(2018-09-15) Flood on Smelter Street
The wild September storm whips through Calaveras, causing flooding in the city. One street in particular gets hit hard and a car is trapped with a family inside. Helpers come to the rescue!

Smelter St and Route 10

A convergence of a few streets here leaves the lights as a 5-way stop. Traffic coming from the west gets a better share as east traffic on Route 10 is mingled with traffic coming off of Birch Boulevard. That area to the north here seems a little nicer, were the boulevard heads into a more residential area of this part of town, Smelter St has signs indicating it as Smelter hanging from the poles to the north. A few more trendy areas can be seen up that way including the start of bike lanes along Smelter Street there. This is in direct opposition to south Smelter St, which is more industrial, including warehouses and industrial shops. Some closed down and converted, a few old industries remain down that way. To the west one can see the small arches of the Braxton Bridge, a gateway for motor tourists heading further west.

On the emergency radios, a desperate plea comes out - Kyle Johnson and his wife Cecily Johnson were on their way to the hospital. Cecily is in labor and they were driving into town to head there, braving the storm. It wasn't so bad when they left and then things just took a turn for the worse.

The street here is flooded. At the deepest parts it's half a meter or more in height. Johnson and his wife are trapped in their small sedan car, caught in the water.

To make things worse…
1. There's a big tree that have fallen over the car, trapping them inside. The front window is smashed in and the metal bent so they can't get out through the doors OR windows.

2. The tree has fallen on some power lines and one of the poles is leaning dangerously. If it falls… electricity will hit the water.

3. There's so much water you can't drive to their car.

The sound of sirens ARE heard - emergency response is also on the way, so more help is coming. But not even a firetruck can get close enough in this water, water that also keeps rising slowly.

When the call went out over the emergency radios, a response was relayed to the medical center's ER, calling for a doctor to head out to meet them at the site. A pregnant woman in labor that's also been trapped in a car accident in a flood could use a little extra help. And that's where Abby comes in, dressed for the torrential downpour and riding with whatever other emergency personnel make it in their cars. When she spots where they're located in the water, she murmurs a quiet, "Oh shit." Yes, very eloquent.

Having just dealt with a disaster at her own home with a tree branch falling through her roof into her living room, Ashlea was already going in with her adrenaline going. The emergency call had requested anyone nearby the present location. She was only a couple blocks away and her street wasn't so flooded as all this. Getting out of her car in the storm, her hair, already wet, is whipped around by the wind and she gauges the situation from a vantage point away from the danger. For now. The water is still rising. Tugging the hood of her slicker over her head, she blinks water from her lashes and waits. It'd be foolhardy to rush in. But the precariousness of the situation is not lost on her.

Cassius was walking home, braving the bad weather as he wore a hooded jacket and some jeans. Not ideal, but it would have to do. But..then he sees two individuals trapped in their car under a tree. He doesn't even waste time, running over there without even a second though, though his eyes were watching that power line. They couldn't waste time. He moves carefully, watching for any debris that could have swept him away in his act of self-sacrifice. He runs up to the door and knocks on it to get their attention. "Are you both okay?" he's not a cop or medical personnel, so he doesn't have access to their radios. At this point, he's a bystander, trying to help.

He starts looking for a crowbar…a wedge, something to help take that door off.

It's one of the smaller trucks from the fire station that arrives, with Cole driving it himself. He exits quickly right after Abby, and two other firemen join him and immediately move to the back to start taking equipment out while Cole walks over to Abby to assess the situation. "Johnson is a rookie firefighter," he says grimly. This is quite personal. "Fuck, I told him to go to the hospital yesterday."

Managing to get to the car, despite a lot of debris quickly floating past, Cassius will see that Kyle Johnson is unconscious in the driver seat. His wife is awake though and she screams suddenly in pain. They got water quite high in the car already. "Help us!" she shouts, staring with panicking eyes out towards Cassius. "I'm… we're stuck. Kyle isn't waking up. I'm in FUCKING LABOR!" That screaming is heard quite far.

At the back of the truck, the firemen unloads some of the powertools - metal cutters, even a chainsaw.

Abby looks up at the electric line that's hanging over the water, threatening everyone that gets near the car. Then she cuts her attention back to Cole, "You're going to get them out of there," She says reassuringly before reaching into the truck to grab a durable backpack of stuff. "I have all of my things with me." When she hears the woman screaming, she winces and shouts back, "WE'RE COMING FOR YOU! HELP IS HERE!"

As a detective with Calaveras Police Department, Ashlea knew her place and the pecking order in line. First Responders usually settled things before the detectives moved in. Hearing some of the happenings though, she moves a little closer. The water is to her ankles now but her boots, police issue, are somewhat waterproof for now. "Labor?" The word is echoed and she starts to slosh forward through the water, but still not close enough to approach the vehicle. It's that now somewhat familiar voice from Abby that stops her forward progress and brings her to a stop. "Watch out for that electric line!" Ms Obvious over here, pointing out the scariest part that everyone has noticed already.

"We're short on people," Cole admits, sounding a bit concerned. "Gonna make our way over and see how bad they are, might need you to get there if it's bad," he says seriously. The rest of the firemen are all out rescuing people elsewhere at the moment - he brought what people were available. Still, he's got two other capable men here. And then of course, there's Abby and Ashlea. "Hey!" he shouts out towards Cassius, grabbing the metal cutter from one of his men. "Careful, that power line might fall in the water any minute!" he echoes Ashlea, nodding over at her. He doesn't want more civilians in danger if not needed. "Detective!" he calls out, as he too starts heading out into the water. "Gonna need all the muscle power we can get here, so if you're not busy…" he asks her with dry humor, keeping his cool. One of his men stay behind, but that's because they're taking out an inflatable small boat. Might come in handy - especially moving someone unconscious or in pain.

Abby looks at Ashlea, Abby looks at the line again. Abby looks at her bag. Abby sighs and mutters something about that sounds like: "Oh, this is going to be fine. This is going to be okay. At least I know how to swim." It sounds like self soothing! Then she holds the bag out of reach of the flood water and starts wading out into the road after Cole and the other firefighters. "Hello detective, nice to see you again. Not as nice as the coffee shop though."

Cassius looks over to Ashlea as she shouts, Cassius already looking nodding, looking to Cole. "I know! Which is why we gotta do this fast!" Cassius being already in the water…attempting to gauge his surroundings better to see if there was even any kind of way to help. Clearly Cassius isn't afraid of dying…as he continues to try and help. He doubts they could move the tree…doesn't know how much time they have before that powerline comes down. If it comes down. "Don't worry, we will!" He replies to the woman in labor. Find something. ANYTHING. Then he sees more help coming. "Come on, hurry!" Those doors weren't gonna move to debris. But…coudl the tree move?

"I'd give anything to be sipping hot coffee instead of wading in this." Ashlea gives Abby a tight smile and offers her a hand to steady or help balance her, if she would like to take it. Her steps are more sure footed, knowing the unevenness of the road at this part of it. It's a little slow going though and she looks over to Cole. "Never too busy for you, Cap'n." Slogging her way through the water, she gets to it and can hear the panic from the woman in the car, can see her pain from the labor and it scares the ever loving hell out of her. "Oh hell, if this gets any deeper, they're screwed. We need something to break a window or something before the flowing picks up the car, and us, and takes us on down the river."

Ashlea notices quickly that there's one possible way to remove the danger of the electricity - and that's to cut the tree at the right angle using the chainsaw one of the firemen brought. It'll be hard though cause it's quite high up and requires first climbing on the car and then either climbing the tree (which will put MORE weight on it) - or balancing on someone's shoulders to do it. But it IS possible to remove the weight on the power line.

Cole realises the same, but focuses on the car and get the people out. "Alright, we need to cut them out," he says and hefts that powercutter up above the water. "Best to cut the roof. Doctor - I need you to check on the patients." Abby /can/ reach through the narrow space of the caved in windows for a quick assessment at least. "Sir," he then asks of Cassius, "could sure use your help."

Cecily lets out another piercing scream of pain. She's having contractions and they are not at all far between - she's close. Her husband Kyle is bleeding from his forhead, probably knocked out from the impact when the car hit the tree. "I'm… I'm okay," she says, but the panic in her eyes says otherwise.

Abby doesn't notice anything about any of the technical stuff happening, which is okay, since it's not exactly her wheelhouse. She makes it to the car and looks the windows open. After determining there's just enough space for her, she scoots closer and reaches through. "I'm Doctor Thatcher from the Powell-Braxton Medical Center and I'm here to help you. Can you tell me how far apart your contractions are?" She asks, reaching forward to put her fingers against Kyle's neck, feeling for his pulse."

Yeah, as unlikely as it seemed, Ashlea was about to be all sorts of stupid. Looking around, she notes the fireman and Cassius, squinting against the lashing of rain as it whips across them all. "You," she tells the fireman with the chainsaw. "Let me get on your shoulders, it'll make us the right height to cut the tree." It's more an order than a request. He assists her as much as he can while holding the chainsaw, and once she is there, he starts the chainsaw for her. "I feel like I'm playing chicken for our lives." EFF THAT! The chainsaw is handed over and she gets to cutting. It's a thick, thick tree, heavy and wet. It's raining and windy. Conditions couldn't be worse. The water was rising and the fireman swaying with her on his shoulders, but they are slowly.. so slowly cutting.

Cassius looks to Cole, his hair soaking wet…and lets be real, all of him is soaking wet. "Name's Cassius. and you have it." he nods, before he looks to the car. "Good idea. No way I could pry them out…gotta cut it." he sighs. Before he sees what Ashlea is doing. "Let me know if you need a hand!" he looks to Cole. "Where's that powercutter?" He'd help Cole get the job done. and to help him keep that thing above water.

Kyle's pulse is at least steady enough and there's no other visibly injuries apart from the small cut to his forhead. Cecily's panick fades somewhat when Abby talks to her. "I'm… not sure. But I want to /push/," she says. She's young - in her early twenties. "This is my first," she admits with a weak voice. They're both submerged in water up to their stomachs in there and the water inches its way higher and higher. "Please… get us out of here. How is Kyle? Is he okay?" she asks, managing to focus on something else for a moment.

Cole nods to Cassius and hauls himself up on top of the car. There's a quick thumbs up at Ashley, seeing what she's doing - she's going to buy them some precious time there. Not that they have a whole lot, with the water still rising. Another ten or so minutes and it's going to get /really/ bad here. "Alright, you use the cutter, I'll pry the metal," he grunts at Cassius, offering a hand to him to get up if he wants it. He has a crowbar so is ready to use that.

"We'll have to check him out at the hospital, but right now it just looks like a bad bump on the head," Abby tells Cecily reassuringly, having checked as much of him as she can through the small space she has available to her. She pulls back enough to glance around at the others, her lips pressing into an anxious line briefly. "You're going to start timing them for me okay? And I want you to try and not push if you're able to, okay? They're working on getting you out of the car. They are going to get you out of the car."

Cass nods to Cole. "Got it." he looks to the woman in the car. "Keep a distance between yourself and the car door! We're cutting in!" letting her know their steps as Cass hulks that Powercutter up and starts to cut into the metal, making his way down as he tries to slice off that door to free those inside. Or at least, immediately, the woman. Cass and Cole may have a small moment of a slip, but nevertheless, they seem to be lunging towards success!

It's tough going, but Ashlea is not one to give up at all. With the chainsaw above her head, she is starting to feel it in her shoulders and arms. It was life or death though, and even though it was agonizingly slow, it finally cuts through the tree. As the tree swings off the powerline and splashes into the water, it almost topples the fireman and Ashlea at the sudden give and undulation of the water. The powerline falls back into place, straightening, taking one hazard away from them now. "One up for the good guys.." About breathless, she turns off the chainsaw as the fireman starts letting her down back into the freezing water.

"I will try," Cecily tells Abby, trying to focus on her. She looks a bit scared when people start climbing on the roof of the car though - they're already basically crammed down into their seats, the roof right above their heads. No space. Then she closes her eyes and tries to breathe and count seconds.

It takes precious minutes to cut the roof and pry it open above the two in the car. The water keeps rising - it not reaches to Cecily's neck. She is panicking again and her contractions are WAY too close - if they get her out, she'll probably never make it to the hospital before giving birth. At least her belly isn't being pressed at and they're not stuck with their legs by some miracle.

While Cassius cuts, Cole and his co-fireman bends the metal apart with all their strength, and /finally/ that door comes lose with part of the roof as well, giving enough room to take them out. And there's now no longer any risk of electrocution.

"GET US OUT OF HERE! WE'RE DROWNING!" Abby screams now, all panicky again, and losing count of the seconds - but she's already given Abby enough info to know that it's /close/.

"It's okay, they're cutting through now. I can see what they're doing. They're making good progress, you're safe. You're both safe." Abby reaches through the window grab to Cecily's hands and squeeze them as the terrifying counter continues on. "You're NOT drowning. You are safe, you are okay! I promise you! We're getting you out right now!" She also takes a second to prop up Kyle's face so he doesn't accidentally drown while this is happening.

As soon as that door is off, Cassius sets the Power Cutter in a good place where it won't be lost in debris nor will it fuck shit up, as it were by being unsupervised. He immediately tries to reach in and try to cut the seatbelt holding Cecily trapped into the car with a pocket knife that he carries in his back pocket. "Okay, come on, lets get you out!" he looks to the firefighter Cole. "Sir, a hand?" with helping Cecily out of the car. "We'll still need to get him out!" he points to the unconscious man in the drivers seat.

Back on her feet, Ashlea moves forward to assist, thanking the fireman and giving him back his chainsaw. Then she takes the power cutter from Cassius to protect it. It's also given over to the fire fighter, but both are very bulky and heavy. She moves on to Abby's side. "I can accompany you to the hospital, if you need." Her voice is low and she watches the woman in labor, that pain and those contractions, eyes wide. "Is that what labor is like?"

"Get that dinghy!" Cole shouts out to the fireman who was holding up Ashlea - the man jumps back into the water, it's now high enough to be past his waist as he quickly makes his way back towards the truck to get the little boat, which will definitely help in getting them back to dry areas.

Cecily calms down noticeably from Abby's reassurances and once that door comes off, she lets out a sob of relief and reaches for Cassius so he can pull her out of there. "Thank you. Please, get him out…"

Cole lets Cassius handle Cecily and then as soon as she's out, he's half crawling into the car, and cuts lose Kyle to pull him out of there. Meanwhile the remaining fireman helps Cassius to hold Cecily up as high as possible from the water till that dinghy gets there.

A minute or two more and there'd been drownings happening of this little family…

The dinghy gets there and Cole gets Kyle up first since he's unconscious. Apart from being in labor, Cecily is in decent condition - that tree that fell didn't really hit her, she's smaller and didn't get any of the impact that her husband got on his head. "Let's go," Cole says simply, giving everyone a broad and relieved grin. "Amazing job all." And that dinghy is pulled towards the fire truck. "Doc - you ready to be a midwife?"

"It's different for every woman," Abby utters to Ashlea quietly, stepping back to let the men haul Cecily and her husband out of the car. "She's also terrified and been in a car accident. Take it with a grain of salt." Remembering that there's the inflateable boat nearby, she's hustling towards it in the water, bag held high over her head. "Wouldn't be the first time," she remarks to Cole with the very ghost of a smilse touching her face. No one drowned, hurray! But there's still the labor to deal with, so she glues herself to the side of the dingy.

A nod is given over to Abby, but Ashlea is more concerned for the pregnant woman and her husband. Mostly the former. As Abby moves over with them, she follows so she can be an extra pair of hands if needed. "If you need me for anything…" Lifting a hand she swipes her forearm across her forehead to get the hair from her face with the water dripping in her eyes.

Cassius helps get Cecily out of the car and helps her get to ground level. "Doc!" He calls to Abby as he muscles Cecily over to them while they wait for that dingy. "Is she going to make it to the hospital?" he asks Abby with the intent of not having Cecily hear. and he seems to smile a little bit. "Not a bad day's work." he says jokingly to Cole. He hops onto the firetruck. "Mind if I roll with you to see if anyone else needs help?" He asks permission first.

As the dingy makes its way closer to a 'dry' location, Abby looks over to some of the private homes on the other side of the street. She frowns and then gestures to the fire truck. "Get her in the backseat. I don't want to deal with knocking on doors. The baby is coming now, she can't wait to push any longer." She nods to Ashlea, "Climb in there with her and help keep her calm. Try to get a hold on one of her legs, I'll get the other. Remind her to breathe." As everyone leaps into action, she rushes to the truck and pulls open her bag. It has some first aid measures but also lots of clean towels that are going to be handy right about now.

Cecily is grabbing Abby's hand so hard and then bends over on the Dinghy with a 'nnnnngnnnnnn' - she's pushing. She's wearing a pair of simple sweatpants, coat and shirt. Once on the dry area and helped by Cole and Cassius and the firemen she's sort of standing at least, after that push but is reluctant to let go of Abby's hand.

Cole waits for Ashlea to get in, just taking orders from Abby now. "I've been around a few emergency births too," he says and gives Cecily a wink. "You're in the best hands here. Can't wait to see the little one - Kyle hasn't talked about anything else for months." He'll wait for Ashlea to get in before he and the other men carefully helps Cecily up.

"Alright! Let's make sure Kyle secured. Neckprotection," Cole calls, and he and the other firemen, all trained in first aid, make sure that Kyle is at least as comfortable as possible, neck supported and throwing a dry firefighter coat over him for now. "Afraid we're not going anywhere yet and we can't bring a civilian along, sorry," Cole tells Cassius. "But we appreciate your help back there."

"Of course." Ashlea gets into the truck and leaves plenty of room for the other two. Her slicker is removed and shoved somewhere in the floor. She lets the woman's head rest on her and she speaks in a soft voice. "Everything is going to be fine. Just breathe." She'd seen some movies! Never had she witnessed it first hand though. Whatever Abby asks of her, she will do, but she keeps up the reassurances to the patient for now.

Cassius just stays the hell out of the way. Helping people get out of a metal trap? That's one thing. Helping someone give birth is a completely different show. He doesn't get into the truck, instead staying out of it as he remains on standby in case someone needs him to get something that's not already in the truck (which is unlikely). He looks to Cole. "Don't mention it. Just doing what anyone else would have done." downplaying his own actions, Cassius seems to cross his arms. He takes a breath.

"Alright, Cecily. You wanted to push, so now we're going to push." Abby quickly drops some towels down on that backseat so that the fire department doesn't have to spend money on a cleaning company later. This is going to get messy. It's that sort of thing. "You're going to breathe in deep and then push…" And really, if childbirth is going OKAY this should be about all that Abby has to tell her to do. She'll focus on making sure the baby comes out safely and breathing.

This part of the neighborhood is half flooded, where the lower parts are anyway. A firetruck is parked on a dry area, and three firemen (Cole included there) and CAssius linger outside of it with a inflatable dinghy on the ground and some firefighter coats thrown over the unconscious body of a young man, while Cole checks his pulse. Inside the truck? Another drama is unfolding; a young woman is giving birth! And her screams of pain and determination are hard to ignore, echoing over the noise of the water and the downpour. "AHHHHH!" she cries. The young woman is holding onto Ashley and Abby both and doing an amazing job after her ordeal, still soaking wet. One last push… and the baby is born in all its messy glory, Cecily collapsing back with sobs of joy and exhaustion both.

Far away, the sirens of an ambulance are heard. Out in the water some thirty or so yards away a car is more or less fully submerged in water…

Ashlea is right there with Abby and Cecily, eyes a touch wide but keeping a calm about herself. Allowing her hand to be squeezed by the pregnant woman, she watches as, with one last push, the baby comes. It was unlike anything she'd ever witnessed before and without even realizing it, tears trail down her cheeks. Or maybe it's from being rained on! It doesn't even occur to her to find out if it's a boy or a girl. "Look at you, you did it, Cecily." Speaking in a gentle voice then looking at Abby. "Well done, Doctor."

Cassius seems to take a breath as he looks nervous. Please let the birth be done right with no difficulty…but then he hears those cries, and he smiles, letting out a breath of relief. "Good work." he smiles to both Ashlea and Abby. not that they needed it. He smiles then, moving away from the truck now. He wasn't needed, after all. Least not anymore. But he still remains closeby just to be sure everyone is alright.

Ethan's taking pictures of this shit. It sounds tactless and terrible when you distill it down like that, but hat's what he's doing. It's not like he's wandering around with his iPhone heartlessly filming misery; his set-up is way more pro than that. He's weather-proofed himself and his camera as much as he can, and he picks his way delicately through all this madness, making his way vaguely toward the firetruck - since it seems like a natural gathering point. Still a ways off, he is very clearly taking pictures of the firetruck, the people outside it, and perhaps a misty-unclear glimpse through a truck window. He's being unobtrusive.

Abby is ready to catch that baby, using a towel to clean up the worst of the mess and checking to make sure the airways are clear. In no time at all there's the absolutely ear piercing, soul crushing scream of a healthy newborn. A sound its parents will grow to fear at 2am for the next several months (or years!) "Cecily, you've got a girl!" She calls up to her and very gently, passes her up so that the new mother can hold her. Everything else is still intact for now, "We're going to leave the cord until the ambulance can get us to the hospital." This isn't exactly a sterile environment. Though it IS a pretty nice truck, good job FD. She calls over her shoulder, "How is the husband?"

Cole is doing what he can for Kyle meanwhile, making sure he's getting as warm as possible - they've half-built a tent over the dinghy now with coats and a blanket from the truck, just trying their best to keep him dry before the ambulance gets there. "He's stable far as I can tell!" Cole calls back; he and the other men are all letting out a sigh of relief hearing that scream from the baby, knowing that's always a good sign. "How's mom and baby?" he calls back.

Cecily is crying now, from relief and joy and just that feeling. She watches Abby anxiously and then the scream comes and she just beams a smile so wide it threatens to reach her ears as she pulls her daughter to her chest and looks at her, brushing lips against her forhead. "Thank you, thank you all," she says.

Ethan will get a rather blurry but artsy picture of /just/ that moment… Before Cole calls out to him. "Hey, you should evacuate this area - the water keeps rising." Firm but politely asked, pushing his helmet back to see better in the rain.

And then, finally, that ambulance turns the corner of the street and pulls up next to the truck, the EMTs immediately spilling out to take care of everyone.

Congratulations. You have a lizard. Ashlea looks at the little wrinkled, tiny baby girl still attached by the cord her eyes widen. The piercing cry brings a wince at how unbelievably loud it is and how the sound travels. "Do you need me anymore?" Not wanting to keep everyone cramped up in one space. And she needs air. One of the back doors opens. The one at the new mother's head. A rear end starts backing out, sucking in a few breaths even as she reaches for her slicker. Ashlea climbs down to the ground and closes the door so the mother and doctor can have a little privacy with the baby. Plus the ambulance is here.

The EMTs are here! 'Oh hey Doctor Thatcher! At another emergency site again, huh, huh?' It's gallows humor joking that comes from them as the sweep in and work on getting Cecily and her husband loaded up in the ambulances. "They're good, chief!" Abby sort of steps back from the scene at large and now that her role is done, she just looks slumped. The shoulders go down, she drops her chin and takes a deep breath. When Cole begins calling for the area to be evacuated, she looks in that direction and notices Ethan and his camera and squints. Expression: really?

Ethan doesn't waste time looking at the display on his camera to see what he's taken. In fact, the only reason he moves away from the viewfinder is because, while looking through the lens at Cole, the impression comes through that - "Me?" he calls back, shouting to (maybe) be heard over the various sounds of water moving. "Yeah, I probably should!" But he doesn't act on that advice, instead just takes more pictures of people being heroic. And/or people who were being heroic and are now coming down off an adrenaline high: Ashlea getting on her slicker, Abby being all 'really?', Cassius milling around, Cole… well, that least one might still look heroic for now.

Cassius turns his head to where Cole shouts. He spots Ethan, buth e doesn't say anything. Either way, when the EMT's arrive, he seems to smile, helping people move what they need to instead of standing around. Good neighbors help each other. But he seems to smile at the sight of the mom holding her baby before those doors close. Welp, time to evacuate.

Cole shares a look with Abby and seem to agree with her 'really', but then just shakes his head and follows Cecily and Kyle to the ambulance. He says some quiet words to the new mother before they take off, and then returns to start packing up the gear in the back, with the efficiency of someone who's done it thousands times before, him and his men. "You alright there, Detective?" he calls to Ashlea. "When this storm is over - I say we all go out for drinks and celebrate." This to everyone who was there helping. "We can give a lift to people towards Downtown if anyone needs to go that way," he offers next.

"Well… I guess the pictures for the newspaper have to come from somewhere." Abby remarks to no one in particular as Ethan continues to snap pictures. Her attention briefly drifts down in the direction of her neighborhood, which now seems to be precariously close to a FLOOD ZONE. To check on one's worldly possessions or go back to work in the ambulance? Decisions, decisions. "I'll find a ride back up to the hospital." She calls over to Cole before making a vague gesture to the dry side of the road. It seems she's going to take a brief trip on foot.

"I will be. Never saw anything like that before." Ashlea sucks in a few breaths and offers over a nod. "When this storm is over, I'm going to be hiring someone to repair my house. A branch from the pecan tree over my house fell through my roof. My living room is fuc.. messed up." There's a baby she can't cuss around after all. Looking to Cassius then Ethan, she doesn't say much else except to motion a block down. "I am going to get home for now and fling a tarp over the hole for now."

As a fireman, it's not the rarest thing having people take photos of their work, so Cole and his men just try to ignore that and get the job done. Within a minute or two they've packed everything up in the back and hop back into the vehicle. "Stay safe. Thanks Doctor, Detective, Cassius. You saved their lives." And then the truck takes off to the next emergency.

Cass looks to Ashlea, giving her a nod. "Stay safe." Though he then looks to Cole. "I'm headed in the opposite direction. Need to be sure my house didn't get destroyed by this storm or from a tree." he shrugs. "You all stay safe." and thus Cassius turns heel and he heads off.

Ethan at least doesn't literally turn into an ambulance-chaser, though he takes some pictures of that, too. The only thing he has to say for what he can perceive of the comments? "Don't judge me!" And that only to Abby, 'cause at least he knows her. Click.

Abby pulls her phone out and shields it from the rain, tapping out a couple of quick messages and then waiting for the response. She watches as the firetruck and ambulances all pull away. She's not so far away that she can't hear about Ashlea's living room troubles and calls over, "If you need a place to stay dry after that, I have space at my house. There's a pull out couch." Ding ding. A message comes back through and she reads it, looking relieved. "At least my house isn't a pond." A frown in Ethan's direction, "I hope you get paid well for that."

Ashlea gives Abby a thumbs up. "I will remember that, thank you! I'll more than likely crash over at Joseph's though, but definitely, thank you for the offer." She sloshes her way to her car, wading through the ever deepening water. "Be safe, Doctor!" And a wave to the photographer before she ducks inside and goes the couple of blocks back to her house.

A flap of his umbrella gives Ethan pause, a moment during which he leans back and actually does button-push through some of the recent images, coincidentally right when Abby is frowning his way. Distractedly, "Thanks, hope you get paid well for delivering babies on roadsides." He shakes his head, shakes his head, pushes buttons, peers out through the water sheeting off his umbrella at Abby - and then at Ashlea's departure. "Why so salty about a coupla pictures?" Since she's the only one left, he falls in step with Abby for now, possibly to peel off any time or just let her continue on without him. He can read a mood.

"I do. But it all goes toward bills," Abby replies before shoving the phone into her pocket. Then she checks another pocket, patting down for the sensation of her keys. Evidently she finds them because there isn't any kind of mad rush to dive into the lake of water filling up the street. This weather is pretty terrible and she ineffectually pulls the hood of her jacket up to cover her head, but she's well and drenched already. "I'm not salty about your pictures. Just wondering if it's worth it to come out here for them." She gives the area a vague sort of gesture before beginning to walk. Her steps take her in the direction of Saminaw Row, but there's no indication he can't walk with her. At least for now.

With a shrug, Ethan counters, "I guess that depends on how you define 'worth.' Sometimes, it's not about the money." He looks around the camera at Abby's very, very drenched self, laughs - not just a little chuckle, but a full-on guffaw - and resumes his occupation. "You look like hell, by the way."

"Thanks, asshole." Abby grumbles, tugging the strings tighter on her hood. She looks briefly like she might want to pop him one in the upper arm, but likely decides the hundreds of dollars in camera damage isn't worth it. "I hope you trip or something." OR SOMETHING. That sounds very ominous. Then she picks up her speed and leaves Ethan behind to click, click with his camera. The nerve.

Ethan manages to make it sound super-friendly, an obliviously cheerful sign-off. "Thanks, you tooooo~!" He takes some more dramatic pictures of dramatic things, but probably none is gonna top 'birth in a firetruck amid rising flood waters.'

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