(2018-10-10) Wake Up, Katherine
Heather visits Katherine to discuss the latter's role in morning television.

Katherine is picking up and doing some light cleaning around the Bed and Breakfast. Dusting needs to be done, some dishes, and she's putting away the remnants of dinner. It seems that anyone who is staying here for now is out or sleeping so things are quiet and calm.

Heather did threaten to drop by and so she has. Did she warn Katherine about a specific time? Nah, where's the fun in that? A light rapping on the door even as she is having another phone conversation - this time she just has the earpiece in to talk rather than have to hold a fun. Her hands taken up with carrying a box of unknown contents. "Okay, well call me back about it tomorrow, okay? I'm off the clock for a bit." A roll of her eyes. "Yes…it does happen sometimes."

Kate pulls open the door and is looking like she was expecting someone totally different. Her eyes get wide for a second and the curving smile turns into a neutral one. "Come on in." She says, stepping back so that Heather can get past her and into the great room. "So here you are, I didn't expect you to actually follow through with your promise to visit."

"I keep all my promises" Heather smiles sweetly as she steps inside and immediately starts to look around. "Gosh, never thought I would be in this house again. And you turned it into a business? How many spare rooms do you have?" Memories come flooding back as she makes her way straight to the dining area and places the box on the table. "You don't have plans, do you?" she asks while removing her gloves and stuffing them into her coat pockets. The coat then being removed to drape over a chair. Even if Katherine does have plans, it seems they are immaterial. "You wanted to talk about the job offer so, here I am, ready to talk" she smiles warmly.

Kate chuckles under her breath and follows after Heather. "I have four rooms set up, and the garage mother-in-law suite." She eyes the box that is placed on the table before she shakes her head. "Ethan said he might stop by if it wasn't busy at the bar, but I know better. We do have some tourists stopping through." She pulls out a chair of her own, curling up in it as she raises a brow. "Well, then let's talk about a job offer. I can't believe you want me to host some kind of morning show."

Heather has a mild look of distaste at the mention of Ethan. They may have only spent a grand total of a minute in each other's company, but she is pretty sure she doesn't like him. So far. "Why can't you believe that?" she asks with a look of surprised curiosity. "You're a natural with making people comfortable. Getting them to open up. Everyone wanted to be your friend. You won't have to do the full two hours or anything. There'll be news reports, features, all that kind of thing, but you would be the overall co-host." She looks over at the fireplace in the next room. "And you could do it all from the couch in front of the fire. That is the kind of American hominess that people want these days." Her eyes narrow. "Is hominess a word?"

"I'm not…I mean, look at me Heather. I'm a nobody." Kate laughs at the look on Heather's face, pointing at the slight look of distaste. "You can't even tell me that it's a good idea while looking like you believe it." She folds her arms over her chest, leaning back against her chair. "What kind of salary did you have in mind, because …I'll have to make some concessions to do this, my customers have to be comfortable here, and you can't walk through the great room into the kitchen if there is filming going on."

"The face was to do about something else, not you" Heather assures Katherine with a smirk. "I very much believe it is a good idea and you are sooo not a nobody. And this would be a great way to change that perception you have. I /never/ thought of you as a nobody. Do you think I would have wasted all that spite on a nobody?" A wink for her frenemy before there is another look of distaste - this time about the money. "It won't be a lot, I'll be honest there. This channel is practically self-funded, and the money isn't exactly rolling in. Do you know how many bank managers I know by first name now? Yeah, I guess it might be a bit of an inconvenience for the guests, but we can work with that. The camera will be pointing at the fireplace, and you of course. It's not a lot of equipment these days, and, hey, they may want to get their faces on the box. Imagine the boost to your business. Stay at the Stone and get on TV! If you want to."

Kate aims a skeptical look at Heather, but she accepts her words with a sigh. "Okay, okay." She gets to her feet, pacing as she considers her options. "I wouldn't do it for the money, if we're going to be honest I would just do it to help out a friend. I'm sure you'll find a better host at some point." She glances at Heather, smirking as she winks. "I'll try it out, and if it makes customers uncomfortable we'll figure something else out. There is plenty of room in here that we could probably stage another room to look just as nice."

"Where we shoot it, I can leave to you, but I want it to be as homey and natural as it can be. Because /you/ are natural, that's why people are drawn to you" Heather smiles before a shrug. "You could always segue into a cooking show or something. Oh, speaking of which, since you don't have enough to do already. The contract for studio catering could come up soon and…well…just saying there's an option there." She leans over to open the box, taking out a bottle of champagne and some scandalously fattening pastries. "We should celebrate then. Wait…help out a /friend/? Wow…this truce thing is great" she grins. "Grab some glasses? You really need to pump up your self-esteem, Katherine. Never assume there will be someone better."

"Oh come on, Heather…" Katherine gets to her feet, moving to snag two hanging wine glasses. She walks back to the table setting them down. "All of my life I have spent time working hard, trying to be as good as the people I surrounded myself by." She gets back in the seat, pulling her feet up so her thighs press against her chest. "I didn't manage it very often." She aims a look at the woman sitting across from her. "I had six brothers and sister, all we did was compete for any kind of attention. After all of that? You can't blame me for thinking that I might not be as good as the people around me." She gazes at the table, reaching over to get a pastry. "Ethan makes me forget, sometimes."

"Why do you keep trying to be as good as the people around you?" Heather asks as she opens up the champagne bottle (in a dignified manner, not a loud pop) and starts pouring into the glasses. "Why don't you be as good as you can be? It may even turn out to be better. And that will get you all the attention you need. When you've done something /you/ want, /your/ way, and are happy with yourself." She passes over one of the glasses and raises her own in a toast. "To truces and being who we need to be." A clink before she has a mouthful of champagne. "Not too bad" she muses before frowning a little at the mention of /that/ name. "You like this Ethan guy, huh? Hmmm…" Another shrug. "You know him better than me, so I couldn't possibly comment."

"You sound absolutely grown up and smart. It's scary." Kate leans in to snag a glass of champagne, raising her in a toast so she can take a sip. "I'm a good person. Since more than half of my family died, I've been doing for others. I don't have a life of my own anymore. I take care of my sister, and I suck at it." She smirks slightly and takes another sip of her champagne. "We'll see how it goes if I try to improve myself for myself." She laughs softly and glances away, a thoughtful look on her face. "I don't think he's permanent, but he is a nice guy. He's kind of closed off, emotionally, but he's got a lot going on. I imagine he's like one of those jasmine flower teas. You have to add a lot of warmth to get it to open up."

"But why are you doing all the warming up?" Heather replies about Ethan the Jasmine Flower Tea (oh she is going to remember that one). "It's supposed to work both ways. Don't fall for one of those aloof bad boys who make you come to them…preferably on your hands and knees. It's a two-way street, not a cul-de-sac. He should be warming you up as well. And you do have a life of your own. It might not be the one you wanted but, you know what, no one's is. Up to you what you want to make of it though. No one else." Another sip of her champagne. "I own a television station and am responsible for the livelihoods of dozens of people and their families. I have to be grown up and smart." A wry smile. "Or at least appear to be. Your sister taking it hard? Which one are we talking about?"

Kate aims a look at Heather, her cheeks flushing pink for a moment as she shakes her head back and forth. "I don't do all the warming up." She leaves it at that, sipping at her champagne as she watches Heather. "I got saddled with two sisters, never wanted kids. Sarah doesn't want any of this either, it's why she took off for Pennsylvania. I doubt she'll ever come back to Calaveras. She says she can't stand the memories. Lynn, who is still sixteen and unhappy about it, is in the same boat. Sometimes I think she's pushing me so I'll send her away. She hates everything about everything." She purses her lips for a moment and then takes another drink. "Found drugs in her room, took her to the hospital, now her therapist has her enrolled in all kinds of activities. She says she hates them. I'm totally at a loss." She gazes at Heather, both eyebrows raised. "Being responsible for so many people, does it scare you?"

"It terrifies me" Heather laughs, "But does that mean I stop, or worse, give up?" A determined shake of her head. "That's not me. You would know that more than anyone. I power my way through and make it work." A little snort of amusement. "I don't think sixteen was our best year either. Christ we were terrors. I can't imagine what it must be like for you. Do you resent Lynn for what has happened to your life? We were good at picking up on that kind of thing at that age. Good at making it up too. She's lashing out at the life she didn't plan on having either. And you represent it. I could try talking to her if you want." A wiggle of her eyebrows as the subject changes to something a lot lighter…ish. "I'm glad there is warmth all round with Mister Jasmine Flower Tea. You are gonna share the details, right?"

Katherine aims a sympathetic look towards Heather, nodding as the woman says she doesn't give up. "Yeah, you don't give up. You think you're right, you'll push your way right in until nobody else can push back." She grabs a pastry and sighs. "I try not to let it show, but I'm sure sometimes it does. I think the drugs have something to do with it, since the accident she's been distant and …it's all messed up. I try to tell her that I don't want them to take her away from me. If she keeps getting into trouble, I'm sure someone might try to." She brushes her hair back and nibbles on the pastry. "You could talk to her, but the only person she seems to respond to is Julian." She blushes again, shoving more pastry in her mouth. "Details? Me? No."

"I never said it was a popular approach to life" Heather smirks about her pushiness. "But you always found a way to push back. You never gave up against me, don't give up on anything else either. Drugs are a symptom, not a cause, but what do I know. It's not as if I have children. And if Julian connects with her then have him take her out on a camping trip far away from the dealers. Hmmm…don't let her have the power, Katherine. You tell her that you don't want her to leave, then she has it over you. But, like I said, I'm no expert. And why would you listen to someone who locked you out of the locker room when you were in your panties?" She drains her champagne. "Though we are mature adults now. Except for the blushing when you talk about sex" Heather teases. "You don't have to give me details, I can make up my own."

Kate almost drops her champagne, her eyes going wide as she stares at Heather. "We just started seeing each other, Heather." She composes herself and nods, cradling her glass. "Julian has been helping, and there has been some improvements. I think he just levels with her, tells her what her attitude does to people around her." She gazes away from her glass to gaze at Heather. "I didn't expect him to grow up like he has." She bites on her bottom lip and then shorts out a laugh when the memory of the panties incident comes back. "I forgot about that, it was absolutely horrifying."

"It may have been horrifying, but you took it on the chin…or cheeks…and bounced right back. And ruined my favorite dress with that bucket of black paint over the door. A classic, but it worked. You don't give up either, Katherine." Heather quirks a curious brow at Katherine. "What does duration of dating have to do with it? Didn't you say Julian was still a bit of dick? And he's a ranger now too? Out there with Kris? And I heard Laura became a cop. And there was another guy in our circle…Joseph?"

"I didn't care back then. I looked okay, so what if people looked." Katherine starts to laugh, covering her face with her hand. She lets out a soft groan before she peeks out at Heather. "Despite you thinking that I was some loose slut…" She quirks a brow and smirks. "I don't sleep with people right away, it never works out." She props her cheek on her palm. "No, Julian was never really a dick to me. We used to play House back in the day. He was a pretty good kisser." She blinks a few times and nods at Heather. "Joseph was a few years ahead of us. I think he actually graduated with Luke and Ethan." She tries not to grin but fails. "He remembers us though, unlike Luke or Ethan."

"You still look great" Heather assures her frenemy, "Even with those extra pounds. "Wait, you played kissyface with Julian but you're /not/ a loose slut. Hmm" she teases with a knowing look at Katherine. "And I never said you were loose. That's not what the boys said" she smirks, though at her tone is more playful than the bitterness of ten years ago. "And I never thought you slept either" she adds before poking her tongue out. A dismissive wave of her hand about Joseph. "I never remember the boys very well. They served their purposes…whatever that may have been. I probably have the wrong Joseph in my head anyway. Don't remember Luke or Ethan at all, sorry to say. It is nice to hear that SkyDorker turned out okay. He doesn't have someone out in the woods?"

"I do okay." Katherine remarks, wrinkling her nose at the mention of extra pounds. "Every woman fills out Heather, it's not my fault you're not as curvy as you could be." She sticks her tongue out in response. "I played kissyface with Julian when we were too young to realize what kissyface was." She drinks the last dregs from her glass and sets it aside. "Yeah, if you believed high school boys about hooking up, you deserve to be misinformed." She winks at Heather and shrugs, glancing toward the great room. "I didn't really do that stuff in high school. Yeah, there was an older Joseph who had parties, and he's probably who you're remembering. He was popular because his dad worked for the beer store, he could get kegs easier."

"Ah, yes, the Mighty Kegmeister. Christ, why did boys think so much of beer? It tastes terrible and makes them all idiots." A pause. "/More/ of an idiot." She pulls out her phone to glance at the time. "I'd better get going, especially if Ethan is going to show up. Would hate to be here while you passionately hold hands and blush at each other." She stands and gestures at the box. "Finish off the pastries. I'll send some tech people around in the next couple of days to sort out where to shoot if that's okay. As hard as it is for me to say this, but it's been nice talking to you tonight. I'm glad we can go into business together." Her coat is picked up and pulled on. "Have a good night, Katherine."

Kate snorts out a laugh and actually nods in agreement. "Beer is pretty nasty, I never really got used to the taste." She shoves the cork back into the champagne and smirks towards Heather. "He's coming over to pick up dinner for himself, and then I'm going to sleep." She props her hands on her hips and glances around, nodding to Heather. "It has been nice to talk to you too. You've tamped down a bit on the delightful evil personality and can actually be kind of charming when you put your mind to it." She moves to walk Heather to the door, opening it as she says. "You have a good night too, try not to get into any trouble."

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