(2018-09-17) Flooding the Hospital
A flash flood sweeps through the lobby of the hospital

The hospital had actually been pretty tranquil today, up until the rain started coming down in sheets again. This was accompanied by flashes of lightening and cracks of the under. This September storm is simply not going away without a show, though this general area of Calaveras has been dry the last several days. However tonight sees a rather large pond forming in the parking lot, one that's being fed by the street uphill. It looks like maybe a storm-drain somewhere finally overflowed and can't accept anymore. Some of the staff are standing around, looking out as it gets bigger and bigger.

Abby is one of those people, she's dressed in scrubs and a white jacket. And she's watching the situation unfold with a furrowed brow, mild concern starting to form on her expression. "Ugh. My car is in that parking lot."

Luke wasn't hurt, thus his reason for coming into the hospital appears to be the rather burdensome plastic tote he's carrying. It limited his ability to run to his destination, which means by the time he's made it inside the center where all the staff are standing around, he looks like a damn drowned rat, saved only by his soaking wet slicker. "Damn, it's like a lake out there. I had to park up the street and walk all the way down here," he says to no one in particular, until he spots Abby, managing up a broad grin as he hoists the tote up. "Hey! The donut shop was flooded. So you get cupcakes. And apparently when you go to the cupcake store and mention to Katherine that you're -also- buying a dozen for the nurse staff, you wind up with dinner, too," he says as he steps over to her, squinting back towards the door from where he came from. "You don't think it's going to flood in here, do you?" FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

There's a not so familiar face coming in close behind the guy with the tote. She shakes and stamps off once she's out of the soaking pour, her hood on her jacket pushed back, revealing a messy coppery braid. She's glancing around at the obvious staff members as she's sliding her left arm gingerly out of her hooded slicker. "Hi. Can I get some stitches?" Along her left forearm is a wad of paper towels turning red, held in place by two black hair elastics.

Abby can't really tell Luke apart from any other person wandering through the parking lot with their hood up during a storm, so it takes until he's inside for her to recognize that it's him. "It's really awful out there. I'm pretty sure it's going to sweep my car away." When he brandishes the plastic tote full of food, she opens her mouth slightly. "Oh man… That woman is a machine. Come on, set it down. Thank you." It's just about now that she hears Jo coming in a rather politely requesting stitches. "Well, shit. How did that happen?" She wants the food, it's true. But she's also supposed to be working, so she gestures one of the nurses over to come and start cleaning up the wound. Which they'll apparently start taking care of in the triage alcove nearby.

"Shit. I'm sorry. You have insurance, right?" Luke's brows furrow as he glances back outside again, frowning at the sheet of rain that keeps pouring down. "Maybe it won't be as bad as you think," he injects a little optimism into what is absolutely not an optimistic scenario, heading over to the counter where Abby instructs him to set the tote down. It is done, and he pops off the top of it, grabbing a small square box from within just as Jo comes in asking for stitches. It makes him blink, though he isn't really surprised to see somebody coming into the hospital that's -actually- hurt, a frown drawing down his lips as he watches the triage nurses start to take care of Jo. "I hope she's okay," he says to Abby, before he extends the small box he's holding her way. Inside are four chocolatey-looking cupcakes, each decorated with rain blue icing and different rain-themed decorations made of shortbread cookie. "These are just for you. There's a whole other dozen in the tote. And soup. -And- sandwiches. She really /is/ a machine."

"Opened up a crate with my tools in it that wasn't kept upright during the move. Better my forearm than my forehead." Jo will say with a hint of a shrug, getting the rest of her jacket off. "New garage going to be opening up. I thought I'd get some stuff unpacked while the weather was shitty." Jo will take the hair ties off her arm, before she'll peel off the paper towel so the gash could be seen. "If it wasn't in the spot it's in, I probably would have washed it up, and used duct tape to tug and hold it together."

"Maybe I can go move it…" Abby says dubiously, looking over her shoulder at the window. "Oh yeah, I have insurance. I still don't want my car washed away." She makes a 'whoosh' motion with her hands to indicate the direction her car would go. The box is accepted and she peers inside, smiling brightly when she spots the cupcakes. "I guess they're nearly as good as donuts. I should check on her arm… do you want to sit by us? Not strictly protocol but it's kind of a weird night." Like having half the staff out there watching the water fill up the parking lot.

Which it continues to do. In fact, rather amazingly what was a steady stream down the road looks like it's picking up. Somewhere the water has finally pooled to the point it can't be contained and it rushes into the parking lot. Water rises to the top half of the wheels on cars.

"I think you're going to have a lot of new customers at your shop," Abby comments to Jo, watching with a blank expression as her car's engine probably gets FLOODED.

"I don't think anybody wants that," Luke says of her car floating away, managing up a slow chuckle when she peeks inside the cupcake box. "I did think about looting the donut shop, but then I realized I don't know anything about making donuts? So cupcakes were the answer. The other dozen's for the staff, they aren't prettily decorated though. I just had the lady behind the counter pick a random dozen," he explains, his gaze sliding back over to Jo as she talks about her garage. "Sure," he rolls his shoulders into a small shrug when Abby asks if he wants to sit by them, following her towards where Jo is being taken care of by the triage nurses. "That looks like a bad cut," he comments quietly, frowning as he assesses the wound on Jo's arm. He might've said somethign else, had his attention not been stolen by the sound of rushing water outside.
The sight out there makes his brows raise. "Fuuckk," he mumbles under his breath. "I parked up on the hill, but sort of back. But that's where all the water's coming from. Man, my car might be fucked, too."

Green eyes look up from her arm that she's been scowling at. Stupid tools. Stupid arm. Brows lift as she looks at Abby, then in the direction of the doors, the rain, the building pool of standing water. "This is not how I'd want my shop starting up with a wealth of customers." She'll offer dryly to Abby, with a faintly lopsided smile.

She flicks a glance at Luke, then at her arm being cleaned up. Wrench falling from higher than my head. They're sharper than people realize." She winces, glad she'd trudged through the rain, since her restored classic pickup still has boxes in it, and riding her 'cycle wasn't an option in this weather.

Several members of the hospital's staff (those people are probably getting fired) run out into the parking to try and rescue their vehicles. But the water is getting higher and higher, in a moment that's actually sort of surreal. Then the rising waters escape their lake in the parking lot and approach the sidewalk, then the doors of the hospital. And when one guy triggers the sliding doors to open, roughly six inches or more of water pours into the medical center. And because it's that kind of day, the doors short out and get stuck in the open position.

Abby was about to start working on Jo's gash when the sound of water in the room reaches her ears. Her expression is dumbfounded as the lobby starts to become a wading pool.

"Sorry to hear that," Luke says to Jo with a mild frown. "But you're in good hands at least. A few stitches and you should be fine." He was about to flop into a nearby seat when his own attention is taken by the sound of rushing water, and his eyes immediately bulge open wide. "Oh, shit," he twists, stretching to his full height, glancing back to Abby. There's no panic, just concern. "You should probably get everybody out of the room? I'll see if I can't push the doors shut again," he says to Abby, and starts forward -towards- the water to get to the doors to try and push them shut again. He was no mechanic, so brute strength would have to work.

<FS3> Luke rolls Body + Athletics: Good Success. (8 1 2 8)

Jo twitches. "If you can close me up quick, I can probably find a way to keep the doors shut, and try to keep as much of the water out as we can." Her gaze will settle on Abby's face, her face calm as if there's no flooding going on at all. "Or do we need to move the triage, first?"

<FS3> Abby rolls Mind + Medicine: Failure. (2 6 1 2 3 4 1 4 6 1 6 5)

Abby is a solid doctor, she's already been in the process of getting the stuff out to stitch close Jo's arm. But the water filling up the waiting area pretty much throws off her entire game. It shakes her. She's stalled with indecision for a minute there and then exhales and shakes her head. "I can't do this, I'm sorry." And instead she tears open a package of gauze and some tape and slaps it over the gash. "Later."

It probably means that Jo's wound is covered enough for her to go running around the room if she needs/wants to. While Luke is forcing the doors closed with brute strength over there. But of course, if water is coming in through the doors of the lobby? That means it's coming through other places.


"IT'S IN THE HALLWAYS!* The calls from different parts of the medical center start to go up all around them. And then?

The lights flicker.

Maddie's rain-soaked figure pauses with a dull reluctance infront of the barricaded lobby doors, an irritated and slightly confused stare meeting a surprisingly familiar face through the glass. 'The fuck?' she mouths to Luke, the hoodie-clad latina having just been dropped off by Katherine, who is driving through the drenched parking lot to find a safe place for her car. She's all annoyed and befuddled, her caramel hair matted and wet, sticking to the shape of her skull. She squints, and pushes at the glass with palm, slapping it a few times in her version of a knock. Her voice rises above the storm: "Lucas? What the fuck? What is going on?" She just frowns and stands there, unable to do anything but get very, very cold, and very, very wet. She pouts.

While Abby was busy not stitching up Jo, Luke went straight for the automatic doors, standing on one side to start shoving his full body weight into it to draw it shut. There was a lot of grunting, but he manages to push the doors closed and stop -this- flood of water… just as Maddie appears outside. "Oh, you've got to be /kidding/ me," he groans aloud, throwing his hands up at Maddie. "I just shut these! The doors are stuck, there's a flood in here!" he shouts through the glass, tossing a look back over his shoulder at Abby and Jo both, as the shouting starts around the hospital. And then the lights start to flicker. He looks up with another low groan, before he starts prying apart the doors again, his face scrunched in both determination and annoyance. "Are there patients in the ER?" he shouts back to Abby, it was probably a dumb question. "We might need to evacuate everybody upstairs. Higher ground and all that."
<FS3> Luke rolls Body + Athletics: Success. (1 1 8 6)

The doors are pried open just enough for Maddie to come through, it seems.

There's a lift of eyebrows in disbelief. "Are you…" teeth will click together as Jolene forces herself to swallow back the hot, growling words as she pushes to her feet. She will slog through the rising water, a hand reaching into her huge pockets on her jacket to pull free a multi-tool. "I'll take a look, see if I can make them stay shut with out just brute force there, Bruce Banner." She'll manage a faint fascimile of her actual grin, as she'll reach the doors. She'll let the young lady through, before she'll even start monkeying with things.
<FS3> Jo rolls Mind + Repair: Great Success. (4 1 8 4 8 6 7 5 2 8 7)

Katherine is going to have a really hard time finding a place to park, because the whole parking lot is full of water. Like a foot or more of it. The very ground in front of the doors is also flowing with a steady and increasing level of the stuff around Maddie's feet. And when Luke pries open the doors, quite a bit more comes in before he's able to close them again.

"Yeah, sorry about this." Abby tells Jo before scrabbling up from her seat. Then she disappears down into the tunnels of the ER, where she's gone for quite awhile. Things are quiet. The water stops coming in through the doors.

Then the lights flicker again. Then the power goes out entirely.

Brief silence before there's the sound of pounding feet, doors opening and closing and the light from flashlights. It takes awhile but the emergency generators kick in. But Luke was right, all those people need to be shifted up one floor. And there are only so many staircases.

Luke's excuse only gets a bulge of Maddie's eyes; an expression that says, 'I don't care! Let me in!' She bounces on the heels of her sneakers as she waits for Luke to get the doors open again, and she slip-n-slides into the chaos of the hospital with a naively relieved sigh. Her hand clutches at Luke's shoulder for balance. "Dios mio," she murmurs, eyes falling up and down the man's equally drenched form. She's still utterly confused. "The hospital needs a hospital," she quips, voice rather dull. "What is going on? My father was admitted an hour ago, according the the policia. And my trailer has drowned in mud. Is this armageddon?" Her lips set into a straight line, and she flops her hood back off her head and shakes her hair out. "…What are you doing here?" she wonders to Luke, voice a little calmer now as she takes in the scene.

Luke manages to pry the doors open, but only just far enough to let Maddie inside along with another rush of water. He reaches out to catch Maddie as she sliiides on in. "Steady," he instructs, giving her a friendly pat on the arm before he takes a step back after he's sure she's okay. "Hospital started flooding, are you hurt?" he looks to Maddie with brows raised, but seems to notice that she's not bleeding or missing a leg or anything. "I was bringing over dinner and the water started pouring in. Are you going to be able to fix the doors?" That question is directed to Jo with a loft to his brows, flashing her the faintest of grins. "I mean I can hulk smash them together again, but I think I should help get these patients upstairs." There's another quick glance to Maddie, an apologetic look thrown her way. "I'm sorry about your dad! And your trailer. But he's probably okay, at least." And then he's turning on his heel, splashing through the water as he jogs down the hall, calling out for the doctor as he goes. "Hey Abby! Which one of these rooms has patients we can actually move? I can help carry some gurnies or something.."

Jo will give Luke a long look of distaste, before the tool will flash, and there's a quiet thump as the doors get pushed together with a mechanism that can be triggered. She will start to close up that multi-tool. "Don't worry about me, Banner. I'm good with electronics and engines." She will wade her way back insdie away from the doors. She will pull out her cell phone and turn on the flashlight app. "Hey Doc, where can I be of use?"

Abby ends up back in the lobby as there's a central stairwell to the next floor, she brings friends! More of the hospital staff and people being moved in wheelchairs and beds. They're slogging through the water, machines that have been turned off long enough for the vertical evacuation to the second floor are also on beds to keep wires and electronics out of the water. Some of the patients are mobile on their own and are sloshing through the water.

"Luke! Woman who's arm I /did not/ sitch up! And… Maddie? Anyone who can walk, is walking. Anyone who can't… we move from here up. It'll be easier to just carry them and transfer the beds after. And then there's all of this stuff." Abby gestures at the equipment. "Anyone who can pick something or someone up and help carry it up the stairs, that will be more help than I can express." The lights flicker again and she hisses. "This place is totally water logged."

"… Hey. Hey!" Maddie's eyebrows nestle down above her eyes and she gives a helpless little huff of air as Luke runs away from her. She glances toward the lobby desk, looking for anyone who could help. "Where is my father?" she just asks the ether, all grumble-y as she rummages through her bag for her phone. She flicks on the flashlight, and aims it infront of her. "Maddie," she confirms with a chirp, recognizing Abby now as she returns to the lobby. "Where would an overdose victi— Oh! Are these—" Her eyes sweep over the herd of patients, searching for her father's face. She carelessly blinds a few poor innocents with her phone, until the unconscious and drooling figure of Victor Hernandez is found, slumped in a wheelchair pushed by some stocky orderly. "Ugh. Papa," she says to herself, her words followed by a breathy, low sigh. She takes up the wheelchair herself, and brushes her hand across her father's sweaty forehead to test his temperature. "Estupido…" The insult is said softly; lovingly, somehow.

Slosh slosh splash! Luke stops running in the flooded hospital lobby long enough to extract his phone from his pocket and turn on the flashlight so that he was no longer jogging in the dark. That was probably an accident waiting to happen. The illumination is shined in Abby's direction as she appears with a herd of nurses and patients, and Luke grits his teeth. "Okay. I can help carry the beds up," he points a thumb to a random nurse, someone that looks like they can lift beds up stairs. "You and me? Let's do this," he cracks his knuckles, managing to flash a grin in Abby's direction as he jogs over to one of the gurnies. "Never a dull moment around you, huh?" he says to Abby with a light chuckle, though the sound is brief. Particularly as Maddie finds her father amongst the crowd. That earns a frown. "He'll be fine, Maddie, once we get him up the stairs." Then he grabs hold of one end of a random bed, his chosen partner-nurse grabbing the other. And up they go!

Jo will move, gathering equipment, and lending a shoulder to an older man that reminds her vaguely of her father to help him get up the stairs. There may be some sarcastic jokes cracked under her breath to the gentlemen, joking how she will have to leave a crappy review on yelp for this ER. Truth is, Jo doesn't think yelp covers ERs. She will get the man up a flight, drop off equipment, and head back down the stairs. "Don't places like this have generators?" She'll shout.

"We do have generators!" Abby calls down the stairway to Jo as she makes with assisting one of the patients up the stairs. Naturally it's someoen with lots of wires and tubes hanging out of them, but they're able to navigate the steps. As if on cue, the lights pop back on again and illuminate everything. But it only lasts two or three minutes before it's down again. "What a total nightmare…" She peers over the rail and watches as Maddie finds her father and her expression is sympathtic, even as it's being torn away by Luke speaking to her. "Yeah, one of these days things are just going to be normal for a couple of minutes." There's a lot of organized chaos transiring but it seems that people, beds and equipment are moving along the stairwell at a steady pace. As for the rest of the hospital? Well, it's hard to say just yet. But after nearly fifteen minutes in the dark, the lights and everything else come on once again, but this time it seems steady.

"There are no ramps?" Maddie asks, already struggling to heave her fat father and the bulky wheelchair he's passed out in up the flight of stairs. "Nn…"

"Normal's overrated," Luke quips to Abby as he moves the bed up the stairs, jogging back down just as the lights are starting to flicker again. He squints up to the ceiling and then back down to where Maddie's struggling with the wheelchair. "Here, I got him," he offers gently, easily, waving Maddie off so he can grab the wheelchair by the handles. It's a struggle getting a wheelchair up a flight of stairs, but Luke gets it up there with some help from another orderly that manuevers the bottom end of it, and soon Maddie's father is with the growing number of patients on the second floor before Luke runs back down the stairs to get another bed. There is a -lot- of moving before the lights finally turn back on, and Luke takes a breather to hang over his knees. "Whoo boy, I think this is more exercise than I've had in a month."

Jo will toss her hands up before they slap down against her jeans. "Okay. Where are the …" She'd been about to ask where the generators were being kept, when the lights come back on, and seem to possibly hold. Then she will take the chance to find either someone to stitch her, or she'll find the goods to do it herself.

While the status on other areas of the hospital remains a mystery for now, this one seems to have gone okay. Probably due in part to Luke and Jo stopping a billion more gallons of water from rushing into the lobby through the front entrance. Eventually the fire and police departments will also show up at the medical center to help move patients and equipment around, taking a significant load off of the people working there and all of the very sudden volunteers. Abby herself ends up drifting from patient to patient and really becoming hopelessly lost in work until someone forces her to take a break, probably a long while from now.

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