(2018-10-07) Putt Putt
Kate takes her sister to minigolf, gets ditched and ends up chatting with Stan.

Katherine brought her sister to Legends of Old, hoping for a little time to bond. As soon as they walked into the center, Lynn spotted some of her friends and took off, leaving Kate on her own. She paid for a round of mini golf for herself and is standing at the second hole, putter in hand as she attempts to line up a shot. She manages to tap it, and go past the hole, which makes her swear quietly under her breath.

While Katherine is at the second hole it seems Stan just finished on the second to last hole and is moving towards the last hole. Having someone with him as well. Which looks like a younger man in his late teens. The younger of them starting and making, what it seems he thinks is a bad shot, with Stan doing what he can to help the other remain calm and not get angry. Which seems to somewhat help. Letting him take a moment to breathe and relax. A glance around the room is given, spotting a familiar face in Katherine. Offering a smile and nodded greeting. Though not moving over yet. Continuing to play to finish up on that last hole.

Kate glances up after she manages to sink the ball with another soft tap. She spots Stan with a younger man, and offers the pair a brief salute before she picks up the ball and moves towards the third hole. She shifts on her feet, drops the ball and moves to hit it, brow furrowed slightly. She hits the ball and it goes out of bounds and she snorts a soft laugh before picking it up to attempt again.

Both of them greet Katherine in return. As they return to playing Stan also miss the hole, with him and the other sinking their shots in the same amount.With the young one kind of mock Stan. Which just causes the doc to laugh and nudge him. "Next time." He offers a bit amusingly before they move away so others can play. After a moment they take farewell of one another and salutes one another. "See you, doc!" Is offered as the teen runs off. After which Stan looks around once more. Spotting Katherine still going. Seemingly alone. Pondering for a moment, not wanting to disturb her. However staring seems even more creepy, so after a moment he does come over. "Hey."

Katherine is startled by Stan, she didn't see him approach, but she manages a smile once she gets over her fright. "Hey, Stan wasn't it?" She asks, leaning on her putter. "How are you doing? Are you out here with family or…" She trails off, stepping aside so another family can try to putt at the hole she is having trouble with. "It's such a nice day out for an outing though, don't you think?"

Stan blinks and takes a step back. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." He offers. A nod and a smile. "Indeed." He confirms, glancing around before smiling and nodding to her. "It is indeed. And no, I was here with a patient of mine." He explains. "How about you? Come here to clear your mind?" He asks, since he didn't see anyone with her.

Katherine waves a hand briefly, a wry smile on her face. "It's okay, I'm easily startled." She affirms, brushing her hair behind her ears. "Oh, well that's nice of you. I came with my sister, but she had something better to do than hang out with me." She shrugs, chuckling softly. "I'm probably cramping her style or something." She glances around to see if she can spot Lynn, but there is no sign of her. "Do you come here often with your patients?"

Stan chuckles and nods, "Fair enough." He offers about her being easily startled. Shrugging about his reason for coming here. "At times. I do try and find ways to let them express themselves." He admits. Looking around for mentioned sister. "Ah, I see. Perhaps that is true, but I think that she will still remember you trying to bond with her. Maybe not yet, but soon enough." He offers and smiles. "Do you want company? Or.." He asks, not wanting to intrude. But also wanting to keep her company. "Until your sister returns at least." He adds.

"She won't return." Kate responds, glancing towards the clubhouse. "If you want we can go have some cider or something. She's probably gone off with her friends." She pulls her phone from her back pocket, makes a noise when the TechEase program tries to help her, and dials her sister. It goes to voicemail. "Lynn, when you get this, text me or call me to let me know where you've gone off to, okay?" She frowns as she slides the phone back into her back pocket. "I tried, at least."

Stan nods and studies Kate, trying to see her reaction and read her. "Sure, we could do that. Want to finish first?" He asks about the golf. A weak smile at her words about trying. "I can understand the worry." He assures her, "Hopefully she shows up and maybe next time she's the one asking to do something." He suggests to her, trying but perhaps failing, to lift her spirits.

Katherine sets the ball back on the ground, narrowing her eyes at the hole as she lines up her shot. "Sure, this isn't really my thing…I'm not good at it." She taps the ball, sending it to the hole where it narrowly misses dropping in. "Lynn is only worried about Lynn. Since my parents died, she hasn't thought much of other people that I've seen. I give her the benefit of the doubt, but I know that her and Sarah just want to forget they had a family. Easier than the pain." She turns a gaze at Stan, trying for a smile. "Unfortunately, I can't do that, I have to keep soldering on."

Stan does move to follow with a show after her. "Perhaps. Everyone have different ways to handle loss. Sooner or later reality still hit. But to some point I think she might be trying to distance herself. To try and not feel. That could be worrisome, but if she knows that you look out for her then hopefully it will help her to open up again." He suggests and shrugs, since he hasn't met Lynn he isn't completely sure. Meeting her attempted smile with a reassuring one of his own. "It is a burden, but sometimes it needs to be done- I'm here if you want someone to talk to." He assures her. "As a friend, not a doctor. If that is easier." He adds.

"Well, I understand why my sisters have done what they've done. I was old enough, when my parents died, to realize the world outside of our family. I was in college, I was gone." Kate explains, tapping the ball softly again to send it into the hole. "My sisters were in middle and high school, wrapped up in family still. Everything they knew was gone, they hadn't seen what the world is like outside of our family unit." She gazes at Stan, frowning slightly. "Sarah doesn't want to come back, and I'm sure Lynn will end up the same in a year. I'm not going to get upset, or issue blame. They need to do what needs to be done to stay sane too."

Stan mainly listens as he takes in her history. "Perhaps. However, safety in numbers and so on. Maybe she can see that new things can still come from a dark moment. Like a sapling growing on a battlefield." He suggests before letting out a weak chuckle. "Sorry, that was a bit cheesy."

Kate chuckles softly, and drops the ball at the last hole, lining up her shot. "When you meet Lynn, if you ever manage it, you'll see what I mean. She'd love to run away now, but she can't. She doesn't have any money or way to live on her own. She'll go to college, she'll learn some skills, and then I'll be a memory."

"Perhaps. Hopefully not. Though even so, if you are a memory she will still remember you." Stan suggests. Following to line up his own shot. Not quite the sport he's used to, but he is doing a decent job with aiming and how hard to hit it. So he is doing fairly good job. "I do hope that I get to meet her though." He says and offers a small smile.

"Mm, well..we'll see?" Kate stands to the side to let Stan putt, glancing briefly towards the club house. "She's always off with her friends, and I got her involved in a few after school activities so that she'll stop using, but we'll see how that sticks." She brushes her hair back again, frowning before she changes the subject. "How about that drink? I'll buy."

Stan nods and watches her with a bit of worry, but nodding. "You do what you can." He suggests, "If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask." He assures her. Troubled youths is kind of his forte at this point. Helping out kids on the streets and so on. "Sounds good." He offers about a drink. Offering the butt of his putter to touch to hers. "Well played." Trying to help with the changing of subjects.

Kate bumps her putter against his before she turns, handing the putter to an employee. They walk into the clubhouse where the atmosphere is a bit cheery, a fire laid into the fireplace and people sitting around the bar area. Kate walks up, orders two ciders and takes a seat on a stool, crossing her legs. "So how have things been, getting out more? I think you mentioned that you were trying to do that."

Stan does do the same before following Kate to find a stool to sit on. "Ah, yes. A bit. A lot of work though so my patients have been taking up a lot of my time." He admits. Taking a sip from the cider once he get it. "Thank you." He adds. "How about you? How have things been going? How has the b'n'b been holding up?"

"Just one person staying with me at the moment, so things have been very slow. I've been using the time to get out and about a little more myself." Kate responds, pulling her glass of cider closer to her. "It's been a nice break, and I needed it, especially before tourist season starts. It gets a bit crazy around town in a few weeks here."

Stan ahs and nods, "I see. And good on you for getting out more." He offers with a wink. "You need to get away some as well, try and relax and experience other things." He suggests. Watching her some and perhaps noticing the seemingly drawn back behavior. "Good to get to relax and prepare yourself mentally before tourists show up then."

Kate turns to face Stan more, their legs almost touching. "So what else have you been up to lately?" She asks, resting her chin on her palm as she regards the Doctor. "Made any new friends? Found any other good places to hang out? What are you going to do for tourist season? Maybe if you offer a per visit rate, some of the cracked up visitors might stop by and relieve their woes to you."

"Well, I've met with Jo and a few others around town. I did hang out at one of the bars a few days ago. However I haven't found any favorite spot so far. What's yours?" He asks in turn. For now not focused on their legs but more on her. "Hmm, I haven't thought much on tourist season. Perhaps I should. My door is open for anyone that wants help, so it could be a good way. Sounds like it could get busy though." Shrugging though not really seeming to mind, sipping from his cider. "So, where you have been going to lately, since you've been going out more. Been up to anything fun. Gone dancing?" He asks, the last a bit teasingly with a wink.

"Jo is very nice, a little scary though." Kate responds, chuckling softly as she finally takes the first drink of her cider. "I like the Boardroom, it's a nice and relaxed atmosphere that I can certainly get behind. I don't like crowded places or things like that. It's why I don't go dancing." She says, a slight smile on her face. "Tourist season is our busiest time of year. Hay rides, pumpkin patch picking, a whole bunch of other things are scheduled. It's going to be a good time." She wrinkles her nose and smirks. "I've just been up to normal things, really."

Stan nods and smiles, "Ah, I've not really been there. Maybe once in passing, but nothing I can quite remember clearly." He admits. Grinning about her not going dancing because of crowded places. "Well, do you like dancing? Cause there is always ways around the crowded part." Shifting and listening, "Sounds like it will be a good time. And well, normal can be fun as well." He assures her. "Besides, I'm glad I ran into you. Always nice to see a familiar face." He admits.

"I'd recommend it, the Bartender is a pisser sometimes, but it's usually mostly gentle ribbing." Kate murmurs, and her cheeks get red as she gazes down at her knees. "I'm not a great dancer, I don't mind it when I'm alone at home listening to music. Not too much …in a crowded space or with other people watching." She grins at Stan and nods, smoothing her hands over her leggings. "I'm glad that I ran into you as well, it's nice to see people out and about, enjoying themselves."

Stan ahs and nods, "I will have to swing by and say that you offered it your seal of approval." He offers playfully. As she glances down though he will smiles towards her. "Well, I'm not sure that I'm any better. So I could offer a dance sometime perhaps." He suggests. Glancing around the room. "I'd offer it now but perhaps it's a bit crowded here." Nodding a few more times. "I do my best to enjoy myself when I can."

Kate offers a smile as he says he'll visit the Boardroom. "Tell Ethan that I said you should have a Royal Fuck, it's a great drink." She says, drinking her cider and setting the glass aside. Her cheeks bloom with a blush and she exhales softly. "I don't think you want to dance with me, Stan. I tend to step all over people and I wouldn't even offer it to my worst enemy." She glances around, noticing the crowd for the first time. "Goodness, this seems to be the place to be."

Stan chuckles and nods, "Will do." He says and seems amused. The blush does seem to make him smile as well. "Well, I can't do the safe thing all the time can I? Sometimes you have to risk your feet and hope that it turns out fun in the end." He says, keeping it light to try and help her feel more at ease. To try and help her to get a moment to relax and not worry too much. Following her gaze around the room. "It seems like it."

"If you want trod on, one of these days I'll do you that favor. I don't think you'll enjoy it." Kate responds, chuckling softly as she shakes her head at Stan. "Are you a masochist?" She queries, tilting her head slightly to the side as she gazes at the doctor.

Stan chuckles and shrugs, "Sometimes the risk can be worth it. And well, while I don't think I'm a masochist I have taken a few hits in my day." He admits and smiles. Meeting her gaze with his own dark eyes.

"You have?" Kate asks, blinking at Stan with her eyebrows raised slightly. "I don't know. I don't think being stepped on can ever be worth it." She brushes her hair back, and when he gazes at her fully, she stops, looking a bit lost. "Why would being stepped on be worth it?"

Stan doesn't really clarify. However he does offer a nod. As for being stepped on being worth it, he shrugs. "No clue. But neither will I ever know if I don't give it a go." He says and chuckles. Tipping his cider in her direction. "Cheers to us. For going out and relaxing." He offers.

Kate shakes her head subtly, trying not to chuckle softly. "Cheers to us, new friends having a fine chat in a nice place." She tilts her head at Stan and flashes him a grin. "Found anyone cool to hang out with, besides Jo. She's cool but scary."
Stan has reconnected.

Kate shakes her head subtly, trying not to chuckle softly. "Cheers to us, new friends having a fine chat in a nice place." She tilts her head at Stan and flashes him a grin. "Found anyone cool to hang out with, besides Jo. She's cool but scary."

Stan nods and smiles. AS for anyone cool, he get a dumb grin. "Unfortunately mainly patients. Perhaps had a brief conversation or two but nothing too interesting so far." He admits. Tilting his head in return, "How about you? Meet anyone interesting?"

"I meet new people all the time. It's been fun." Kate responds, as she takes a sip of her cider. Suddenly something dawns on her and she shifts her gaze back on Stan. "Define interesting?" She asks, the corner of her lips twitching up a bit.

Stan grins and raises a brow as he notices her reaction. "Ah, seems you have. Then, in what way are they interesting?" He asks in return. "And well, interesting lies in the eye of the beholder." He says and winks.

"I think I meet interesting people all the time." Kate gazes down at her glass, her cheeks flush with pink. "There are a lot of really nice, and really interesting people in this city. It's would be hard to say that I haven't met someone I found very interesting."

Stan grins and nods, "You seem to be deflecting." He points out a bit amused. "However, if you don't want to speak about the one you're thinking of then it's fine." Nudging her softly. "Glad that you've found someone very interesting."

Kate turns her gaze on Stan, her brown eyes shrewd for a moment. "Have *you* met anyone interesting? Are you dating, Doctor? I think that's what you're trying to ask me, and if you're going to ask, you're going to get asked in return. You know?"

Stan chuckles again, "I admit. At first that wasn't what I was trying to ask. Just if there was anyone new that you had made friends with, rather than just in passing. But your reaction made it too fun not to ask that." He admits and grins. "And no, currently I am not seeing anyone. Your turn." He teases with a grin.

"My turn what?" Kate blinks at Stan, laughing softly as she drinks from her glass. "I meet new people all the time, I mean.." She taps her fingers on the surface of the bar, smirking slightly. "I work at a B&B, it's my job to meet new people. I also tend to take people welcome baskets when I get the chance. Lots of coupons inside for locals businesses."

Stan tilts his head and nods. "Fair enough, and that is a good way to meet people." He agrees. Tilting his head. "Seems like a good strategy. Hopefully the tourist season will also help you meet a bunch of new interesting folks." He suggests. Studying her for a moment. "Didn't realize how much marketing you do for the place."

"I do it for friends, mostly. If you can show customers things in town to do, they'll appreciate you and the discount both." Kate pushes her fingers through her hair, looking slightly abashed. "I enjoy the business side of things, it what I was going to college for before I had to drop out. I want to run a chain one day, not necessarily bed and breakfasts, but something complicated and fun."

Stan ahs and nods, "Sounds interesting. I was never great with all the business stuff." He admits. Offering a shrug, "Just didn't have a knack for it I think. However it is interesting. Perhaps you can go back it at some point, finish your studies." He suggests to her with a warm smile. "Hope that you get to do that. Open a chain I mean."

"I hope so too." Kate responds, resting her chin on her palm. "So Stan, what are you going to do with your life. Settle here? Move again? Get back into whatever you were involved in prior to moving here?" She swings her leg back and forth slowly, letting it bump gently into the bar.

Stan nods and smiles. Though as for her question he shrugs, "I am not sure actually. I will probably stay here for a while at least. I spent a lot on my practice and to help out with things for the youths and so on." He explains. "However, a part of me is thinking about going back. I was happy there, for a bit at least." His smile faltering before shaking his head and looking back to her. "Sorry if I'm staring. Even when you're troubled you seem calm and kind of collected. It's reassuring." He explains his train of thoughts. Kind of. Glancing down as he hear the occasional bumping against the bar.

Kate offers a slight smile as she nods. "You should stay here, this town is amazing. The people here are great. I've lived here all my life though, so I'm biased." She glances aside and considers for a few moments. "I have to be calm and collected, it was on me to keep it together after our family tragedy." She gazes back at him, smiling again.

Stan chuckles and nods, "Well, if you insist." He says and smiles. "It has been great so far." He agrees though. Nodding and studying her as she speaks of the tragedy. "Understandable. Don't bottle it up though-"He tells her, showing a hint of concern for her in his voice.

Kate splays her hand in the middle of her chest, frowning slightly. "I have to keep it bottled up. I can't fall apart or break down until everything is settled and my sisters are okay. It's not in me to do it." She nods to the bartender and her brings her another glass of cider, setting it down and taking away the empty one. "Sometimes keeping things in check is the way to not let everything else implode, you know?" She glances his way, offering another wry smile.

Stan nods slowly. "Well, just don't let it make you crash and burn-" Seeming to speak from experience. A soft smile though. "Yeah, I think I know what you mean." Finishing his own cider finally. Then getting a new cider as well. "My round." He offers to her with a wink.

"No no, it's okay. I can get it." Kate purses her lips for a moment, looking slightly distressed. In the end she sits back, her eyes on her drink for a moment. "I've crashed, burned and now I'm in the dregs. The important part, Stan, is to not let anyone else know. There are some secrets that are impossible to keep, you know?"

Stan nods and does let her take it then. Nodding as she goes on. "I know all to well." He says, though he does raise a brow as he studies her curiously. "Rising from the ashes and trying again-" He suggests and studying her some. "It's easier to do if you have a reason to rise again as well."

"What is your reason?" Kate asks, turning to gaze at Stan. "What makes you want to keep going, keep waking up and keep trying?" She picks up her drink and takes a deep swallow, setting it aside as she lets out a soft sigh, shuddering a bit at the very slight amount of alcohol in the drink.

Stan smiles softly. "Wanting to help and make a difference. But also for my sister." He admits, "She's a bit older. In college. But I suppose we both still try and look out for one another." Grinning at her reaction to the alcohol. "You okay?"

"I'm okay, I just don't drink very much, and I probably should be getting home because my tongue gets looser the more I drink." Kate shifts and uncrosses her legs, getting to her feet and gathering up her purse. "Thank you for the conversation, it was nice to talk."

Stan smiles and nods. "Sounds like a good idea. Still looking forward to watching more movies." He says and smiles. "I could try and talk less during the movie next time." He offers and chuckles. "Thank you as well. It was quite a fun time." He agrees. "I could walk you home?" He offers, not wanting to let her walk alone if she is starting to feel inebriated.

Kate flashes Stan a smile and then bursts out into a laugh. "No, I"m used to people chatting during movies. Never watch one with Julian, he's a chatterbox." She shakes her head, waving a hand gently. "No, I should be okay. I didn't really drink all that much, but thank you for being concerned."

Stan chuckles and nods, "I don't mind some chatting." He admits. Grinning about Julian though. "I will try and prepare myself before watching one with him." Nodding again about her being fine. "Okay, talk to you later then. Always fun to run into you. I will try and not flirt too much." He offers and grins. "Be well Kate."

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