(2018-09-16) Ethan Saves The Day
More people pile into the Stone B&B for warm food and company.

Katherine walks in from the kitchen, a cup of coffee cradled in her hands. She glances at the door, the rain still splattering noisily against the glass. She settles down on the couch, curling up under a knit throw and gazes at the lit fireplace. There two EMT's in the kitchen, eating some chicken noodle soup, their work chatter quiet. A police officer walks through the living room, tipping his hat before he steps out the entryway door. Kate turns to power on the radio, searching the static for a weather update.

Luke comes in through the Bed & Breakfast's front door, shedding his rain-splattered windbreaker as he steps inside. In spite of the hood on his jacket, his dirty blonde hair is damp, but he rakes a hand throug hit as he hangs up his jacket and wipes his mud-splattered sneakers on the old sheets on the floor. Once all that's taken care of, he comes into the great room, nodding to a passing police officer as he steps in. His attention swings to Katherine tucked up on the sofa, and he pauses just within. "Uh, sorry to bother," he raises a hand in greeting. "I was just up the road on a house call, they told me this was a good place to stop for a bite and some coffee before I got too mixed up on the roads going back home."

Kate turns to smile at Luke, pushing aside her throw as she gets to her feet. "You're very welcome, of course. Let me grab you a towel and we'll get you some food." She glances around for a moment before her attention swings back to Luke. "You can eat in here if you want to get warm by the fire, up to you." She starts to make her way towards the kitchen. "Coffee with your soup and sandwich, or maybe some juice or something? Up to you." She pauses to wait for his answer.

Luke ducks his head sheepishly when Kate gets to her feet, lightly scratching at the base of his neck. "Sorry to make you get up and all of that," he says with a faint furrow to his brow, "But thanks. That would be great, the soup and sandwich and coffee and everything." He looks towards the kitchen and then back to Kate, his smile appreciative. "And I'll eat in here if that's cool with you, the fire is awesome." He doesn't move to sit though, and instead shuffles his way towards the corner of the fireplace, enjoying the warmth for the moment. "Thanks again," he adds.

Maddie is sprawled over one of the couches; long and lean limbs taking up every cushion for herself. There's no sleeping bag on her, and she appears to have fallen asleep directly after her shower last night — she's wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants and a big, baggy Men's tee that's still a bit damp. Her hair is a messy tousle, and her face is squished into the corner between the cushion and the arm of the couch. A soft, and very much muted snoring sound rises from her muffled mouth, and her foot gives a little wiggle-y twitch of sleepy movement. Her duffel bag lies beside her on the floor, a baggy of weed atop the folded clothes within.

Kate peeks towards Maddie as she walks towards the kitchen, waving her hand to dispel the sheepish look on Luke's face. "Hey, don't worry about it. I volunteered, and I'll be settled and warm under that throw again soon, I bet." She plucks a towel from the linen closet and tosses it towards Luke. "Here, in case you're damp." Then she's gone, even if her voice can be faintly heard from the kitchen. There is a moment of quiet laughter along with the sound of movement.

Slicker-coated or not, Ethan still has a bedraggled look when he comes in from the street, passing by a few uniformed responders with some muffled, unintelligible conversation from beyond the front room. He stops just on the threshold, carrying a case of bottled water that slows him down, and from there surveys the scene - Luke eating a sammich, Katherine bustling around, Maddie passed out, "Intriguing."

Luke easily catches the towel that's tossed, a grateful grin flashed in Kate's direction before he rubs the towel vigorously through his hair as the woman wanders into the kitchen. The snoring from the nearby couch distracts him for a moment, his gaze headed in that direction to note that it's Maddie who is sleeping there. He says nothing, of course, but there's a mild look of amusement that glints in his eyes for half a second. That is, until Ethan's entrance distracts him, and he turns from his spot by the fire to wave. "Hey," he offers in greeting. "You out taking more pictures?"

Kate hefts a tray into the room, two coffee mugs, a bowl of soup and a sandwich resting on the top. She sets it down on the fireplace hearth, takes her mug off, and then settles the tray near Luke. "There you go. Warm meal, warm coffee, warm fireplace. Get warm." She carries her mug towards the couch when she catches sight of Ethan. "Evening. Brought water for folks?" She sets down her cup and moves to relieve him of his burden. "I'll put them somewhere so they can chill, for as long as we have power anyway." She tilts her head. "Coffee, soup, sandwich?" She offers, reaching for the case of water.

"Mmf." Maddie stirs from her slumbering state, her legs shifting and then falling off the seat as she abruptly awakens from the rising noise in the room. Her head peels off the cushion, face lined with the patterns of the seams of the couch, a little pink on her golden-hued skin. She rubs at her cheeks with her palms, and flops back up into a sit. She blinks some sleep from her eyes, and peers around, a puff of air from her lower lip sending her dark bangs flopping out of her vision. "… Evening?" she asks, overhearing Katherine. "How long have I slept?" She spots Luke then, a little surprised by his presence. "Luke," she states, pointing out the obvious.

Grinning widely, Ethan answers Luke with an entertained, "Guess word gets around fast, huh? Nah, I'm on a philathropic mission." He hefts the case of water bottles. "Roof's leaking at the bar. Turns out, it was leaking on a bunch of cases of Dasani." When she makes motions about taking the water, he looks Katherine up and down, squinting dubiously. "You can just point me in the right direction?" Maddie's awakening gets a looksee, but he's preoccupied as yet.

"It's a small town. If word doesn't get around, something's -wrong-," Luke replies to Ethan with a smirk, his attention diverting back to Katherine as she brings the tray of food, his eyes brightening. "Oh man, thank you. This looks great," he comments, slouching into a seat with the food nearby. The coffee is the first thing to be snatched, and he wraps his hands around the mug to take a long sip. "Sorry to hear about the leak, Ethan. At least it's just dripping on the water though? Silver lining," he shrugs, focus turning to Maddie as she awakens and points him out. He narrows his eyes into a squint in her direction, his grin broadening. "Maddie," he replies as pointedly as her own statement.

Kate turns to nod at Maddie. "Evening. Hungry?" She glances down at her watch, eyes narrowed. "A while, how do you feel?" She asks with a smile. Turning to eye Ethan, she raises a shoulder in a slight shrug, pointing toward the kitchen. "In there." Since Ethan doesn't seem to need any help with his case, she moves to take a drink of water, waiting for him to reappear to say if he wants food or not. She glances between Luke and Maddie, grinning for a moment before she peeks out the door to see if it's still raining.

Abby has heard from a few sources that there's coffee and food to be had here! Which is reason enough to show up. She pops through the door, brushing some water off the shoulders of her windbreaker and pulling the hood back. She sweeps her gaze over the bed and breakfast, spotting a few different familiar faces. They all seem occupied at the moment and so she lifts a hand to wave at Katherine, "Ms. Stone, it's good to see you again." She leans over, fixing her scrubs that are tucked into the tops of her rain boots.

Maddie laughs a little at Luke's equally blunt response, her fingers raking through her hair, smoothing it out into something more manageable. "Well, now that we have figured that out…" Her eyes wander to the less familiar faces in the room. Namely, Ethan. "Hola. You are friends with Luke?" she asks, giving a lazy and floppy wave of her hand before her attention is stolen away by Kat. "Always," she replies, patting a palm against her tum. "A bit groggy; I think your hospitality and beautiful house was a bit too much for me. The comfort has turned me into a slug. I am not used to it." She frowns then, listening to the storm crackle outside. "… I wonder if the trailer park is still above ground." She rolls her shoulder with a grump of discomfort, looking like she slept on it wrong.

"In my defense," Ethan is saying on his way to where Katherine pointed, "a couple of those pictures are pretty good." Passing out of sight briefly, he's gone long enough to deal with the bottled water and to shake off his rain slicker, returning momentarily with the slicker thrown over his arm and answering Katherine. "Coffee would set me up - " He stops so as not to talk right over the top of Abby, shooting her a nod of the 'hey, what's up' variety. To Maddie, who he contemplates for a second, he answers, "Hola, that depends. Does he owe you money or something?"

"All those years of taking pictures and you're still only getting a -couple- good ones?" Luke jokes with Ethan as he settles into his seat, taking another gulp of coffee before he starts digging into his soup. Maddie's comment earns her a faint smirk, though her comment about the trailer park gets a raised eyebrow. "Did your place get flooded?" There's a small frown of concern. "If you need someone to help with the clean up once the storm's over, I can come down. And I know a couple of people that can do repairs on the cheap, if you need it," he offers to Maddie, before his attention flits to Abby. A smile brightens his features and he waves a hand in her direction. "Hey, you made it," he says in greeting, "Good thing. This soup's top notch."

Kate nods at Ethan and Maddie, gesturing for them to get comfortable. She beams a pleased smile at Abby, waving her further in. "Can I get you something to eat? It's good to see you again too. Oh, I'll just bring you soup and a sandwich, and if you don't want it, I'll eat it." She bustles back into the kitchen, and the faint sound of dishes being moved around can be heard. Outside, a flash of lightning lights up the dark sky, the wind whipping around the trees wildly. As Katherine reenters the great room, another loud rumble of thunder growls in the sky. She sets a second tray down on the hearth, picking up a bowl of soup and a sandwich for Maddie, settling a bottle of water next to her as well. She hands Ethan his coffee and gestures Abby closer, holding out a towel. "Come sit down on the couch, and eat." She walks back toward the glass doors again, peeking out. "Anyone else need anything while I'm up and about?" The lights flicker again, making Kate frown.

Abby wipes her boots off on the mat before she enters the main room. There's a nod of her head in return to Ethan and she waves to Luke from the doorway, "Yeah. I have to take up a shift tonight but I've got a little time before I need to go in. Figured I'd get this real food you were talking about." She flashes him a smile before going in the direction that Katherine indicates, but not before she moves up to her a little quickly and says something quietly and low enough that others in the immediate vicinity can't hear.

"Probably," Maddie says to Ethan through a yawn, finding her balance as she comes to stand again. Her nostrils sniff covetously at the scent of coffee in the air, and she follows it into the kitchen. "Do you owe me money?" she asks Luke, brushing against him as she moves past him to pour herself out half a cup of coffee from the leftovers in the carafe. She comes back to the couch she previously slept upon, legs crossing under her; getting settled just in time to receive that warm bowl of soup and gooey sandwich. She picks at it slowly, from the coffee table, careful not to spill or get crumbs anywhere. "It is all mountains and dirt, up there," she tells Luke. "Officer Payne took my father to the drunk tank for the duration of the storm; our trailers are right on the border. There are mudslides even in lighter rains, so I am afraid it may be a bit of an archaeology site once the weather passes, si…"

Ethan, with a ha-ha-ha at Luke, "Give it up for Luke Wright, ladies and gentlemen, he'll be here all week." Taking the coffee with a quick, "Thanks, Kate," he angles toward the fireplace, intention being to stand off to one side of it, soak in some dry heat. Settling in to his coffee, he toasts his backside and watches between Maddie and Luke, waiting for a chance to interject, "What part of Mexico are you from?" Like that's the kinda thing you just ask someone 10 seconds after meeting them.

"Yes, yes. I know. I'm the funniest person you've ever met. No need to make a big to-do about it," Luke chuckles over to Ethan before he hoists up his sandwich, taking a huge bite out of it. As he chews, he nods back over to Abby, giving her a thumb's up. "Food's great," he says after he swallows, "Way better than anything I can pull out of a box." He looks back to Maddie afterward, brows dropping into a furrow at the talk of her trailer. "That's really unfortunate, Maddie. You'll let me know if you need help?" And then Ethan's question distracts him and he just sort of blinks at his friend. "Dude.." he trails, chuckling mostly out of disbelief than actual humour.

Kate whispers back to Abby, offering her a fond smile as she moves to sit on one of the plush chairs. She seems tired, not joining the conversation as much as she focuses on her coffee. Another flash of lightning draws her attention, and then suddenly the great room is plunged into darkness, the only light coming from two candles and the fireplace. "Shit." Kate mutters, getting to her feet. "I'll go check the breaker box, but I think our luck with the lights have run out. I may need to run the generator to keep the food from spoiling." She sets down her mug, picking up a flashlight and moving toward the kitchen and the entrance to the basement.

Abby tilts her head at whatever Katherine replies to her and the nods, "Good, I hope it works out." There's a smile for her before she's heading over in the direction of coffee and fire. She's not nearly as drenched as some other people might be, having manage to get out of her and to the door with minimal soaking from the rain. It seems like now would be a great time to join the conversation, but just as she's pouring some coffee into a mug and grabbing a sandwich… the light goes out. "Oh… crap."

Maddie tugs off a bite of her sandwich, a string of cheese connecting her lips to the crusty toast until she laps it up. She just blinks at Ethan's question, amused by it. "… Colorado," she eventually answers, voice rather wry. "A little place called Calaveras." She sips at her coffee, and speaks over the rim. "But my family is from Tamaulipas, near Monterrey. I go down there often." She glances between from Ethan to Luke with a little questioning raise of her eyebrows about his friend, but the look is soon hidden by abrupt darkness. "Ah." The fire provides some small flickers of light, illuminating the group in dim hues of yellows and reds.

Ethan either doesn't notice or refuses to acknowledge the social cues - Luke's 'dude' and Maddie's 'Calaveras' - and nods over the top of his coffee cup when Maddie supplies the region. "South of - " But then the lights go out, and he winds up lowering his coffee cup and stepping to one side of the fireplace, letting more of its light spill into the dark room. "Well, that sucks. Hey, you want some help?" To Kate. Who is about to go off by herself, like everyone who ever died in every horror movie ever. :(

Luke's lips curl into an amused smirk from Maddie's answer to Ethan, shaking his head as he bends back to his soup. But just as he takes another mouthful, the room is blanketed in darkness. "Well shit," he mumbles, starting to lift himself up out of his chair. "Do you need he.." he starts his offer to Katherine, but Ethan beats him to the punch. And really, there's no sense in three of them dying in the basement. So he just shrugs his shoulders and slouches back into his chair, digging into his pocket to pull out his phone. The flashlight is turned on to provide a touch more light to the room, and he lays the phone out on the table. "Let there be more light," he declares with a flourish of his hand.

There is a creak when the door to the basement swings open and a few muted thumps as she moves down a few stairs. "I wouldn't say no to help, especially since.." Kate goes quiet and then there is the sound of a few colorful swear words and a bang. "I think there is water down here, where is it coming from?" More swearing. "Well it's not a lot of water.." Her voice fades as she clumps down a few more steps toward the basement.

You know who doesn't offer to go into the basement? Abby. Nope. There are plenty of very capable people here who surely know how to throw a switch or check out a generator. She sips on her coffee, huddled in her chair by the fireplace. Sandwiches taste just as good in the dark. She appears to be very innocent at the moment and definitely not using this opportunity to start a fire. Thankfully everyone is safe. For now. She winces when Katherine calls up that there's water down there.

As the men immediately move to offer help, Maddie just continues to sit cross-legged on the couch, nibbling lightly at her sandwich. She squints a bit as Luke summons some brightness from his electronics, and she uses it to balance out a spoonful of tomato soup. "Breakers and water?" she asks, nose crinkled as she watches Katherine disappear toward the basement. "Careful down there. Electricity and floods are not a friendly combination." Not like that isn't obvious.

Ethan slides his coffee cup onto a convenient surface - table or mantle or something - and follows Katherine into the darkness, though notably lingers on the top step for a solid ten seconds after she descends, one hand holding on to the 'safe' side of the door frame. "I'm gonna have to go with 'outside,'" as his answer for the water's source. With no flashlight, he's initially at Kate's mercy for what he can see, but a Zippo (he upgraded) will do in a pinch, so he pulls one out and sparks it to life. (YOU JUST COOL YOUR JETS, ABBY.) "At least tell me the generator's not flooded."

There is a few inches of water in the laundry room, which is to the left at the bottom of the steps. The breaker and the generator is to the right in a nice, water free, area. Kate turns to shine the light up on the steps so Ethan doesn't take a tumble, patiently waiting for him to finish moving down the stairs. "I'm sure it came from outside, genius, but ..ugh. I'm not going to worry about it right now, I'll save the worry if it starts to get worse." She checks the breaker box, and frowns. "Looks like the power is just out, not a fuse." She turns to a storage cabinet, pulls out another flashlight and hands it to Ethan. "I'm going to go see what the water situation is, do you think you can get the generator started?"

While Luke frowns in the direction of all the banging and cursing in the basement, he doesn't move from his seat. Yet. But there is a squint in Ethan's direction as he moves to the staircase, pointing a thumb in Maddie's direction. "She's got a point. Be careful down there," he cautions. There's a glance to Abby as she sits near the fire, and he nudges his bowl of soup towards the edge of the table. "You wanna try some of the soup? It's good," he offers.

"Hey, does she want to borrow my rainboots before she goes sloshing around down there?" Unless Katherine already has some on, Abby didn't exactly take a good look at her footwear before the lights went out. Also she's way down in the basement by now. Very helpful! She sips from her coffee (and continues to not burn anything to the ground). Then she's watching the drama unfold at the staircase while Luke is offering a taste of soup. She glances between there and the bowl before inching her chair over closer. "Alright, I'll try a little. But then I should probably start driving back. I need to take a weird route down there."

So away goes Ethan's lighter, which made the basement even eerier, exchanged for the much more practical flashlight that he takes from Katherine with a quick, "Thanks." He shines it to and fro, checking the corners of the dark and damp basement, before finally passing it over the generator. "Oh, yeah. I got this." For once, those aren't just 'famous last words.' The next few minutes involve him awkwardly managing the flashlight, reading the quick how-to on the side of the machine, and then actually getting it started after a few pulls. With no drama or anything.

"Take the rest if you're gonna go soon. There's only half a bowl left anyways, and I can get more, " Luke motions to the bowl, which was indeed still half full. "I'm probably gonna stay for a bit. But I'll text you when I get home and let you know if the lights are working on our end," he mentions over to Abby, offering her a small smile as he slouches back into his chair to sip at his coffee. "Damn storm better let up soon or the whole of Calaveras is gonna be under water and we're all gonna need to invest in kayaks or something."

Maddie dips her sandwich into her soup, swirling it around to soak up the tomato-y flavor before taking a juicy bite of it. "… You are going to drive in this weather?" she asks Abby, a single eyebrow arching up with concern. "You work at that hospital, si? That is where you are going?" She frowns, and licks a crumb from her lip. "I suppose there must be lots to do down there, tonight."

Meanwhile, in the laundry room, there is water and debris on the tile floor. Seems the water has come up through the grate, but it seems to have stopped. Kate mutters something under her breath and sloshes out of the room, moving back towards the steps. "Guess I'll need to keep an eye on that overnight." She rolls her eyes, shining the flashlight into the room Ethan is in. "Oh good, you got it started, come on upstairs, and I'll see if it's powering the freezer and fridge." She clomps back up the steps, glancing around the kitchen as she pulls open the fridge door. Let there be light. "We're good, for now!" She walks back into the great room, picking up her coffee. "Blah, I was hoping we'd keep power the whole way through this."

Perhaps it's a trick of the eye, or something blown by the wind. Perhaps it's neither. Nontheless, some may notice the dark shadow of a vaguely humanoid figure moving by the window in the rain-drenched darkness outside.

"I am not going to steal the rest of your soup." Abby laughs in Luke's direction and shakes her head, taking a quick sip of it from the spoon. "It is a good. But I'll make it through a shift or two on the sandwich and coffee." Maddie's question has her wrinkling her nose and looking over her shoulder at the window, "Yeah, unfortunately. I feel like I should have gotten a place closer to the hospital sometimes. I'll take it slow, should be fine." Seeing as how she's staring right at the window when the shadow goes by, of course she sees it. "It looks like someone is coming inside. They're out there." There's a wave of her hand.

Lucky for him, Ethan is in the basement when spectres start moving around outside the window, only just circling back to survey the water in the laundry room with a sympathetic wince. He sweeps the flashlight across it a couple times, then - realizing he's alone in a flooded basement - hot-foots it up the stairs. "You're welcome," he tells the room.

"Pfft. It's not stealing if I offer," Luke replies to Abby with a slow chuckle, but he drags the bowl back once she's taken her sip to finish off the bowl. "Just keep your high beams on and you should be good if you take it slow," he says of Abby's adventures in the rain, his attention swinging towards the window when he notices something moving out there. He squints, but .. hey, this is a bed and breakfast, and wasn't there cops earlier? It was probably one of those. He rolls his shoulders into a shrug, looking up as Ethan comes back up the stairs. "Hey, you did it. Good job," he even golf-claps for Ethan.

Kate glances back at Ethan when he joins everyone in the great room. "Thank you." She sounds like she means it, glancing towards the cup of coffee he was drinking before they went downstairs. "Do you want a refresh on that? Might as well get the last of this pot of hot coffee." She glances towards the door when Abby points out that someone is outside, moving towards the door to open it.

"Mmhm." Abby is still standing, watching that window curiously before she shrugs, "Yeah, it's probably just one of people staying here." It's not like this place is out in the middle of the woods with nothing around it except for all of them. Everything is probably just fine. With that matter settled, she rolls her shoulders and drains the last of her coffee. Ethan's arrival and announcement that everyone is welcome, has her humming that song from Moana. "Hey, it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome~"

Ethan buffs his nails on the front of his shirt in answer to Luke's golf-clapping, adding, "We can't all just sit with our feet up by the fire all night, guys, some of us have to go solve problems and save people." He looks over Luke and Abby as if disappointedly, then fetches his coffee cup from whever he left it. "Might as well," he agrees at Katherine's suggestion, mumbling something about a long effing night ahead of him while he finishes what's left in the cup first, continuing to be oblivious to the creeper (?) at the door.

"Hey, in my defense, I didn't want to steal your thunder," Luke holds up his hands, chuckling at Ethan. There's a glance to Abby and a lifted brow as she starts humming a song. "Is that a Disney song?" he squints at her, then grins broadly, shaking his head as he hoists himself to his feet. "Gimmie your cup, I'll get you a refill before you hit the road," he wiggles his fingers in the direction of Abby's mug as he lofts his own empty one, clearly prepared to help finish off that pot.

The door bangs open as Kate reaches to open it, making her yelp as two on duty cops trudge in. There are a few muttered apologies, and some removal of rain gear. "Most of the cross streets are going to be closed soon, water is getting deep down there." One of the policemen says gruffly. Katherine takes Ethan's cup, nodding as she makes her way to the kitchen behind Luke. There are a few cups of coffee left in the pot. "How far do you think the water will come up?" She calls out toward the man taking off his rain slicker. "Should be safe up here, but some places downtown might take on some water." Kate moves back into the great room, hands the cup off to its owner before she moves to fix the cops something to eat.
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"Yes, everyone. We should all be more like Ethan. A fine example of what an upstanding person should aspire to be. He's so humble." Abby smiles at him from where she's finishing that sandwich, brushing her fingers off. When Luke asks whether or not it's a Disney song, she looks at him innocently, "You tell me." It definitely is though. Definitely. Her eyes trail up him when he makes the request for her cup and she hands it over without argument, "Thank you. Then I'm absolutely going." She seems relieved when the police pop into the building, letting out a little sigh. Definitely not murderers! …Right? "Especially if the roads are that bad. I need time to get trapped there."

Ethan's, "Fuuuuuuck," is a low reaction to the information those cops relay. Armed with this new information, he foregoes the refill, sliding his cup back onto whatever surface it occupied while he was in the breaker. This news also puts too much of a damper (lol) on his mood to fire back at Abby, having prompted him into sorting out and putting on his raincoat again. "Thanks for the coffee, Kate. Good luck gettin ghome, guys," to Luke and Abby. "I gotta - " He tosses his chin toward the door, already heading that way with a few 'excuse me, officers' along the way.

Luke meets Abby's innocent gaze with a brow raise and a broad grin. "For the record, I've only seen Moana because Sarge likes it," he replies to her, walking their empty cups over to the coffee maker as the cops pop in through the door. There's a low groan at the information, his brows falling into a furrow, and he plods back to Abby once the cups are full to hand her the mug back. "Sounds like I should hit the road too. I'll follow behind you if you want, at least as far as the turn-off towards home," he shrugs his shoulders, already gulping back his coffee, mindful of the heat. "I'll put out those sandbags, too, just in case your bag of rice fails you." He looks to Kate, offering her a broad smile. "Thanks for your hospitality. The food was honestly freat."

Kate moves to open the door, politely making sure everyone gets out to their vehicles without an issue. Soon it's quiet in the B&B again, and mostly dark.

"Thank you for putting up with us!" Abby calls to Katherine as she takes her refilled coffee back from Luke and puts her hand on his chest giving him a gentle, playful little push. "No, it's okay. You don't need to follow me in your car. Just take the quickest route back to Sarge. And put some damn Moana on for him. If his favorite song isn't the crab, we're gonna have to have a long talk." Then it's the act of suiting up to go outside into the rain again. And a hopefully uneventful drive down to the hospital. Because it would suck to end up a patient in your own emergency room.

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