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It's all fun and games at a coffee joint until someone feels entitled!

Java Junction, Calaveras
Fri Oct 05, 2018

With copper light hangings, it leaves a rustic feel to the entire room. A long bar with a cash register below a sign that says Order Here boasts a display of pastries, bagels, croissants and other foods for breakfast. Sandwiches and soups and salads for lunch and dinner. On a chalk bard in colorful writing is a list of the different beverages offered as well as the prices. Numbers are given on the receipts so when called, patrons can get their order at the opposite end of the bar from the register.

Tables dot the room, wooden with simple center pieces and wooden chairs around them. Also built into one leg of each table is an electrical outlet for laptops or phone chargers. In one corner is a bean bag area with several magazines and a small book swap shelf.

While music plays softly from surround sound speakers, it is usually tuned into one of the two radio stations in the town. The country or rock, depending on what the barista selects at the time.


There's some sort of issue at the counter right now, and it's holding up the line something fierce. A woman is going on a tirade about her sandwich, something about bacon and tomatoes, and the cashier - some high school student who is not equipped to deal with such a catastrophe - is on the verge of tears while this WASP berates her. Half the people near the register are just kinda watching this, since it seems like anyone that tries to intervene? Gets an earful from the woman.

Ethan must've learned that lesson the hard way, since he's now standing off to one side, coffee-less, in a conference with two of the employees, who are scrolling through their phones. The words 'manager' and 'cops' are being mumbled from that brain-trust. Ethan doesn't have a phone, and his mumbling is more to the tune of 'tranquilizer dart.'

She's armed with a venti-extra-large-supersized-whatever-in-blazes-it-translates-into-in-this-coffeeshop cistern of coffee. Black. Can't have cream and sugar tainting all of that glorious caffeine even if that's just a myth. Genevieve MacKail doesn't care. She's drinking this thing and powering through her day and just try and stop her. Wait she's had it already and there's a Crisis on the phone with her family back East and Ginny needs moar. So once she installs herself into the lineup to get more coffee she's troubled to see someone just up ahead trying to make some poor cashier cry.

Maybe it's because she's 'from away' and used to boisterous, loud people in her family; maybe Ginny is straight-up used to people hollering at her. She is a narrow strip of woman with a wayward flare of silver-blonde (didn't fecking look like that on the box) hair and tiger eyes and she eases herself up alongside the WASP and asks sweetly. "I don't think this one woke up this morning with intention to ruin your day love. Why don't you talk to the manager and let others order? It's not her fault." She has an accent, a peculiar one.. hazel eyes lock onto the belligerent woman's face.

"Whoa!" Luke could be heard exclaiming from all the way in the back of the line, as he opens the door and is surprised by all the butts facing his direction. It is a very, very long line of butts, which basically requires Luke to stand in the middle of the doorway and just exhale dramatically. But he leans to the left, and then to the right, and it's then that he spies Ethan. There's quite a bit of shoulder nudging and polite 'excuse me's' as Luke eases his way out of the back of the line, making a straight shot to Ethan. "Coupon problems, or..?" he asks Ethan, as he seems to know what's up, squinting a look at the WASP at the counter, and the weirdly-accented girl trying to solve the problem.

Duncan steps in the door right after Luke, pausing as he's got a good bit of eye candy to survey from the back of the place, his bulky shoulders rolling a little as he swears something lowly in something that sounds a lot like Spanish. He glances over the rest of those present before he calls sheepishly, "Uh….should I come back later or this just the usual line."
He doesn't seem to know the usual crowd here, but with a sigh, he rubs his face and then he shimmies his bulky frame into a place that doesn't have him blocking the door but keeps his eyes on what's going on.

The customer turns on Genevieve immediately, informing her (like she's in a position to solve this problem): "Well, she's a representative of this business, and if they can't get a simple order right, then I think I'm entitled to stand here as long as I need to until I get what I ordered, and if you have some kind of problem with that, well, that's just too bad, because I will stand here till the second coming if I have to, but I want my damn sandwich and I want it made right!"

Also, the two other workers meekly note, "The manager's out to lunch, but I'm calling her!" Which starts the customer going again about how service in this place is going downhill and yeah.

"Dude, that is a woman that definitely doesn't need anymore coffee. I thought I was gonna lose an eye when I told her to relax, it's just a BLT." Ethan looks sympathetic, but also like a man committed to staying the hell out of it. "She's been like this for a solid ten minutes now."

<FS3> Genevieve rolls Presence: Success. (4 7 6 4)

Needless to say Genevieve does not enjoy seeing people being bullied, nor is she a fan of being obstructed from coffee. She listen to the woman's tirade with almost saint-like patience, "Well look at her. This kid is probably going to school and is half-dead with studies. And having to work here. She's beaten the books all morning and is fretting on what she made on a midterm and here she is, behind a till, having to get umpteen friggin' orders right. Have a little compassion eh?" Hey, she's Canadian. Ginny isn't getting mad but she is nowhere near ready to fold under this woman's pressure. Her lips quirk in a smile, "You're a professional, eh? Don't you remember what it was like working a job or two while having to sling coffee? Or burgers? C'mon now, have some heart. You've been there. Be kind and you'll get the holy grail of sandwiches." Implores the young woman as she folds her arms in front of her bosom.

This will either go really well, or really badly. At least Ginny is a meat shield. Hazel eyes flit over a shoulder along the lineup, and out in the peripherals for any sort of backup.

Luke's brows quirk up and up and up at the dramatics going on. "Until the second coming..?" he repeats quietly under his breath, before he just shakes his head and glances back to Ethan. It seems that he, too, has resigned to staying the fuck out of the way for the time being. "Guess I should've stuck to Keurig coffee," he mutters to Ethan, folding his arms across his chest, as he turns to find a clear space of wall to hold up while he watched the chaos unfold. "Though, apparently BLT's are very serious business. I stood here once for twenty minutes while some lady painfully explained how she wanted a BLT with -no- bacon, it was incredible," There's a pause as he glances back to Ethan. "How's the cat?"

<FS3> Duncan rolls Presence+leadership: Success. (3 4 6 7 1 1)

Duncan clears his throat and then he sighs, waving to some of the other people, giving half assed, "excuse me, pardons" making his way up closer to the woman who's currently giving a bit of a lashing to the person behind the counter, saying in a low, somewhat Spanish accented rumble of a baritone, "OH, uh, so look lady, I know the days been kinda shitty or whatever, or yunno or hey ya do your thing but look there's like a lot of folks here and I only caught like half of this since I stumbled through the door, but instead of bein' a hot mess up here can maybe ya just cool down just a bit or I dunno… maybe file a complaint card or something"?" He glances about himself before he slowly shuffles back and out of the way after adding his two-cents.

It's about halfway through Genevieve's comments that the woman slowly, slooooooowly comes to the realization that she's disrupted the entire cafe, turning and looking at all the people watching her. The color rises in her cheeks, and - with Genevieve and Duncan actually getting through to her - embarrassment leads her to go from haughty to just huffing. "I'll tell you what! I'm just never coming in here again!" Probably this wasn't exactly the result that the two was aiming for, but you know what? The woman grabs her (expensive) purse, turns on her (expensive) heel, and walks out the door.

Ethan is among the many that breathes out, "Fucking finally," when the woman leaves. "Thank you," to Genevieve and Duncan collectively. He'll get back to Luke about the cat, once his gratitude is spent.

The cashier, wiping tears, says, "Ohmygod, thank you. That woman was just… just…" Her lip quibbles. "What can I get you guys? On the house."

MY COMRADE. Genevieve looks rather relieved as Duncan comes forth to offer his two cents. Her eyes, softening with relief over the woman's shoulder, look upon the young man as he speaks to the WASP and… GASP. She backs down! Once hoity toity 'GIVE ME FIRM TOMATOES' is off on her way Genevieve turns wholly to Duncan. "Good God thank you." She calls out to him past the lineup, giving a thumbs' up. "I was ready to sigh a blood oath." Said with a half-smile as she shoots a glance to Ethan and Luke, talking shop re: kittehs, and has the grace to look apologetic on the WASP's behalf. She grins to Ethan, "No worries. Someone pissed in her cornflakes. Hopin' she gets herself sorted out." Ginny offers to him; such rough talk from such a seemingly put-together girl. Then there's the cashier. Ginny's snarky expression melts immediately, "S'ok my love. I'm still paying." Said with even a tip deposited into the tip jar. "Extra-large coffee, medium roast.. maybe a blueberry muffin…" Payment is produced (despite objections) and Ginny steps forth.

Luke turns his attention back to the counter as Duncan pulls in the assist, watching with a glint of amusement in his eyes if only because he's not the one dealing with the crazy lady. And then there's the flare-up and dramatic exit, leaving Luke chuckling under his breath. "Yeah, thanks you two," he offers up his gratitude right after Ethan's own. "You'll get the crazies at least once a week anymore, it seems. Just wait until you come across the old lady with the binder full of expired coupons."

"OH, it's not a problem, mostly I just kinda wanted to put in an order without having to hear some crazy woman goin' apeshit in the middle of a coffee shop," Duncan murmurs, eyes drifting to give Luke a bit of a side eye and then focusing on the counter. He rubs his chin, and then rummages through his pockets to pull out a bill slipping it across the counter to the cashier, murmuring, "Uh…Coffee, black and A chocolate chip muffin, oh, no, two if ya don't mind." He moves down the counter then as soon as he pays, propping a muscled hip on the counter.

Watching crazy flounce out the door, Ethan comments, "Just wait till the snow gets here and the tourists show up," with a roll of his eyes. He fades another step back from the counter then, content to wait through the line as needed, finally get back around to Luke: "The cat and I are coming to terms with one another. She let me pet her yesterday. I'm calling it a win."

<FS3> Genevieve rolls Mind+Intuition: Failure. (6 5 3 5 3 4 1 4)

Holding, now, the cupful of coffee nirvana, Ginny is better able to focus upon those speaking to her. She bypasses the 'fixins' table (ie. cream, sugar, honey) and turns to offer Luke a kind glance, "Totally fine. I've come across her ilk dozens of times. Though by the look of 'er she was about to suck out my soul til' that really nice fellow stepped in." Speaking of Duncan. She looks upon the young fellow, glancing quickly and as a result she thinks nothing of it. About to return to her table something catches Ginny's attention as she turns to Ethan and Luke. Ginny blushes, feeling badly about her eaves dropping. Hazel eyes flit to Luke, "I will have y'know that I am looking after the crazy lady with coupons." A chuckle as she sips her brew.

To Luke, "Did I hear right? Have you a way with pets?" Asked in her lyrical way, without guile.

"Mhm, that's when the real insanity begins," Luke agrees to Ethan with a slow nod with regards to tourist season, the words spoken like a true townie. There's a glance back to Ethan, a smirk curling up one side of his mouth at the talk of the cat. "Wonder what you did to piss her off. She was a real sweetheart at the clinic. But then again, I'm probably just better with women than you are," he retorts with a broad grin flashed to Ethan, a deep chuckle padding the words. He straightens away from the wall just as Ginny returns a look his way, brows quirking again in her direction. The warm grin stays. "I guess you could say that, yep. I'm the town's local vet. Luke," he says by way of introduction, and then points a thumb in Ethan's direction. "This is Ethan, he owns the Boardroom. Best bar in town."

"Am I supposed to be offended by that? 'Cause…" Ethan trails off into a shrug, totally not offended and totally not arguing Luke's superior prowess with the ladies. "We're working it out, though. That's where I got you beat - my wealth of experience with digging myself out of a hole. And hi," to Genevieve, leaning over to offer a handshake to her. "Thanks for talking crazy off the ledge earlier."

"Eh," Says Ginny over her coffee. "She was all bent out of shape on account 'oh her wrinkly tomatoes and cruddy bacon." Spoken of the WASP who just stormed out, realizing her folley. She pauses to fold her lithe palm into Ethan's, shaking it with a heartiness that does not suit her look. "Y'own a bar, says Luke? My name's Genevieve," Pause, "Ginny. I work with elders. That warrants a strong cuppa." Such an accent; sounds Irish only not. Ginny smiles with lips and eyes to the proprietor of the Boardroom before cutting her eyes over to Luke.

"I might have to bend your ear. Go figure I get called 'bout the family dog having an issue, right when I meet you. Favor a free coffee and pastry for a moment of your expertise?" Asks Ginny with a shy smile.

Duncan continues to wait, taking up his coffee and his muffins when they arrive turning to look over the shop, before he glances back to Genevieve, saying to himself, "Oke, table…" With that he ambles off to a place to settle on down, watching the interactions for a moment.

Red hair streams in through the door a second before the rest of Jo appears. Combats, snug jeans, clean and soft henley in black. She'll head for the counter, a woman on a mission for caffeine and a snack. She's already pulling her wallet out as she glances around. Ethan and Luke, as known quantities, will get waves and a smile.

"You do own a lot of shovels," Luke apparently agrees with Ethan one-upping him in the hole digging competition. He glances back to Ginny with a smile after. "It's nice to meet you, Ginny. And typically I don't mind chatting, but I came in for a quick cup before I ran back off to the clinic. That being said…" he trails off, reaching into his pocket for his worn leather wallet, which is flipped open so he can wrestle a thin business card out of it. It's flicked to Ginny afterward as he shoves his wallet back into his pocket. "You can feel free to stop by the clinic, or give me a call. That's my cell phone on the card." A hand is raised as Jo walks in, though Luke's already taking a step forward towards the door. "I guess I'm going to have to go back empty handed. Stupid lines."

Ethan answers Genevieve, after an inaudible aside to look, with a vague, "Sorta," for owning the bar. "Come by sometime. I'll divulge the sordid details for you." With a farewell wave. Also having never actually gotten his coffee, he still falls in step behind Luke, calling, "Hey, gimme a ride around the corner."

The fair-haired girl watches the two men leave, noting each of their placement in this town that she has reluctantly come to love. Mending pets? Gotcha. Trendy place in which to drink her face off? Yessiree. She watches Ethan and Luke depart and Duncan settle but it is to the redhead that Ginny's eyes swerve. "Y'arrived in the nick of time. Y'missed the princess." Said easily to Jo, whom she does not know very well. She seems to know Ethan and Luke.

"It was nice to meet you, Ginny!" Luke says to the accented lady, before he waves to Ethan to follow along. "Let's go, buddy o' mine. I've got some things for you in my car anyway," he says. And on his way out the door, he flashes a quick smile to Jo. "Hey Jo, bye Jo!" And out he goes.

Ethan leaves with Luke~

Jo lifts her eyebrows at the lighter haired woman, green eyes focusing in and locking on. "Princess? I mean, I know I'm new here, but royalty I would have thought I'd heard of." She will nod at Luke and Ethan on their way out. Then her attention is back on the woman with the accent. "Are you her lady in waiting or something?"

"Pfft," Sputters fair Ginny as menfolk leave and she's left holding her coffee. "Lady in waiting? More like lady waiting to throttle. Were a cranky, entitled broad about t'make a cashier cry. "Held up the line for near 20 mins. Talked her down. Can y'believe it?" She asks next, voice lilting along in an accent that is anything but Colorado-born. She caught the name, smiles gently. "Jo, I heard? Sorry I've not met you."

"The accent. I figured if there was anything so exotic as a Princess, you'd have to be involved." There's a quick grin, like a flash of blinding lightning, before she's smirking again. "Because you see, what you're describing isn't a princess, but a twatwaffle." Jo nods safely. "Jo Greyson, I own the Grey's Garage downtown. Ginny, Luke called you? Actual name, or a nick name?"

"Nickname," Proclaims the other woman, in her lilting way, eyes trained upon Jo's face. There's good reason for Ginny's not having met other locals because for her first few months in Calaveras she was condemned to night shift. Ginny is derailed at the talk of 'twatwaffles' and she bawls laughter throughout the cafe. "How true. She wasn't pleasant. Her bacon was too soft, and—: Wait wut. Ginny's eyes round in her face at this talk of a garage. She's thinking now of the emphysemic mule of a car that she was saddled with upon moving here. "My name is Genevieve but Ginny is the standby. Y'got a bit waiting list for seeing to sonovabitch ailing cars, Miss Jo?" Isn't she precious?

"Jo is short for Jolene. But Jo is what I'm so used to at this point.." There's a curl of a smile at the laughter. "Twatwaffle with one of the I want to speak to your manager haircuts?" She'll lift her brows in question. "Not yet. I haven't installed the velvet rope in front of the bays yet."

"Precisely." OMG Ginny is aware of memedom. Because that can only be the product of a meme. "That sort of haircut that is crooked, to the side… bad bangs." Says the young woman as she moves toward the table that she originally claimed before the fiasco. Jo's latter comment earns a hearty laugh. "Should I beg my car to make it as far as the rope? Because that's upon a a wing and a prayer." She declares as she eases her body into the chair, hazel eyes watching the mechanic.

"Well, if it doesn't make it down to the garage, I do have a brand spankin' new tow truck. In a snazzy, subtly sparkling gray." Because of course it is, what with the garage name and all. "But bring it down, and we'll see if I can find the issue."

The woman grins crookedly, amused, "I wasn't behind the purchasing of this harridan," Ginny admits. 'The man' made the call on getting this car. Now she's stuck with it. "But I'm stuck with it and I need to make it last awhile longer." Admitted as she samples her drink, "Are you a local, miss?" Asks Ginny in her lyrical way, peering up over the rim of her takeout cup. "It's interesting to meet a bread and butter car doctor. Where I'm from, they fix cars with a hope, prayer and plenty of profanity." A slow smile.

"Harridan. That big of a bitch, is she?" Jo smirks, because well.. that's how it goes with cars. "Me? No. Been here a few weeks. From Oklahoma, myself." Brows lift. "Bread and butter car doctor? And believe me, there's plenty of profanity in my garage."

She grins, "THat big of a bitch." Ginny concurs, "I have to threaten her with a trip to the junker in order to get her to run." Truth. Meanwhile a 'few weeks', to Ginny, translates to 'soon enough'. Her amused gaze softens as the cafe continues to fill up, and she nods to her able. "Would you like to sit for a bit?" She asks of the redhead as she folds one leg over the other, skirts whispering. Then Ginny realizes that her back home ways have confounded yet another, "Ah, sorry.. I'm from quite a ways away y'see. Sometimes what I say doesn't make the most sense. What I mean is that it's your career, that you're good at it. It's refreshing to see a gal running the show in a garage." Added in a conspiratorial way, her smile wide. "Y'want some of this blueberry muffin? I can't finish it all."

"Cars are all moody, you just have to find the right way to make them purr. Even new cars have quirks." With a new cup of coffee, Jo will sit at the table. "What you're not a native? The hell you say." Jo does love to tease, before she's nodding. "My father was a mechanic. I followed his footsteps. Joined the army, worked on engines of all sizes. Got tired of men telling me what to do, and here I am." Jo will eye the muffin. "You do know you never offer a mechanic food, right?"

The blonde smiles again, enjoying the company. Night shift, though lessened by her seniority, is still lonesome. "Been here roundabouts… six months now? Perhaps close enough to local?" Ginny asks thoughtfully, sipping her drink. She's not about to pencil herself in for an appointment while at a coffeeshop but will call, at a later date, like a proper prospective customer. "Good on you. And—" A peal of laughter and she pushes the saucer closer to Jo, after having taken her share. "Color me naive, then. Call it a down-payment for giving my car a few more miles." Said with a snort, "Got a family, Miss Jo?" Asked with honest curiousity. She's still figuring out whose who.

"Not even close, not with the actual locals like Luke and Ethan around." Jo will smirk. "You're still under a year, so you're qualified for newbie night, if you're ever interested. Me and the local shrink who is still pretty new too, are going to start with a movie night. Maybe a book club, or go bowling.. I don't know." She will pinch off a piece of the muffin. "Mom and stepdad, Dad and stepmom, little brother. You?"

A light laugh as she looks into the coffee mug, now just about drained. "Newbie night?" Ginny looks up with interest. "I love movies, I love books.. and I think myself damned good at bowling after a few drinks. I'm long overdue something social." Admitted easily.. she's not one to be too aloof. About her past? Perhaps. About present-day predicaments? Not so much. Ginny leans forth, her eyes moreso of a green hue in this lighting. Hazel eyes are funny like that. "Mom, Dad.. eligible bachelor brother #1 who is a go-getter.. bachelor brother #2 who is a hippy at heart. They're all far, far away. I'm the oddball living in a random place. Who is the fellow newbie shrink?

Jo is smiling softly as Ginny is off to the races. "Me too. The oddball part." Brows lifted. "Stan Everest. Nice guy. Likes my dogs. Doesn't know about tire pressure."

Something softens in Ginny's expression at this talk of dogs. "As long as your nice shrink doesn't think me a nutbar and pick my brain, we'll all be just fine." A pause, "I would like to meet your dogs too. They can be the very best acquaintances." She pauses, seems to reflect upon something. Is it a missing of 'something'? Looks like it. The expression is fleeting and the smile swift, "I'm all for making new friends. I've neglected that part since coming here. May I give you my number?"

"Well, he hasn't tried to have me committed yet, so I'm sure you're fine." There's that lightning smile again, as she gets out her cell phone. There are dog pictures. "Duke and Scout. They're big lovebugs." Green eyes bright. "They haven't been mine long, but they're the best. They'd adore you. Luke suckered me into them." she will leave the phone in front of Ginny. "Sure. So long as you aren't wanting me to go shoe shopping or something."

A 'pfft' on Ginny's part that would be considered obnoxious had she not followed the sound up with a charming grin. "I buy shoes maybe.. once a year? I'm saddled with a mortgage on my lonesome.. I'm not wasting my play money on shoes when I can have the odd bit of fun." Admitted as she unabashedly collects Jo's phone into her hands to observe the doggo pictures. Ginny melts, giggling as she swipes… careful to go to the right instead of the left lest she pry into anything private. Upon reaching anything non-doggo she will hand the phone back. Savvy fingers have programmed her number into Jo's phone and having spied the other woman's number? Committed to her phone. Ginny can be brazen like that.

Her fare finished and tab paid, she moves to stand. "I had better be off… let's organize something soon, eh?" Oh, Canadian~

Yes, terribly private… pictures of the garage she'd sent in texts back home. A couple pictures of scenery. Jo clearly isn't worried about anyone swiping left or right in her phone. "I buy shoes, but nothing like some women. I think wearing combat boots for years makes wearing stilettos impossible." Jo smirks. " We'll get together soon. I'll let you know when we get something planned."

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