(2018-10-03) Chasing Tornadoes
Getting to know you..

Corner Cafe-

Long known to be the hangout for the local police and fire department, anyone coming in that serves the community in such a position is offered a 10 percent discount and all beverages are free.

Most times the cafe is a bustle of activity with waitresses, in their mint green t-shirts advertising the name of the restaurant paired with either jeans, moving around at a brisk pace to welcome customers (who are all invited to find their own seat upon entry), to take orders, bring back beverages and then food and refills.

A long bar invites customers to sit and eat, as do a couple of booths and then larger tables with chairs around them for bigger groups. A small window with a heating lamp is the divider between the fountain area and the cook area and is where orders are placed for the waitresses to deliver once the cooks have finished cooking them.

The floors are a serviceable checked black and white tile while the walls are painted a neutral light tan color. Lighting is fluorescent and could likely use an upgrade, much like the entire cafe that has been here for ages.

Close enough to the university, this downtown cafe is popular with just about everyone. With daily specials, it's cheap enough for the college kids also. Conveniently located across from the Police Department and near the Fire Station, it's rarely empty of patrons.
One such patron is seated alone with her cell phone on the table in front of her and an order already placed, Delilah, or Lila, as she is known more often, is sipping on a chocolate shake and looking down at her phone now and then, as if checking for something. She's got a wire from her phone to twin ear buds that are hanging around her neck, but not inserted, so she can hear things going on in the cafe.

Seems quite true, as not only are there students and responders. Among the patrons of today is Doctor Everest. Sitting one table over from Delilah. Having had a conversation with a police officer. With the other person offering their goodbyes and heading for the door. Their voices had been hushed so most likely hard to hear. Though a few thanks and other usual conversation had been had. Now Stan finds himself alone, instead letting his gaze wander around the room. Sitting with tea and a dessert placed in front of him. Doing some people watching. Glancing to Lila for a moment as well, studying her before letting his gaze wander.

Not that Delilah had been intentionally trying to eavesdrop, but the ear buds were out so she could place her order and interact with the waitress. She does somewhat hear the goodbyes and takes a look over, unintentionally meeting a gaze as the doctor glances her way. A smile is given his way. "Have you ever noticed some people just see a police officer and get a weird guilt without even doing anything wrong? I get nervous around them for absolutely no reason at all." A soft laugh and she just shakes her head. "Or maybe it's just me."

Stan does offer a smile in return to her. "I suppose most people have something that they think that the police would find interesting." He suggests and shrugs. "Even if the reason is invalid, and no interest to them. Not even necessarily illegal. But I'm getting off topic I think." He says as he stops himself. Tasting some from his dessert. "You're welcome to join me if you wish?" Since she might have heard a word or two. They do seem to know one another.. With the police officer having called to get the doctor here.

With a guilty flush, Delilah sort of bobs her head in response. "Mayyybe." Is the short answer. Using her straw, she pokes around and stirs her milkshake. "I don't think you're off topic. Not really. I mean maybe it is that." Her food is delivered. Fried green tomatoes with ranch dressing. "Oh sure, I'd like that. I hate sitting alone." Taking her food and shake, she moves over and slides gracefully into a chair at the table with him. "What are you having for dessert? And do you want a tomato? These are bomb."

Stan grins at her. Nodding some. "There is usually a sense of moral and justice around police. Or at least what they stand for. Kind of similar to priests I suppose." He offers with some amusement. "Some sort of key lime pie." He offers, gesturing for her to take a taste. "If you're sure." He offers about tasting a tomato.

"I'm sure." Delilah flashes him a smile and slides her basket of tomatoes closer, then her ranch too. "I don't like key lime so much. Tastes too much like lemon pie and that's my least favorite. I like chocolate though." Hence her milkshake being exactly that. "Or maybe, there's a sense of being in the wrong place at the wrong time once and now being paranoid about it all the time." She rolls her eyes and laughs.

Stan does take one and give it a taste, nodding, "It has a nice taste." He offers. Grinning about the pie. "Ah, well then. I'll make sure to remember that." He says with a grin. As for her last part, he actually chuckles. "Fair enough. Though if you learned something then perhaps it wasn't the wrong place." He suggests, almost teasingly. Reaching over a hand to greet her.

Delilah returns the hand to greet back, her face smiling all friendly like. "Oh you eat the pie you prefer, you don't have to worry about me for that. I usually just get ice cream." Another grin as she indicates her milk shake. "My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard or something." Laughing, but at herself, she reaches for a tomato to dip it then take a bite. Once she has eaten it, she tilts her head. "So we have our first official appointment soon."

Stan chuckles and nods. Eating a bit before grinning as she laughs at herself. "Quite the milkshake." He jokes in return. Shifting in his seat to nod at her words. "Indeed, it seems like it. Don't worry too much about it though. Feel free to speak your mind when there." He assures her.

" Have you heard that milkshake song before?" Taking off the earbuds from around her neck and offering him one, so he could hear it. "I'm pretty sure there's some things I shouldn't say there, right? Like, you report to my parents don't you?"

Stan nods, "I have." Since it's been around for awhile. Though he does take the offered earbud to listen. "Perhaps you shouldn't. However I try and keep any information my patients offer to myself. Confidentiality and so on." He says and shrugs. "Your parents want to make sure that you are ok, and I will try to help with that though."

Delilah leans in so the earbuds can reach them both. Looking up at him, she smiles. "It's a funny sort of song. I like all sorts of music though. What about you?" The song changes to Rest in Pieces by Saliva. "Maybe it's just belated teenage rebellion?" Another laugh at that.

Stan does shift to make it easier to listen. Offering a smile in return. "It is, and it is catchy. I listen to most kind of music. Depending on mood and what I want from the music at the moment." He explains. Grinning as he listens to her. As well as hearing the new song. "Perhaps. Though I suppose it is your right. A way to break free

There is a very light shrug to her shoulders and Delilah lowers her lashes over her eyes as she looks down at the tomatoes, an evasive gesture. "They act like everything is perfect and we have a perfect family. I guess everything isn't as it seems on the inside." She smiles again as she looks at him. "So do you like dancing?"

Stan does take in her appearance. "We all have our ways to handle things. Everyone and everything is flawed. It is learning them and learning how to go on." He explains. "Nothing is perfect. So we have to find ways to create a perfect moment, in each moment."Smiling and nodding. "I dabble, how so?" He asks.

"Kind of like this?" Delilah laughs softly and listens to the music still playing. The particular lyrics at the moment - 'Could you find it in your heart to make this go away, to let me rest in pieces?' - There is a wry look. "The perfect moment in every moment? The lyrics are perfect anyway. And the company. And the food, come to think of it." A light shrug and she says quietly, "Just curious. I know you said you liked all music. So I was just wondering about the dancing."

Stan smiles and nods, "I think it could qualify." He agrees and smiles. Turning into a bit of a more amused grin though. "Almost sounds like you're buttering me up." He teases. Nodding and leaning in just to hear her better as she speaks quietly. "Well, I do it. Not sure how well I dance though. How about you?"

"Maybe. Is it working?" Delilah taps a finger on her chin, eyes holding amusement. "Anything to keep the sessions private and my parents uninvolved." The song continues to play but begins fading to the next. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol. "I like to dance. Not professionally or anything. Nothing like Eternity either. Just the different balls and seasonal dances they have at the country club. "

Stan chuckles and nudges her. "No need to try so hard. I do this more for you than your parents." He assures her. Nodding a bit. "Good to keep in mind." He offers about her enjoying dancing. "This song keeps making me think of another. Chasing Tornadoes. This is good as well though." He offers and smiles.

"I don't think I've heard of Chasing Tornadoes. Who sings it?" Delilah does enjoy the music and she listens as she eats more of the tomatoes and milkshake. There's relief in her eyes as he mentions more for her than her parents, but she doesn't verbally respond to that yet.

"Plan Three." Stan offers easily enough. Perhapsz noticing her reaction to his words. However he'll finish the last of his pie before sipping from his tea, letting the music soothe for the time being.

"Thanks. I'll check them out. If you hold on a minute, I'll just get it from the iTunes store." Delilah searches through her phone and starts the download after searching it. She finishes off her tomatoes and milkshake and places the phone between them as she pushes the dishes aside. "We can take turns playing different songs if you like?"

Stan nods slowly. "Go ahead." Nodding as he chuckles. "If you want to." He says about the music. "What else do you do for fun?" He asks as he looks between her and the phone. Occasionally looking around the room.

The rest of the room isn't considered as Delilah gives the doctor her attention, and once the song is downloaded, she starts playing it. A smile finds her features and she bobs her head in approval to the tune. "I used to be a cheerleader, but I lost interest in it in college. I used to be a lifeguard. But I recently quit. I've been to a few of the bars and they are fun. I like the mall, I like concerts, maybe the lake. The lakehouse is where I go to get away from my parents."

Stan smiles and nods in return. "Ah, I see. Got sick of it or how come you lost interest?" He asks and tilts his head. "I bet you were good at being a lifeguard. Too slow though?" He saks, as to why she quit. "So hanging out and drink and dance and listen to music and shop?" He asks and grins. "Swimming still sounds like something you like." Another nod about the lakehouse. "I see. I'll take note. Always good to know if we want to try stuff out to help you out." He says and smiles.

"I do love swimming and the job was great. There's just these high schoolers at the club that keep asking me out and I'm so over them. So I just left there and figure I'll look for something better eventually. I don't have to work right now though, so I'm not. I do like to drink and I figure I'm old enough so why not? I enjoy dancing, laughing, hanging out, listening to music. Reading. I like the snow, when it comes, and hanging out at the lakehouse then. I do like hiking and getting lost in the caves. Have you been there to the caves yet?" Delilah looks at him curious. "What all do you do for fun?"

Stan nods and does seem invested and interested in her stories and what she has to offer. "Seems high schoolers might be a bit young for you." He agrees with a grin. Nodding though as she goes on. "I would recommend a balance between all that and something stimulating in other ways." Though as she mention reading he nods, "Ah, that works." He says and grins. Tilting his head. "I have not. I should probably check them out at some point." As for what he does, he shrugs. "Movies and perhaps people watching at a bar. Going for a walk and a lot of other things." He offers in return and smiles. "Can't give you too much ammo to throw back at me." He teases.

"That's enough ammo then, I'll take it and do what I can with it. It does leave me with room for more questions. But eventually, I don't mind taking the time." Delilah forgets all about the music and it just keeps playing randomized selections that she doesn't hear. "I am very much too old for high schoolers. I prefer more mature in dating. Someone who knows what they want already."

Stan smiles and nods, "Fair." He does study her for a moment. Raising a brow at her words, "Oh?" He asks. A bit curiousity. Hearing some of the songs. "It is mixed indeed." He offers about her taste, a bit off handedly. Studying her reactions and behaviour.

"Most of all I prefer honesty. I don't get that much in my life apparently, but it's the most important thing to me, or so I recently discovered." Delilah reaches into a pocket and leaves money with the waitress when she comes by to collect the tab, leaving a top with her too. "I guess I should go for now. I'll see you tomorrow at our session though. I'll be there."

Stan nods, "Honesty is the best policy and so on." He offers in return. Paying as well. "Take care Delilah, see you tomorrow." Raising a brow and chuckling. "I hope that you will. If you're not, I won't force you to come. I just hope you do because you want to." He explains. Getting ready to leave as well. "Be well."

"Oh I will be there and right now, it's about fifty-fifty me wanting to be there and me having to go there, parents orders." A small shrug but a bigger smile. "Honesty and all that." She waves and turns to head out. "See you tomorrow. Be well also."

Stan grins, "I was hoping for sixty-forty." He jokes. Nodding though, not seeming to mind. Smiling in return. Letting her leave before heading out as well.

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