(2018-10-04) The Sheriff Was Shot
A re-enactment at Cooperstown Living History Town went awry, the Sheriff was nearly fatally wounded

Its in the low 50s, the crisp of fall with the threat of snow to come, but only jacketable weather, at best/worst, for locals. Now that school is in session, the living history actors of Cooperstown are fewer with the random daily life shows played out in public. Still once a day until the weather really turns, there is some activity. In the north portion of the wooden town, there is a living history moment. Sheriff Bent Darson walks up the hill towards the Saloon with a posse if deputy's in tow. Looks like town folks roped into helping mostly, but each his side irons and fingers itching nearer those holsters. "Dirk Batson," he calls out towards the Saloon, "I'm calling you out. Let's make this as easy as possible, you and yours walk on out here and no one gets hurt."

Dirk calls back, "YOu ain't taking us out, you ain't got enough guns Sheriff." It looks like there is some activity in the Saloon, the crew of Dirk getting together and looking out near a window as if deciding on a plan of action.

"I'll give you to 10 to come out with hands up, Dirk, or we're coming in to get you." And he begins a count, "10 .. 9 .. 8 .." And some of the deputy posse crew start to draw weapons, including the hammers of their revolvers. Clicking can be heard from this action, echoed by the gang inside the Saloon.

Part of the audience is Delilah, one of a group from the University that had come down to see the show with other classmates. What class? Theater. There were several here, giggling and pointing out the cowboy gear and talking about 'Wrangler butts and something about how they drive them nuts' or something. They'd already toured the mines and purchased some souvenirs, but now was time for the live action show they had come for. "I wonder if they'll give it up." Lila muses to one of her classmates.

Another university student that's present in the audience for this is Brendan, who's standing not too far from where Delilah is, watching the happenings rather carefully. "Interesting to see how they will react," he comments, a bit thoughtfully. "I mean, how many of them are inside, after all?"

"Yep, I can see several suspicious armed men. Very funny." Laura says into her radio as she arrives on the scene. In uniform. She holds back, so as not to disturb the criminal enactment in progress, and just rubs her face. "Can't I just arrest the caller? That would be a better use of police resources. I'm just saying!" She sounds mildly exasperated, sighs, but is still smiling as she stops to take in the show, hands on her hips. It must be a very slow day for actual crime.

Abby has the day off and is taking it to spend some time out with her mom. At least she looks enough like Abby to probably be her mom. They're sitting and watching the show unfold, enjoying a couple of drinks and generally relaxing. The arrival of real police on the scene garners her attention, mildly curious.

All told, the Sheriff seems to have four deputies with him. There are three or four men gathering in the Saloon as well. It could be uncertain due to walls and men hiding of course. "7 .. 6 .. 5 .." continues the man with the badge, as the others fan out just a little. As if they could semi circle the street near the saloon doors to make a complete cutoff, thankfully its the era before standard exits and standard back doors (Cooperstown edit: they are compliant and do have rear exits, indicated by red signs in their properites). A few other living history folk back away, not only to let visitors have a better view, but to get out of the trouble brewing it seems.

"4 .. 3 .. 2 .." And the shuffle inside is behind a wall, but before one is reached, the gang bursts out. Four of them. Guns smoke, black caps let off a bang and some flash for effect, more flash than a real gun and lots of smoke for effect. "Yer dead sheriff," calls Dirk, aiming at Bent. He fires, Bent drops gun, falls to the ground clutching his chest near his heart. Looks good theatrically, so much sothat Dirk looks a bit surprised. So do the deputies who turn to look at Bent. A pause, but Dirk being a good actor continues, "Clear out boys, we've miles to make!" And they gather to run to the nearest out of town area. Those nearest Dirk's escape might notice he leans over and lifts his collar a little, "Hey, Gus is down, send someone to check on him." More experienced in these live events than the posse or his gang. Clearly it wasn't part of the show, but improvising happens in living history often enough. As he heads behind some buildings, Dirk is mentioning something about the kick in his weapon not feeling like a blank or something.

<FS3> Abby rolls Mind + Alertness: Success. (5 3 7 2 2 1 3)
<FS3> Delilah rolls Mind + Alertness: Failure. (3 5 3 4 4 3)

With a grin towards Brendan, Lila nudges him a little. "They never give up willingly. What sort of show would that be?" There's no guess on how many are already inside, but she does over hear the other person talking and glances over at the real police officer. She ducks a little behind Brendan, but she does manage to get the gist of the conversation. "Sounds like some joker called it in as a real crime." Her voice is soft, not trying to attract the attention of the cop. Nope. In fact, another wary look is cast that way. Then the shootout begins and Delilah is cheering for the 'good' guys. Even when the sheriff is shot, she continues just laughing and enjoying the show, figuring it was part of it. Wasn't it?

Abby is still chatting with Probably Her Mom on one of the benches when the show reaches its climax. "Oh wow, that sounded so really!" The older woman gushes, hand over her mouth. Abby herself starts to frown and puts her coffee down, standing up to look over in the direction of Gus. She sees the red liquid seeping into his shirt and she mouthes, "Oh, shit. He really shot him!" Her mom is abandoned as she rushes over to the fallen man.

"Not one of the most interesting ones if they gave up too easily," Brendan replies, with a grin. He goes silent again as he watches, pausing a little bit as he watches the events unfold. He looks about to say something, but pauses as he sees Abby running over to the fallen man. "Wait…" he begins, going silent again.

Laura watches the show, because she might as well. She tenses up slightly at the bangs and flashes of gunfire, but her smile widens as the scene plays out, taking the theater at face value with a small shake of her head. But as Dirk comes in her direction, she frowns slightly, maybe spotting him speaking into his collar. She frowns slightly, but it's not quite enough to stir her from spectator mode, until she spots Abby rushing over. "You're kidding me," she says to no one in particular, then starts briskly walking over, then jogging, leaning down to call it in, "I need an ambulance at Cooperstown, possible gunshot wound."

Cool wind whips down the mountain, more of the fall chill, and stirs some dust. Certainly anyone approaching Gus will note that the spatter on the ground is gathering. Indeed, even still flowing. The actors all seem to have radio contact to someone in a main building. They start to squelch a little, "Get first aid over to north town," squelching, "ATV in route, direct traffic." A key to some of the actors, one of the posse, says, "Stand back, someone is on the way." Of course another one pulls the standard line, "Is there a doctor?" He looks around, this man has a handlebar mustache and he bends more over gus himself. Down the street, other living actors ask folks to stand off the street, presumably for the ATV bringing some on site medical person one would hope. No sound of that ATV, just the living history actors trying to clear a little room. They don't try desparately hard, anyone could push beyond them. Another squelch from the person of Laura, "Affirmative, routing ambulance to Cooperstown."

It takes Delilah several moments to realize the situation had turned and was no more serious. Hearing murmurs in the crowd her eyes widen. "DId someone know it was going to be real and called the cops here in advance?" She shrinks back as she looks towards the shot person, shoving the heel of her hand against her mouth to stop a sound of inner panic. "Not again, not again!"

"Why does this always happen…" Abby can be heard muttering to herself as she pushes through the people around Gus. She kneels next to him on the ground and feels for a pulse, and then* begins to assess the injury. "I'm a doctor. Does anyone have clean cloth?" she asks, even as she begins to peel her thin sweat shirt off, just in case or in addition to, some proper supplies.

<FS3> Abby rolls Mind + Medicine: Great Success. (2 3 4 8 1 3 7 5 7 5 7 5)

There's a grimace as Brendan watches the happenings in quiet. While he hasn't seen many people get shot, he's seen his share of people getting injured to have a healthy does of respect for those medical persons. He looks to Delilah at her reaction, watching her carefully. "You okay?" he asks, sounding quite concerned.

"You're a doctor, right?" Laura asks after eyeing Abby a moment, watching her with the injured person as she briefly tries to assess his condition. "I called in an ambulance. But I can go get my first aid kit," she offers, then stands straight and focuses on the handlebar moustache. He looks like he might be responsible. It's probably the moustache. "Sir, I heard someone call for first aid on the radio, how long does that usually take around here?" She asks with a friendly reassuring smile, waiting for an answer before backing away and heading off in a jog to retrieve the first aid kit from her vehicle.

"No. No I'm not okay! Why do people keep getting shot everywhere I go!?" Delilah's voice rises to a high, panicked pitch and she starts leaving the area where the other students are, but she seems to be dragging Brendan along in her fear, tugging at his sleeve none to gentle like. "I have to get out of here."

Abby quickly notices there is a gunshot wound over the heart, and, guessing by the way blood is only collecting from that site, there is no rear exit wound. The mustache man looks from her, hopeful, then to Laura at the question. Is she a doctor? He isn't sure but responds, "10 minutes, depends where the driver is." He's middle aged, a hint of grey hair in that facial hair. Reactively, he grabs a handlebar to turn it, thoughts in his mind. A glance to Abby, "If its serious, I can try to rush it?" The hand drops from mustache to his own radio, and if Abby nods or says yes, he'll make that call. Dispatch services from Calaveras are still quite a ways off after all.

A woman in a western dress comes out near the students. "It'll be okay, come here," she waves towards the Hotel, "We can get some water or soemthing?" More, she is trying to prevent a panic as the student's voice rose there. She looks at Brendan whome the girl is trying to drag it would seem. "Just have a seat, let the experts handle this." They seem trained for some emergencies, whether getting water helps during fatal woundings is anyone's guess, but her training has kicked in too.

"Yes, I am. Thank you!" Abby's expression is grave as she assesses the damage. "He's been /shot/, with a /real/ gun. It's serious. What's his actual name?" She doesn't find the exit wound and she isn't equipped to do much other than try to stem the flow of blood. When the first aid materials arrive she begins packing gauze and cloth into the wound. Then she starts tapping on his chest, lightly.

<FS3> Abby rolls Mind + Medicine: Great Success. (5 7 1 8 2 6 2 7 6 7 1 7)

Brendan pauses a bit as he hears Delilah's words, letting himself be dragged along. "Hey…" he begins, before he looks to the woman waving towards the Hotel. "Going inside there sounds like a good idea," he offers, attempting to lead Delilah in that direction, rather gently.

Laura runs. The car's a ways off, but that's still better than 10 minutes or however long it'll take for the ambulance to get here. She's a little winded by the time she gets bag, carrying a shoulder bag with a basic emergency kit inside, which she sets down next to Abby. "How is he? Anything we can do to help?" She asks quietly, looking between the bleeding sheriff and the surrounding stretch of the city, watching the other reenactors with a small frown.

Anything to get out of sight of the man and the law and Delilah follows Brendan, the safety anchor at the moment. SHe looks for the man with the gun to see if he looked familiar, but she doesn't see him. She's shaking badly by the time they get to the hotel, but she's not bursting into tears. Instead, she looks rather stoic in her own way and terribly, terribly afraid. "Brendan, I just want to go home.." the words spoken before they disappear into the hotel. Or at least get to the entrance, depending on where Brendan leads her.

As abby begins to inspect, the chest sounds like its less hollow by the tapping. Bleeding out in there too, not just out of the wound. In fact, with just a right tap, the wound makes a sucking sound. It could be both heart and lung hit by that bullet, the lung only releases air into the wound when tapped, the bullet may be in the back of the cardiac notch on the left lung. While she examines and Laura runs for her bag, the elder man and his wonderful mustache stay with Abby. "Tommy … Watson," he replies, a little in shock being this close. The other actors had an out of course, directing others, helping out, clearing traffic for the eventual ATV. Which can be heard, after Laura returns, driving up from another part of town, may have been out near the mines.
The lady that moved to help Delilah and Brendan will go around to her other side, counter to Brendan, and offer a hand over. "If you need, we can access the parking lot just over there." She points to a side alley between buildings, where the shooter ran too. There seems to be a few workers there with him, probably discussing what hapened as everyone awaits for medical staff, and/or watches Abby working on the Sheriff.

"It's okay," Brendan replies to Delilah, before he adds, "You wanting to go home, that is." He nods to the lady that helps them, offering her a brief smile in thanks. "Sounds like accessing the parking lot is the right thing to do," he offers.

"The good news is he has one good lung, the bad news is that the other lung could be filling with blood. What's the ETA on the ambulance? We need to keep him alive and breathing until they get here." Abby keeps constant pressure over the wound. "Officer, can you talk to him? See if he's at all conscious?"

"Sure. Sure," Laura says to Abby, before calling in on the radio. "Do you have an ETA on that ambulance? Victim has chest injury, the bullet seems to have hit the lung and there's, possible internal bleeding." She nods and looks to the victim, "Sir, can you hear me? Are you awake? We have a doctor here and an ambulance on the way, but I'm going to need you to stay with me." This is to the injured man. And then, because multitasking, she looks up at the man with the moustache. "Sir, where are the -" she looks at the victim, looks at the Saloon, "The people in the saloon, I'm going to have to talk to them."

Whether she was a witness or not, there were plenty of those around so Delilah takes the suggestion and nods to the lady and Brendan taking care not to look towards the man who was shot. Or to listen to those awful gurgling sucking sounds she'd heard before. She looks about to vomit and rushes over towards the parking lot with her classmate. "Can you drive me, Bren? I'm not sure I can do that right now. I can leave my car here."

With Abby's hands on the man's chest, Gus stands back to watch. The response to Laura squelchs through her radio. "ETA five minutes on that gunshot wound at Cooperstown." Its close, even as the ATV arrives. Another medical person jumps down to run over with their own bag, not as big as Laura's but its what they have for field aid at Cooperstown. They do stand back, letting first to respond direct the situation but there as an extra set of hands. They kneel down to take direction from Abby to help with the wound. The mustache man nods, "The people?" He looks over, at first thinking she meant visitors, then realizing the gang posse. "Ah, yes, Phil, I'll get him and the boys." The illusion of acting long gone, stage names removed. He nods and moves to follow after where Delilah and Brendan are going with the lady.

Back there, Dirk/Phil still holds the gun as they walk that way, he's not hiding but saying to another staff member wearing a Cooperstown T-Shirt. "It just sort of jumped, I didn't know it was real until he fell over like that." Gus may be a moment in getting him with some foot traffic now in that vicinity.

Brendan nods again as he hears Delilah's words. "Of course." It's offered a bit quietly as he watches her, looking a bit concerned. He offers another nod as he looks to the lady that's helping them, before he looks back to Delilah again.
[14:34:06] Since there's another medical person here, and the victim may be too out of it to respond, Laura pulls back to make room for someone with hopefully more than a handful of first aid classes since the Academy. "That ambulance should be here in five," she informs them in case they didn't catch it on the radio. Then she stands, wiping a sleeve across her brow as she looks around before starting to walk after the man with the moustache to meet up with the reenactors.

As the students move to the back alley, followed by a few others, the ambulance does arrive. "Make way," is called from the parking lot, using the back access where some folks had been directed. The gates there open with the flashes of the ambulance. It arrived first, but a squad car isn't far behind. The firetruck is lagging on this response it seems, didn't catch up on Route 10 with the other two. A man and woman run with the gurney, the man leading and pulling, the woman directing him and the people. "Coming through here." She says, most people may have to step to the side in that area to let them through, no room to go up the alley until they are in. They proceed to move to help Abby, putting an IV in, putting a pressure cuff on, helping lift him to the bed while Abby keeps hand on the chest to control the bleeding.

At the back ally, Gus does move to Phil, "Hey, they may need to talk to you. Maybe some on-duty officer or something?" Mustache man shrugs, but Phil will come to meet wherever directed, the posse is nearby, they scattered while acting, but gathered behind that building it seems, like smoke break type place that is out of site. Phil is a bigger man, busted nose, good for playing bad guys, but there is remorse under those blonde brows now as he's coming to the front, or near Laura at least.

"Thank you," Delilah tells Brendan and sort of just loses all will to do anything but lean against the nearest wall of the building as the ambulance and EMTs rush by followed by the worker who had actually done the shooting. For a short moment she studies the shooter searching him for any familiarity at all. "Bren," she says quietly, "Do you believe him? Do you think it was an accident?" For some reason not leaving, just watching with some perverse sense of curiosity even as the dread overtakes her.

Laura holds back when she sees the ambulance arrive, watching for a few moments to see the paramedics attending to the victim. She nods over, but quickly turns and hurries towards the alley with brisk strides to compensate for height. Once there, she leans in, a hand at her hip, offering a small smile, brows pushed up in a sympathetic look. "Hello, Sir. Are you Phil?" She asks the man, then looks to the one in the moustache, then the others, keeping that friendly look on her face. A little tense, but friendly.

Brendan moves to the wall as well, looking towards the people rushing by. He pauses momentarily as he hears Delilah's question. "Hmmm?" He looks at where the people passed, before he lets out a breath. "I think so, at least from the little we know about things," he replies, quietly.

The man known as Phil does stop to talk with Laura. "Aye, that'd be me, is Gus okay?" He asks, not sure yet but seeing the ambulance out there. He's probably heard enough through the Cooperstown radio system to have the same details as everyone else, but more the authority of the presence of Laura seems to stir him to ask her too.

The lady, near the students who was about to escort them out gets wrapped up talking to them. "It couldn't be something Phil meant to do, he's best friends with Gus. They're kids play ball on the same team." Not that is relevant so much, but she seems them as buddies and shares that with Delilah and Brendan.

Abby ultimately ends up pretty involved with the ambulance people and probably leaves with them. Hopefully she gave the keys to her mom before she left?

That is a relief, what both of them say, but now she remains to listen to exactly what Phil does say if he's questioned. It only takes her a moment and she looks between the officer then Brendan again. "I'm going to go ahead and go home. I don't want to take you away from your stuff. I think I can make it on my own." Delilah gives him a brief, tight hug, "Thank you for being there for me. I'll text you later ok?"

"It's too soon to tell. It looked serious, but he's in good hands," Laura answers Phil's question calmly, with a faint reassuring smile, tilting her head back to motion towards the ambulance. "First, I am going to have to take your firearm in, Sir. Everyone's, really," she adds for the benefit of the others nearby with a long look around. And she does have a plastic evidence bag right there for the first one. There will probably be more questions to ask, detective work, so she's intent on just securing the evidence as soon as possible. "Do you have any idea how this could've happened? Has this sort of thing happened before?"

Brendan nods as he hears Delilah's words, hugging her in return. "As long as you're sure you'll be able to drive without problems," he offers to her, before he smiles. "And if you need to talk, just call, okay? As long as I'm not at practice or something like that, I'll answer, I promise."

Lifting the weapon, it hadn't come from his hand so much, he hands it over for evidence. Not like he has anything to hide, as Phil did pull that trigger. He did shoot .. the sheriff. But, "I didn't mean too. I mean, its the gig, but he usually gets me after a few exchanges." The routine at least, he lifts a finger to that rough looking nose of his, giving it a scratch in thought. "Usually we pick up our props from the main stable, over near the house." A pause, he points down the hill, past the town, "By the owners place. We usually set it up at night. LIke we set the guns up with blanks last night for today. We only have access to blanks." He holds up his hand with a pinching motion, maybe that means the tips of blanks; easily recognizable by the way there is no munition in them and the casing is scrunched in a little.

"I will be okay. I go see my shrink today, but if I run out of things to say I'll make sure to give you a call too." A slight roll of her eyes at the mention of the shrink bit. "My parents ordered me to go or threatened to cut off money." A soft, helpless exhale and Lila just looks.. defeated. Hopeless for the most part. "Thank you again, Bren." She gives a brave sort of smile and heads over to her nearby car, slipping into the driver seat. Even as she does, she doesn't take off. She remains there, window partly down, listening to the questioning, curiosity rooting her to the spot.

"Thank you." Laura takes the weapon and listens as she bags it and jots down a note on the tag, glancing back over her shoulder at the hill and the stables. "I understand. So last night, everything was fine. And you didn't notice anything out of the ordinary? Last night or today?" She wonders, securing the weapon at her side, taking notes. She still keeps that worried, sympathethic look on Phil, occasionally breaking away to study the others nearby for reactions.

Brendan nods again as he hears that, offering one more smile. He watches Delilah get into her car, but stays quiet for now. He watches her car for a while, before he turns to look in the direction of where things happened, frowning a bit thoughtfully.

Finally, eventually, Delilah does start her car. Away from the action now and finally getting her wits about her, she manages to drive off without hitting anything or anyone, and turns for the general direction of her home in Birch.

Considering that, he shakes his head a little. "The boys where there, then me and Gus cleaned up. We were the last two out of the prop stable." He points again, as if its needed. "Nothing was weird I guess." Another scratch of that nose, he folds his arms over his chest as if that helps gather his thoughts. "We headed out then to get a drink over at Fiesta," Bowl implied, "We past Rusty on the way out. He said he forgot something." Then like some folks do, they offer a little more story to it to help explain. "He's that kid Nancy used to watch, just got back from college, helping with the buildings til he lands on his feet." A nod, he looks towards Gus. Gus does the same, not corroborating story, just like he knows the names at least."

"Alright. So you loaded your gun with blanks last night? And this is definitely that gun, not someone else's taken by accident or anything?" Laura asks of Phil, keeping her tone more curious than inquisitive as she holds up the bagged gun so he can look at it and confirm it's the right gun. She also glances in Gus's direction. "So you both closed up, and - does anyone normally have access to the stables? Is there a lock, anything like that?" She bites lightly on the small pen she's writing with.

Nodding, he looks over at the bagged weapon. "Yeah, I can tell by the handle plating with the ivory in the handle, that's the one I loaded and use most days I'm here." As if its his, though it is a prop owned by Cooperstown, just he tends to claim it it seems. "And same as always, we didn't drink until later. Sober when working with the prop." Not really a prop, its a real gun and they use blanks. He looks around, "Only a few people I imagine, we locked it yeah. The owners, a few of the actors here, some folks from the mine have access, but that's about it." He rubs his chin this time, mixing it up.

"Alright. Thank you. I'm sure someone will want to talk to you," and so Laura asks to take their names. Everyone's names, really. "Is Rusty around? I guess I should see if I can get his statement, too."

Name are given by the men of course, all for the record. Phil shakes his head, "Nah, Rusty is off today. I think Nancy knows where he's staying." A purse of lips, "You can probably ask her at the hospital when she gets wind of Gus being laid up there." The ambulance comes to life in the lot and takes off, getting Gus to medical attention at the Medical Center. The firetruck had arrived, but they stayed out of the picture mostly. Police will talk with Laura to exchange any information with the office on duty at the site today. Of course, it may come out, Nancy, the woman that used to watch Rusty as a boy, is the wife of Gus, the fellow that was shot. Surely there is some gossip among the workers the same, Phil is just in that phase of shaken up due to him pulling that trigger. Slowly things calm down at Cooperstown, even if they close earlier today.

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