(2018-09-24) Girls Night Out
It's Girls Night out at the local gentleman's club. Abby naturally spends it with Lewin at the bar.

Eternity Calaveras

The entry way is all black, including the black light. A scantily clad woman behind a window takes a cover charge from all who enter after she checks their ID then buzzes them through.

Once through the doors it's a display of different neon lights as well as other signs. A bar faces the dance floor where three poles are placed in a triangle for the dancers. Around the edges of the stage are lights to add to the 'super star' effect and they sometimes blink along with the thump of the music. A live DJ runs the music from a booth and he controls the lights also, as well as smoke and sometimes bubbles, just to add to the effects.

There are chairs surrounding the stage but they are much lower as not to interrupt the view. In the darker corners of the room are the places for lap dances, should one wish to pay for such things.

The late afternoon and early evening tend to bring more people out to a place like Eternity. Something about sunshine and being easily visible when parking and walking to the door tends to steer people clear. But as soon as the sun goes down the locals start turning up. Tonight is no exception.

A dozen or so cars sit out in the worn-out parking lot adjacent to the windowless building that is devoid of features except for the simple sign that says 'Eternity' and nothing else. Inside music drones on at a slightly elevated level as a woman dances in hardly any clothing while the patrons sit around and occasionally offer her bills.

Behind the bar is the owner/bouncer, Lewin, who is keeping busy by getting a few beers for customers who sit at the bar and keeping an eye on the door and everyone else in the establishment in case things get out of hand. Most nights are quiet as far as hostilities go, but he's had to throw a few people out since the club opened.

A cluster of young women make their way through the entrance, heading towards the stage. There's a significant amount of teeheeing and giggles coming from the lot of them and they eventually settle down into some chairs. Abby is with them, looking exactly like someone who has never been inside of a strip club in her life. It takes a couple of minutes, but she eventually detaches from her friends and finds a seat at the bar. It's not a great away to socialize with the people she came with, but the stage doesn't seem to be her thing. She lifts her hand and gives a little wave to Lewin to draw his attention once he's done with the beers. "Hey there, what you have on tap that you recommend?"

Reaching down to grab a bottle, Lewin pours himself a small glass of whiskey and takes a quick sip as the door opens and a handful of girls come giggling their way into the club. Looking over to check on the newcomers, a grin crosses his face as he sees what he assumes are strip club newbies. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Everyone starts somewhere, right?

He watches them for a moment to make sure none of the gentlemen in the club bother them until Abby walks over and gets his attention. Glancing over at the 2 whole taps he has and looks at Abby once again, "I have anything you want as long as what you want is Bud or Bud Light." He steps aside and motions towards a glass-front cooler behind him with a host of bottled beer and cans, "I have most popular domestic beers and a few imports in bottles and cans. Heineken, Stella, PBR, and a few crafts if you're into that sort of thing."

"Oh, hey. You have quite a variety there," Abby remarks with grave mock seriousness when he looks down at the two whole taps and then back at her again. Her attention is directed to the case and she hmms, mouth pulling to the side in thought. "I'll go with a bottle of Heineken, thank you." She reaches around to her purse which is really just a wallet on a strap, tugging out the money for the beer. There's a glance hazarded over her shoulder to her friends, who seem to be paying the girls on stage a lot of attention. It's possible that they're tipping better than some of the men that are there, but they're having a great time. "Do you get a lot of this here?" she asks pointing back to the stage and her friends, twisting back around to face Lewin again.

The girl's sarcasm is met with a genuine smile. Sarcasm is something Lewin has always been able to appreciate and it's rare that he gets a chance to experience it in a place like this. Drunk and horny men aren't exactly good conversationalists. Not that he got into the business to talk, really.

"One Heineken coming up," he says as he turns and kneels down to grab one from the cooler. Raising back up, he grabs an opener and pops the cap off and places the bottle in front of Abby, tossing a glance towards her friends. "Sometimes, but not often," he says as he rests a palm against the bar and grabs his whiskey, lifting it up in the air in a salute gesture before taking a swig. "Sometimes in season we'll get a group of tourists in who are barely old enough or not even old enough." He reaches down and slides over a coaster for Abby's beer. "I don't remember seein' you around before. First time?"

Abby lifts her bottle in the universal 'cheers' salute, before bringing it to her lips and taking that first drink. "I'm surprised you don't get more during the tourist season. But then I guess that's a lot of families, probably weird to sneak off and leave your wife and kids up at the resort. Then drive back." Her free hand lands on the coaster and she drags it an inch or so in either direction using her index finger. "Abby Thatcher. I'm a local, but I was pretty young to be crashing strip clubs before I left for school. But now I'm back!" And apparently old enough to come in with a group of giggling women in their mid to late twenties.

Keeping a steady eye on the male patrons who all seem to have noticed the group of young women who have arrived, Lewin rests his back against the counter opposite the bar and folds his arms across his chest, turning his attention back to Abby. "Nice t'meet you, Abby Thatcher," he says as he lifts a hand and touches his index finger to his forehead and flicks it forward in some kind of mock western 'howdy' salute. "Lewin Walters," he offers in return. "I've only been here for a few years." He takes another sip of whiskey and pulls a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket and idly taps one out, "Visiting with your college friends then?" He looks back over to the group of girls as he says this and his attention remains there as he sees one of the regulars making his way over to them. "Shit. One minute," he says as he puts his glass down and steps around the bar and starts walking over towards the group.

"Yeah, how do you like it here? It's not as boring as some towns in the area," Abby takes another draw from her bottle, throwing a glance over her shoulder now and again to the group that she came in with. "Them? Nah. I work with them down at the medical center. It's hard as hell to make friends outside of school. Most days I think I'm probably better off not putting this kind of effort in." They certainly don't seem to be doing worse without her. When he abruptly moves out from behind the bar she hikes up her eyebrows and spins the barstool around to watch the excitement. When someone else sits down next to her and attempts to make small talk while waiting, she frowns at them and edges away.

The man talking to Abby's friends is in here almost more often than not, so he knows the girls aren't in any danger. He's just trying to prevent any harassment so they might actually want to come back sometime. Lewin can be seen resting his hand on the man's shoulder and speaking with him. After a moment he gives the guy a pat on the shoulder and turns to make his way back to the bar when he sees someone trying to talk up Abby now.

The regular returning to his seat and Lewin grimacing slightly as he walks back to the bar, he glances at Abby as he walks by, "To answer your question, I like it. It's a beautiful area." He pauses as he steps around the end of the bar and walks to the cooler and tugs it open, "I love the weather and the people around here are nice. Kinda remind me of home." He glances at the guy who sat down beside Abby and tilts his head to the side, motioning for him to go away. He holds up a few bottles of beer and then walks back around the bar, "A little something for your friends for the trouble." He delivers the round of beers to Abby's friends and then returns and posts back up behind the bar, finishing off his whiskey. "The medical center did you say? That must be exciting."

Abby is a good people watcher and doesn't seem terribly worried about being at the bar alone, she sips on her beer and observes what transpires between the regular, Lewin and the group of girls. When he returns, she slowly spins back to the counter. But not before she gives the general area a brief look over. The guy who occupied the spot next to her sighs and turns back to the buddy he came in with. "That's nice of you, I'm sure they're going to appreciate it. Where'd you live before this, Colorado? Or?" She rocks the bottom of her bottle against the coaster, pacing her drink. "It's not bad, more eventful than I thought it would be. We've had a hell of a time cleaning up after that storm that barreled through. I was at work the night it flooded out the first floor with the emergency room, total mess."

Glancing over at the girls again, they seems to still be enjoying themselves despite the gentleman caller interruption. Free beer always smooths things over here, except for those who have already had a couple too many. "Grew up in Tennessee. Spent my whole life there until I came here," he says as he grabs the liquor bottle and pours a little more for himself. This time he adds a little water to it before taking a sip.

The mention of the flooding of the hospital draws a slight frown across his bearded face and he shakes his head, "I can only imagine what a nightmare that would've been." He finally gets around to putting his cigarette into his mouth but pauses before lighting it, "You don't mind?"

"Surgeon General says those are bad for your health," Abby comments with a rueful smile before lifting her beer and tipping the bottle back. "But I'm not here to be your doctor, soI'll try not to breathe in too deeply." She checks what's left in the bottle before grimacing, "It was awful. We lost a critical care patient when the power cut out. The generators came on, then they went off again. On. Off. On. Off. Just a miserable mess. Vertical evacuation, up the stairwells. Equipment, people, beds. My Jeep got completely washed out in the parking lot, it's in the shop now." It sounds like it was an eventful week. "I've never been over to Tennessee. Seems like a lot of people are relocating here or moving back."

After her comment, he grins and decides to put the cigarette back into the pack and stuffs it back into his pocket. He enjoys smoking but he's not going to force someone else to breathe in the smoke. Especially someone in the medical field. He'll step outside in a few anyway.

Watching her check the level in her bottle, he inclines his head, "Want another one?" Without waiting for her to answer, he bends down and grabs another one from the cooler and pops the cap, sliding it towards her. "On the house," he says and lifts up his whiskey once again. "Parts of Tennessee are like Colorado. With much smaller mountains. More like huge hills. Probably the legal pot. People're either coming here to smoke it or make money sellin' it." He glances around the club, "To be honest, I'm surprised more people don't smoke in here."

"Sorry, it's an unconscious obligation to shame people into not smoking," Abby laughs and ducks her head in a brief display of apology. When the second beer comes sliding over, she considers it briefly before shrugging her shoulders. "I'm definitely not driving tonight." The empty is pushed to the side and she leans her elbow onto the counter and takes up the new one. "I think people who weren't smoking it regularly to begin with just aren't used to it being legal? And smoking indoors sort of fell out of favor awhile ago. So…" she makes a seesawing motion with one hand. "I heard that they wanted to make growing hemp in Tennessee more widespread, beyond the 'industrial' permits that they need to get. A lot of old people freaking out over people getting 'high' off of it."

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