherine again with her pool noodle, but she completely misses because Katherine apparently has some very impressive driving skills. Her failure at hitting the other woman has her peeling sideways around the track until she spins out and has to straighten the car again to get it going.

"Why is a plumber saving a princess from a dragon in the mushroom kingdom? Some things are just a mystery, okay?!" Ethan wasn't kidding about getting pinched. The triple-whack effectively kills any chance he had of getting his kart to go, leaving him with an "Ooof, oof, hey!" The last when he clamors out of the kart, tripping on the seatbelt and catching himself on the railing. "Dude, we're so banned this time," he calls, trotting Luke-wards, channeling his 14 y/o self while he waits for the attendants to converge on them. "For life."

Katherine sees Abby coming this time, for reals, and she swerves to the side. The attendants are getting serious, there is yelling going on, but she's far enough away to pretend she didn't hear the entreaties to stop as she chases after Abby. She wants that noodle. "Move it or lose it!" She calls out as she nearly bumps into Ethan and then Luke, trying to catch someone is rough work.

<COMBAT> Abby's Pool Noodle attacks Katherine with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Neck.

"Bowser was very clearly a /dinosaur/, Ethan, sheesh!" Luke shouts from the seat of his newly-prone vehicle, trying desperately to smack the kart into reverse. But the front tire was definitely bent, and that kart was going nowhere fast. So what does Luke do? Well, he pulls off his seatbelt and jumps out of his kart as Ethan trots his way. He narrowly avoids the oncoming bullet that is Katherine's car, tripping out of the way and scrambling to the side of the track to where Ethan is.. just so he can thwap him over the head with the pool noodle again. "They can't ban us for having fun!" says Luke, while the manager definitely looks like he's about to do just that.

While Luke and Ethan are potentially about to be chased by management into the parking lot, Abby and Katherine are still zipping around the track much to the annoyance of the people working at this place. "Stooooooooop!!" one girl wails as she waves her arms to get their attention. It doesn't work. Abby needs to whack Katherine just one more time with the noodle… or twice. You know, whatever works. As she passes her by again, she swings the noodle wildly and hits whatever part of her body it happens to come in contact with. "Mwuahahahaahaha!" Abby will also be getting banned.

Ethan whips his helmeted head back and blinks at Luke. "I'm pretty sure he was a dragon." Like that's the relevant issue here. Katherine whizzes by. Abby maniacally laughs by. He essays a doubtful look to Luke (i.e., 'really?'), then peels away to try to talk the manager into not banning them; it's a hard sale.

Kate takes a blow to the neck, but it's a pool noodle so she starts to laugh as she turns her wheel to try to bump into Abby. She misses and she finally sees an employee who looks like she's having an anxiety attack. She comes to a stop, unbuckles herself and climbs out of her kart. She's jumping up and down as she's yelling obscenities in Abby's direction, it sounds pretty playful though. Someone from the park comes to take away her helmet and she surrenders it without much of a fight, jogging back toward the beginning of the track where Luke and Ethan are dealing with management.

"He was totally a dinosaur, dude. He had a shell. With spikes. What kind of dragon has a shell with spikes?" Luke retorts, as this was very clearly an important argument, though he does turn as Abby and Katherine race on by. "Get 'er, Abby!" he cups his hand around his mouth to shout, before he shifts his pool noodle over a shoulder and jogs over to the manager to help calm down the situation, and perhaps suggest they start handing out pool noodles themselves, for added excitement.

"He was a turtle!! He had a shell!" Abby totally misses Katherine because she's yelling about video game characters. But when Katherine stops her cart, she grinds hers to a halt too. Peeling the helmet off, she's laughing even as the employees are busy yelling at them. Perhaps wisely, she does /not/ join in the conversation to calm down the managers. Instead she scampers over to Kate and pulls on her hand, "Maybe we just escape to the parking lot. Or well, /I'm/ going to escape to the parking lot." She covers her mouth to keep back to the laughter before inching in that direction.

Katherine lets Abby pull her towards the parking lot, deciding that escaping sounds better than confrontation. "Luke should offer them kittens so we can come back. Big fluffy ones, or maybe dildos, that one girl looks like she can use one." She snorts out a laugh and surrenders to the laughter, nearly tripping over her feet as she's tugged along. "We're never going to be allowed to come back here, are we?"

The girls are abandoning ship, leaving the men to deal with the extremely exasperated manager. But Luke somehow, someway, makes it all better. Maybe it's the pretty face, maybe it's all the smooth talking .. or maybe it's the extra twenty he slips to the manager to 'just forget about all of this, we're all adults here, it was just in good fun!' Whatever it was, the manager seems satisfied, and leaves with a suggestion that she'll most definitely THINK about a 'Mario Kart' night, without putting up their polaroids on the 'banned' board at the front of the building.

And when she leaves, Luke smacks Ethan on the ass with the pool noodle - before chasing off into the parking lot after Abby and Kate. "Hey! Wait up!"

"I told you that you have to buy me cocktails first!" screeches Ethan, then quick-glances over his shoulder at the manager that's seriously reconsidering his decision not to ban all of them, smiles apologetically (again), and hot-foots it to the parking lot. Where he gives the keys to his (mom's) car to Katherine wordlessly; she can drive.

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