(2018-10-05) Call the Doctor, I Think I'm Gonna Crash
After spending last night in the hangar, Solo realizes she has got to find somewhere decent to sleep. For 40 bucks, she does.


Stone Bed and Breakfast - Great Room

A stone fireplace with a dark wood mantle is the focus of this large room, just off the kitchen and dining area. Two plush seats are in a small seating area with a small bookshelf that holds several old romance novels and a few well-read magazines. A large sectional, draped with several knit blankets, is set up in front of the fireplace, so that the television hung above the mantle can be watched in comfort.


Kate just finished the dinner dishes, her hands still have suds residue on them as she walks into the greatroom to take a break. She drops on to the sectional couch, yawning as she uses the remote to turn on the television news. The back door, leading out to about a half acre of land, is wide open letting in a nice fall breeze. The place seems pretty quiet, one might guess that nobody else is in residence at the moment besides Katherine.

Solo gets out of the cab, pays, tips, and knocks on the door. "Man, this is getting expensive. I gotta find a cheap place to live," she mutters to herself. "And like a bicycle or something."

Kate walks to the door and pulls it open, a smile fixing on her face despite her being tired. "Welcome to Stone Bed and Breakfast." She says, stepping back to invite Solo in. "Do you need a room tonight, or …some people stop by for dinner a la carte." She gestures to the great room, indicating that she should follow.

Solo picks up her flight bag (of course) and follows Kate in. "I'm looking for a room in the short term. Something besides fast food to eat in the shorter term." She pauses and looks around, then nods. "Maybe some advice on where not to live in this town."

Turns out I can help you with all three of those." Kate says, grinning as she points to a corner near the arch that opens back up to the entryway. "Sling that bag there, I'll carry it up to your room for you. Hungry now?" She props her hands on her hips and observes Solo. "I just put dinner away so it's warm. We had chicken pot pie tonight, made them in a metal bowl like a dome. It was pretty good." Brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ears she concentrates before sing-songing, "A room is forty dollars a night, includes all three meals and the like. Your room will have a bathroom attached to it, and the linens are stocked and kind of warm from the wash." She finishes her spiel with a wink.

Solo gets out her billfold, which she carries like a man, in her pocket, and puts forty bucks in 20s on the table. "Sounds good to me." She slips off her everpresent sunglasses. Eyes bare, she looks haggard, either hung over or hasn't slept well. Or both. "And chicken pot pie sounds great." She makes no move to hand Katherine her bag. "I'd just as soon carry this, if you don't mind. There's stuff in it that'd be better if I broke it than anyone else."

"No problem. Your room will be the rose room, the stairs are in the entry hall, and the door is first on the left." Kate turns to walk towards the kitchen, rubbing her hands on her thighs. "I'll make you a bowl of pot pie real quick, and you can settle down to eat while I put linens out for you." She points to the couch and the television. "Make yourself at home, feel free to change that to anything you might like. I don't watch a lot of television in general."

Solo heads upstairs with her bag and drops it in the room, where it lands with a rather solid clunk on the floor. After a few more minutes (and a toilet flush, one might note) she comes back downstairs wearing only the hoodie over her t-shirt. There's a bulge in the back, if you look closely, that would strongly suggest a pistol. "Holy shit that smells good."

Kate is used to people carrying in Calavaras so she doesn't say anything. Setting the tray of food down next to Solo. "Now as to your other query, there isn't anywhere in town really that one might not want to live. The trailer park isn't always safe, but I mean…where is anyone safe right now really?" She settles into a seat, crossing her legs. "You can find a loft downtown pretty cheap, or so I hear. There is a loft over the flower shop that's recently gone vacant."

Solo digs into the chicken pot pie, squeezing her eyes shut as though she's fighting back tears. She's not really that bad, and she eats with gusto. She gets a glass of water from the sink like she owns the place. "I don't watch much tv either. Except in bars." She thinks about it. "Think it's cheaper to rent a loft like that than a trailer? I'm brand new to town. Slept in the hangar at the airport last night. Froze my ass off and the racoons on the roof kept me up."

Kate winces, settling back on the couch with a frown on her face. "The trailer will probably be cheaper, but if you're in a bad way while you're trying to find a job or something we can certainly work something out." She powers off the television and taps her chin with her fingers. "I think if you tried you could find a decent place in town for pretty cheap, and the trailers aren't even really all that bad. Just can get dicey when we get a lot of rain, that's all."

Solo nods. "That sounds like about what I'm looking for. I'm away a lot, so I just need a place to go home, sleep it off, cook for myself, and all that." She finishes her dinner and puts the dishes in the sink, as though she's on autopilot, then joins Kate out in the other room. She kicks off her boots and curls her legs under her in much the same fashion. "My name's Solveig Lokken, by the way. I run AeroStar Courier, out at the airport."

"Oh, welcome to Calaveras. I'm Kate Stone." Kate grins as Solo curls up on the couch. "I imagine you're in and out a lot like crazy. Wow, so do you fly the plane too?" She shifts on the couch, curiosity and interest writ on her expressive face. "I used to dream about flying, but it turns out that I'm kind of afraid of heights." There is a slight tilt to her head as she grins. "How often are you actually out and about?"

Solo nods. "Yeah. I'm a one-woman shop. Pilot, mechanic, receptionist, flight attendant, you name it. I even do flight lessons once my other plane gets here." She rubs her eyes again. "I do a lot of short hop stuff. Get Joe executive to a metting in another town, get Bob executive back home before his wife puts it together he's got a mistress down south, stuff like that. Once in a while I get an interesting charter, but normally they're pretty banal. Guys spend the trip looking out the window or looking at my cleavage." She shrugs. "Their money jingles in my pocket 's much as everyone else's.

"Wow. Well I can ask around about any open trailers if you'd like me to. Until then, welcome to the B&B, and if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask." Kate slants a look at Solo, a wary look on her face even if she is smiling. "Are you allergic to anything? I'd rather not kill you by accident, I cook most things here from scratch." She pulls over her ledger and opens it, making a few notations.

Solo blinks. Her eyes do have that swollen look. "Huh? Nah. This is all self-inflicted. Whiskey may or may not help me sleep, but it definitely helps me not care as much." She shrugs. "Any rules I should know about? No smoking indoors… not a problem, I don't smoke… stuff like that?" Solo blinks again. "Oh and thanks, yeah, if you hear of open trailers that'd be good. I'll probably check out the loft though.

"If you bring someone by, hang a sock on the door?" Kate giggles and shakes her head slightly. "No rules really, just treat my house like you'd treat your own." She narrows her gaze at Solo and bites down on her bottom lip. "You look tired, feel free to turn in. I'm going to clean up the kitchen and I think I might do the same."

Solo snorts. It might grow up to be a laugh, and her expression might grow up to be a smile. "I just got here, I haven't met anyone but you yet. But yeah… I need a shower and some shut-eye. Thanks for dinner. I can already tell I'm gonna miss it when I find my own digs."

"Hey, I serve breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner to people who stop by. You won't have to miss it much." Kate gets to her feet, padding on bare feet towards the kitchen. "I start breakfast after 8, I make sure there is some warm for you when you wake up, yeah?" She points upstairs, chuckling softly. "Go get clean and get comfy, sleep well."

Solo looks at Kathleen perhaps a little longer than one might expect, then looks away. "Yeah. Shower. Sleep. Someone comes along, I gotta be ready to fly tomorrow. Thanks. Sleep well."

Stone Bed and Breakfast - Rose Room Calaveras
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A queen sized bed has been tucked into a corner, mosquito netting draping over the four posts in a whimsical fashion. The drapery in this room is a dark rose color, embroidered white curtains showing tiny rosebuds underneath. Two dressers sit on either side of the small closet, the wood matching the white four poster bed. White porcelain lamps have been placed on both dressers, the lampshade painted with blooming roses.

Solo - Tallish, curvyish, blond, blue-gray eyes.
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