(2018-09-19) Stranded
Danny and some volunteers, including Holly, take needed supplies to the Smith family near the remote Crystal Lake. They discover more than supplies are needed

Coming in to Crystal Lake, Danny has a group of volunteers. They do have food water and some medical supplies for the Smith family of Crystal Lake. As the land the plane they can see a dock. Out on the dock is a middle aged woman, most likely (or hopefully) this is Elizabeth. Once the plan skids on the water, Danny can cut some of the engine noise. Enough to turn and address any volunteers, "Here we go, Crystal Lake, looks like we're expected." Or wished for, the sound of the plane most likey getting all the local attention. He does give a look specifically to Holly, as if a thanks for volunteering. "Thanks everyone for coming, I know you have a lot going on yourselves, but this work is appreciated he says." Half focused on getting the plan next to the dock, the woman approaching as the plan slows and nears.

Traveling light herself, a slicker over her clothing in case it started to rain again, Holly is there in the plane somewhere. For the moment, she is just another nameless face among some of the other volunteers. "You're good at this," she observes as if surprised at the way he handles the plane. The words of thanks fall over her and she gives an absent nod. "Just helping out my fellow townsfolks." And she watches as he maneuvers by the docks, and the woman waiting there.

A grin, it stops, some jump out. Elizabeth stands back a little as volunteers unload a weeks worth of food, water, with blankets and other gear to include medicine. Danny nods and moves nearer Holly. "Thanks, I should keep my day job then?" He moves to jump out and stretch his legs. He head nods to the woman, "Want to see if she's okay, we don't have radio supplies to replace their radio and her's is out I think?" His in good spirits, glad she got to see him actually fly even, a little pride bolstering those spirits.

"Definitely should keep your day job. I know a young man who wants to walk in your footsteps." Holly doesn't elaborate, instead focusing on he task at hand. About to move to help unload she squints towards the woman. "Oh yeah that's a very good idea. Let's see if there's anything else we can do. I wish we had some sort of portable radio for her being out here." Letting him lead the way over, they approach the woman.

Nodding, she doesn't elaborate, Danny kicks in, "Or fly in them, less walking involved." He doesn't chuckle, but his dimples cut a little deeper than normal there. "I think we could get a portable one, but they'd need something durable. And we don't know why its gone quiet." Just an observation, he'll lead as she lets him. "Hello Ms. Smith, we have supplies, wondering what else we can do?" He opens it up for her to talk.
"Henry, any news on Henry. He left two days ago, he came to town yet?" That's her primary concern. Danny shakes his head, negative. "Anything for my boy? He split his leg going after his dad?" A slight opening of his eyes, Danny just thought it was a fever or something, nothing for that with them it would seem. Maybe not best to leave the boy out here actually, depending how bad it is.

"Or flying in your sat. Or something." Holly checks out the dimples and has to look away a moment, using the woman as an excuse for doing that. "All we can do is ask then." They get there and start speaking with the woman. It turns out to be something more dire than expected. "We didn't bring a doctor with us. I only know a bit about medicine. I took a course, because of needing things when out on the trail. Accidents happen. Mind if I check out your boy? Then we'll see what we can do about your husband." Holly has a take charge attitude when it comes to an emergency. She's a rancher. She's a mother. Most of the time she is efficient.

Elizabeth nods to them, folding her arms, as if defiant against 'government' or 'city' folks. But she agrees, "Yeah, give him a look, see what you have that will help him." She turns to lead the way to the cabin. Danny gives a pause and looks at Holly, "All you chief, hopefully you can do something for the boy." He will go right up with here, just to keep to the buddy system, groups of two.
Elizabeth leads up to a small cabin. It has a generator running, any line running electricity out has been cut. Also means their water won't be the best with pumps and filter attached to the larger grid. The cabin is nice, a large living space, a kitchen, a few bedrooms. Separate facilities of course. She opens up and lets them in, "In the bedroom here."
There is a boy on the bed there, blankets are clean accept near his right leg, looks like he's had some bleeding from that leg. He's either sleeping or out of it, but looks like his eyes are closed.

Holly's no city folk and she's dressed more her ranch style with her boots, button up shirt and that tan slicker of hers. Following the woman she tosses Danny a grateful look for accompanying the somewhat unfriendly woman. Once inside, she gives a cursory glance around and without preamble moves directly to the bed where the boy is. "Hey Slugger." She ignores everyone else in the room and focuses only on the boy. "Let me take a look at what you've got going on there," Squatting, she reaches for the blanket, wasting no time, more intent on getting the kiddo checked out.

Danny stands back, while not usually one in such a situation, he is aware of protocol for what he can do officially. He talks with Elizabeth about other needs, including extra gas for the generator and things like that.
The boy makes a noise, he's 'awake' enough, but lacks energy it looks like. His head moves as a nod, his eyes open and turn towards Holly just a little. Under the cover, it doesn't take an advanced degree to realize the leg is fracture, leading to a cut. Nothing is gorey so much as sticking out, but there is a wound on his leg. It does have a bandage on it, but the extra bleeding, the lift of the blanket sort of pulls it up to help with examination.

<FS3> Holly rolls Mind + Medicine: Success. (1 5 8 4 5)

The boy was in pain, that much was clear and Holly couldn't stand it. It was if her own son was here and in pain. "Ma'am. He has to be airlifted out and taken to a hospital, otherwise his broken leg will set wrong and start healing like that." Plus the wound, loss of blood and infection, but with the boy somewhat listening in, she doesn't say all of that out loud. "Mr. Hamilton here is a firefighter and experienced at flying. He can get your son delivered to the city. You're going to have to go with him. He's a minor and needs you to sign his paperwork. Myself and I'm sure Mr. Hamilton, as soon as he gets back, will start the search from up here for your husband while another crew is organized down on the ground at the base of the mountain to start upwards."

Elizabeth breaks from listing some needed supplies to Danny. She turns a little startled towards Holly. "He can't be, Henry won't like that," she says, then corrects a little, "Not knowing, he needs to agree too." Her reaction is more gut instinct to deflect that way. "Can't bring a doctor up, when one is available to make rounds. We keep insurance, just need the roads fixed for our general physician to come up on rounds again this way." Clearly she's not thinking it through. "I'm sure you could help him, but that's a lot," of money, "I don't know if we can do that." Other thoughts flowing through her mind, she looks at Holly, maybe a plead in her eyes.
Danny stays back, but nods with Holly, he's on board, but doesn't want to throw his voice in as well so as not to hound Elizabeth at all either.

The protest, she hadn't expected really. As a mother, she'd do anything and everything for her son, cost be damned. Holly regards the woman for a moment, debating tactics. "This is something that could affect him for life. There's no telling when the roads up the mountain will be able to be traveled. They are still working on the ones in town to make them operational. You're only one of a small handful on this road, it's not going to be done until somewhere far later. Your son needs you now. Your husband, when we find him, will be brought where you are so that he can be checked over too. That's how it works. Wouldn't you rather be there when he comes than to let him be there alone with you stranded here?"

The woman listens, and its a struggle inside for her. Not so much that she's confused, but otehr factors weigh on her. Finally Elizabeth speaks, more quietly, "You're right, the boy needs the help. He can't wait." A slight shake in her voice, nothing major, but a nod from her head to affirm her own words. "Let's move Mikey if we can. I trust you two?" As if asking if they have it, she means to come to it seems, but not to sure how to get the kid from bed to the plane.
Danny looks at Holly, "What does he need to move. I have a spine board in the cargo under the floor of the plane, but that's not enough to brace his leg?"

"The spine board would be good, we can tie his leg down with an ace bandage, I'm fairly certain you've got one of those on board too. We'll just brace both his legs down to steady it so he won't move it and hurt himself further. You've got us, Ma'am. Then we'll bring your husband to you also, when we find out what has him stopped. Likely the water flow is too high off the mountains to cross still." And she does, she helps get the kid out. She's kind of tough herself so she does manage to get her end while Danny gets the heavier end. "Grab yourself a few things and come with us. We'll get you settled in."

Danny nods and runs out, he makes the journey to plane and back, spine board in one hand and the medical kit in the other. The board is plastic, the easy part even if large, the kit is heavier. But he's back before too long, helping move the kid on the board, taking the heavier end. "Got him," he says, being more towards the front as they move for the plane. Elizabeth nods, "Yeah, five minutes to get what I need." Because now she'll be away from the home. The others offload the goods and knowing the situation, they do move it up towards the cabin to be out of the elements. Just in case Henry returns to the cabin. He indicates the back, there is some cargo netting like seats there. "We can tie the board back here, you two can takes these seats in case he needs anything?"

"Stock their supplies just inside the door while the Missus gathers her things, then she's going to lock up." Holly instructs between carrying the board and trying to walk. "Sounds good, Danny, thank you." She climbs in after they settle the kid in, and she tells him a play by play of what's happening to him and what to expect in the next few moments. She even takes a picture of him when the kid opens his eyes and she smiles. "There you go, I'll print you out a picture for you to show your friends about the time you got to ride in a firemans plane."

The others volunteers listen, letting her lock up as they head back to the plane too. Danny gives a pause near Holly, he reaches to grab her forearm, to touch her maybe without getting too personal. "Thank you, voice of reason." A slight smile among the serious business. Then they get underway. The boy does seem to smile, just a little as Holly talks to him about having the picture. He is nervous and worried and injured and her soft tlking through the process puts him at ease.
He wakes up a little during the flight even. Danny radio's a ahead about the injury so they have the appropriate transport vehicle at Silver Lake to finish the trip to the hospital. Its rushed, but it goes smoothly. Such that the plane is at Silver Lake again, another pilot can fly a round. AFter the hubbub, Danny seeks out Holly. Alone, maybe they have blankets on to keep warmth while not in the 'action' of it. He looks to hear and offers to walk along the lake if she wants. "I don't know how soon they can spare bodies to look for Henry." He says as they begin to walk.


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