(2018-09-23) Real Boys vs Not Real Cowboys
Everyone is totally lying they're DEFINITELY going to baby talk their pets.

Johnny Slim's Last Chance Calaveras

A mix of neon beer signs and wood panelling, Johnny Slim's caters to its rural clientele. Or at least those with a rural nature in mind. The music is either from a live DJ or a juke box but definitely all has a country twang. Some contemporary and a few classics mixed in. Entering past a bouncer, to one side is a long bar with a low overhang making it feel more secluded than it is when sitting there. Opposite that are a few tables in a dark part of the room. It seems red solo cups are not for when they run out of glasses to draw pints, but an option made to remove all glass for beer and serve this way. They are scattered along the bar and among the tables. A few glasses remain for serving various liquors with higher alcohol contents.

Along the bar are several bull skulls and/or horns, catching the beer signs lightning beneath them. Straight ahead between tables and bar is a dance floor. Wooden and open for line dancing as needed, there is a small stage for the occasional live performance at Johnny Slim's. Opposite the bar, past the tables in the center, is a mechanical bull pit. It is near the restrooms, one can stop and watch a rider on the bull or stop on their way back from the restroom to add their name to the lineup to give it a chance.

Even people who live at their jobs get days off, sometimes! This particular evening is pretty busy for a Sunday, with loud country music blasting over the jukebox and people filling up the dance floor. There are a lot of cowboy hats out there. At the end of the long bar is a cluster of people who all look like they know each other. Abby is in the middle of them, until she's not. She begins to break away from the crowd and edge closer to where she can actually get the bartender's attention, waving her hand as she claims one of the free seats that just opened up. It's a night out, so she lost the scrubs and jacket and traded them in for jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. Incredibly fancy.

Jo doesn't live at her job, …just over it. She'd taken the time to change out of oil changing clothes, and run a brush through her hair. There may even be some lip gloss involved! She's in a long sleeved v-neck in a deep forest green, and clean blue jeans. The shoes are just regular heeled boots, and not her combats. She'll pop through the door, getting a glance around before she'll be sure to move out of the way and look over her shoulder like she expects someone to come in behind her.

Has Luke been dragged here against his will? Perhaps! But he seems in good spirits besides, coming in behind Jo with just a faint screwing up of his nose from the blaring cowboy music. He's dressed casually - blue jeans and a neatly fitted black t-shirt, over which he's thrown on a leather jacket. There is no lip gloss involved here. "If the DJ comes out and plays the remix version of Cotton Eyed Joe, I'm -out-," he says to Jo, his voice just loud enough to be heard over the music, before he shoots a glance over to the bar. And when he spies Abby? His eyes light up. "Come on, I see Abby at the bar," he cants his head that-a-way, heading straight over to where Abby's broken away from her group. "Hey you!" he says happily to the doctor, his smile broad. "I got Jo to adopt two dogs, so now apparently that means I get a free drink?"

When Abby's drink arrives, some kind of beer poured into one a red solo cup, she tosses over the money to pay for it. But then there's a 'Hey you' from a familiar voice and it has her turning around mid-sip with eyebrows lifted, trying to locate the person speaking. "Oh, hey!" She says finally, spotting Luke and peering past him at Jo. Her free hand gets lifted up in a brief wave as she shoots her attention curiously from one to the other. "A free drink? Are you telling me that I could have paid the adoption fee in alcoholic beverages? Because I feel a little cheated now," she teases before gesturing to the other open spots. "Better take them up before some of those wannabe cowboys waltz on over."

"If the DJ plays that, I'm on your heels out the door." Jo promises, a flash of a grin. "Abby?" It takes her a moment to place the brunette doctor as she follows in Luke's wake. "Well, I have to have drink to celebrate choosing /two/ charming gents to come share my place, don't I?" She will slide up into an empty spot, a hand pushing her hair back behind her shoulder. "Wannabe cowboys, huh?"

"Uh, no. She absolutely still has to pay the adoption fee, but I'm totally open to accepting free drinks from you, too," Luke replies to Abby with a wag of his eyebrows, leaning over the bar to flag down the bartender and order whatever's on draft tonight. He leans back after, looking to the spot that Abby's gestured to, and immediately puts his butt on one of the empty stools to claim it. "You here with friends or something?" he asks Abby, more curious than anything, before he looks back to Jo and chuckles. "We -are- in a cowboy bar. Everybody's a wannabe cowboy tonight," he says simply.

"That's me!" She replies to Jo, slanting a smile in her direction. "Some of them actually work outside though," Abby remarks to Luke before she starts not-so-subtly pointing some men out to Jo on the dance floor. "Anyone with extra clean jeans and unscuffed boots, guys who have beards that are waaaay too well trimmed. Anyone with manicured eyebrows. You can probably safely assume they're working a 9-5 and just like to pretend they're good ol' boys." She takes a healthy swallow from the solo cup before she wavese back over her shoulder to the cluster of people. "Co-workers. We're supposed to be relaxing, but they're just talking about hospital cases."

"I'm more needing a drink to drown out the voice in my head yammering a million miles an hour about lists and dog proofing, and what if they don't want to hang out in the shop." Jo explains. She will signal the bartender, leaning over and ordering a beer for a change of pace. "Nice thing about being the sole employee of Grey's garage. No co-workers." She chuckles, flashing a grin. "I uh.. I'm from Oklahoma. I'm used to the real McCoy versus someone trying to pass."

"Lame," Luke says of Abby's coworkers, passing a glance down the bar to the cluster of people before he looks back to the doctor with a broad grin. "Well at least it gave you an excuse to go out. You gonna go line dancing?" he lifts his chin to indicate the dance floor, while keeping himself in the stool. No line dancing for Luke, it seems! The bartender swings by with his red solo, and he reaches to take a gulp of the beer, rolling his eyes at Jo. "You're going to be fine. They're actually pretty low key dogs as it is. They don't need a bunch of stuff," he shrugs.

"This isn't exactly my scene, usually?" Abby says in regards to the line dancing, grimacing as she glances out to the dance floor. "I was planning on just steadily drinking until my co-worker drove me home." She wiggles her fingers at another woman at the end of the bar who in turn, cheerfully waves back. How nice! "Well, now you'll have a pair of dogs to keep you company! They could be kind of like co-workers. Silent co-workers. Unless you make a habit out of talking in dog."

"I don't need to speak in dog. I'm sure they're bright enough to understand English and profanity, even if they can't manage the sounds due to their vocal cords and something." Jo smirks. "They're totally going to be my mascots. I'll have to finally keep to a schedule, once they work one out." Jo will glance at the dance floor, and her expression will say it all:Not gonna happen.

It's a busy night at Johnny Slims, with a lot of activity on the dance floor. The music's rocking - at least as much as country music can rock - and there's a growing group towards the very end of the bar. Abby, Luke and Jo have secured three spots away from that group, and seem to be chatting while drinking from red solo cups.

"What's wrong with talking in dog?" Luke asks Abby with a loft to his brows, before he looks to Jo and smirks. "They understand English better if you talk in a really high pitched voice to them. Sarge loves that," he chuckles to himself, taking another sip of his beer. There's a glance back to the dance floor, but he just shakes his head. "I don't think I've yet been drunk enough to go out on the dance floor here," he says to the two of them, looking across the way to the co-worker that wiggles her fingers to Abby, before he looks back to the pair of them.

Not precisely a lightweight, Abby has been steadily working through her solo cup of beer until it's time for a refill. She waves that cup to get the bartender's attention, glancing between Jo and Luke as the conversation on dogs continues to progress. "I didn't say there was anything wrong with talking in dog. Some people might be into it, others aren't. I've never really tried it myself." Her refill comes and she turns her back to the counter. When he mentiosn talking to Sarge in a high pitched voice she starts to laugh quietly into her cups and glance at him.

Jo shakes her head. "I am not going to baby talk Scout and Duke. Though jesus, those names." She smirks into her solo cup of beer, before she's taking a large swallow. "You couldn't get me drunk enough to get on that dance floor, Swipe Right."

Kate bustles into the bar with windswept hair and rosy cheeks, her brown eyes scanning the crowd for Maddie or anyone she knows. She spots Abby, Luke and Jo, and since she's familiar with the first two she heads in that direction, shrugging out of her coat. "Hey all." She says, draping her coat over her arm. "Mind if I join you for a drink or two? I had to get out of the house before I set it on fire." She clears her throat, offering a hand to Jo. "Kate Stone, it's a pleasure to know you." She might be shouting a bit to be heard over the din.

"Well -I- am totally into it," Luke says of talking in dog, taking a big gulp of his beer before he points it to Abby. "I'll even offer to teach you for free so you can talk to Sarge. But you have to bring beer," he smirks to the doctor, before he flashes a pointed, dubious sort of look in Jo's direction. "I give you three weeks, and you'll be talking almost exclusively baby talk to those dogs. Mark my words," he says solemnly. When Kate comes up to them, he flashes her a big smile, lifting his cup in greeting. "Hey Kate! Feel free, there's another empty stool," he gestures. "Kate runs the B&B up the road," he says to Jo in an informative sort of way.

"Hey Kate!" Abby calls to Katherine as she makes her way over to their section of the bar, tipping her cup back briefly. "I don't think anyone plans to baby talk their pets. It's just something that happens. Like an evolution of pet ownership." Soon Luke is offering to teach her how to speak to dogs and she sort of side-glances at him before replying, "I'm not sure that it's free if I need to bring over beer." Shifts just slightly to allow Kate some space to slip onto one of the stools without being in her way. "I feel like I can find less strange things for us to do while we hang out and drink beer though."

"Only if having nicknames for them is baby talk. I don't baby talk animals, they don't need it to develop their brains the same way human babies do." Then green eyes shift to the approaching woman with the windswept hair and rosy cheeks. She may blink a moment at being addressed, before she will switch hands holding the beer and shake Kate's hand. "Jo Greyson. I own the new garage on Main." She shifts her shoulders, lifting her cup to drain the rest of her beer. "Well, thanks for coming by with the pictures, Swipe Right. Doc. Miz Stone. I hope you all have a good night."

Kate shifts to sit on a stool, eyebrows raised at the conversation. "Seems everyone in town has pets." Aiming a grin at Luke, she adds. "Your fault." She beams at Abby and Jo, especially the latter, shaking her hand firmly. "You have a good evening as well, nice to have met you." She sets her coat down and gazes towards Abby. "I so need a recording of you baby talking your pet, just to show to you when you look like you're gearing up to destroy something." She flags down a bartender and smiles. "I'll take a ..hrm.. Shirley Temple, please."

"I don't know. I feel like you'd be missing out on a golden opprotunity that could get you really far in life," Luke jokes with Abby, flashing her a small grin that brightens his eyes. "But you'll have to tell me what's on that list of less strange things. For science." He winks at the doctor, before he looks back to Jo and lifts his drink to her in salute. "Have a good night, Jo. Drive safe." Then it's a glance back to Katherine, and he gives her a wide-eyed innocent sort of look. "Is it my fault that my adoptable dogs and kittens are so adorable that everyone has to have at least one?" he laughs. "You should take a looksie through my binders, Kate. I have a calico kitty that would be perfect for you, I think."

"There you go again, telling people lies about binders." Abby tsks at Luke like she can't even believe this. Then she's waving to Jo as the woman makes her escape out of the bar. "She's interesting. I gave her one week before she's babytalking the dogs." This cup of beer is treated a little more seriously than the last one, consumed a bit more slowly. "Sure, I'll write the list down on my break tomorrow and you can look at it while you're at work. For science."

Kate winces, a blow straight to her soft heart. "A kitty? Oh Luke, I want a kitty, but I'm so busy. It wouldn't get the love and attention it needs." Her drink is delivered, not gently either, virgin drinks aren't popular in this bar. She crosses her legs and watches at Jo walks out, a thoughtful look on her face. "One week huh? I don't know if I would ever babytalk a pet, but I would totally spoil one." She turns to look back at Luke, frowning. "I'll come see what little four legged friends you have. Perhaps it might make people comfortable if there is a pet around, but I hope nobody is allergic."

"There is actually a binder!" Luke insists to Abby, chuckling into his beer as he finishes the cup and sets it on the bar. "The tablet's just more convenient to carry around." There's a glance to the departing Jo and a shrug from him. "She's okay. I think she'll be successful with her garage, it'll be good for the town. But I give her three weeks. She's gonna try real hard not to the first two, and then break down like a sucker," he grins to Abby. "And yeah, sure. I'll even pick like, two or three for us to test out? For science," he says to her, before he looks to Kate and brightens. "The calico I have in mind for you is very low maintenance. She likes to do her own thing most of the time and just curl up at night," he says to Kate enthusiastically. "You should come see her. Her name is Molly."

Abby starts to laugh and then covers her mouth, looking between Kate and Luke. "He's really thought this entire thing out already. I'm starting to think maybe he brainstorms ways to convince everyone he knows to adopt animals." She begins to slide off of her seat, prodding Luke in the side lightly with her index finger. "I'll talk to you later and Kate? Good seeing you again. I'll stop by the B&B sometime this week to say hi." With a smile, she's tipping her head in the direction of her co-workers that she abandoned earlier. "I should actually hang out with them, before they get any ideas and leave without me. They're my ride." With that, she'll give the pair of them a wave and head on over there.

Kate sets down money for her drink, picking it up and taking a sip. "She has a garage, hmm, I'll have to stop by and see how it is." She nods at Abby, chuckling softly as she aims a look at Luke. "I'll come to meet Molly. I'm sure I'll end up taking her home, because I can't stand seeing anything sad or upset, and it can't be fun not having a forever home." She sets down her drink, a smirk on her lips. "No baby talk though. I'm not into babies." She waves at Abby as she makes her way to her friends. "Have a good evening Abby, it was good to see you. Stop up at the B&B sometime soon for lunch!"

"Lies," Luke replies to Abby with a wide-eyed stare of absolute innocence. Honestly, there might be a halo above his head. It takes half a second before he's laughing, the chuckles rolling deeper as she pokes him in the side and sends him twisting in his seat. "Yeah yeah. I guess it wouldn't be fair for us to keep you all night," he flashes Abby a soft smile, "Get home safe. I'll talk to you later." And then he turns to Kate, his smile brightening when she agrees to see the cat. "Excellent! I can even bring her to you, if that's easier on you. She's a good girl," he says to Kate, "How's the B&B anyway? You didn't get any flooding with the storm, did you?"

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