(2018-10-04) Keeping Appointments
Delilah goes to meet her doctor.

Dr. Everest's Office. Psychologist - Keystone Plaza

A large room with a window looking out towards the streets, but easily shut if need be, and high enough so that no one can stand outside and stare in. The is a desk with chairs on each side near the middle. Towards the left is couch and an armchair nearby. Immediately left of the entrance is a bookshelf with all kinds of books, a true mix of anything you could think of. The couch being on front of the book shelf. To the right is a door marked "Private" that leads into his own private rooms where he sleeps and so forth. Left of the door, leading from the door to the window is a long drawer that is usually closed. Though water, coffee, cookies, and other similar things can be found on top. Other than that the office is kept quite tidy and sophisticated.

Another day in Calaveras. From within the office one can easily see out into the streets with the colors of the fall slowly rolling in over town. A lot of people running past outside, enjoying a coffee or similar. One that isn't outside, but rather in the comfort of his office, is doctor Stanford Everest. A cup of tea in hand as he looks outside. Awaiting his patient. The place kept neat with the doors kept closed. Some cookies and similar goodies set up on the desk next to water, coffee, and tea. A bit more formal and professional looking today than he is out on the streets.

A complete and total mess. Not by appearance but by the haunted look on her features as she passes by outside in the hallway, then hesitates by the door. A deep and bracing breath is taken before a a soft rap of knuckles on the door. Without exactly waiting for a response, Delilah pushes open the door, or swings it outwards, however it opens, and she steps inside, closing the door behind her then leaning back against the door jamb a moment. It's a receptionist she expects to see, but she finds herself staring at the doctor himself. And somehow manages to find a smile despite everything.

Stan is used to seeing the haunted look, so as she steps inside he will offer a smile to her. Noticing it but not pushing. "I'm glad to see you again." He offers to her, gesturing to the drinks and snacks. "Do you want something before sitting down and relaxing?" He asks. Stepping a bit closer. "Also, how do you want me to address you? Delilah? Miss Dixon? I wouldn't want to overstep or make you uncomfortable." He offers. His smile seem genuine. "In here you're free to speak as you wish." He assures her.

Even so, he may be used to it, but Delilah is definitely not used to showing it. Or even experiencing it. The offer has her biting her lip and shaking her head, a hand to her stomach like she'd be sick at the very idea of food or drink. "No thank you," she says after a bit. "Please just call me Lila." Without further ado, she walks over and has a seat on the nearest available seat that doesn't seem like it is his he sits on for meetings or appointments. "Today was another bad day."

Stan nods and moves to join her. He does have a notepad, but doesn't seem too interested in using it too much. "I see. Want to elaborate?" He asks as he sits down in the armchair. Letting her sit on the couch. His smile reassuring as he shifts his glasses some. "Perhaps I can offer some help to make it better, or easier to handle?" He suggests and studies her.

"Can you?" Delilah's eyes plead even as she asks the question. "Can you make it better and easier to handle? Mom thinks I'm dramatic. Dad doesn't know what to make of me and I just can't really talk to them much at all." She lays her head back and closes her eyes before opening them again and looking at him as if he's the anchor and she's drifting out to sea.

Stan nods slowly, "I can try. If you allow yourself to trust me." He says and smiles softly. "Depends on what has happened but I try. " As for her being dramatic. "Even if you are, we can often use it to emphasize or to handle the stress. And sometimes you need someone else to talk to." He offers. Keeping an eye on her, even as she closes hers and then looks at him. Meeting his gaze. Trying to offer that safe haven to her.

"I saw someone get shot today. At Cooperstown. You know the fake shootout show they have? Well someone put real bullets in one persons gun and a guy got shot and we were laughing about it. Like it was part of the show. And the guy was all bleeding and.." The rush of words ends and Delilah sucks in some air and the words are more hesitant after. "And he was breathing all rattling like the other guy I saw get shot." She closes her eyes and shudders, crossing her arms over herself protectively.

Stan nods and does shift some. "I can understand your reaction then. Anything you need I will try and offer to help." He offers. Seeing her protective posture. Reaching his hand to touch and squeeze her leg softly. "It is okay. How did it go for him?" He asks, "Also, not knowing can make one react differently." He assures her, not wanting her to blame herself for anything. "When was the other time someone got shot?" He asks, perhaps been told it, but wanting to get her to focus on something to be able to focus her thoughts and hopefully calm her mind. "It is okay Lila, I am here."

When he touches her, Lila gradually releases her hugging herself and opens her eyes to look at him, wanting to trust but uncertainty all over her expression. "I don't know how it went. I don't know if he is alive or not. I left. I couldn't stay there." Her lips clamp tight for a moment before she begins talking again. "The first time was different. I was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be. I didn't tell anyone who wasn't there about it even though the shooting was all on the news. I'm so afraid the police would come and see me or something. Or the shooter. I was dancing and was near them, the guy who shot and the guy who was shot, so I got a good look. I'm afraid if I make it known, someone will come looking for me." Lila closes her eyes again, this time the tip of her tongue wets her lower lip. "I don't know what to do."

Stan nods again, slowly. "Well, let me try and look it up and see how it went." He assures her. As she speaks of the first time, he nods and still try and comfort her. "Fear is a natural reaction. You want to keep yourself safe. Though perhaps also guilt over not doing anything?" He asks and studies her. Wanting to help her more. "If something like that, or anything that can trigger you, happens again call me. I am always available." He assures her. "You don't have to know right now. You could perhaps offer it anonymously. From somewhere so they can not track it." He suggest. "Or you stay here and try and put it behind you. Either way. We can find out how it went for the latest one, and go from there." Taking up his phone to try and find out. Letting her fill in info so he can find information on the event.

Delilah leaves him to the phone thing and looking things up. Perhaps she doesn't immediately want to know. "I will try and call if something happens like this again. I know how the first one ended. The man died there and I left the bar because I was under age. Now I'm not, but I was at the time. I was just 20. Had a fake ID." Opening her eyes again, there's less haunted but more discontent. "Do you really think this could happen three times in someone's lifetime?"

Stan does squeeze her leg a bit. "It is okay." He assures her and smiles as well. Looking things up. "I'm not completely sure. They have not released details-" He admits and does study Delilah, wanting to offer help and make her feel safe. "Sorry, I wish I could do more." He says, just being there for her.

"They don't have to release all the details. I saw it all and it's still there in my mind." Delilah keeps her eyes on him now and frowns just a touch as her eyes darken to a deeper blue as opposed to the lighter they usually are. "I'm not sure there's anything anyone can do. I told you most of my secrets just now. What else do I do? I have never been to a doctor like you before."

Stan nods slowly and does rise to sit next to her. If she allows he will pull her closer and let her relax some in his arms. "Give it a moment and let it sink in. Then we can go on again." He tries to assure her. "We will try and work through it and perhaps learn more." He offers. "Traumatic experiences can manifest themselves into bad habits and other things. Whatever it is I will try and help." Waiting for her to seem more as her self again. Until then staying there for her.

When he gathers her into a hug, Delilah clings to him, burying her face against him as she tries not to cry at everything racing and twisting around in her head, of images running together. "Okay," she says softly, taking the time to just breathe and try and do what he says. "My parents lied to me," she finally adds. "And I'm not even sure who I am anymore."

Stan does hold her. Letting her let out her feelings as she speaks. "How come?" He asks about them lying. "You are still you. And you are still learning and developing who you are. We always do. From what I know you are the woman that is uncertain but brave enough to open up and try and change." He suggests and gives her a soft squeeze. Letting her breathe, cry, or anything. "We will try and dig under the skin and perhaps we can know what you want and think. But you are still you. You have a lifetime to learn about yourself. I am still learning about myself."

"You don't understand." When she speaks this time, Lila does cry against him without lifting her head. "I donated blood at the University and I found out.." she gulps in some breath, "I found out I'm adopted. I went looking for my birth certificate and sure enough.. and my parents don't know I know, but I found out and now I don't even know who I am. Who my parents are. Where my real parents are."

Stan nods slowly. "I see." Letting her cry out and keeps her close. ""WE can try and find out, if perhaps that will help you get closure. He offers and smiles softly. A weak smile but trying to lift her spirits a bit. "I would say that parents is not who gave birth but who cared for you." He suggests. "However I can understand you wanting to find out. I will do what I can to that end as well." He tells her. Staying there until she doesn't want him there.

There are a few sniffles, but Delilah has come clean with all of the matters in her life for the moment. After a time, she leans back a little and smiles wryly. "I'm sorry. I guess I just seem like a mess. I'm glad I got to talk about it. Will you tell my parents anything we've talked about?"

Stan smiles back at her. "This is a good first step." He assures her. Shaking his head. "No. Unless there is something you want me to offer to them. Else this is confidential." He tells her and does start to let go, if she let him. To give her some space. "Apologies if I overstepped, but you looked like you needed some comforting."

"No, please don't tell them. I much prefer they not know anything we talk about. They may pay for it, but this is supposed to be for me, not for them." Delilah tells him softly. At the apology, she waves it off and smiles gently. "I feel like I needed some comforting."

Stan nods and smiles. "I am here for you." He assures her. Nodding more about needing the comforting. "Glad that I could be of help then." He says and smiles. "So, we have gotten quite a lot. Now we work on helping you figure out how to handle it all." He tells her.

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